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Kagome hummed gently to herself as she filled a small bucket with water and carried it back to the shrine. Today had been a good day, all was well and calm, and its only downfall had been that someone had come down the road telling that a village far to the west had been attacked by demons and no one had survived.

Kagome's humming ceased and felt the slow ache for revenge, why would anyone want to kill so many innocent people? She had known people in the village and all of them had been nice to her. She growled and kicked at a small tree stump as she walked up the path to where Kikyou was waiting.

Once there, she walked up to her twin sister, and sat the bucket down. Kikyou and Kagome were the two strongest priestesses in the land, they spent their time traveling from village to village and fighting unruly demons.

Their life had been relatively easy, up until the last couple of months The demon attacks had grown more frequent and farther and farther into the human side of the boundary that had been set up long ago.

Nowadays no one was safe, and all because of the death of King Kin. He had been the king of the demons for centuries, and had even kept a little peace between demons and humans. He had been the one that set up the Great Boundary, almost 725 years ago. He made it law that humans stay to their side and demons to theirs, and if either one of the races crossed the boundary without permission from someone with authority, then the individual entered at their own risk, and rarely ever returned home.

But since his death, all the demons in the realm had went into a frenzy, more and more crossed the great boundary everyday; growing bold since there wasn't anyone to punish them.

Now his two sons were struggling to keep the kingdom from falling into anarchy. Sesshomaru, Kin's eldest son, was a full blood dog demon, and was known to be the meanest demon in the land. He had a reputation for being cruel and unreasonable. Inuyasha, the younger of the two, was a half demon, his mother had been the one that had fallen in love with Kin and came up with the idea of the Great Boundary. Inuyasha had suffered many casualties whenever no one of his family was around simply because he had such a high rank and was only part demon; and so he had grown cruel himself and now was known to be a recluse among his own people.

Kagome shook her head to free herself from her thoughts, then she watched as Kikyou stitched up the leg of one of the villagers whom had been attacked by a small band of robbers.

Yuka, Eri, and Ayumi walked up as one; they had been helping Kagome and Kikyou for several years now and were rivaled in spiritual powers only by their two teachers.

Kagome sent her friends a smile, "Anything interesting happen to you guys today?"

Each of the girls shrugged, then Eri spoke up, "Oh, I saw some PURPLE grass today."

Each of the girls looked at her like she was insane.

The young priestess blushed, "Well it was interesting…"

As they each started to giggle, Kikyou stood up and gave each a grim look, "Kagome, lets go for a walk."

The three girls looked at Kagome who shrugged and then chased after her sister.

Kagome followed Kikyou slowly to the edge of the village and then into the forest.

"Kikyou…can we not talk outside the forest?" Kagome mumbled as she readied her bow and arrow in case they were surprised.

Kikyou walked deeper into the forest, as she did, she spoke, "Kagome, if you had the chance to solve all of our problems with the demons, would you?"
Kagome nodded, "Of course."

Kikyou kept walking, "Even if it meant giving up say… ME?"
Kagome faltered, "I don't see what this is about."

Kikyou shrugged, "Maybe I'm just reading into things too much."

Kagome nodded, but still her sister led her on.

The forest grew dense around them and before she had realized just how far they had gone, the sun had sank behind the horizon and their path was lit only by the moon.

"Kikyou, we should go back." Kagome whispered into the quiet forest.

Kikyou laughed, "Are you afraid sister?"

Kagome rolled her eyes, "Only for your safety!"

Kikyou turned on her sister, her eyes blazing with hatred, "you should worry more about yourself!"

Before Kagome could react to her sister's odd statement, she was tackled from the side. She yelped at Kikyou to help as she struggled with the heavy thing on her…

Kikyou glared down at her sister with malice, "I told you…"

Kagome let out a pained gasp as the being on top of her shoved a knee into her back. "Kikyou…help!" she gasped out as the beings full weight pressed her to the ground.

Kikyou looked down at her nails and checked for dirt.

Kagome felt ropes tying her hands behind her back and then tying her feet together. She let out a growl at her sister, still not sure why she wasn't coming to her rescue.

She felt herself being flipped over, and then she was looking up into the face of a demon. She knew this demon, she had fought him before but he had always ran to safety when the battle grew one-sided.

"Naraku!" she spat out, glaring at him with all the intense hatred she possessed. He was one of the Loyal Three, a group of three demons that were eternally loyal to the king in power and were the only demons allowed to cross the Great Boundary freely and spread a little chaos.

He grinned maliciously down at her, and then pulled out a large pouch of money, which he handed to Kikyou.

