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Chapter 128
Eastern Blue Sky

As Kanako, Suwako, and Sanae approached the Moriya Shrine, the latter said in a happy voice, "It's so nice to be home again! Nothing beats coming back home after being gone for so long from it!"

"Indeed! It's really nice to have you back!" Kanako said to her.

"It's more fun when you're around, Sanae!" Suwako said. "I miss your cooking a lot!"

"Then let me prepare dinner! You must be dying to eat my cooking!" Sanae said.

"No, on the other hand, let us do the cooking tonight. After all, you must be tired from being gone for so long, so let us do you the favor of treating you with our cooking instead!" Kanako said. "Just sit back and relax! We'll get busy for you today instead!"


"As much as I want to eat your cooking, I do agree that we should be doing the cooking today instead. Consider this a homecoming gift from us!"

"Thank you very much, Mistress Suwako and Mistress Kanako! You're so nice to me!"

At the foot of Youkai Mountain, Aya was sharing her photos with Hina, the Aki Sisters, and Momiji. Nitori was there with them as well, also looking at the photos. "Wow! You sure had quite a trip!" Hina said while looking at them. "It must be quite an experience!"

"You bet!" Aya said. "I can't wait to get busy with the articles after getting back to my workroom! There's totally going to be a lot to write about, so much that a single day's newspaper won't be enough!"

"You know you're going to exaggerate stuff and make yourself sound cooler and more awesome than you actually were," Momiji said while looking at the photos.

"Why would I do that? I was already cool and awesome there!"

"See? You're exaggerating the truth again."

"Hey! You weren't there yourself, so what right do you have to say that I did exaggerate the truth?"

"For all I know, you probably got beaten up half dead, messed things up, and such!"

"Trying to make a fool out of me, will ya!"

"Can you two please not fight…?" Nitori asked them. "I know the both of you don't get along with each other and all… Aya wasn't actually bluffing when she said she did cool and awesome stuff there. Granted, I didn't see her do everything, but she still helped us a lot! She did get captured once, and we had to help her."

"See? You weren't that awesome!" Momiji said when she heard the last part.

"Just because I got captured once doesn't mean I'm a hopeless loser or anything like that!" Aya said in frustration.

Hina and the Aki Sisters ignored the two tengus as they continued to argue with other and continued to look at the photos.

"Sister!" Flandre exclaimed with tears in her eyes as she threw herself into her older sister's open arms, and they embraced each other tightly. "I miss you so much, big sis!"

"I miss you too!" Remilia said to her. "Have you been a good girl while I was gone?"

"Yes! I've been a good girl! I've listened to everything Sakuya said!"

"She really has been obedient," Sakuya said to Remilia. "I was worried that she would become emotionally unstable because of your absence. Surprisingly, she didn't become anything like I thought she would at all!"

"Flandre may be immature and a bit unstable when she lets her emotion get the best of her," Remilia while letting go of Flandre, "but she does know when to be obedient and cooperate peacefully. As long as she is kept company, you don't have to worry about her too much."

Flandre ran up to Meiling next and hugged her as well. "I miss you too, Meiling!"

"I miss you too!" Meiling said to her. "If you want me to tell you the story of what I've been through, feel free to let me know!"

"I want to! I want to! I can't wait to listen to your stories now!"

"Okay! I'll tell you now if you want to! Why don't we go over and sit on your bed first?"

As they both headed for the bed, Remilia said to Sakuya, "So… why not make a feast tonight? It's a good way to celebrate both Meiling and my return, don't you think so?"

"That is exactly what I plan to do," Sakuya replied.

"Very well, then I'll leave it all to you!"

"As you wish, milady."

When they left the room, they saw Patchouli standing outside the door with a book in her hand. "What is it, Patchouli?" Remilia asked her.

"I looked up on what you said, but I simply couldn't find anything related at all," the magician replied.

"Well, let's just say that Smash World is the universe's greatest secret, only known to certain people in certain worlds. We sure are lucky to be one of those people!"

When she heard the sound of footsteps and talking, Kaguya quickly rushed out of her room and to the entrance to see Eirin, Tewi, Reisen, and several rabbit demons there. "Reisen! You're finally back!" the Lunarian princess cheerfully said.

