What you are reading now is going to be my largest project currently, though I'm unsure if it will be as big as Rise of the Negativities.

This story is inspired by Specter24's One Piece: A Smash Adventure. In fact, I talked with him about this a lot through MSN and got his approval, though it's not like he's going to turn it down in the first place even if I don't talk with him about it.

Originally this story was supposed to be a Negima crossover. Those who read Adventure in Gillax Island should have come across sneak previews of the story and there was talk about a young boy. That boy is supposed to be Negi, but now that the idea has been revamped, those previews no longer hold true.

The reason for this sudden change is because Negima characters are lacking decent amount of capable fighters. Combined with my declining interest in the series (not because it's getting worse, mind you), I ultimately switched it for the next best thing—Touhou Project.

Since this story is inspired by Specter24's, there will be several plot elements that are very similar to his. However, there will still be new twists not to mention all new elements that you will surely enjoy, so please refrain from jumping to conclusion that this story is a bland rip-off of One Piece: A Smash Adventure. Please stay with this story until the end and you will realize that there are enough differences to make you entertained.

Also, while I may not expect you all to be familiar with the Touhou series, it is still best that you try to attain a certain amount of knowledge regarding it. I can't spoon-feed everyone all the time, so it would be nice for you to find out some things yourself first. There is a Touhou Wiki site where you can get such information, so you might want to check it out. Just type 'Touhou Wiki' on Google and then it's in front of your eyes!

This story may or may not reach the same success as One Piece: A Smash Adventure, but I still hope that it will be a story that you will enjoy.

Without further delay, let us begin the story then!


A world that had been hidden from civilization for about a hundred years…

A world where time did not keep up with technology…

A world where mystical beings exist in harmony with humans… most of the time…

It was a bright and sunny day when the most unexpected events in the life of our heroines begun…

Shrine maiden Reimu had no time to rest. She had to get busy and prepare for the upcoming festival that was to be held at her shrine.

It was a festival held a few times each year to celebrate… Actually, there wasn't much reason for this festival other than to gather together the inhabitants of Gensokyo and have fun.

Nevertheless, it was a festival that people looked forward too. Reimu was especially looking forward to this, because this was one of those rare instances where she will get many people at her shrine to offer donations. Just thinking about her donation box being filled up with money was making her happy already.

"Reimu!" A tap came to the shrine maiden's shoulder and Reimu turned to see her friend Marisa. "Daydreaming, are you-ze?"

"Marisa…" she said. She continued to mopping the floor while talking with her. "Are you here to help?"

"I'll see what I can do-ze," Marisa replied. "You're the only one here currently, so I might as well drop in and give my friend some hand!"

"Thanks," Reimu said. "Suika just has to run off to have fun of all times… She just doesn't understand the importance of this festival!"

"I know, it's important because…" Marisa looked back and glanced at the donation box just outside of the entrance, "you're begging to get richer…"

"Don't just stand there," Reimu said to her. "Hurry up and do something useful, like moving the things for me or something."

"Okay, okay," Marisa said with a chuckle. "Let me see what you have in there that needs a hand-ze." She walked across the floor and into the next room, leaving behind shoeprints as she did.

Reimu looked at the shoeprints with an annoyed face and then looked up at Marisa, but let out a grumble before wiping away those newly-made shoeprints.

After some time, work was done and Reimu sat down in front of the table in the living room to take a break. "Phew… It's all done…" she said while pouring herself some tea. "All that's left is to wait for the others to come and set up there own stands for doing business. Hope the festival goes smoothly today.

Marisa, who was sitting on the other side of the table with her chin resting on it, said in a casual manner, "Oh, don't worry-ze. It's not like Tenshi is gonna whip up an earthquake or Utusho making a nuclear explosion all of sudden. Worst case scenario, a storm ruins it." Suddenly, she heard the sound of the door to the yard being slid open, so she turned to see that it was Aya. "What are you doing here? It's not even time for the festival yet."