Kagome growled from her spot on the ground, "What is going on Kikyou?"
Kikyou glared back down at her sister, "I am selling you to Naraku. I'm tired of being, ONE of the greastest priestesses in the land. Plus he has given me a promise of peace… for a while."

Her treacherous sister shook hands with the demon Naraku and then slowly walked back towards the village. Kagome wanted to cry but refused to show either one of the snakes before her a weakness. "You will pay for this Kikyou. Whatever happens to me, you will suffer it tenfold. Sleep up while you can sister."

Kikyou felt a shiver drift down her spine as she heard her sister's cold tone, "And if they kill you sister? How will you pay me back then?"

Kagome spit at Kikyou's feet, "There are ways to curse someone, even after death, as a priestess you should know that."

Kikyou growled, pissed to have her sister back talk her even when she was on the ground at the mercy of a demon. She had at the very least expected a little pleading or crying. "We shall see" Kikyou growled as she walked away; leaving her sister and the demon alone.

Once her sister had faded from sight, Kagome turned on Naraku. "And what do you plan on doing with me?"

Naraku felt his body stirring to the fiery look the virgin priestess was sending him, "I am going to fuck you until you pass out…and when you wake up, we will fuck more." He grinned as he saw the woman's eyes widen a moment before hardening with her resolve to stop him.

Kagome felt like puking at the smallest thought of sleeping with Naraku, "Take what you want from me you flea infested demon. But I will never scream for you and what I said to my so called sister goes for you also, you will pay."

Naraku bit his lip, oh how he would love to take this little vixen. Too bad the wheels of fate were already turning and plans had been made for her.

Naraku smiled and pressed his rough lips against Kagome's tender ones. He felt her stiff lips recoil and heard her gagging quietly, but she didn't utter a single whimper or plea for help. He laughed and pulled away.

Kagome rolled over and released all the bile that had worked its way up her throat during his kiss. Slowly she turned back to him and sent him a deadly glare, "You disgust me."

Naraku laughed and then backhanded her across the face. A loud smack from her cheek made him grin bigger, oh how he loved to cause pain. "And you make me hungry."

Kagome choked on the words but before she could say anything back, he hit her firmly over the back of the head with the butt of his sword. Kagome did her best to send him a dirty glare as the blackness enveloped her vision, she could only guess where she was going from here.

Naraku lifted his little vixen easily and carried her over to his horse that he had hidden a few yards away. He tossed her over its back and then climbed up into the saddle; leaving her draped across his lap like a victory wreath.

He gave his horse a harsh kick and sent it into an immediate gallop. It would take him days to reach the Great Boundary, but once he crossed it, he could slow down a bit and relax without the worry of being attacked by any warrior humans that might accidentally or intentionally cross their path.

DAY 1:

Kagome woke up with a splitting headache and a growling stomach. She looked around, taking in her surroundings; she was still on the human's side of the Great Boundary, but she guessed that they were going West and heading towards the demons realm.

She cursed under her breath and cringed as she heard Naraku chuckle behind her.

"Well, good morning sweetheart!" he said cheerfully.

Kagome coughed, "Let me sit up, I can't breathe."

"I don't take orders from you" he sounded amused, "but if you be good the rest of the day then whenever night falls I will let you ride in my lap."

Kagome decided she would benefit most from keeping her mouth shut and did so.

Naraku laughed and patted her on her ass, "A quick learner too."

Kagome squirmed under his rancid touch but bit her lip, knowing that if she put up too much of a fight he would end up making her ride on her stomach throughout the night. And already she could feel the urge to puke but had no bile left to do it; leaving her to dry heave every time the horse made a particularly jolting movement.

Hours flew by without the horse slowing from its fast pace to drink or eat. Kagome's hunger grew unbearable, but she refused to complain any more about it, or about the urge to pee that had her clenching her legs together as she sagged against the horse's stomach.

When night finally did fall, Naraku slowed the horse to a stop near a stream. He led it to the water and lifted Kagome off it with one hand, sitting her down on her feet.

Kagome let out a yelp as her bloodless feet were suddenly swamped with her body's weight. Before she could try to react to the needlelike pain she had fallen over onto her side, making her shoulder hurt almost as bad as her stomach. Between her legs being asleep and the fact that they were tied, Kagome couldn't walk at all.

Naraku smiled, "Get up and walk or I will drag you."

Kagome tried to get up only to fall over again. She wanted to yell out in pain but she refused, her lip started to bleed as she bit it harder and harder.

Naraku shrugged and dragged her about ten feet away from the camp. "Do what ever you need to do, and hurry up."

Kagome frowned and looked at him, "What do you mean?"

"Do you need to use the bathroom or not? Because I'm not stopping again until morning so you're just going to end up pissing all over yourself."