Reisen waved at her and said, "It's nice to see you again, princess! Are you all right?"

"You had me worried! Next time, don't leave without my permission!"

"It's not like I was given a choice to leave… It all happened so suddenly…"

"So where did you go to? What happened there? Have you brought back anything?"

"It's a long story… Trying to tell you everything may take whole day… As for bringing back anything, no… Reimu, on the other hand, brought back treasures from the worlds we visited. Aya also took photos of our trip, if you can call it a trip…"

"Really? I can't wait to go and look at those treasures and photos now! Eirin! Let's go over to that shrine maiden and tengu at once!"

"Please calm down, princess," Eirin said to her. "Why don't we accompany Reisen as she takes her rest first? She's been gone for so long, so she must be tired. We can talk about this tomorrow or something."

"I don't care! I want to see them now, or at least one of them!"

"Well… Maybe we can at least call the tengu over… It shouldn't take too long for her to get here. Tewi, you go and get her."

"Why me? No way! It's too much trouble!" the rabbit demon said.

"Reisen just got back, so she needs rest."

"Now that Reisen is back, I won't be taking orders from you again, so go ask someone else!" And Tewi left.

"Heh… That's the way she is… She's not the kind to listen to other people so easily."

"If nobody's going, then I'm going by myself!" Kaguya said before rushing out of Eientei and taking flight.

"Princess! Don't leave so suddenly and recklessly like that!" Eirin shouted as she went after her, leaving Reisen by herself at the entrance.

"And then I used Perfect Freeze to defeat the monster before bursting out of her stomach!" Cirno said to the Three Mischievous Fairies.

"Wow! You're so strong, Cirno!" Sunny Milk exclaimed.

"Cool," Luna Child said in a somewhat emotionless tone.

"Really?" Star Sapphire asked, sounding somewhat skeptical.

"Of course! That monster is like the mother of those flying creatures I told you about, so it's obvious that she's weak to ice as well!" Cirno explained. "Using ice is my specialty, so it's obvious that I won! Never doubt the strongest fairy in existence! Hahahahaha!"

"How much of what she said can be taken seriously?" Luna Child quietly asked her friends.

"Knowing her, she probably had help from some of the others to win the fight," Star Sapphire replied. "Cirno may be stronger than the three of us combined, but I can't see her being that strong."

"You have a point, but what if that monster is actually weaker than her?" Sunny Milk asked.

"Hey, I heard what you're saying! Do you doubt me or what?" Cirno said.

Alice entered her house and said, "It's good to be back. This place got pretty dusty while I was gone. Well, time to get cleaning. It feels more comfortable to rest after doing a bit of work." She immediately summoned several dolls equipped with cleaning equipments, and then she used them to clean up the place.

Youmu and Yuyuko were seated at the porch at the side of their house, watching the garden. "Feels good to be home, doesn't it?" Yuyuko asked the former.

"It sure does, Mistress Yuyuko!" the half-phantom replied with a nod.

"Well, then let me prepare dinner today! You must be tired after all those traveling! Go ahead and take a rest! You deserve it!"

"But making dinner is my job!"

"Like I said, you go and take a rest. I'll handle dinner myself today instead! I taught myself how to cook while you were gone, so rest assure that you will be able to eat something tasty tonight!"

"Really…? I hope it's not the kind of food that only suits your taste…"

"Oh, you'll definitely like it! Heehee!"

"Man! What a mess!" Marisa said while looking at the interior of her house. "This place sure becomes dirtier and dirtier by the minute! Well, I don't clean my house often, so there's actually nobody and nothing else to blame… Heheh… Time to get cleaning! I'll go over to Alice and get her to come over to help me!" Then she ran in the direction of Alice's house.

As she was heading in that direction, she wondered about what Suika told her, about an evil spirit showing up at the shrine grounds. "Can't believe that Mistress Mima would show up all of a sudden… and while I was gone too… I wonder where she is now… Maybe she'll come back someday! I hope so!"