"A reporter has to be on time always," Aya told her. "And it can't be helped that I'm the fastest in Gensokyo, so I always reach places a long time before certain events should happen. So how's everything? All set up and ready to begin anytime?"

"About ready," Reimu replied. "All that's left is to let the others come and start their own business, and then the festival can start around evening."

"I bet you can't wait for your donation box to be full, right?" Aya asked as she came in and sat down onto the tatami. "I wouldn't be betting on it if I were you. You didn't earn more than 50 yen in the last festival."

"It's better than none. Think like an optimist and things will surely look bright."

"That's the spirit-ze!" Marisa commented. She reached her hand forward to grab one of the oranges on the plate. Suddenly, a mechanical arm extended forward and snatched away the orange that she wanted, much to her surprise. "Eh?" They all turned to the door and saw Nitori standing there with the mechanical arm coming out from her back.

"Hey everyone!" she greeted cheerfully. "Neat, eh?" She turned around to show them that the mechanical arm was coming out from the side of her green backpack. "With this, you can grab whatever you want from a long distance!"

"You and your strange inventions…" Reimu grumbled.

"Hey, science isn't strange! It's really fascinating once you go deeper into it! Speaking of which, I just set up my stand at the front door selling all sorts of neat little gadgets that I invented." Placing a finger underneath her chin, Nitori started naming the things that she could think of. "Let's see… There's the extending boxing glove for punching someone from long range, a rocket-powered pogo stick, a propeller cap…"

"If you mean the one where the buckle on your chin will come loose midflight, then I suggest that it is best you take that off the shelf-ze…" Marisa said, not wanting to remember a certain accident that happened before. And I won't be telling about that either.

"Don't worry; it's fixed already. At least I'm sure it won't happen again… Mind if I come in and take a seat before the festival begins?"

"Suit yourself," Reimu said to her while taking a sip of tea from her cup.

Shortly afterwards, the sliding door slid open and Sanae was seen standing behind it with her arm behind her. "Hello!" she greeted with a friendly smile.

Reimu lowered her cup and said to her, "What are you doing here? And coming in from the front door, nonetheless…"

"Sorry if I came in without asking or knocking," Sanae apologized. "We just wanted to tell you that we set up our stand at the front gate already."

Suwako's face suddenly popped out from behind Sanae's back and said, "We're holding a tadpole catching game! You catch them, you get to keep it!"

"Yeah, though Kanako insisted snakes originally until I told her that more people are scared of snakes than adoring them."

"Of course! Frogs may not be as strong as snakes," Suwako added, "but they're definitely more adorable and popular!" Suddenly, something struck her mind and a panicked look appeared on her face. "Speaking of frogs… I better make sure that ice fairy doesn't show up…" She hopped off from Sanae's back and rushed down the hall, heading for the front door..

"I thought Cirno only freezes frogs, not tadpoles," Marisa thought.

"Well, there was one instance where she froze a pond full of tadpoles…" Sanae explained to her. "You can imagine how unhappy Suwako was to see the frogs dying at such a young age…"

"Um… Excuse me…" said a new voice. Everyone turned to the backyard and saw Reisen standing there with a basket strapped onto her back. Holding up a package of medicine, she said, "This is the latest medicine that my mistress, Eirin, created… The effects of this are…" And she proceeded to explain using long scientific terms that nobody could possibly understand.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah… In short, it makes you feel like you're on drugs," Reimu said, cutting her explanation short. "No thanks. Your master always makes the most unpredictable drugs and I don't want to be her white lab rat."

Reisen let out a sigh and said, "I understand what you're trying to say…" She then shifted her eyes left to right while sweating nervously, hoping that Eirin isn't around here in fear that she hears this and brings down punishment onto her.

Suddenly, Alice appeared from the hallway with Shanghai following her in the air. Marisa waved to her and said, "Alice! Nice to see you!"

"I've got my stand set up," she said.

"Good to hear! What are you doing?"

"A shooting game," she replied. "And in response to adding more originality, the targets, which are all dolls that I've made, will shoot back and knock you out if you can't dodge them."

