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Chapter Forty Six

" Come on Liz, " said Max holding her hand. He looked more in pain than Liz did. " You can do this "
Liz was doing her breathing as she clutched his hand. Maria was on the other side of her with a wet towel, wiping Liz's face occasionally. She looked just as hysterical as Liz.
" This contraction will be over in a few seconds Liz " Isabel said reassuring her.
" I want it over now! " screamed Liz. " I want this baby out! "
" There has to be something we can do for her besides just stand here " said Kyle.
" Maxwell " said Michael looking at Max.
" I'm trying Michael " said Max still holding Liz's hand.
" Thank God you're a doctor Isabel " said Kyle looking at the pain in Liz's face.
Isabel was in position. Liz was going to have this baby very soon. " Serena I need more towels, a large empty bowl, some clean scissors. Ava I need you to get a large bowl of warm water "
" I'll get right on it, " said Serena as she calmly started walking out.
" Sure " said Ava as she followed Serena.
" I don't think you guys need to be in here anyway " said Maria looking at Michael, Kyle and Brody.
Michael looked at Kyle. " Good idea " he said walking over to the door. " Don't wanna see more of Liz than we need to "
" Yeah " agreed Kyle.
" I have to agree " said Brody as the three of them closed the door behind them.
" Ok Liz " said Isabel, focusing all her attention on Liz. " Since you're contractions are coming in faster you're almost ready "
" I can't do this anymore, " cried Liz biting her lip. " Even with Max's help it's still unbearable "
" They're gonna be right back with your stuff Liz, " said Maria. " Just hold on a little longer babe "
Liz looked at Max.
" Will you forgive me for putting you through this? " he said.
" Let's talk about that when this baby comes out, " she said half laughing, half crying in pain.
Max leaned in and kissed her on the forehead.
" You're lucky she's not whacking you in the head with a baseball bat " said Isabel smiling at the constant tenderness they shared. Even now when most women are beating their husbands for giving them this pain.
" I wish she would, " said Max looking at Liz. " I know that would feel better "

Liz started to laugh but the pain shot through her body and she screamed aloud. She started panting wildly. She squeezed Max's hand as hard as she could to relieve the pain.
" Guys you better get here quick! " yelled Isabel. She looked at Maria and Max. " It's coming. Ok Liz, when I say so, start pushing "
A few seconds later Serena and Ava ran in with their stuff.
" Give me the towels " said Isabel calmly. She grabbed the towels from Serena and put one under Liz. The other she put into her lap. " Put the water bowl over there " she said pointing to the space next to her. " Stay there with it in case I accidentally knock it over ". She lay the scissors on the bed next to Liz and she positioned the empty bowl just under Liz on the floor. " We have to move her closer to the edge of the bed ". When everything was ready she told Liz to push.
Liz screamed again as she tried to push. Maria was wiping her face every other second now and Max was sitting behind her as she sat up. He was massaging her shoulder and back to help her relax and push. Liz had never
experienced this much pain in her life. Would she live through this? She could hear Isabel's voice echo in her head.
" Come on Liz push, " said Isabel.
" Come on Liz, " said Max putting his hands on her stomach.
Instantly Liz could feel the relief coming up. She felt her breathing become more stable. She was still in pain but she managed to scream again as she gave one last push.
" I got it, " cried Isabel as she looked at the baby. She calmly cut the umbilical cord and lightly hit the baby on the butt. The baby yelped and started crying loudly. Isabel looked at her brother and saw the glow in his face. She wrapped the baby in the towel on her knee. She looked down at the little creature in her arms. How amazing life was. This wasn't the first baby she had delivered but it never ceased to affect her. She looked at Liz and smiled brightly. " It's a girl " She handed the baby to Max.
" A girl? " asked Liz weakly. She closed her eyes and sighed in contentment. Then she reached out and touched the baby as it continued to cry.
Max looked at the baby and then looked back down at Liz. " Thank you " he said kissing her gently.
Maria watched all this with tears in her eyes. The baby was quietly looking up at Liz and Max as if it knew who they were. It had Max's eyes and Liz's lips. The baby looked absolutely gorgeous. Its little fingers were reaching for Liz. It had a great thing going for it. It had two loving parents that would love it no matter what.
The banging on the door broke the moment.
" Baby made it? " they all heard Kyle yell from the other side of the door.
" Come in " said Ava.