"Heehee! This is way too good to be true!" Reimu said while looking at the treasures inside her donation box. "Never has my donation box been this filled up! I'm so happy! What should I do with them? I'll use them to reconstruct my shrine to make it bigger and more beautiful! I'll also buy lots of goodies!"

"It's nice to see your donation box being so filled up and all," Suika said, "but have you considered that the currencies of other worlds may not be usable in our world? I remember Sanae saying something about different countries having different currencies that can only be accepted there…"

Hearing this, Reimu became silent and started to wonder if what the oni said was true, and then she shook her head and said, "So what if the currencies of other worlds cannot be used here? How can anyone resist such beautiful and shiny treasures? Nobody is going to turn down valuables like these!"

"Well, let's hope for the best…" Suika said before drinking from her gourd. "By the way, now that you're back, why don't we have a celebration tonight? Let's invite everyone over and have a wild night!"

"Not a bad idea!" Reimu said while putting the donation box's lid back in its place, "but I think we should save that for tomorrow. I'm sure that after being gone for so long, they all want to spend some more time with people they know. Let's give them some time together, and then we can gather as many people as we can tomorrow for a celebration."

"Okay, if that's what you want. I can't wait for tomorrow! Better start spreading the word now!"

The next day's afternoon, several people were gathered at the shrine grounds, and more and more were coming by the minute. Almost immediately after suggesting this idea in the previous day, Suika wasted no time in telling Aya, who was showing Kaguya the photos she took, about what the party she had in mind. Thinking that this was a good idea, Aya quickly spread the news to almost every part of Gensokyo. Because of this, several people came over to participate in it.

Reimu casually walked around the place, looking at the guests making themselves comfortable. Many of them brought there own food, but some, like Mystia, had set up stands in order to make business.

"Hey! Shrine maiden!" shouted someone, and Reimu turned to see that it was Kaguya, who was approaching her with the rest of the Eientei crew.

"What is it, Kaguya?" she asked her.

"Hey! I'm a princess, so you should address me properly!"

"Okay, princess…"

"That's better! I heard that you brought back lots of treasures, right? I went to the tengu yesterday to look at the photos she took, and I was really amazed at all the unfamiliar setting and strange people I saw! I can't wait to see what sort of cool stuff you brought back!"

"They're definitely more interesting than your lunar artifacts, I guarantee. Just sit back and wait, okay? I plan to display them once everyone is here."

"All right, you heard the shrine maiden, princess," Eirin said to Kaguya as she placed her hand on her shoulder. "Now let us go and find a place to spread out our cloth and sit down."

"I can't wait! I'm really excited about this!" Kaguya said as she walked away with the others, but Reimu stopped Reisen.

"How are you feeling?" she asked the lunar rabbit. "Feel good to be home?"

"It sure does!" Reisen replied with a smile, and then she quickly caught up with the others.

Reimu smiled as she watched them leave to look for a place to sit down, and then the Prismriver Sisters approached her from behind, and the Merlin said to her, "Hey there, Reimu! Prismriver Sisters at your service! Good to see you again!"

"Oh, you're here," the shrine maiden replied. "Just hold on to your instruments. You can perform anytime you want to after our presentation is over."

"Presentiation?" Lyrica asked.

"Yeah, those who disappeared with me from this world plan to talk to everyone about our experiences and also show some stuff first. After that, you can perform your music."

"Sounds good to me! It's good to have you back!" Merlin said. "For a moment, I was afraid that we'll have to move somewhere else if Gensokyo will really become an unsafe place to be in."

"It can't be that bad, can it? It's not like the humans of the outside are going to come and instantly take over this place and ruin everything…"

"You'll never know what they'll do," Lunasa said.

"Yeah, you like to say negative things… I know that already…"

After the sisters left, Reimu walked away and saw Suika and Yuugi sitting on a piece cloth that had bottles of sake and bento boxes. "Hey Reimu! Over here!" Suika called out to her while waving at her.

The shrine maiden went over to them, sat down, and said, "You sure came fast, Yuugi. I thought the underground folks would come a bit slower because it takes longer to come from the bottom of the earth to here."

