Okay everyone, sorry about the delay, a couple hours after I updated last, my grandfather died and I just couldn't write anything for a while. Then I had to make up a whole bunch of work for school because I was gone for 3 weeks and then even after that, I lost my interest in writing for a bit, but I'm back now. Sorry but I won't be updating for a while because I'm gonna go back and fix the earlier chapters cause I'm not happy with them.

Anyway, I've recently thought over my plans for the story, and I don't like some of them, but I'm not sure where I want to go with them. So, I'm gonna ask you. Y'all have two weeks from this update to give me these answers for them to count.

1) Who do you want paired with Hinata? And no, I won't do femNaru.

2) Who do you want paired with Sasuke? No Sakura, Ino, or femNaru.

And 3) Who should kill Kakashi? FemNaru, Sasuke, or Hinata? I'll reveal the special ability of however kills him.