The little girl started cry as the door opened.
" The kid's got lungs, " said Michael as he stood beside Maria.
" Michael " said Isabel threateningly.
" What are you going to name it? " asked Brody. He was amazed by the baby.
Liz looked at Max and they both looked at Maria. " We wanted to name it Amy, " said Liz.
Maria looked at her with tears in her eyes. " I think my mom would have loved that " she reached over and hugged the three of them.
" I don't know about the rest of you but we're leaving " said Michael grabbing Maria from around the waist. It was now morning and they were all feeling the lack of sleep.
" Yeah you guys should get going now, " said Max. " Liz is sleeping and the baby is ok " He looked pretty beat himself but he refused to go to sleep. " Thanks you guys for coming ".
" Yeah no problem Max, " said Kyle yawning. He was reaching for his jacket and Serena's. " Just let us know the next time you have a kid "
Serena laughed as she rolled her eyes. She hugged Max and went to their car.
" Don't worry Maria, " said Max. " I'll take care of her "
" I know you will, " said Maria. " I just wish her parents could've seen this "
" Yeah " said Max.
" Let's go now, " said Michael reaching for the door knob. " See you later Maxwell, " he said closing the door.
Max turned around and looked at Isabel. " You should get some sleep too Iz "
" Yeah I'm pretty beat, " she said stretching. " Everything should be all right. They're both in good shape " she studied her brother's appearance. " I don't care if you don't feel tired, get some sleep Max "
" I will, " said Max scratching his head. " I'm just nervous. What if Liz wakes up and needs something? "
" She needs you alive " said Isabel as she got into her jacket. " Max? "
" Yeah "
" Have you gotten any messages from Ryu since he left? "
" No " said Max thinking a second. " Why? "
" I just thought that maybe he might let you know if anything was happening "
" I'm sure he would let me know " said Max looking at her. " Has Thaman tried to contact you? "
" No " said Isabel sighing. " He hasn't "
" He'll come back Iz "
" I know, " she said looking at the floor nodding her head.
" But when I do get a vision I'll tell you, " he said tapping her on the shoulder.
" Thanks " she said giving him a weak smile. She opened the door again. " I'll see you later Max "
" How perfect " said Maria sighing as she and Michael drove to their hotel again.
" Perfect? They ruined our wedding night " complained Michael.
" You can't time things like this Michael, " scolded Maria. " It's not like Liz wanted to have it now anyway "
Michael just shook his head as he kept his eyes on the road.
" Would that be so bad? " asked Maria.
" What? "
" Having a baby "
" You're joking "
" No, I'm serious "
Michael looked at Maria. " Would you want to have kids with me? "
" One day Space Boy yeah I would " she said sighing again. Then she turned to look at him. " What about you? Would you want to have kids with me? "
" To have another mouth in the house, " said Michael.
" Come on say it " said Maria hitting him on the arm.
" Sure yeah. Why not? " he said glancing at her before turning to the road again.
" Michael "
" Ok yes. Kids sound like a good plan " he said pulling in front of their hotel. " But not now. I'm still having trouble with one human in my house "
Maria couldn't help but laugh at Michael's straightforwardness. She got out of the car and jumped on him. " This is going to be fun right Michael? "
" Never a dull moment " he answered as he carried her into the hotel.
" I was just thinking " said Brody as he and Ava were cooking in the kitchen. They couldn't sleep until that evening. Sydney was up and watching cartoons in the living room and they promised her that they would take her to the park today.
" About what? " she asked scrambling the eggs.
" Well I just thought that maybe it would be a good idea… "
" Good idea? " asked Ava. " What be a good idea? "
" I want to show you everything Ava, " he said after a pause. " The only thing keeping us here was your mission. Now that it's over we can do whatever we want "
" Whatever we want, " stated Ava as if she never thought about it like that.
" It doesn't matter anymore Ava, " he said. The excitement shining in his eyes. " We can go anywhere "
Ava smiled up at him. " We can do anything, " she said.
" Do you like that idea? " he asked.
She nodded as she smiled brightly. She exhaled. " I love the idea "
" Did you see his face while she was in labor? " asked Kyle. " Man I don't know what I would've done if were him "
" You don't? "
" No " said Kyle lying down on the bed. He was beat. He had his hands behind his head as he closed his eyes." To know your wife is in that much pain "
" In the end it's all worth it " said Serena lying down next to him.
" Yeah " said Kyle. He propped himself on his elbow and looked at her closely. " I couldn't see you in that much pain "
Serena smiled at him and ran her hands through his hair. " Sometimes you have to put up with it "
" What do you mean? " asked Kyle looking at her in suspicion.
" Nothing " she said grinning as she turned her body the other way.
" Serena " he said lying right behind her. " What are you saying? "
She bounced back toward him. " I'm just saying that you're going to feel just like Max did in seven months "
Liz opened her eyes to see Max holding Amy. He was talking to her on the other side of their room. She couldn't hear what he was saying but she watched the expressions on his face.
Max looked at his daughter and knew that she would have him wrapped around her finger. He would do anything for her and there was nothing he wouldn't give to her. She had Liz written all over her face. A few of her features
resembled his own but he only saw Liz in her face. She was just in his arms quietly looking at up at him. He had just fed and burped her so she was happy. They had dressed her in an infant gown. Her skin was a more peach
color now. She had fuzzy hair and very tiny hands. He felt such a strong connection with her already. He wondered if it was because of what he was or if this was just a normal human thing. He whispered to her so that he wouldn't wake up Liz. He told Amy how much he loved her and how much her mother loved her. That he would never leave her and that she would grow up with two parents that would love her forever. Amy just looked up at her father with an uncomprehending stare.
As if sensing that her mother was awake Amy started crying for her attention. Max looked up and saw his wife staring back at him with a tired smile on her face. He smiled at her and walked over with Amy. He placed Amy in Liz's arms and watched as Liz held her. Amy looked at Liz and stopped crying to look at her.
" Hey Amy " she said almost in a whisper. " I'm your human mother " she said laughing softly. " You won't mind if I took you away from your daddy do you? " she asked cooing softly to her. Amy started squealing with a small smile. Then she began yawning and fell asleep in Liz's arms.
Max laid down next to Liz on their bed and put his arms around her. The both of them started looking at Amy as she slept peacefully, unaware of their stares.
" She's so beautiful, " said Liz almost afraid to touch her daughter's face.
" She's going to be as beautiful as her mother " said Max kissing Liz on the cheek.
" Are you happy it's a girl? "
" No matter what it is I'll love it Liz, " said Max looking at her. " Because it came from us "
" Don't expect another for a while " she said smiling.
" We have plenty of time " he said putting his face on hers. They did have plenty of time. They didn't have to worry about being chased by the FBI or more evil aliens to come between them. It was over now and for once they could try and be normal. He had forever with her and he was going to make the most of it.
It was almost evening by the time Isabel got back home. She was exhausted. Not glad to know that today was Sunday. Her cell phone had gone off and she had an emergency call from one of her patients. She had spent the entire day at the hospital looking after the little boy she was treating. Since her office was closed that day she had to stay there with the resident doctors. She didn't like going to the hospitals. She preferred her own private office.
She yawned loudly as she walked into her house. Maybe she would get some sleep finally. She kicked the door closed and walked to her kitchen for some water. Isabel put her stuff down on her table and walked over to the sink.
She put the cup to her mouth and started drinking. She turned around as she drank her water.