"Targets that shoot back… I've never heard of that kind of shooting game…" Reisen commented.

"There's a kind of game in the outside world," Alice explained, "where targets do shoot back, albeit not physically. I think it is called video game or something. Anyway, think of this as a realistic version where you will get hit. Don't worry; you won't die. At most you'll only get a bleeding forehead."

"That's just as bad…"

"It's not like we can't move around to dodge them," Marisa reminded Reisen. "You shouldn't be worrying about that of all people. Shooting and sniping is your specialty after all! But then, it's our specialties as well."

"Well, what do we have here?" said another new voice. This time Remilia came in from the backyard with her servant Sakuya in tow.

"Geez… Why is almost everyone coming in from the backyard…?" Reimu grumbled.

"Oh, is that something wrong? I can come in and out from wherever I want," Remilia said. "You do come to my mansion whenever you want to also, don't you?"

"Marisa does that more often, so blame her."

"So what's up? Shouldn't you be able busy getting ready for the festival?"

"It's all ready already. I'm only in charge of preparing the place for all of you. What are you doing here anyway?"

"Nothing much, but I just want to drop by to say hello and hide from the sun. You know it's not very good for my health."

"So do you have anything in specific in the festival?" Marisa asked Remilia.

"At first I didn't have any plan for that, but then I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to earn a bit of income for our household," Remilia replied. "So I've decided to put some of our more expensive household products on display." She turned to Sakuya and said to her, "Show them the silverwares used by the royalties of the 16th century, Sakuya."

"As you wish, master," Sakuya said, but then she realized that something was wrong. "Uh?"

"What is it?"

"Um… Mistress Remilia… It appears that… I forgot to bring it…" the maid replied nervously.

"What? Didn't you carry it with you the whole time?"

Sakuya started to think back of what happened to the briefcase that she was originally carrying. "Let's see… I had it in my hand when we left the mansion… And then…" Then she hit her palm. "That's it! I must've left it in the garden when I went to check on the jasmines I've planted some days ago!"

"Well, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and go back to get it!" Remilia told her.

"Sorry for disappointing you, master. I'll go and claim it at once," Sakuya told her. Immediately, she turned to leave and took off into the air.

Remilia let out a sigh and said, "Sigh… She normally never forgets things."

"Oh, come on," Marisa told her. "She's human after all. Every human being makes the same mistakes!"

Suddenly, a hand poked through the paper material of the sliding door, and then a blue eye looked through it from behind. Reimu slammed her hand against the table and stood up shouting, "Hey! Who's there?"

Cirno popped out from behind the door and said, "Hi! Surprised?"

"What's the big idea going around poking holes in someone else's paper door?"

"Oh, it's just a little joke," Cirno told her cheerfully. "You don't have to be so mad!"

"Do you like it if I go to your house and do the same thing for the heck of it?"

"I don't have a house, so there are no paper doors for you to poke holes on. Haha!"

"Mistress Remilia!" shouted yet another voice. Remilia turned to the backyard and saw the gatekeeper of Scarlet Devil Mansion, Meiling, flying down from the air and landing onto the backyard. She walked into the shrine and handed her a briefcase. "Mistress Remilia, you forgot this at the mansion's garden, so I brought it here for you."

Remilia took the briefcase from her and look inside and saw several valuable silverwares. "This is the one that Sakuya was supposed to bring! Did you meet her on the way here?"

Meiling shook her head. "No, I didn't meet her at all on the way here."

"And I sent her back to get it… Oh well, she'll probably come back soon after learning about this. Thanks anyway."

"You're welcome, master!" Meiling said while bowing down politely.

"All right, get back to your post."

As Meiling was going to leave, Youmu suddenly showed up at the backyard and asked the people in there, "Excuse me, but have any of you seen Master Yuyuko?"

"She isn't with you?" Reimu said.

"Well… We were on our way here when she suddenly smelled a pleasant odor, and thus she rushed in this direction before me. I figured it must be either Mystia or someone else setting up a food stand and she smelled it."

