"What the fuck man?! What's all this? Where's the steak and potatoes? Ham and beans? Where is the actual food?"

The covers of the trays were lifted one by one. Huge bowls of rice lay before the team. Natto miso soup, a pot of oden, multiple trays of sushi and yakitori. Multitudes of Japanese dishes are on the table steaming. Everyone just sits mouths slightly agape in surprise at the unusual looking food.

Um this is the real food; I cook stuff like this all the time. You guys wanted me to cook so this is what I cook. You did know I was Japanese, right? This is Japanese food; it's not all McDonalds over there. We actually cook real food.

James chimes in "No, no my good sir it's not that I was just a little surprised in seeing such cuisine here. In Singapore they had somewhat similar food, seafood based you see I believe you Japanese are similar in that regard, am I correct?"


"I knew it, I always wanted to go to the fabled Japan but the shogunate was very put off by the west. Terrible really, secluded the entire country. I did hear a rumor though that some pushy American yank barged his way in with his military boats demanding in his impolite American way to open up trade."

"Yea, James that's nice and all, but" HT looks at the seaweed and raw looking food "this still ain't food. And I don't see a drop of alcohol anywhere. If I have to eat this shit I got to be numb doing it."

"Uh well I was able to get some sake, though I don't drink really"

"What the fuck is sake, didn't you get some real spirits?" HT grumps in his seat a sour look grafting itself on his face "No real liquor, damn"

"Back'er down man, Sake is real rice made alcohol, you'll definitely feel it if that's what you want. My dad would come home plastered after drinking sake all night long.

"Still though I was looking forward to some vodka or whiskey"

Razen stands up getting everyone's attention. He hesitates for a second as the awkward silence takes over the table. Every pair of eyes focused on him and his interruption during their fight.

*Ahem* "Look it's food right? We should be thanking Kashi for making it. Before we got here what would we be eating?" Silence "I said what did we EAT before this?"


"Fast Food"

"Whatever Slop bought us"

"Exactly so there is no problem here, we should just be thankful for what Kashi here has prepared for us. If it wasn't for him right now all we would be eating is cold cardboard manufactured food. So everyone is gonna eat Right?!"

Razen raises a brow slowly turning to everyone to get there fervent nods. Only HT gave a short little grunt of yes as a show of reluctance towards this strange and new food. With his short burst of anger over, Razen sat back down on his seat.

"Well then Idkiamatsu! Dig in guys"

No more words were needed as the fearless James went for the Asian food first; weaving his hand throughout the unknown terrain he comes across the mysterious sea-bowl of nabe and miso soup. Intrigued by the smell that sent waves to his nose he poured himself as much as possible that could fit in his puddle-bowl. On his plate went the onigiri and other rice treats. Chloe and Momentai hesitated for only a second, being the daring girls that they took no third thought. They grabbed something that looked like grilled chicken kabobs and for extra measure a bowl full of rice.

Spyrous on the other hand was a little sneakier in his food attempts. He took some sushi in his bare hands and while the others were busy eating their own food, looking away from him, he lights his hand on fire, cooking the raw fish and seaweed in his palm. Putting his hand out, he just pops the morsels into his mouth. HT, still feeling bitter about the unknown food, reluctantly pours himself a small glass of sake. He brings it to his knows taking in the alien fragrance of the rice alcohol. After leaving it at his nose for a few seconds he brings it to his mouth, eloquently pouring the burning liquid down his throat. He smiles as he feels the redness making its way to his cheeks. Pouring another glass he starts to look over the food selection with more vigor than before.

James stands up taking his glass in his hand.

"I Purpose a toast, to this fine young gentleman whose culinary art far exceeds the life he has lived so far"

"Aye, To Kashi"

"Welcome to the group you pansy" Chloe punches his arm.

"Thanks…I think" he rubs the arm Chloe hit. Turning his attention to the rest of the group.