Kagome felt the urge to puke again; he wanted her to use the bathroom IN FRONT of him? She briefly considered refusing to go in front of him and then later pissing all over him and his stupid horse, but she knew he would beat her for it.

She glared up at him, "I can't untie my clothes with my hands tied."

Naraku seemed all to amused, and proceeded to undress her so that she could use the bathroom.

Kagome looked away to keep from crying at the sheer shame she felt at being half naked and going to the bathroom in front of this evil demon. She took a deep breath and got done with her business as fast as possible. Her cheeks burned with humiliation but she couldn't let him see her tears.

He dressed her and dragged her back to their "camp." Then he gave her a small portion of some jerky and ate the rest of it himself. Next he led her to the river, and tossed her down next to the horse.

"If your thirsty then drink" he growled and stretched a bit to relieve his tense muscles.

Kagome knew he was trying to humiliate her, to break her as he treated her like an animal, but she set her jaw and pressed her lips to the water. She drank her fill and when she was done she looked up at him with disdain.

Naraku nodded, and climbed back on the horse, tugging roughly on the rope that he had used to attach her tied hands to his own hand. Kagome obediently walked over and he lifted her up so that she was sitting sidesaddle in his lap.

Kagome grimaced as she thought of what part of him was under her, but she yet again refused to give him a piece of her mind. A few more hours passed and slowly her weariness began to weigh on her until she finally fell asleep and laid back against Naraku's chest.

Naraku grinned and tangled a hand in her lush black hair, he wanted to take her body, to make her scream and cry out, but he resisted, knowing that if he did partake of her the cost would be greater then the reward of her sweet flesh.

He rode the horse at a steady run the rest of the night; making sure to keep using the stars to guide him and his nose to warn him of dangers. He shook off the tiny urge to sleep and continued to ride, enjoying the feel of the soft female bouncing gently against him.

DAY 2:

Kagome's eyes slowly peeled open, and she realized where she was. She jerked forward, distancing herself from his chest with a few inches and then looking at her surroundings again.

She had been right, they had traveled far over the night and now the scenery showed it. The trees were still frequent, but the kind had changed, and the wind seemed hotter, more humid.

Naraku slowed the horse next to the river they had been inadvertently following and sat Kagome on the ground.

This time Kagome was quick to jump up and stretch her sore legs, ignoring the pain she walked a little circle and then did it again backwards, unwinding the rope she had wrapped around herself.

Naraku led her to a tree and undressed her. Kagome turned her head to hide her blush and hurried about her business. When she turned around she noticed that she had tied the rope that held her to a tree limb above her head, and had walked a short distance away.

Kagome measured the distance with her eyes, he had moved far enough away so that she couldn't pounce on him while he pissed. She looked back up at the tree and tried to decide if she could get the rope loose.

She gave it a few test tugs, but Naraku was back before she could do much.

Again she drank form the stream and again she had a small portion of meat. Then, again, he loaded her back up into his lap and they started off again.

Kagome was amazed as she watched how fast they traveled, the horse they were riding had to be demon bred, it moved faster then the average horse and had amazing stamina that kept it going on without tiring.

Her thoughts turned dark, but she had nothing to do other than think as she rode the horse towards the land of the demons. How could Kikyou have done this? Surely I am only dreaming and I will wake up and feel ridiculous? At this she looked down and checked out the very real bruises on her wrists. I wonder what Naraku will do with me… I need to get away before we reach the Great Boundary, or else my chances of ever begin free again will go down to slim and none. What if I am forced to have SEX with these demons? What if they pass me around like some toy because of all of their kin that I have killed?

Naraku smelled a jolt of fear wash over Kagome and grinned; he was glad she was finally realizing just how much shit she was in.

Kagome felt her lip tremble and she remembered that demons were very adept at smelling bodily changes like fear and sickness. She reigned in her emotions and ignored the common urge to be afraid. She had to be strong…she had to go on…she COULDN'T give up…

Hours dragged by with a dreaded slowness and Kagome found herself napping on and off throughout the day, and growing sore in the posterior area.

When night came, again they stopped and went through their "regular" routine. But it was this night that he took the ropes of her feet and allowed her to walk without the hindrance. From then on, he let her ride astride the horse in his lap. She didn't like the feeling of his body stirring under hers but this was something she would suffer in silence if it meant giving her body a less-strained position to ride in. She hurt all over...

They rode harder, and Kagome had the feeling that they were growing closer to their destination. It started to rain in the middle of the night but still they trudged on. The water did little to ease Kagome's discomfort in the saddle or her low spirits.

