Naruto Fan-Fiction

It was a bright sunny morning in Konaha when Naruto's alarm blared at 9:00a.m

"Oh, Shit!" he yelled as he struggled to pull his clothes on and ran out the door.

"Sorry… I'm …Late" he gasped "Okay I'll forgive you this one time." Kakashi said firmly. "But for that your paired up with Hinata" she blushed and Naruto moaned.

"Begin Now!" Kakashi yelled as he pulled out his book. "What's the whole point of sparring if you've all ways got your head in that damn book…" Naruto muttered under his breath. "Umm… Naruto-Kun? I think we're supposed to start now…" A weak voice in front of him said barely loud enough to hear. "Oh, right." Naruto immediately made a group of shadow clones and charged straight at Hinata. What do I do? I don't want to hurt him… she thought but was interrupted by a blow to the stomach and passed out. "Did I win?" Naruto yelled at Kakashi who was more interested in his book then the actual training he was coaching. "Sure…" he said back. "Yes! My first sparring match in 4 months and I kicked ass!"

"NARUTO FOR GODS SAKE YOUR 18 START ACTING LIKE IT!" exclaimed an all too familiar voice as Sakura walked over with a screwed up disfigured Lee behind her who clearly just took a beating. "Ring" "Ring" Kakashi flipped open his cell phone. "Y'ello?" "Awesome." "Nice! I'll be there in 5 minutes." Then he looked at his squad. "I'm gonna go grab some sake class dismissed early." And with that he disappeared.

Naruto looked over at Hinata's limp body "Great. What am I gonna do with her?" he exclaimed. "I dunno take her to your house or something… wait. Never mind your to perverted." She said as she shouldered her ninja bag. " I am not!" Naruto yelled stamping his foot which caused a yaoi magazine to fall out of his jacket. "Exactly my point." Sakura said nodding to the open book. "That's not mine! It's…It's…Ero-Sennin's!"he said saying the first person that came to mind when it comes to perverts. "Dead." She said back. "Uhh…My Dad's!"

"Dead." "Ebisu!" "Dead." "Asuma-sensei's!" "Dead…Again." "Konohamaru!"

"He's too young!" "………..Damn I can't think of anyone else….."