"Thanks everyone for making me…." The sound of flushing toilet drowns out his words as all eyes turn to the bathroom. Razen does a quick count to see if everyone is at the table. His head then turns back to the bathroom door, back to the table his face covered with concern. Sounds of running water fill the entire house as anxiety weighs down on the team. Hearts pounding and sweat dripping. *click, click, click* The sliver handle goes counterclockwise, Spyrous, HT, Razen, and James have a tight grip on their swords and guns. Aequus arches its back a low hiss from its mouth creates a background noise. Asumon stays by Chloe's side ready to pounce at a moments notice. Kashi's hand is over his heart ready to pull out his scythe. The door swings open and HT goes charging in brandishing his sword towards the stranger. Sparks fly as HT's slender wakizashi meets with the cleaver like sword of Slop Doggy.

"Slop" The whole gang blinks a bit seeing if it is their leader.

"Hey guys glad to see you still on your guard"

"It's Slop, thank God. You had us scared there for a second. Come over sit down eat and tells us where have you been for the past two days"

Everyone starts to lower their guard and sit back down. Halfway through sitting.

"Hold on everybody, we can't be sure this is really Slop or not. This could be one of Kuroouja's tricks"

"HT do you really think that I'm an illusion or some sort of disguised Servant? Come on now."

"Yeah? Then tell me something that only the real Slop Doggy would know"

"It's good to be safe but if you really insist" His voice hushes and brings his mouth to HT's ear so that only HT can hear what he says. The rest of the group strains to hear but not even Aequus' ears can pick up the faint voice of Slop. HT's eyes widen then narrow when Slop pulls away from him. The wakizashi is lowered and put in its sheath, HT walks back to the table.

"Yeah it's Slop alright"

"What did…" HT flashes Razen a glare so piercing it could have driven a hole through the center of the world.

"Don't ask it has nothing to do with you or anyone else"

HT hunkers back into his chair folding his arms saying nothing more.

"Right then, R..Slop come over and join us will you. Momentai thought you would be coming tonight so we made a place for you. Our young recruit here seems to be somewhat a chef, and has prepared a scrumptious meal of traditional Japanese cuisine. Eat and talk with us"

Slop turns to bow in a respectful manner.

"Kashi-sama we are forever grateful for providing us with such a meal. You do not understand how much we needed someone with the ability to cook. Arigato gozaimasu."

Kashi puts up his hands in embarrassment his face red a little

"Slop, man no need to so polite and the sama thing is totally unnecessary. I was happy to cook"

"Still, thank you, Now how have all of you been"

"We good, but bored as hell, when are we going to see some action. I fucking sick and tired of sitting here with my thumbs up my ass"

"Look there's nothing I can do about that right now, Taiyo and I have been talking about some of Kuroouja's current plans. Praise God he still doesn't know about the little friend we have following his moves. That was the majority of the time, meeting up with him was quite the feat. Ah what do we have here? This looks amazing I can't wait to dig in" He walks over to the table full of food and sits in the only empty spot.

"Hold on their Slop, give us some more information. We have to know how to skillfully handle the situation here. This requires military precision. So brief us here"

*sigh* Slop puts his fork down but the obvious hunger still gleams in his eyes.

"Kuroouja has made some progress with the Celestian world, the space faring people. That has been his biggest problem so far doing his rampage. They have a small hold out in one of their many planets, but I don't know how long that is going to last. It may be the next stop on our journey but there still are some minor details to work out"

"What could we have to possibly work, they are in trouble so lets go at them"
"Hold your horses there pipsqueak, I see where Slop is leading with this"

Chloe glares at HT "I'd be careful there, you don't want another pink mishap do you?" her smile inches up her cheeks evilly. "Don't call be pipsqueak"

"Fine, fine, but as I was saying, we don't have a decent ship yet do we?"
"You are correct sir. Even with money ships take time to build, a week, no two weeks top is when it will be done. But I don't know if they will last that long."

"Why can't we just use their ships?"

All eyes turn to the newcomer. "Well I was just thinking that if they are trying to fight Kuroouja then they would be more than willing to help us out, you know?"

Eyes exchange with one another then everyone shifts their gaze to the leader giving him the job of explaining.

