Chapter One

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Someone with silver, blurry vision eyes the Crashdown. It was crouching low behind a small bush observing the happenings of the café. It walks across the street and opens the door to the restaurant and enters. It's entrance barely noticed when it entered.

" Welcome to the Crashdown, " said a cheery feminine voice. It looks at the person who has just spoken. The person was silver and almost liquid-like in its vision. It saw thermo-energy in this mode. Everything else was in silver and it could see her heat, bright red in the area that was her heart. The surrounding area a lesser red and orange in other areas, it was a cold day outside. " Sit where you like. " She wasn't looking at it, she was talking to the couple who just walked in behind him.

Almost as if gliding through the café it went to the back door and up the stairs to Liz's room. The door opened and it saw the posters, the bulletin board, many, many pictures of Alex Whitman and a timeline of all the events leading to his death. It never touched anything, but merely observed the room and carefully studying it. Pulling his hand toward him as if summoning someone, he made the loose brick in Liz's wall come towards him and the journal followed closely behind it. Opening up the same hand, the book opens. Waving its index finger from right to left, it turned the pages of the journal without actually touching it. It looks very ghostly as the journal seemed to float in the air and the pages were being turned on by one. It read a couple of the entries quickly and turns its hand into a fist. The book snapped shut. It pushed his hand out and the journal flew towards the hole in the wall and the brick snapped from its position on the floor back into the wall, all in lightning fast speed. Looking around at the inanimate objects it went outside to the balcony area. A white telescope, a lounge chair and what seemed like hundreds of unlit candles.

In crashes Liz, into her bedroom. She was too preoccupied in her thoughts. The figure, though invisible, stood in the middle of the balcony watching her. Waving its hand again towards her and the silver hand print appeared on her stomach. Liz fumbles around with some papers that she has in her hand. She grabs some stuff as she packs her bags. She looks over at her desk to look for one picture of Alex that she can keep with her.

" Take that one " the figure, said when she got a picture of Alex and Leanna in front of an old building. She puts the picture with the rest of her paper work.

She grabs her phone and starts dialing.

" Hello? " she says, her voice hoarse " I would like to see if there were any openings for a flight to Sweden? "

Focusing, the figure heard all that she was hearing from the receiver. Tonight at six there was one more opening. The cost was two grand. While Liz was giving her credit card information to the operator the figure jumped off her balcony and landed on the street pavement.

Slowing making its way towards Vilandra, at school, looking through a book about the San Francisco College she wanted to attend. It soon sees Zan next to her. He was offering her an alternative to her decision to run away from Roswell. Typical Vilandra, it thought. Always running away from problems instead of facing them was her habit. It could see her anger flare as she burned the recommendation in her hand and made that boy fly across the room when he attempted to hit on her. It followed Zan to his jeep and got into the passenger seat.

Max was too upset to finish his day at school. It was taking all his strength to just contain from using his powers.

Do not use your powers here. You do not even know what your powers will show you if you do this moment. Self Control.

Max sighs and starts the engine. He had to get some air and head out on the highway so that he could think.

The figure noticed Liz sitting on the railing just outside the Roswell border before Max did. He cut through the street and parked his car right in front of her.

" Liz where are you going? "

" Sweden " she said squinting her eyes.

" Are you kidding me? "

The figure saw Zan get out of the car and start saying things to Liz to get into his car. Trying in vain to get her in the car, the figure shook it's head. She will not listen to you, but you should listen to her. Liz got into the cab and sped off.

" Wake up! " she yelled and it seemed to echo in the thin air.

Max stood there for awhile. Unable to speak, almost crying.

Watching Liz's determination, the figure just sat in the cab next to her. Getting out of the cab and going over to check in. Walking towards the plane, the figure stopped as Liz's phone rang. Look at the picture Liz.

She stopped and looked at the picture.

" He didn't go to Sweden, " she said looking at the picture. She stood there motionless and unsure of what to do next.

The figure smiled as it walked away from her and towards the Observatory.

Mating with Ava I see, It thought watching them. What do you hope to accomplish by doing this? So she finally got her wish, she mated with him and would have a reason to go home. She could claim what she wanted. Now she could show the translation to Zan and they could turn on the Granolith. They would try to go home. Now it would just wait and see what happens.