"You know I would never come late to a party!" Yuugi said before giving Reimu a pat to the back, but she used too much strength and caused her to bend forward quite a bit.


"Nice of Suika to come up with this idea, and it's even better that you approved of it! So you ready to have fun until your heart's content? Let's rock until tomorrow morning!"

"It's afternoon… How long is that going to take…? Nah, I'm ending it before evening, but you can continue your own party somewhere else if you still don't have enough."

Aya then came over to Reimu and said to her, "I'm here, Reimu! Are you ready?"

"Oh, you're here. I guess we should get ourselves ready now."

"Entertain us the best you can!" Suika said to Reimu as the latter got up and left.

The two of them walked side by side toward a chalkboard with a piece of white cloth hanging in front of it and came across Ran and Chen, and the former had a sack containing a bento box. "It's nice to meet you again after a long time, Hakurei shrine maiden," Ran said to Reimu.

"Hello!" Chen cheerfully greeted.

"Nice to see the two of you too," Reimu said. "Where's your mistress? It's not everyday that the two of you travel around without her."

"Unfortunately, she fell into a deep sleep ever since coming back home yesterday," the nine-tailed fox demon replied. "I fear that she is going to miss out this party. In fact, she may very well sleep for an entire week or more than that…"

"Typical of her… Can't say I didn't see this coming… It's a pity that she's going to miss this out… Oh well… Can't be helped…"

"Reimu!" shouted the voice of Marisa as she approached the shrine maiden and Aya. "All of us are here! I think most of the guests are here already too, so maybe we can start now?"

"Well, if you say so."

"Sounds good to me!" Aya agreed.

They went to the chalkboard, where the girls who traveled together to the different worlds were gathered. Sakuya was there as well, holding a parasol for Remilia. "So… is everyone ready?" Reimu asked them.

"Ready when you are," Remilia said. "I took the liberty of coming up with what I want to say before coming here too."

"I also brought this!" said Nitori, pointing to a projector-like machine placed on a table in front of the chalkboard. "This machine can enlarge pictures put into it and project them onto something!"

"Thanks to her invention, I can now show my photographs to everyone much more easily!" Aya said. "She sure is a genius to come up with something like this!"

"Actually, something like this exists in the outside world too," Sanae told her, "but it only works with pictures printed only clear sheets of plastic."

"C'mon! Start already!" shouted Kaguya from her crew's location. "I want to see those treasures already!"

"Please have patience, princess…" Eirin said to her.

"There's someone impatient to see us begin…" Aya said. "Well, since I'm also a bit impatient to start, why don't we…?"

"I don't see why not," Reimu said, interrupting her.

"All right! Let's get started!" Marisa happily said.

The guests quieted down after Aya announced to them that they were going to begin. Sitting way in the back was Hatate, and she had her cell phone pointed at the eleven girls at the front. "If I can get this onto my newspaper first, then Kakashi Spirit News is totally going to beat Bunbunmaru!" she thought.

Standing even farther in the back, Kyouko was peeking out from behind a tree. "Wow! Lots of people are gathered here! Parties must be very fun!" she thought. "I want to join too, but I don't know anyone here…"

Nitori handed Aya a megaphone for her to speak into. "Hello, everyone! Welcome to the special celebration of our return to Gensokyo! As you all know, all of us here except for Sakuya disappeared all of a sudden during the day of the festival, along with the shrine. In reality, we were taken to another world, and from there, we traveled to even more worlds before finally returning home! We had a really exciting adventure, not to mention dangerous! In fact, we even almost lost our lives several times! I would like to show you all photos that I took, but before that, may we allow the Hakurei shrine maiden to say a few things?"

Everyone clapped hands as Aya handed the megaphone to Reimu. "Um… Thanks, everyone…" she said. "I'm not very sure what to say… I guess I should thank you all for being concerned about me and my shrine… I apologize for making you all worried. Without me and the shrine, Gensokyo will without doubt be in danger of being exposed to the outside world. Luckily, things didn't happen immediately, and we were able to return before that happened, and it was a close call too. So… I guess you can just sit back and enjoy our presentation. Oh, before that, I would like to show you the treasures I brought back. Feast your eyes upon these never-seen-before valuables!"