"That would be a great idea, except no. The whole idea about separate worlds is that they are supposed to separate. No major meddling between worlds. What Kuroouja is doing right now is violating ever law of Authorian. That's what this war is about stopping his conquest which will ultimately lead to the destruction of everything."

"Well then what are we doing here together, aren't we doing the same thing"

"Err…Sort of. We are a small group of individuals. Also when we go to worlds we try our best not to interfere too much. Dressing like them, eating their food or at least making sure that ours doesn't get out to the public. Hiding ourselves. Kuroouja blatantly introduces new things to each world, affecting each world more and more. 'Making it better for his kingdom' the damn fool"

"So that means we have to wait two weeks then before we can possibly go on the offensive"
"That's right so HT and James you two are in charge of the strategy. We need some way to make ourselves effective against his Navy. We will have two ships we don't know which general will be attacking or what ship he'll be in. But I do know that they have a fleet of 25 star destroyers. Each equipped with the latest weaponry and 50 battle cruisers. So in the long run we will be out gunned and outmanned 1000 to 1"

A long silence falls over the table then Spryous gives a low whistle.

"Those are some pretty heavy odds there Slop. We won't have any back-up or anything"

"Taiyo said he would supply some personal battle cruisers, but only a small handful. Our ships will be fully stocked, and we will have specialty space suits for outside combat. Other than that we are pretty much on our own. If we get lucky the Celestian forces might attack when we do, if I was them though I would hold out for as long as possible."

Again the heavy tension descends on the group of fighters.

"I'm liking these odds, more action for us right Mo'?"


"We can take them hands down, though with no oxygen in space ill be at a disadvantage"

"Nothing to worry about friend me and James here will think of the perfect plan, don't worry about."

"You sure about this Slop? Do you think this is the best course of action"

"I positive Razen"

"Well then I'm in"


"No real choice really, of course I'm in"

"It's settled then let's get to it. We will plans and arrangements soon but, first I'm starved you don't know how long it's been since…" Slops face becomes serious he turns to look at the door a low rumble makes it way throughout the house. The food and drinks ripple up slowly with the rumbling noise. Slop sits back down his body overcome with two days of malnutrition. His face still towards the door.

"Hey guys it looks like we have a guest outside, do you think you can entertain him while I eat, you all should be able to handle him"

Weapons are drawn again as the group heads out the door to face the real intruder.

"Slop you coming?"

"Just give me a second I've got to get something in me"

Kashi goes rushing out the door the bluish white light following him and his scythe. The rumbling grows louder and louder, as the whole house begins to shake violently

"Why does this always happen when I need to eat, never after dinner, always during. *sigh* like damn telemarketers. Might as well try to get a couple bites in before I have to go out there"

He reaches down to take a bite of the sushi on the plate before him. A huge crash as an enormous fist plows through the roof. It takes out the whole front half of the house. It comes down hitting the ground with a loud smack. The black red fist lands right in front of Slop destroying the plate of food and table. His fork hangs in mid air with a piece of sushi still clinging on. Around him the whole front of the house has collapsed into rubble. Dust scatters into the sky wood and other debris are strewn on the ground. In front of Slop now lies a giant fist ten times bigger than himself, he sits there casually and brings the morsel of food closer to his mouth. Suddenly the hulk of bone and flesh lifts up and with a gust, air fills in where the space was once occupied. The wind causes the sushi roll to fall of the fork and land with a *plop* amongst the scraps.

Looking down at his fork a vein starts to pop out of the head of the Coalition leader. His face swells with a red rage.

"Every single time I swear, Ahh!"

As the dust settles the rest of the team comes into sight. They are hiding admits the chaos that the giant servant has caused, careful to not be seen by the monster.

"Ah good to see you Slop glad you could join us. By the looks of it we could use a new hideout Eh?" Razen shouts out from behind a rock that landed in the middle of the road.

"What are you guys telling me that you can't handle this fellow by yourselves? Guess that's why I'm the leader." He flash steps to where Razen is at, he stumbles a bit though due to his starvation.

"Hey leader you okay there"

"Yeah, just a bit hungry, so what's happening?"

