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Kate took a few deep breaths once she finally reached her dorm room, leaning against the inside of the door and closing her eyes. She had told herself that she was never going to see Ari again, locking all the feelings that were associated him in a box in the back of her head.

She walked over to her bed and sat down, putting her face in her hands and took a deep breath.

The dorm room door swung open, making her head snap up, only to find Ziva putting her book bag onto her bed.

"Our class was let out early. Tony was very pleased about it" Ziva said as she turned to Kate. "What is wrong?" She asked when she saw Kate looked as though she was about to faint.

Kate shook her head. "Tony didn't tell me"

Ziva walked over and stood in front of her. "He did not tell you what?"

Kate rubbed her head. "Your brother"

Ziva nodded slowly. "I see why you are upset. I just assumed he told you"

Kate stood up and made her way to the door. "I have to go talk to Tony"

"That would not be a wise idea" Ziva called after her, but her warning fell on deaf ears as Kate disappeared down the hall.

Kate found Tony's room very quickly through the crowded hallways, knocking once before opening the door herself and walking in. The room has the same layout as hers and Ziva's, although different furniture and one side of the room was covered in movie posters.

Tony was lying on his bed, and quickly sat up when he saw Kate.

"What're you doing here Katie?" He asked. She stood in front of him and crossed her arms.

"You didn't tell me Ari was here" She said, trying to stay calm. Tony swallowed. He knew he was in big trouble.

"Oh really? I thought I told you" He said standing up and going over to his desk and sitting down in the chair.

"DiNozzo!" Kate said angrily. "You should have told me"

Tony spun around on the chair. "Why is it such a big deal Katie? You dated in high school, then you two went missing for eight months, and then you broke up"

Kate took a breath and looked down at her feet. "It was complicated Tony, a lot of things happened that I don't have to explain to you. I-"

Kate was interrupted as the dorm room door opened, reviling Ari walking in with his book in his hand. He and Kate stared at each other for a long moment before Kate quickly walked past him and out the door.

Ari put his book down on his bed and sat next to it, putting his elbows on his knees and rubbing his face. "I did not know she was here"

Tony looked over at his roommate. "I figured I shouldn't tell you. Or her. She's pissed at me now"

Ari chuckled. "Yes, I would assume so. I think that she didn't want to see me again"

Tony just stayed silent and went towards the door, feeling the anger he always felt when he remember the eight months were his best friend had run off with his dorm mate and now friend. He decided to go up to Kate and apologise, or at least see if she wanted to go have lunch at the on-campus cafe.

Kate was not in a good mood later that night as she stood in her dorm room, Ziva walking to go open the closet.

"You cannot blame Tony" Ziva said as she pulled out a dark pair of jeans and a white polo t-shirt before handing them to Kate to try on. "He finds any excuse to throw a party"

Kate let out a deep breath and took the clothing, getting a satisfied smile from Ziva before she turned around to find some clothes to wear. Tony had informed her, of course at the last minute, that he was throwing a party on his floor his floor to welcome her. Kate had managed to avoid seeing Ari most of the day, and was dreading the fact that she would have to avoid him at a party she didn't want to go to.

During the day Tony had introduced Kate to Abby and McGee, 19 and 20 year old students that lived together off campus. Kate had been shocked when she had been attacked by a hugging Goth, but it seemed as though it was just normal behaviour from the humorous reactions from the others around her.

Kate reluctantly changed into the clothes Ziva had given her and walked over to the mirror and checked she looked at least presentable, even though she was on the verge of having a complete mental snap and running off to kill Tony. She finished her hair, leaving it out and wavy so it reached almost halfway down her back before fixing her necklace.

Ziva walked out of the small bathroom at the side of the room and looked at Kate. "Are you ready?" She asked.

Kate put on a fake smile and nodded. "Let's go"

An hour into the party and Kate was far from ready to go downstairs and to bed. People were all around her in the halls and some of the rooms that had left their doors open, so she was able to avoid some of the full-on party. Tony had already left her when he had spotted a girl that he found interesting, so she had just been wandering around talking to people.

Kate had just thrown her cup away ready to go back to her dorm when she spotted Ari across the room. She couldn't stop the pang of hurt that went through her when she saw he was with another girl, with his hand down the back pocket of her jeans.

Suddenly Ari turned his head and caught her eye. She quickly turned around and began to make her way through the crowd of drunk college students towards the staircase that would take her to her dorm.

She was almost at her door when she heard footsteps coming closer behind her, and she knew it would be him. She stop outside her door and turned around and came face to face with Ari, standing in front of her with his arms crossed on his chest.

"You have been avoiding me" Ari stated as Kate fiddled with her keys, the music from the party drifting downstairs.

"You didn't really expect me to be completely fine seeing you again, did you?" She asked, looking up to meet his eyes. "You seemed pretty happy with that girl up there"

Ari's eyes glanced towards the staircase as though he could actually see the girl upstairs. "Hmm" He muttered. "In any case, I am glad you are here"

Kate shook her head. "Don't do this Ari"

Ari completely ignored her comment and lifted his hand to hold the pendant of her necklace, opening it to look at the small photo and engraving inside of their son before closing it and letting his arms drop to his sides.

"You still wear it" He said. Kate touched the locket and nodded.

"I haven't taken it off since you put it on" She said quietly, finally looking back at him.

"Caitlin" Ari murmured, bring his hand up to tuck a piece of fallen hair behind her ear and brushing her cheek. Kate quickly turned around, shoved her keys in the lock and disappeared into her room, leaving Ari standing alone in the empty hallway.

When Kate closed the door behind her she let out a deep breath and tried to wrap her mind around what had just happened. She sighed and walked over to look for her cell phone, finding in the middle of her bed where she had thrown it earlier in the day.

She noticed she had a missed call from half an hour prior, she assumed that it was April or one of her brothers checking to see if she had gotten to the college alright so she put the phone to her ear to listen to the message.

'Kate, it's Patrick. I'm sorry to call you, but I thought you should know that we've just taken Joel to hospital. We don't know what's wrong with him yet, he woke up tonight and wouldn't stop screaming. I'll call you when we find something out'