A young girl limped down a dirty street, her messy blond hair falling over her glowering blue eyes. She turned towards a worn down hovel, barely able to be called a house, her cold face hardening as she spotted the open door.

She walked up to the house, and carefully stepped inside, her eyes taking in the destruction. Everything in site had been ripped, crushed, or, by the looks of it, stolen. She pulled her eyes off the saddening site and gazed at the crumbling walls. All the available space had been filled with crude messages written in red paint. They were things such as "Die you demon brat!" and, "You never should have existed!"

She closed the door behind her, and walked into the ruined space, sitting on her slashed up bed. "That's it." she whispered softly, her voice dangerously cold. "These people will pay. I may be four, but I'm not stupid. I will become strong, and these people, they WILL pay."

With the last part she slowly moved her hands into the ram seal. "Henge no jutsu" she whispered, changing into a young boy, her hair becoming shorter, and her height increasing.

"I will get my revenge, just you wait." she muttered darkly, before falling onto the bed and drifting to sleep.

8 years later

Naruto frowned as he looked in the mirror, sighing lightly before plastering a large grin onto his face. He walked towards the front door, grabbing his leaf headband and tying it around his forehead as he left his house.

Since he had first donned his henge, his skills had greatly improved. At first it had been annoying trying to hide his vastly growing skills, but after a while he got used to it, not to mention good at it.

He had "finally" passed the academy graduation exam, which was fairly stupid considering the fact he could have passed his first try... But it was worth it since it meant that now he would be in the same year as Hinata...

Ah Hinata... the one people pass of as being shy, nervous and weak... How he would love to see their faces if they knew the truth, the truth being she was amazingly cruel... with skills to match. And the things they had come up with together…soon it would come to fruition. Now, all it would take was the right person to be their team…Not that it could be anyone else.

He sighed as he stepped up to the academy and stepped inside. Slipping into his act, he ran towards the classroom door, slamming it open in his 'excitement'.

Everyone's head turned and stared at him in surprise. He heard one voice call out "Hey, what are you doing here? This is for people who passed, not dropouts!" Naruto glowered in his mind as people snickered at the joke. "Hey, see this? Huh? It means I passed!" he yelled brashly.

The kid just shrugged it off, and Naruto ran to sit down grinning hugely in his mind, there was only one seat left, and it was next to Hinata. He quickly sat down next to her, laughing in his mind as she blushed furiously and looked down, playing with her fingers.

He mentally shook his head, careful not to make any movements in the real world. 'If this whole evil thing doesn't work out, she could have one hell of a career in acting...'

'You're telling me' said a sinister voice from the back of his mind.

'Oh, hey Kyu, I see you're awake.'

'Of course. How can I not be with your screaming?'

'Hey, if I don't, people might get suspicious...'

'Yah yah,' came the response from Kyu.

Yes, by Kyu, he meant the great Kyuubi no Kitsune, and contrary to what most people thought, he'd known about Kyu his entire life... Kinda hard not to considering the fact that Kyu could talk to him...Stupid furball...

'I heard that!' came the very loud, very pissed off voice of Kyu.

'Gomen...' he replied before snapping back to reality.

Iruka, who'd been announcing the teams while Naruto was out of it, continued. "Team seven, lead by Hatake Kakashi will consist of; Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto and-" Iruka was cut off by a loud "Awww, COME ON!!!!" from Naruto. Iruka twitched slightly in annoyance but ignored it and continued on. "And Hyuuga Hinata."

Hinata smiled timidly and turned to Naruto, "Um I-I gu-guess we're g-going to b-b-be on th-the sam-same t-team f-fr-from now o-on" she stuttered shyly, her face turning tomatoes red.

"Yep! I guess so!" He replied loudly, putting his hands behind his neck in his usual manner.

He listened to Iruka with half an ear as he finished announcing the teams. "Team eight, Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino, and Haruno Sakura under Yuuhi Kurenai. Team nine is still in circulation, so team ten is Yamanaka Ino, Nara Shikamaru, and Akamichi Chouji. Ok class, please calm down, your new teachers will be here shortly!" Iruka called out to the class before leaving.

Over the next two hours, the other teams slowly filed out with their leader until only Sasuke, Naruto and Hinata remained, all quite tired of waiting.

'Hmmm... I like this guy, gives me a chance to relax...' he thought absently, then added 'Well, if I didn't have to keep suspicion down I could relax...' with that said he leaped up, "He's LATE!!!" Naruto all but screamed.

"Hn." Came the response from one Uchiha Sasuke, now there was a guy who knew when to shut up, no matter how much he yelled at him during his little 'act' the guy never yelled back... It was quite nice actually, less noise.

Naruto huffed, sulking for a moment before perking up greatly. He grabbed the eraser from the chalk board and ran to the door, jumping on a chair and wedging said eraser in the door. He jumped off the chair quickly, stepping back to admire his work, then hopped back into his chair to wait.

A voice drifted into the classroom from the slightly open door; "Yo." A grey head poked into the nearly vacant classroom, the eraser tapping lightly on his head as he stood there.

Naruto jumped up and down furiously, "YOU'RE LATE!!" He screamed at the one eyed, grey haired teacher.

Said teacher swept his one black eye over the team, gazing lazily at them. "My first impression of you..." he began slowly, "Is... I hate you. Meet me on the roof." and with that said, he disappeared into a cloud of smoke, leaving three slightly shocked students behind.