"Well figured out that we're up against a giant servant. I mean giant this thing is huge just look at it"

The towering creature reached up into the heavens, their six foot status meant nothing to the heroes down below. Two thousand feet tall , causing destruction all around it, it is monster among monsters. Red eyes pieced the sky as its black body seemed to take you into a void of nothingness. The heroes barely reach up to its ankles, its arms bigger than its own legs, red stripes streaked it like glowing scars indicating it ferociousness. Its head peaks out from its broad chest looking for its prey.

"Yeah he's a big boy alright, so do we have a plan for taking big boy down."

"Shit here I was hoping that you would. I have nothing and I have no idea where everyone else is at."

"That's a problem."

A sudden pop as the ground beneath Slop and Razen's feet gives way to a giant hole. They fall down immediately the surprise and surrealness of the situation giving them no time to react. Slop somehow falls first landing on his ass as Razen falls on top knocking the wind clean out of Slop

"Sorry buddy" Helping him up

"S'right" Slop wheezes.

"Crickey mate, look what I caught, the terrible Slopius Doggius and the dreaded TyRazenosaurus Rex. Look at 'em their a bute they are"

"Momentai Knock off the goofing around"

" 'ight mate"

"And the accent"
"Poo your no fun HT"

"In case you forgot we're here to figure out how to defeat that monster. Fun and games are for later right now we need some sort of battle plan"

"Anybody got anything?"

Heads looked to each other; eyes glaring with curiosity hoping for one of the members had a plan capable of stopping the pounding going on above their heads. Back and forth their heads on a swivel constantly looking for some answer to the perilous problem, but they find nothing.

"Nothing, that thing is way to big to cut with guns and swords, right now I'm too weak to use my bankai and even if I went into Crusnik mode I could only go about twenty percent. That's definitely not enough to take down that big guy. I don't know what we are supposed to do here."
"Ahem", James steps forward in the huddle of heroes getting their attention. "If you would indulge me for a second I think I have a plan, first though I need to know is the anatomy of a servant the same as that of a person"

"Like what, you looking for a weakness" A silent nod in HT's direction "Well then, yeah there like humans in some regards, their neck and eyes are extremely vulnerable. But we can't get up their without getting unnoticed"

"Don't worry about that I believe this may work."

"You guys ready?" HT, readies his friends for the assault. The fog of battle falling on them adrenaline and excitement builds, from the ground they will strike viciously.

"Don't really have a choice do we?" Kashi shakes a little holding his scythe blades with unease.

"Kashi don't worry so much, we counting on you now so relax yourself. You're too tense"

"Easy for you too"

"This is what a soldier; a warrior must be prepared for. Death rounds the corner when you face the enemy. Fight back Death with vigor or else Death's Calvary will come for you"

"Yeah, but not if you are Death itself" his voice washed away in the sound of the thunder above. It had hit him earlier while they were hiding from the giant. With any possible death around the corner, he would be there to take the soul of his new friends. He was death itself, the charioteer of souls. A fear will constantly be holding on to his heart every time there a major fight occurs.

"All right then, Spyrous you on"

In a swift movement his hands hit the ground and an explosion of smoke fills the underground chamber.

"I wonder what it'll be this time; those rat guys were kind of funny. Think this one will have an accent too" Momentai asks her friend.

"Don't know but we'll find out now won't we?"

As the smoke clears red hair starts to poke through. A low rumble comes from the shadow still veiled. Brown human like hands come into view, its palms bigger than some ones head. The smoke finally passes by and a Gorilla with red fur and a black headband stands before the group.

"You sure this guy can do the job"

"Yep Kumasuke here is the strongest there is"

Taking a stance Kumasuke bows deeply to his master.

"Greetings master, how may I be of service-kuma"

"Hold on now you're a gorilla yet you just said bear"

"Master your friend insults me; I am a proud and noble member from the bear-clan-kuma." He lifts up Kashi by the robes "May I punish him-kuma"

"Sort of, Kuma right now I need you're strength" Again he bows to his master.

