Shortland street ONE SHOT!!!

Hunter and Morgan set up a day to have a date. Hunter waits for Morgan to arrive at the I.V. She doesn't arrive. Hunter is informed by Callum that she was killed. He is grief stricken. Kieran killed her ( a hit and run) the funeral. Hunter goes back to the spot where Morgan was killed , he finds a cigarette, the only person he knows that smokes is Kieran. Hunter questions him, Kieran finally breaks down and tells him the truth. Hunter is outraged that Kieran took his love away from him.

"Alright Hunter, alright, I'll be there. 7pm, okay, yeah", Morgan was on the phone with Hunter. He was trying to find a time where they could be alone and have a proper date. They had been going out for 3 months, and both of them had been to busy working on their anniversaries, but not this time.

"Okay then, I love you too. See you soon" Morgan replied as she snapped her cell phone shut, and went into her room to find the perfect outfit.

Hunter patiently waited at the I.V bar for Morgan to arrive. He had been waiting for 15 minutes now. To pass the time he ordered a drink from Kieran just before he went to run some errands.

Kieran handed him his drink, he could see the worry on Hunter's face.

"Don't worry mate, she'll turn up. You know women always spend ages choosing what outfit they're going to wear", Kieran said cheering him up.

"Yeah, Sophie is the worst", Hunter joked, as he watched Kieran leave.

....It had been over an hour now; Hunter knew this because he checked his watch every five minutes, just waiting for Morgan to come through the door. He already had five beers now, just to pass the time. He was worried and angry, had Morgan stood him up? She seemed keen on the phone Hunter thought. Hunter decided he would wait another half an hour for her to turn up, and if she didn't he would go home.

Well, half an hour had been and gone. Hunter was fed up, he paid his bill and called for a taxi. As he walked out the door, Hunter saw Kieran come back into the I.V, he wished Kieran a goodnight, but it seemed like he didn't hear him. Just around the corner, his taxi was waiting for him; he climbed in and told the driver his address.

After a date that never happened, Hunter was finally home. He walked clumsily into the kitchen and made himself a sandwich, because he had a bit too much to drink at the I.V. He must have been making quite a bit of a racket, because his dad, Callum, came into the room.

"Oh sorry dad, I didn't know I was making a lot of noise. I'll try and be a bit quieter", Hunter said giving his dad the quiet signal.

But Callum didn't go back to bed as Hunter presumed he would. Instead he went over to Hunter and hugged him.

"How are you son?" Callum asked him. Hunter was confused.

"Um, I'm fine dad, just had a bit too much to drink at the I.V. It looks like I got stood up by Morgan", Hunter replied as Callum let go of him.

"You don't know what's happened do you?" Callum asked him. Hunter just shook his head. Callum took a deep breath and sighed.

"Hunter" Callum put his hands on his son's shoulders and looked him in the eye. "Morgan didn't stand you up, she..." Hunter interrupted him.

"How could you possibly know that?" Hunter tried to pull away, but his dad held him tight.

"She was on her way to the I.V. and then she was...she was hit by a car." Callum could see the shock on Hunter's face, he knew what he was going to say next would rip his son's heart apart. "She died Hunter, she's gone. I'm so sorry; I only got the news about half an hour ago". Hunter just stood there, motionless. No sound came out of his mouth which was hanging wide open.

"Why don't you sit down, and I'll make you a cup of coffee. C'mon son", he half dragged Hunter over to the couch and made him sit before he fainted. As Callum made him a coffee, he saw Hunter collapse on the couch and break down. It worried him to see his son hurting so much, but he knew if he went to comfort him now, he would just push him away.

Callum pushed the coffee into Hunter's hands, and he gulped it down. Hunter put his head in his hands. Then suddenly he ran to the bathroom.

"Hunter?" Callum shouted out. He quickly followed him to the bathroom, hopefully to not see Hunter trying to kill himself. But he found him throwing up in the toilet.

"You're going to be okay Hunter" Callum told his son, who was shaking and felt really cold. Callum left Hunter to clean himself up and went to do the dishes.

After awhile, Callum heard the toilet flushing, and Hunter came back into the kitchen.

"I'm going to bed now dad" Hunter said with no emotion. Callum saw his face, he looked really sick and grief stricken.

"Okay Hunter. I'll see you in the morning." Callum replied.

This was the worst night in his life.