DAY 3:

As morning came, so did the sun. They stopped and stretched and went through the routine with one change up.

"What do you mean I have to change clothes?" she growled.

Naraku laughed darkly, "I don't need a mob of demons attacking me so that they can kill you. So you need to disguise yourself."

Kagome eyed him as he tossed her the clothes of the average male peasant. Not that she minded, she had worn men's clothes before to work in, but it was the changing in front of him that she feared.

He had to undress her, and Kagome cringed as she felt his hands drifting down to squeeze her ass.

She growled, "Okay, okay, put on the damn clothes."

Naraku grinned and turned her around, "You know you have beautiful breasts? I have never seen such breasts before. They are perfect…"

Kagome struggled with her bonds as he cupped her bare breasts and toyed with them. She had never wanted to pass out and run away at the same time before…but she did now.

He groaned softly, but pushed her away. Kagome thanked the gods for the blessing and tried to prevent the touching of any of her skin against any of his as he finished dressing her in the new clothes.

Once dressed, they loaded back up onto the horse and road even faster than they had before. Kagome could hear the horse panting as the Great Boundary slowly rose up before them in the distance.

Kagome tried to look away, but hours passed as they rode and she couldn't look away from the looming landscape.

Around nightfall they reached it; a great canyon in the land, going deep, deep into the ground and stretching far across. The canyon continued on in both directions to their sides, Kagome knew that the one that went to her right would eventually run into a great mountain that was impassable, and the one to her left? Well it traveled hundreds more miles until it finally reached the ocean. She shivered as she thought that it had been made by King Kin alone, and his famous sword, which he had passed on to his son Inuyasha.

Thought there were bridges that stretched across the ravine every few dozen miles, most of them were made of rope and were rarely traveled. Kagome looked at the large stone one which they were going to cross on.

There was no sentry but they slowed to a walk as the horses hooves started to clop on the hard rock under it. Kagome had never been across the Great Boundary before, indeed, most people hadn't, but she felt more fear than most would have.

She was going to cross the bridge into slavery, or prostitution, her life would never be the same if she crossed it. She let out a fierce yell and sent her elbow into Naraku's soft stomach behind her.

She heard the wind rush out of him and she took the chance to roll off the horse. She hit the ground hard on her side, but was on her feet and running even as the pain clouded her vision. She heard a demonic growl behind her and the clopping of hooves as the horse turned and gave chase after her.

She knew she was losing in a race for her life, but she refused to give up. Just as she heard the horses footsteps get right behind her, she skidded to a stop and ran to the side.

Naraku was again taken by surprise and again had to turn the horse and backtrack.

The horse gathered speed and rushed her again, Kagome heard Naraku unsheathe his sword and she tried to gauge the distance between him and her. As the distance shrunk, she figured in how long the sword was and dropped into roll just as she heard it hiss over her head. Was he trying to KILL her?
The horse turned again and Kagome jumped to her feet. But she was too slow, and before she could take to running again, Naraku had whacked her on the back of the head with the broad side of his sword.

Kagome collapsed a heap as she panted, and just before she fell into unconsciousness she saw Naraku jump of the horse and begin to curse. She winced as he kicked her hard in her sore side, but she was in the darkness before she could feel much more.

Kagome awoke to several changes. It was dark outside; and though she was still laying down, her side and head hurt more, and the ropes on her wrists had been tightened to the pointed of cutting off circulation and movement was impossible; and they were now tied over her head, connecting her to the base of a small tree. Her feet were tied again, and the rope holding them was tied to the base of a tree at her feet.

Making her lay stretched out, like she was in a hammock instead of being tied on the ground. He had tied all the knots perfectly and Kagome could barely move at all in the position he had tied her in. She bit her lip and winced as she re-opened the tender wounds that had been worn into her flesh on her wrists and ankles. It was useless.

She refused to think more. Shutting her eyes she tried to erase all thought from her mind while simultaneously praying for sleep and strength.

DAY 4:

As dawns light shined in her eyes, Kagome heard Naraku moving around.

She opened her eyes and winced a bit, but as soon as her eyes had adjusted she watched him move. He prepared a small meal, ate it, and packed up the horse again.

Then his eyes turned on her. Kagome gave him a "go to hell" look and then watched as he untied her feet and rolled up the rope. Then he packed it and slowly came back to her.

Nether spoke but Kagome knew he was raging inside. She flinched as he untied the rope from the tree but not from her hands, would the circulation ever return?

He tugged on the rope and walked over to the horse. Kagome followed him weakly and prepared for him to lift her up onto the saddle; but he never did.

She opened her eyes and saw him tie the ropes end to the saddle horn and kick the horse in the side.