"My strength is for you master-kuma"

"Good we're ready to head upside now"

"Let's go then"

One by one they slip out of different holes made by Momentai, some of them paired up others left by themselves. Chloe, Kashi and Kuma slip out behind a turned over carriage that lies in front of the monster. Kneeling out of view from the red eyes they discuss the plan.

"Remember Kuma not till he goes down we have to reach the head or shoulders, if you throw too soon then we won't make it"

"Look Kumasuke I'm sorry about the whole bear thing, I had no intention in dishonoring your name"

"Friend now is not the time, but I appreciate your gesture. You may call me Kuma-kuma"

"Right then Kuma, you ready?"

"Anytime, you shall be first"

"Right" Kashi looks nervously behind the carriage looking up at the monstrosity "I'll be first"

The creature came to a stop as Kashi noticed its feet were caught in a growing mound of rock. In a matter of seconds the monster's feet were trapped in a thick layer of rock. It tries hard to move its legs, cracks form in the casing but they close with a new layer of rock as soon as they start to form. With a loud shriek the creature hurls his head into the air in a rage of fury. Unable to move Spyrous, Asumon, and Aequus charge behind the beast. Spyrous red samurai army glowing in flames moving at high speeds, he is like a meteor from the heavens above. Aequus powers up getting ready to fire a high powered beam, Asumon's red mark on its head glows white as it charges forth ready to attack. All three at once jump up aiming for the small of the giants back. All three lunge forward firing their attacks at point blank range. A resounding thunder comes from the explosion and smoke-fire billows from behind the monsters back. It tries to take a step forward to keep itself balanced but its feet are trapped by the constantly growing earth. Balance lost, the large creature falls forward stretching its hands out in front to keep it from land on its face. Putting all its forward frees it feet, but only for a second before it speeds around its legs and feet pinning the monster to its knees now.

"That's it go, let's go Kuma! Now!"

Chloe, Kuma and Kashi rush forward the dust providing cover as they dash to the downed giant. Running behind Kashi, Kuma grabs Kashi by the shoulders. Nearing the Servant Chloe stops as Kuma with Kashi continue forward. The Gorilla turns Kashi upside down now holding him by the waist with both hands. Planting his right foot he jumps high into the air spinning wildly like a buzz saw holding the Reaper. Just as he reaches the pinnacle of his jump before he falls down Kuma takes one last spin and launches Kashi straight towards the Servant's head. The Reaper zooms through the air, wind cutting his ears and cheeks. He higher and higher he goes until he meets the peek of the pinned creature's shoulders.


Though he reached the right height, Kashi is unable to make the distance between him and the shoulder. In seconds his scythe is a taken a part and as he falls he makes a desperate throw to the flesh the lies before him. The scythe slides past the meat of the shoulder, with luck as much as skill the sickle and chain catches the collarbone holding strong enough to support Kashi's weight. As it catches on the bone Kashi jerks down ward momentarily letting go of the scythe because of the force of the momentum of his fall. He manages catch on to the chain that hung freely down the side of the giant. Kashi climes up his scythe all the way to the neck of the giant, getting a firm footing on the giant, he holds on for dear life.

Down below the monster is furious with pain and wails thunderous punches to the earth. Below two small figures weave amongst the instant death that could await them, they were waiting for a pause, like a serpent in wait to strike its play. HT and Slop danced their dangerous dance. Every time a monstrous fist a small battle would ensue. As HT pulls out his two pistols, beautiful movements as if his guns were a part of his body, fires at the fists aiming at the joints of the fingers with scary accuracy. Even when the fist lifted up HT without looking, he was able to speed to where the next fist would land, just barely keeping out of reach of the danger zone. While HT was shooting fine points in the monster, Slop was on the other side, slashing as much as he could in the short time. Hacking away as much of the monster as possible. Both of men moving with grace with each other, distracting the Servant from the true objective.

"James as soon as Kashi and Chloe are good aim for the eyes" He talks through the hole that echoes to the other side of were James lay in wait.

"Roger that Razen"

Both of them had sniper rifles, Dragonv _______ they had to bury underneath the rubble of the house to pick them up from HT's weapon cache.