" Oh my God! " she yelped as she dropped her cup.
He quickly caught it just before it touched the ground. " You dropped this my Lady, " he said looking at her with the cup in his hand. He placed it on top of the counter.
" Thaman, " she breathed. She could feel her heart beat faster and faster. This was Thaman but different. It was like he wasn't real. Not just because she hadn't seen him in awhile, but it was something else. Was he really standing there in front of her or was she just daydreaming? She reached out and tried to touch him. She watched as her hand got closer to his chest.
Thaman grabbed her hand before she could bring it back and placed it over his heart. " This is me, " he said.
Isabel looked at her hand on his chest. She was startled to find that she could feel his heart beat. She had never felt that before. She suddenly remembered what he had said before he left for Antar. That he had no heart. She looked into his eyes. The eyes that before were black, ageless and emotionless were now looking at her with color and life. The intensity of his stare made her weak in the knees and she felt like fainting. But she didn't want to risk losing this moment. The emotions that were running through her at this moment were worth all the things she had to gone through, both in this life and the last. She started sobbing loudly as she reached up and touched his face with both her hands.
" Thaman, " was all she could manage to say.
Thaman closed his eyes as he rested his forehead on hers. " This is me Isabel " he said looking into her eyes. He put his hands on her shoulders and touched her arms.
" I know it's you " she said crying and laughing at the same time. " Why did you do it? "
" Do what? "
She couldn't even speak the words. " You, you managed to make yourself… human "
Thaman looked away from her. " I had to do it, " he said. " I could not let that be another excuse between us "
" That's what Ryu meant by 'he's just like you' " she said looking down. " You're a hybrid now, just like Max, Michael and me "
Thaman exhaled. " That I am "
" Why did you do it? That means you must have died on Antar. You had to kill yourself to be put in a human body. Why would you do something so dangerous? "
" Because " he said lifting her face up to his. " There is nothing I would not do for you "
Tears fell from Isabel's face as she looked up at him again.
" Will you love me now? " he asked with a worried expression on his face. " Now that I am human? "
She was too choked up to talk. He was worried that she wouldn't love him for being a hybrid? She could only make a little noise as she nodded.
Thaman slowly wiped the tears from her eyes. " There are no more reasons for tears dear Princess " he said soothingly.
" Yes there is " said Isabel laughing and sobbing. " Because I'm happy " She smiled at him as she put her arms around his neck. She started jumping up and down as she hugged him. " I'm so happy now Thaman " She laughed again.
" As am I " he said lowering his face and kissing her. Kissing her so intensely that there was no room for flashes. No room for visions or anything else. Just a kiss that would stay with Isabel for the rest of her life. She knew at that moment she would never be alone and that she was safe. He pulled away from her slightly and gave her long look over. " Nothing I have ever dreamed could make me feel this way "

" You don't regret loving me? " she asked.

Thaman shook his head. " I cannot think of anything I would want more in life than to be here and now with you as I am ". He buried his face in her neck and held her close to him. Now that he was free to do so he breathed her in. In the back of his mind he marveled at the five senses he now possessed. He could smell her, feel her and taste her. Those in Antar did not know what these felt like. He could now feel pain in a more intense way than before but most importantly he could fully love more as well. He rejoiced in the fact that he could offer her more than protection. He could give her everything.
The End.

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