Crimes of Passion

Disclaimer: All familiar characters belong to DC or Marvel. I own Farrah Willows/Persiana, Lance Marlo/Diablos, Dr. Eve Willows, and Leon/Crisis.

Chapter 1: A New Tale

A young white-furred woman was languidly stretched out on the bed of the Justice League Watchtower. Her name is Farrah Willows, the heroine known as Persiana. It had been about three weeks since the kidnapping and almost marriage of Wonder Man, but that was not what she was thinking about. She was thinking about the events that brought her here, like it happened yesterday.

Her mother had originally experimented on her, resulting in the radical changes in her body. Driven almost insane, Farrah eventually won control over herself with the help of her friend Leon, as well as Tigra and Captain America. She felt the three were like her new family, and eventually fell in love with Leon. The two were almost made for each other, but the boy known as Crisis was constantly plagued by delusions and hallucinations. Despite that, Farrah stuck by him, and the two became involved romantically.

Then, Civil War broke out. She never figured out why Leon sided with Tony, and she pleaded with him to reconsider. Crisis refused to budge, but that did not stop him from taking the full blast from a cybernetic Thor clone for the woman he loved.

As Persiana tried to recover from those traumatic events, she discovered, while in the underground, her best friend Tigra, real name Greer Nelson, was secretly a mole. Horrified at that prospect, she disappeared, then reappeared after Captain America's death. Having made a decision, she jumped off the bridge, wanting to end her own life.

Her life changed when she dropped in the lap of the Justice League. Appearing in such a wretched condition, the League took her in, and she explained to them the horrors she had endured. While some were hesitant, they all agreed that this woman should be given a second chance, and she vowed she would not squander it. She, along with Batman, has re-established her identity in this new world. The lioness hoped to keep everything from her old world intact in this one. She made friends with Supergirl and Wonder Girl, even finding a new boyfriend who looked very much like Leon, and getting a job at a prestigious company. The boyfriend's name is Lance Marlo, the hero known as Diablos.

However, when the Avengers came, it all came back to her. Still feeling the effects of being a fugitive, Farrah vowed she would kill herself than go back there. Then, the insanity with Brainiac trying to achieve perfect knowledge happened, and the League and Avengers were forced to team up, little realizing the real threat. When Brainiac unwittingly unleashed Darkseid from his prison, the Justice League finally got to see Crisis emerge. With Ares' sacrifice, the League and Avengers were able to re-imprison the mad despot.

However, things were far from over. Having learned of new information, Diablos revealed that the Iron Man present and Farrah's description were different. The man that was donning the Iron Man armor was Hank Pym, Tigra's former boyfriend. It was then realized that Hank Pym's Thor creation had not killed Leon, it was he who in fact delivered the lethal blow. Not only that, but he was ordered by Tony Stark himself to bring Farrah back alive, but the insect scientist was hell-bent on destroying her. Horrified, Persiana wanted to kill him right there and then, but stopped, remembering her lost love. Batman had put Dr. Pym in Arkham, but Lex Luthor managed to release him and introduce him to Gorilla Grodd and Circe, as well as bringing the woman that created Persiana; Dr. Eve Willows.

After that, the remaining Avengers realized that they could never go back. Instead, the four remaining Avengers agreed to join the ranks of the Justice League.

Even after their joining, the white-haired heroine was still very nervous around them. Although she did not show it, she had still been trying to cope with the news. Often, she would retreat to her room, and sob her eyes out. The recurring nightmares have not helped her forget, but Lance has always been there for her, even holding her when she sobbed. The red-eyed hero did not mind staying with her, and he slowly caressed her hair, calming her down. He really wanted to take care of her.

Farrah sighed and, standing on all fours, gazed at the stars. Her costume was on the floor, and she was naked. It helped her relax when she could act like a cat. She closed her eyes and paced around the bed on all fours, sniffing it. Having been satisfied and making it comfortable, she stretched again, and curled up into a ball, placing her head on top of her knees. Slowly, she drifted off to sleep.


A woman in orange fur and black stripes, wearing a leather bikini, was in the cafeteria, sighing. She was Greer Nelson, the heroine known as Tigra. She was busy stirring some milk with her finger, but she was heavily preoccupied with her friend Farrah. She thought to herself,

She's so sad. I wish there was something I could do.

A man in a blue insect costume and yellow goggles asked,

"Excuse me?"
Tigra turned and noticed the hero Blue Beetle standing near her. She said,


"Is this seat taken?"

"Go ahead."

Ted Kord sat next to her and asked,

"Is everything all right?"

Greer shook her head,

"Not really. I mean, after what happened with everything, Farrah and I are still working things out. I think she still hates me."
Ted shook his head,

"I don't think so. From what I heard and what she said, she thinks very highly of you."

Tigra looked at him, surprised,


Beetle nodded,

"Yep, and I can see why. You obviously are a strong, capable woman who helped someone get through some serious changes in her life. She still looks up to you for helping her through."

Tigra smiled,

"You know, you're right. I didn't know you had such a big heart to go with that sexy, big brain of yours."

She purred,

"Not to mention your cute butt."
Ted blushed; even his costume changed purple. Tigra leaned closer and planted a small kiss on his lips, whisking her tail with delight.

The two turned suddenly and noticed two people standing in the door way. One wore a red full body suit with a yellow lightning bolt on his chest. The second was a red-headed Green Lantern wearing a flashy GL costume. These were the heroes Flash and Guy Gardner.

Guy shook his head in disbelief,

"How does that nerd do it?"
Flash instantly sped up to the genius inventor,

"So, is she good?"

Tigra snarled and lunged for the Fastest Man Alive,


In barely a blink of an eye, Flash evaded, and the Scarlet Speedster ran out of the room, shouting,

"Tigra kissed Blue Beetle!"
The were-tigress snarled,

"I am going to kill him for this."

Blue Beetle helped her up,

"Sorry about that. It's not usually this bad."
Tigra shrugged,

"Hey, it's all right. Farrah says you're a nice guy…"

She leaned closer,

"And, between you and me, she does have a better eye for men that I do."
She kissed him again on the cheek and walked away, swaying seductively as she walked by Guy,

"Bye, boys."

Guy turned to his fellow Super-buddy,

"How do you do it, nerd?"

Next Chapter:

A vigilante appears in Gotham and he's not looking for revenge; he's looking for…punishment. Stay tuned for more!