She went over to her donation box, which was placed next to the chalkboard, and moved it in front of the audience with the help of Meiling. She then opened it and took out some of the treasures to show them, and many of them were amazed.

"Wow! They're so beautiful!"

"They're so shiny!"


"They must cost a lot!"

After the audience had settled down a bit from being amazed at the valuables, Aya said to them, "Okay! I'll now show you a slideshow of the photos I took! Enjoy what you see!" After Nitori was done putting the photos into the projector, she turned it on and gave Aya a brief explanation of how to use it, and then the tengu proceeded to show everyone the enlarge photos on the white cloth hanging in front of the chalkboard.

BGM: Oriental Memory of Forgathering Dream ~Hatsunetsu mix~ (vocal remix of the theme of the same name, sung by Michiyo)

The crowd was amazed when they saw the unfamiliar settings and such, and many of them pelted Aya with questions regarding various things, such as what the names of the worlds they went to were, the identity of the people in the photos, and more. Aya had to tell them to slow down with the question asking so that she could reply them one by one.

When the slideshow was over, each of the girls took their time to share their experiences, and their tales proved to be very attention-catching for the audience.

After the presentation was over, everyone spent the rest of the party having fun by eating, drinking, playing, and doing all sorts of other fun activities.

The Prismriver Sisters were in charge of the music, like always, and Mystia was being the lead singer. Suddenly, she noticed smoke coming from a grill not too far away, and she suddenly remembered that she was grilling lamprey, so she hastily rushed over to it before it was too late.

Yuyuko was happily enjoying the food she and Youmu bought. The latter was reaching her hand to the bento box to get something to eat when someone called out to her, so she turned to that person to respond to her. When she turned her head back to the bento box, she found that it was already empty. Her mistress had eaten everything, so the half-phantom nagged her. She apologized with a smile on her face and told her that she enjoyed the delicious food too much that she forgot about her.

The crew from the Scarlet Devil Mansion had set up a large parasol in order to protect Remilia and Flandre from the sun. They even brought their own table. As they were happily eating and chatting, Koishi came walking past their table and snatch away a piece of food without saying anything and ate it, but because of her ability to manipulate the unconscious, nobody noticed it.

Cirno and her fairy friends were talking and eating with each other happily when suddenly a frog jumped past them, so Cirno immediately got up to go after it. Suwako showed up almost immediately afterwards and ran after her, shouting for her to leave that frog alone.

Rinnosuke was sitting with Reimu's group, which consisted of Marisa, Suika, Yuugi, and Alice. He showed great interest in the treasures Reimu brought back and wished that he could be keep some of them. The shrine maiden agreed to let him take a few of them, under the circumstance that he pays for them.

BGM: Ground Theme (Mario series)

Mario and three Toads ran up to a peculiar tree that had raccoon ears and tails to inspect it, and then they noticed a winged envelope flying not too far away. Curious, they ran up to the envelope, and when Mario opened it and saw its content, he and the Toads were shocked. It was a photograph of Peach captured by Bowser.

Knowing that the princess was in danger and in need of rescue, Mario and the three Toads immediately ran down the road that would eventually take them to Bowser's castle.

BGM: Wario Ware, Inc. (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

Wario and the other employees of his company were sitting around the table of the meeting room, talking about what their next big product was going to be. Dr. Crygor, with a baton in his hand, pointed to the drawing of a game pad of sorts on the whiteboard while explaining to the others everything about it.

The more Wario listened, the more he became fascinated at the thought of earning lots of money due to the success of this product. He rubbed his hands and nodded over and over with excitement as he listened on to Dr. Crygor's explanation, an action that made everyone stare at him. They knew too well what the chairman was thinking, and they also knew that he would without doubt keep most of the income they've earned for himself.

BGM: Main Theme (Legend of Zelda series)

Shouts from Niko, who was on the crow's nest, was heard, so everyone quickly ran to the deck and then to the front of the ship to see if it was true that he really discovered a large piece of landmass.

