Title: Harry Potter and the Year of Change

Author: ZivaLevi

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize does not belong to me, it belongs to J.K. Rowling.

ATTENTION PLEASE READ: I just wanted to let you know that I am bringing the timeline forward 10 years. So Harry was born in 1990 instead of 1980 and started Hogwarts in 2001. Therefore the current year is 2006. Sorry if this confuses you but it makes it easier for me to know what technology and music was around. I'm not really one for research so I'll just change the timeline. *smiles*

Summary: Summer after 5th year Harry is back with the Dursley's and he's starting to figure things out. Independent Harry. Manipulative Dumbledore. Dumbledore and Ron/Ginny/Molly Weasley Bashing. SLASH. DMHP. Veela Draco. Possibly Super Harry. Don't like, Don't Read.

Chapter 12: Old Friends, New Friends, More Training - Part 2

Harry arrived back at the Manor and headed to the sitting room. He had instructed Dobby and Winky to show the Slytherins to their rooms then to bring them back down to the sitting room. As he sat waiting he thought back to what had happened when his and Draco's eyes met. He couldn't figure out what the feeling was or what it meant.

"Potter?" A voice startled him out of his thoughts.

Looking up he realized all the Slytherins were in front of him and that it had been Zabini that had spoken.

Seeing that he had Harry's attention Zabini continued. "What happens now Potter?" he asked, the others all nodded wanting to know the same thing.

"Have a seat." Harry said, motioning to all the lounges and arm chairs around them. Once they were all seated he began. "Ok. First you are here for your protection. If you wish to go out for a while please put a glamor or some kind of disguise on. Second, we are currently at Potter Manor and all magic is masked here, so the Ministry will not know if you use it. Third I have been asked to teach you all some defence and I am willing to, if you are willing to put in the effort, I refuse to teach those not ready to put in the hard yards. Fourth, some of my friends will be joining us tomorrow for the rest of the summer; I don't ask that you miraculously get along with them, just that you are civil toward each other. I will be asking them the same thing. Finally, I understand that some of us haven't gotten along well in the past, the rest of you, well we haven't spoken at all, but I would like to propose a truce, considering we are all against Voldemort here."

The other teens seemed to agree with what he said, they were glad they were able to do magic and get out once in a while, they were also looking forward to learning some defence, they weren't stupid, they noticed that the group Potter taught last year got way better marks than anyone else. They also agreed to the truce with Potter. Just one question remained for the Slytherin teens.

"Who else is coming?" Pansy asked.

"Fair question. Ok, the others coming are Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Hermione Granger and Fred, George, Bill, Charlie, Percy and Arthur Weasley." Harry said.

"What about the other two Weasleys, aren't they your friends?" Tracey asked.

"No, not any more. Let's just say we had a falling out and leave it at that." Harry sighed. "Ok Breakfast is at 8am, Lunch at 12 noon and Dinner at 8pm. If you want a snack between meals just call one of the elves. But remember they are my elves and obey me not you. There will be no punishing or being mean to them. Is that understood?" Harry said the last part in a hard voice.

He didn't know how they treated any elves they had but he would be damned if his elves were harmed by them. The Slytherin teens nodded.

"Good. Now that that's sorted out, are there any more questions?" when they shook their heads he continued. "You are allowed in any door not locked and also out onto the grounds. There is a Quidditch pitch that has a broom shed. You are welcome to use the brooms as long as you look after them. If you do decide to go out please let me or an elf know so that we know where you are." He looked at them and they nodded. "Ok, well, we will be starting defence the day after tomorrow. When our O. come we will go get our school stuff. That's all that I can think of for now. If you get lost call an elf and they'll show you the way. I'll leave you to get settled in then."

With that he stood up and left the room.


Draco was sitting in the room he was given to use. He looked around again. It was a nice room. Decorated in greens and creams. Large queen sized bed. He even had his own bathroom.

What the hell am I going to do, He thought to himself, Potter's not gunna want anything to do with me, not after the way I treated him. There's no way I could tell him this. He'd freak. I can't just say "Oh, by the way, I'm a Veela and you're my mate." Oh yeah, that'd go over well. Anyway he's straight, he's not interested. No I won't tell him. He sighed sadly.

He knew that if his mate rejected him he'd die but he also knew if the mate didn't accept him after a while he'd die anyway. So he was just giving himself some extra time to live. At least that's what he told himself. He sighed again. He never expected to have Potter as a mate.

He looked at the time and decided to head down stairs for dinner. He had no idea where the time had gone but it was 7.55pm now. So he got up, made sure he was presentable and headed down stairs for dinner.


Dinner went well. There was an awkward silence at first but after a while they got talking about small everyday things and it just flowed from there.

I hope it stays like this after the others get here. Well, I can only hope. Harry thought to himself.

As he went to bed that night he again wondered what the strange feeling he felt around Malfoy was. He had spent the afternoon in the library but hadn't found anything. He sighed as he laid down and promised himself that he'd find out what it was.


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