"Holy shit HT how much fire power do you have"

"Never enough my friend never enough"

"Hey Razen, what if this guy moves too much to get a clear shot and doesn't die from Kashi's cut?"

"Well hopefully HT and Slop can pin its hands down long enough for Momentai to hold it down"

"Can she do that along with holding its feet down too, she is still just a child"



"We'll just have to hope we're already worn down as it is, she'll just have to do her best"


"Chloe you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine" standing up brushing invisible dust off her pants.

"You got higher than I did; you also landed in the right spot I barely got here"

"It's cause I'm lighter than you so it's only obvious that the gorilla guy have an easier time throwing me"

"So you ready"

"Anytime you are"

"We might die"

"Then you're the one who's going to see me off then right"


"Dude lighten up you sissy, no one big this big bugger is going to die"

"Please don't joke about that, I don't want ever to have to pierce your soul"

"So that's what you do pierce souls, I wonder if it hurts"

"If I have any say in it then you'll never know"


"Enough small talk (cause it will look cheesy to the readers) let's just get this done and go eat"

"Right then give me a blade"

"Keep safe"

"Yeah whatever let's just go"

Taking the white blade Chloe carefully edges herself around the giant's neck. Looping she makes her way back to Kashi, the chain of the scythe loosely surrounding its neck. Chloe gives Kashi thumbs up then pierces the neck of the Servant. Dragging the scythe she starts off in a run following the chain trail. Kashi begins to pull faster and faster to help keep Chloe grounded to the black flesh. A howl of sheer terror emits from the creature, pain and agony claw its way into the heroes skin as shriek echoes on. Its hands reach up blindly searching for the cause of his bleeding. Still Chloe and Kashi continue to cut through the skin and muscle of the. Sickening sounds of scythe blade cutting thick black tissue, the squelching of the midnight green life water gushing forth over the two, they still go on, the shriek goes on. Dark hand rise up covering the open wound hoping beyond hope to stop the bleeding. Reaching the other side Chloe pulls the blade out, the white pureness dripping darkly death. A gash, an open wound stretched from both sides of the neck, green leeks at the bottom of the monsters hand. It takes in a deep breath only to let another horrendous shriek as it stands up freeing itself from its earthly shackles. Only for a mere second before the earth crawls back up closing its feet in place.


Kashi trying to yell over the noise watches as a hand gets ready to swat the girl like a fly. With only seconds to spare, while she still holds on the scythe, he sprints to her. Right before he reaches the base of the neck he tugs on the chain hard knocking her off the shoulder of the Servant. Just as the hand makes an impact sending waves of air in all directions, Kashi jumps off holding onto scythe tightly. The monster's cries end but the sound of wailing has not stopped as a girl falls from hundreds of feet behind the black Servant's back


Through wind cut eyes she sees the hooded figure falling with her


Finally acknowledging him she wraps the chain in one arm then with both hands hold tight. Seeing her wrapped up in the chain the Reaper positions his self upright. He wraps some of the excess chain around his arm and hand holding on to the scythe. Without another moment he plunges it into the back of creature. A sudden stop as blade catches the fat and muscle tissue.

*pop* "SHIT nghh my arm"

The two had come to a halt three hundred feet above the ground.

"Holy shit, hey Kashi what the fuck was that. Jesus you almost gave me a heart attack"

"Yeah sorry my bad" The pain smile plastered on his face, sweat dripping down his brow"

"You oky?"

"I'm f..ine just in a little pain nothing to baAAdd" the giant had shifted making the two sway back and forward.

"So how we getting down, Kashi? Hey Kashi?"

The Grim Reaper had passed out because of the pain of his arm dislocating

"Shoot now!"

Hey there y'all wow it has been a while since I last posted anything. So for the sake of posting I split this chapter up into two parts. The main focus (in my mind) was the battle scene that's really all I thought about when writing this so it's my first real major battle so if you could comment that would be great. I'll post the second part soon but after that I have to work on my poorly neglected Eureka Seven Story so there might be another long pause from me. Take care