Sure enough, way in the horizon was the sight of a massive piece of landmass that stretched so far to both sides that they couldn't see the edges at all. Tetra and Link were overjoyed, for they believed that they had finally found a landmass large and worthy enough to become the new Hyrule. The king of Hyrule would definitely be proud of them.

BGM: Main Theme (Pokemon series)

After throwing his Pokeball onto the top of the cliff and releasing Saur, Red ordered his Venusaur to use his vines to bring him to the top, which the Pokemon did. The Pokemon trainer petted the Venusaur before continuing on his way with him, and then they suddenly saw several wild Pokemon, such as Onix, Tyranitar, Golem, Donphan, and other kinds of Pokemon that usually lived in mountains, staring at them from behind rocks and bushes, though some were standing in plain sight.

Red knew he would encounter something like this, because this was, after all, Mt. Silver, a place thriving with powerful and dangerous wild Pokemon, and only the most skilled trainers were given privileges to come here. He came here before and trained himself to be a powerful trainer, though he lost to another trainer who came here afterwards. Red sent out his remaining five Pokemon and ordered them to fight the wild Pokemon. It was time to train to become stronger again.

BGM: Story Mode Ending Theme (F-Zero GX)

The time has come for another F-Zero competition, and Captain Falcon was once again one of the competitors. Being a famed racer who won most of his races, his rivals were giving him glares from within their vehicles. The bounty hunter and racer didn't feel threatened at all, however, for he knew that being famous would mean having several rivals who seek to bring him down. He wasn't going to let them take him down so easily, however.

When the race began, the Blue Falcon took the lead in an instant, and the crowd cheered for the ever-so-popular Captain Falcon. Samurai Goroh, the man who claims to be his rival, caught up with him not too long afterwards and shouted at him, but the cockpits kept the latter from hearing what he was saying, though he knew that it was nothing but trash talk and how he was going to beat him in the race.

Samurai Goroh pulled his F-Zero machine to the side to get ready to ram into him, but before he had the chance to do so, Captain Falcon rammed his machine into his instead to send him crashing into the railing at the side. This slowed down Samurai Goroh, and he quickly found himself in the last place.

BGM: Love Theme (Mother 3)

Lucas, Boney, and Flint, after gathering some sunflowers, went over to Hinawa and Claus's graves to pay respect to them. They placed the flowers in front of their tombstones and then bent down in front of the latter in silence for a while.

Even though a long time had passed since they both passed away, Lucas still felt grief whenever he came in front of their graves and thought of the things that happened in the past. As tears came down the corner of his eyes, Flint placed his arm over his shoulders, while Boney licked away his tears as an act of comfort. Lucas smiled and told them that he was fine, which made them both smile.

After they were done paying respect to the dead, they stood up and then headed home.

BGM: Credits Theme (Super Metroid)

Samus was back in the caverns of SR388. Because the Space Pirates had successfully cloned Metroids, the once-extinct species of the planet was once again thriving. Like her first mission to this planet, she was to eliminate every single Metroid in order to prevent them from being misused again.

She was quietly walking through the darkness when suddenly she felt a presence coming from behind. She turned around in the nick of time to see a Metroid trying to latch onto her, but she managed to get out of the way in time with swift movement and then froze it with her ice beam before shattering it with a missile.

After that, she looked up ahead and saw several Metroids of all evolutionary stages except the Queen standing before her. She wasn't fazed at all, however; instead, she pointed her arm cannon at them with a face that seemed to say, "Bring it! I'm not afraid of you at all!"

BGM: Green Greens (Super Smash Bros. Melee)

Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, and the Waddle Dee with the blue bandana ran up to the mysterious starship that crashed after flying out of a portal. They went inside the ship and found a small being in blue clothing lying unconsciously on the floor.

When he woke up, he quickly ran up to the ship's computer to check for signs of damage, and he was shocked to learn from the monitor that several of the ship's parts were missing. After telling Kirby and the others who he was, he asked them for help in finding all the ship parts in order to take flight again.

The four of them agreed, and then they set off to look for them.

