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Lonely Doesn't Always Mean You're Alone
by Pendragon.P a s s i o n.

Merlin didn't turn up for work that day. Arthur woke up late wondering where in the hell his useless excuse for a manservant had nicked off to. He grumbled annoyingly and threw the covers off the bed then stood up. The idiot hasn't come in at all this morning, he thought. He thrust open the cupboard doors and chucked clothes around everywhere until he found something decent to wear; brown leggings, a red shirt and brown jacket.

With a grumpy look on his face he stride out of his chambers, slammed the door shut and marched down the hall to the Throne Room. He stopped outside the doors and took a deep breath, preparing his excuse for being late for his father's council meeting. He opened the doors and suddenly felt self conscious as his father, the Knights, counsellors, Gaius, everyone turned to look at him. Before he could apologise for his late arrival his father cut in.

"Hurry up, Arthur. You're holding up the meeting." He barely looked at his son when he spoke and Arthur could tell he was thoroughly annoyed.

Arthur walked forward towards the massive oak table, "I am sorry for being late father, my idiot of a servant did not show up for work this morning."

"Never mind, we will deal with that later. At the moment we have more important matters to discuss."

Arthur's breathing was deep and steady as he tried to calm himself. Throughout the whole meeting he could tell his father was extremely angry with im being late. After he requested Arthur stay behind. He knew that it would not end well but what other choice did he have?

Uther seemed to be in a particularly bad mood and he ripped into Arthur like there was no tomorrow. Arthur, finally fed up with the way he was being treated, spoke up. Perhaps that was a bad decision for the argument ended with bad, loud words and Arthur actually walked out on his father.

Now he was back in his chambers and by the clothes everywhere and unmade bed Merlin still was nowhere to be seen. Turning on his heel he exited the room, once again angry.

"Gaius!" he called out as he walked into the Physician's Chambers. The sound of jars clinking together could be heard before the old man appeared from the small upstairs.

"Sire?!" Gaius rushed down the stairs. "What can I do for you?"

Arthur sighed. "I don't suppose you would happen to know where that ineffective idiot you know as Merlin is?"

"Er, I'm sorry sire. Last I saw he was heading out to attend to you."

"And when was this?"

"Early this morning, sire."

"Well," he huffed. "It appears he has disappeared off the face of the earth, though I'm not entirely sure that's a bad thing."


"Merlin failed to turn up to work this morning. Do you know where he might have gone?"

"I'm sorry, I would have no idea. Perhaps..."

"Yes?" He wondered why Gaius hesitated.

"Perhaps, try the lake?"

Arthur nodded thoughtfully, "He is quite fond of the lake, it's a mystery why. Thank you for your help Gaius. I'll go check there."

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