"Oh boy… Imagine the hilarity that ensues afterwards-ze," Marisa joked.

"She's probably at the front area," Reimu said, pointing in that general direction.

"Thanks," Youmu replied. "I'll go and find her now." As she turned to leave, bright light suddenly shined down from above, nearly blinding her. "What the?" She placed one arm over her eyes and looked up to see the source.

Suddenly, the entire place started to rumble and this made all eleven of them stand up onto their feet in surprise. "What's happening?" Sanae said in shock.

Outside the front of the shrine, the people who were busy setting up their stands over there also witnessed this strange phenomenon. From their point of view, a large vortex glowing with bright white light was above the shrine and it was shining down the massive column of beam that engulfed the shrine entirely.

"What is happening to the shrine?"

"Where'd that beam of light come from?"

"Alien abduction?"

"Is that so?"

The beam of light became thicker and thicker until one could not see through it. Such is the case with the inside as well. The ones who were inside the shrine could no longer see the scenery on the other side of the wall of light, and then the entire place started rumbling.

"What is happening?" Aya cried.

"I don't know! Something like this has never happened before!" Reimu said.

The whole place then tilted and tumbled around slightly, making them fall over onto the tatami and rolling across the place along with the furniture. During the midst of the chaos, Reimu slowly crawled up to the porch to take a better look outside, but she could not see anything through the wall of light. When she looked down, she saw that the shrine had been taken off of the ground and was slowly ascending into the air. "The shrine is rising?"

Eventually, the ground was no longer visible and the wall of light started to swirl around them as if they were inside a tornado. The shrine also stopped tilting and tumbling, but instead seemed to bobble up and down as if there was no gravity.

Back outside, the viewers continued to watch the beam of light that was shining down on the now invisible shrine. Eventually, the light thinned down until it disappeared, as well as the vortex that was originally in the air. As for the shrine itself, there was no more sight of it. Only the storage house was left in its place.

The onlookers were all dumbfounded at what they saw just now as well as the disappearance of the shrine. "The shrine… It disappeared…" Yuyuko said in awe.

"What happened?" Sakuya said as she rushed into the scene, and she asked Suwako who was standing next to her. "What happened? The shrine was here just now, wasn't it?"

"It just disappeared…" Suwako replied. "A beam of light came down on it, and then it was gone… Sanae is still inside the shrine too…"

"That means…" Sakuya turned to look at the shrine. "Mistress Remilia! Mistress Remilia! Where are you?"

Everyone ran to the imprint on the ground which was where the shrine originally stood, but no one could interpret what they saw just now.

The Hakurei Shrine, as well as eleven people who were inside, all disappeared without a trace that day…

A Game2002 Production









Their journey begins next chapter…

Perhaps this prologue seems a bit rush in the way the eleven starring Touhou characters get gathered together, but then this is a prologue and it is supposed to get things ready for the actual story, so things shouldn't be dragged out.

I will give short bio as well as descriptions for the 11 starring characters below so you can get the idea on how they are like.

Reimu: Dark red eyes, black hair, wears large red ribbon in hair, often carries a rod with many paper seals attached in streamers. Wears a red and white dress remotely similar to a shrine maiden's outfit with detached sleeves leaving her shoulders uncovered, and a yellow neckerchief.
Main character of the series and as the sole maiden of Hakurei Shrine, she is often called upon to investigate strange occurrences in Gensokyo. Due to her laidback attitude of doing things, she doesn't really get good impressions from other people.

Marisa: Golden eyes, blond hair, a braid on only one side of her face, carries a bamboo and straw broom. Wears a black witch's hat with a white ribbon, and a black and white outfit with a white petticoat.
Secondary main character of the series and a good friend of Reimu. Has a disagreeable and self-confident attitude, but sometimes straightforward. Likes to steal things, especially books, but always claims to be borrowing them for an extended amount of time.