BGM: Main Theme (Fire Emblem series)

Roy, Lilina, and Merlinus were walking around in one of the castle courtyards, watching the prisoners being taught lessons and skills that would prove useful to them in life. After what Yukari told him, Roy came to the decision to train these prisoners so that they could lead a more interesting and useful life, and if their performance was good enough, they could even be released earlier and put their newfound skills to use rather than going back to a life of crime.

The prisoners didn't seem to mind all that much. After all, being able to come out to the sun and do something instead of sitting all day in the dark dungeon was definitely more fun. The guards and trainers overseeing them were strict, but none of them abused them.

BGM: Credits Theme (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Sonic and Tails stood at the edge of the cliff facing the sea, watching Eggman building what appeared to be a tower that was really high. In fact, it reached so high up into the air that it looked like it was heading for outer space.

Though there was a sign next to them saying that an intergalactic amusement part was being built as an act of apology from Eggman for the troubles he's caused, Sonic was skeptical. It wasn't the first time that the mad scientist apologized for his mistakes, so there's no reason to believe that he was going to do the same again, even if it's something a bit too grand-scaled, like building an amusement park.

BGM: Metal Gear Saga (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots)

Snake walked into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He took a good look at his hair and noticed something he never thought he would have at his current age—gray hair. He pulled off a strand of hair and inspected it, and it indeed was gray hair. He heard of certain people developing gray hair at an early age, so he simply shrugged and told himself that he was simply one of those people and so didn't think too much.

Still, he couldn't shake off the thought of the truth being far worse than it actually was.

BGM: Credits (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

Master Hand, Crazy Hand, and several alloys were sitting around a roundtable, discussing stuff related to the fourth Smash Brothers tournament. There was a whiteboard behind Master Hand, and "Super Smash Bros. Universe" was written on it. There were also photos of Mario, an older-looking Link, Pikachu, and Kirby taped onto the whiteboard.

A red alloy raised his hand and spoke his mind out about what he thought about the name, and then a blue alloy, who appeared to have objections, spoke her mind out. Crazy Hand then offered a suggestion and appeared to be very happy about it, but Master Hand and the alloys instantly dismissed his idea, which caused him to rest his fingers on the table in depression. The others ignored him and continued on with their discussion.


Story Inspiration
One Piece: A Smash Adventure
by Specter24

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All soundtracks are owned by their respective companies and owners as well.

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As you can tell from the parts showing what the various Nintendo, Sonic, and Metal Gear characters are up too, most of them depict the beginning to one of their games. Mario's is Super Mario 3D Land, Wario's is Game & Wario, Link's eventually leads to the events of Spirit Tracks, Kirby's is Return to Dream Land, Sonic's leads to Sonic Colors, and Snake's leads to MGS4. Also, Super Smash Bros. Universe is the supposed name for the fourth game in the series, though it turned out to be false.

I originally intended for Master Hand to put Morshu back into his own world, but after working on this chapter, I couldn't find the opportunity to do so, so let's just say that Master Hand is going to eventually put him back into Koridai…

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BGM: Last part of the aforementioned Oriental Memory of Forgathering Dream remix

The shrine grounds had become quite a mess when the party came closer and closer to an end. All the food was eaten, and some of the people were drunk and sleeping.

Reimu sighed in frustration as she looked at the mess, even though she was quite used to it. After all, it wasn't the first time parties were held at the shrine grounds, and it surely wasn't the first time she had to do cleaning afterwards too. It's just that it's a tiring job that she rather not find herself busy with, but it couldn't be helped either.

Marisa placed her arm over her shoulders with a cheerful look, as if trying to tell her to cheer up. The shrine maiden smiled too, and then she looked up at the clear, blue sky. Despite having to do work afterwards, it was still nice to have parties, especially one after coming back from a long and unbelievable journey.

It was a journey to be remembered.

A smashing journey…

BGM: Theme of Eastern Story (Touhou series)












The embodiment of death and destruction smiles

as he looks down at the lives being lost…

His resurrection draws closer every day…





It was never meant to be treated so cruelly…

Taking it easy…

That's all they want to do…

But the harsh reality…

is uneasy for them…









"This world…

if all this abusing doesn't stop…

It will destroy itself…"




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