Kagome yelled and was jerked to the ground. She winced as a sharp rock scratched her forearm and looked up at Naraku who stopped the horse.

"Because of your stupid actions yesterday, you get to run today" he growled out. "Now pick up the damn pace or I will fucking drag you."

The horse was kicked back up into a trot and Kagome had to run to keep up. She fell often, and he would always drag her from a second or three before he stopped the horse and gave her time to get up. Then they would jog again.

The day passed gruelingly slow and by nightfall Kagome could barely walk and had enough scratches and bruises to make her look like a different person.

Naraku let her drink, eat, and use the bathroom, and then he tied her down as he had the night before.

Kagome barely noticed the strained position as exhaustion took over and she was forcefully dragged into sleep.

DAY 5:

This day passed just as the last one had. Kagome woke up tired and fell more often then she had before and Naraku seemed to drag her longer when she fell.

But they started to see other demons. She saw them in all sizes and all shapes, some she had seen before and some she had only heard of.

Each of them gave her a kick as they went by, or a growl, or a rough smack. Naraku spoke less and less as the day went by, which would have been just fine if it hadn't meant that Kagome was left to fend for herself as the demons treatment grew worse and worse.

As night fell, Naraku found suitable trees, and tied up Kagome. And just as she was about to fall asleep she heard someone enter the camp.

She kept her eyes shut but listened carefully to the demon and Naraku's conversation.

"Kouga?" Naraku's voice growled.

A laugh was his answer, "Man I nearly snuck up on you, I think your losing you touch."

"I am not" Naraku growled, "I'm just fucking tired of dragging this human around and not being able to fuck her.
Kouga snickered, "Poor little Naraku! He finally sees something he wants and he can't touch it."

Kagome heard a thump and a yelp as she assumed Naraku threw a rock at Kouga.

"I'm just ready to get rid of her." Naraku ground out.

Kouga walked over near her, "Well she is quite a fox I've heard, too bad you let her get all these damn scrapes and bruises though, Sesshomaru won't be pleased. She looks like shit."

Naraku snorted, "Sesshomaru isn't King yet, as far as I'm concerned he can shove his displeasure up his ass!"
Kouga snorted, "Yah, and that's why when he told you to go get her you said, YES MASTER and fetched her like a little puppy."

Naraku threw another rock.

"Ouch, stop doing that. Look, I'll keep watch; get some sleep- you look like you need it." Kouga murmured and flopped down a few feet from her.

Soon Kagome fell back asleep and woke up to the morning sun.

DAY 6:

As she opened her eyes she jumped to see that Kouga's face was mere inches from hers.

"Man, would you check out her eyes?" he asked Naraku who was readying the horses.

Kagome growled and jerked her head away from his, only to have him catch her chin in his hand a few seconds later and turn it back.

"She's intense, I mean, most demons don't have that much hatred in their eyes." He kept talking though Kagome was the only one listening.

"You know I'm glad I'm not you. I probably would have already bedded her by now" Kouga laughed and pressed his lips roughly against her own dry and torn ones.

Kagome yelped and tried to pull away, but Kouga took advantage of the yelp and slid his tongue into her mouth.

Kagome felt his finger tip press into her cheek between her back teeth. He was preventing her from biting down and forcing her to open her mouth farther.

Kagome felt like a toy, as she had feared she would; and she was forced to sit and endure the kiss like a good inanimate object as Kouga's tongue roamed her mouth.

When he finally pulled away she turned her head and spit viciously on the ground causing Kouga to laugh.

"I like her!" he grinned at Naraku and picked her up after the other demon had untied her feet.

"Would you like to ride on my lap today?" he asked sweetly, lips still in her space.

Kagome briefly considered the pain she would endure if she walked again today, but then she considered him touching her inappropriately the rest of the day. She didn't trust this one not to get carried away and rape her in spite of the 'plans' that Sesshomaru seemed to have for her.

"I'd rather eat a rotten carcass!" she growled out and waited for a smack.

Instead Kouga laughed, "I REALLY LIKE HER!"

Naraku sighed and climbed onto his horse, then he jerked Kagome over and draped her over his horse's shoulders again. Kagome grunted and glared at Kouga who was laughing so hard tears were springing from his eyes.

Naraku ignored the wolf demon and kicked his horse, "If we run them, we can be at the palace by midnight…"

Kouga nodded to his companion, "Let's run them then, O foul one!"

The two horses galloped off at full speed, the demons tossed insults to each other back and forth and the day passed quickly overall.

Too quickly for Kagome; she had heard what Naraku had said, 'the palace'… She was going to meet the dreaded evil brother Sesshomaru… Kami save her…