Youmu: Her human half has dark blue eyes, short silver hair, carries a katana with a cherry blossom insignia and flower attached, and a short Japanese sword. Wears a dark green and white dress with several ghost insignias along the edges and breast pocket, and a black ribbon placed off-center on her hair. Her ghostly half is a formless phantom as large as her human half. The two halves are always seen together. During her Last Word, her eyes are red.
Bio: A strange hybrid between a phantom and a human, Youmu exists in the form of the physical female body and a ghostly phantom that stays close to the body at all times, both acting as one entity that shares what they sense with each other. She serves as Ghost Princess Yuyuko's bodyguard and gardener, and is also a very skilled swordswoman fighting with two swords at once. She is deathly afraid of ghosts, yet isn't afraid of her master who is also one.

Alice: Orange eyes, short blond hair. Wears a light blue dress with pink ribbons, black boots, and a red ribbon in her hair.
A magician with skillful use of dolls. Though she is a loner with a somewhat cold attitude, she can still be very kind and caring to other people.

Shanghai: Blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a long dark purple dress with a white apron and white shoulders, and matching dark purple shoes. There is a large red bow in her hair and a smaller matching bow around her neck
Bio: An automated doll that follows Alice all the time, but is incapable of speech.
Note: She does not count as a separate character in this story.

Meiling: Aqua-colored eyes and long, scarlet hair. Her green beret and dress resemble traditional Chinese clothing. Her beret has a gold star on the front with the Traditional Chinese character "龍" that is read as "long" and means dragon.
Bio: The gatekeeper demon of Scarlet Devil Mansion. Despite falling asleep often, she does her job well and wakes up if anyone tries to intrude the mansion.

Nitori: Blue hair and eyes. She wears a blue hat blue dress with lots of pockets for tools around the hem of the skirt and her upper arm, and a dark aquamarine backpack with a golden key on the strap in front of her.
Bio: A kappa who is skilled with mechanics and is one of the few scientific nerds in Gensokyo.

Cirno: Aqua-colored eyes, hair and icicle-shaped wings. Wears blue ribbon, light pink blouse and blue one-piece skirt.
Bio: An ice fairy who is very confident of her abilities, but is better known for her stupidity. She enjoys freezing frogs and watching them thaw out, though the frogs may end up shattering into pieces instead.

Reisen: Red eyes, long light-purple hair and long rumpled rabbit ears. Wears a black business suit over her shirt. Her left suit-collar is decorated with a crescent moon-shaped insignia, and there appears to be paper or business cards poking out of her left shirt pocket. Wears a beige skirt.
Bio: A lunar rabbit who escaped from the moon to Genoskyo in order to seek refugee from a Lunar War. She has the power to drive people crazy with her eyes, but despite having such ability, she's one of the few sensible characters in the series to take things seriously.

Remilia: Red eyes, short light-blue hair, pair of black bat-like wings on back. Wears a light red mop hat and dress, with bright red trimming.
Bio: A 500 years old vampire who has the reputation of being one of the more dangerous and powerful inhabitants of Gensokyo. While her attitude is self-centered and bratty, it is possible to befriend her. Being a vampire, she is sensitive to sunlight as long as she doesn't spend a large amount of time under it.

Aya: Red eyes, semi-long black hair. Wears a white blouse, a black short skirt, and a red Tokin (cup-shaped hats). Also noteworthy is her black crow wings on her back that can appear and disappear at will.
Bio: A tengu news reporter who is the fastest in Gensokyo. She tends to exaggerate her news reports and even make things up, not to mention take embarrassing photos of people. She doesn't get good impression from others because of this.

Sanae: Wears a blue and white outfit similar to a shrine maiden's with light blue polka dots and stripes covering the blue areas. Has long light green hair, and dark-green eyes. Wears a snake-shaped hair accessory wrapped around her hair on one side, and a hair clip shaped like a frog's head.
Bio: A shrine maiden from the outside world but moved into Gensokyo when the Moriya Shrine, which she lives in, was transported to aforementioned place by the goddess Kanako. Normally portrayed as a kind and loving girl, she has a great passion for exterminating demons.