Sasuke was the first to recover; shrugging his shoulders he began the long trek up the stairs toward the top of the school.

Finally Naruto and Hinata struggled to their feet, smirking at each other ever so slightly, before running up the stairs to catch up to Sasuke.

When all three finally made it onto the roof, they were greeted by their now thoroughly hated teacher, as they were all panting heavily, or so it seemed.

"So, now tell me a bit about yourselves." Kakashi stated simply, pulling out a certain orange book.

Hinata spoke up. "U-u-ummm, sensei, wh-what d-do you m-mean?" she asked softly, her voice going almost unnoticed.

Kakashi's visible eye turned into up into his special little eye smile. "Well, tell about your likes, dislikes, your hobbies, and your dream..." 'Or something like that...' he finished in his mind.

Hinata spoke up again, "Wh-why d-don't you g-go fir-first S-Sensei" she suggested slowly.

Kakashi sighed, putting down his book he started. "My name's Hatake Kakashi, I have many likes... I dislike some things... My hobbies... meh... as for my dream..." he trailed off, obviously finished.

"Ok, angst boy, you next." Kakashi said, ignoring Sasuke's glare.

Sasuke slid back into his "pose" and started. "My name is Uchiha Sasuke, I like very few things, and my dislikes are too many to count. As for hobbies... training and my dream... no, it's more of an ambition, to revive my clan... and to kill a certain someone..." Sasuke ended his explanation with a cold glare, one quite out of place on that sunny day.

Kakashi nodded, 'One revenge obsessed genin... check...' Before saying, "Okay, you next stutter girl."

Hinata looked down at her fingers when Kakashi addressed her.

"I-I like flowers, my friends, and training. My dislikes are people who look down on others because their weak, My hobbies are training with my little sister and gardening. My dream is to become the head of m-my clan..." Hinata finished her bit with a surprisingly small number of stutters.

'One stuttering shy girl... check.' Kakashi thought blandly in his mind.

Naruto laughed in his mind. 'As if! Gardening? Maybe her poisonous plants but other than that... And to become the head of her clan? Heh, more like to slaughter her clan...'

"Okay, Blondie, your next." Kakashi stated simply, finally turning to address the final member of team seven, Naruto.

Naruto let out a hug whoop of joy at finally being called on, while in his mind he glared and muttered things like 'stupid, lazy ass, late, perverted Sensei.'

Naruto grinned, and then started in a loud, brash voice, "My likes are ramen and my precious people! My dislikes are the three minutes it takes for ramen to boil! My hobbies are training and eating ramen! And my dream is to become Hokage! Dattebayo!" Naruto ended the whole thing by pumping his fist high in the air.

Kakashi was a touch taken aback by the loud pronouncement, but soon recovered his cool and nodded, 'And finally... One ramen obsessed moron...' he thought as he finished his mental checklist.

Kyu's voice came drifting into his consciousness from the recesses of his mind, 'Ramen? Hokage? Dattebayo?' Kyu said in his booming voice, obviously trying quite hard not to laugh.

Naruto growled at the now full out laughing demon, 'Well, what else could I say? That I my dream was to destroy this village and nearly all of its inhabitants?'

Kyu managed (somehow) to stop laughing long enough to answer,

'I'm just saying...'

'Yup, and I'm just saying, SHUT UP!' he shoved the demon out of his mind, pulling himself back to reality.

Kakashi smiled slightly, deciding to give his team a touch of a scare, "tomorrow you'll take the final test to see if you're fit to be ninja."

"WHAT!?!" Naruto screamed, right on cue, "But we already passed the test!"

Kakashi's eye turned upward into a smile again, "Ah, but that was just the first part. Fail tomorrows test and you'll be sent back to the academy."

Kakashi was once again interrupted by a scream of protest, which he simply ignored, continuing with his explanation. "As I was saying, this test has 66 failure rate, which means that out of all the students who passed, only about nine of you will pass." he paused a moment to look at his students shocked expressions. "Meet me at training ground three tomorrow at nine am.

"Oh yeah," he said as an afterthought, "Don't eat breakfast. You'll just throw it up." At this, he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

As soon as they were sure he was gone, Naruto and Hinata turned to Sasuke.

"So, you want to kill someone?" Naruto started saying.

"Who is it?" Hinata finished. Sasuke was taken aback by their change in character, but put it to the side.

"Che, not like it's any of your business. Just don't slow me down, losers." He turned around to leave and was astonished to see Hinata and Naruto blocking the door.

"Oh, we don't plan on slowing you down at all, Uchiha-san," said Hinata, a slightly sharp edge to her voice.

"In fact, we plan on helping you kill that bastard of an Uchiha. You see, he ruined our plans for this village," Naruto practically purred. The Uchiha noticed that his voice had steadily become lighter while he spoke, until at the end it seemed to belong to a totally different person.

"And what plans would those be, dobe? To prank the entire village?"

"No." Naruto's feminine voice was now very icy. "To destroy this pitiful peace-loving place." Now Sasuke actually showed some emotion.

"Who the hell are you? You aren't Naruto."

"You're right, I'm not. There is no Uzumaki Naruto, he doesn't exist. There has only ever been Namikaze Uzumaki Chi, the hated daughter of the Yondaime. Naruto was just a mask. Now, do you want help killing your brother?" Sasuke sat there thinking for a minute before he grinned.