Legend of the Stone of Gelel

Chapter One: A New Arrival

I ran through the town as I saw the blood shed of my homeland. What are they looking for? I asked myself and stumbled over another dead body. Tears tried to break from the prison I held them in as I made my way to my friend's house and I saw the two figures walking down the road. I hurried into my friend's house and I saw where he was. "Te-" He put a finger to his lips and pulled me over next to him. We sat huddled together as they started moving around the house and I grabbed hold of his arm as the steps moved closer and closer.... I closed my eyes, ready for death to strike and they retreated... I saw his horrified face before he relaxed, but only briefly.

"Gelel, are you alright?" he asked after awhile of silence.

"I think so Temujin. What are we going to do?" I whispered.

"Find survivors." I nodded and we waited. He soon stood up and I followed him out of the ruined house. We only found are one other friend before complete darkness and we stood on top of the hill, looking down on our city.

"What are we going to do now, Temujin?" our friend asked as he wiped away some tears.

"Don't cry. We'll find a way," he reassured us and I nodded, burying my face in his arm so I wouldn't cry.

"This is horrible." We all turned to his voice and saw the man walking towards us. "I hate to see all of this happen. None of this would happen if we all lived in a Utopia."

"Utopia?" Temujin questioned and the man nodded.

"To put it simply, it's a world without war and the weak are never harmed." He reached into his sleeve and produced a beautiful stone. "If I could gather enough of this stone of Gelel, we could all have a Utopia."

"Gelel?" Both of them turned to me. "You're named after it, Gelel," Temujin stated.

"You're name is Gelel?" the man asked and I nodded.

"It had been given to me by my original mom. She didn't like me and said some things about how evil Gelel was, but this thing doesn't look harmful."

"It's not if you use it correctly, children. Why don't you come with me and we'll all create a Utopia." We all looked at each other and agreed. "I am Haido." He took us in and awhile later Temujin and I had Gelel placed in our flesh.

"You're so lucky." I turned to my old friend and so did Temujin.

"You think so?" we asked together.

"Yeah, you can actually help Master Haido whenever, but my powers only work in the machine in those balls." I looked over at the balls and then back to Temujin and him.

"No, we're all lucky to still have each other," was all I said.


I woke up with a start from the dream and looked over at Temujin who was not that far away. He stirred slightly, but I hadn't woken him. Quietly and slowly I left the room and traveled to the bathroom while our soldiers wandered the halls and corridors. I splashed water in my face to wake me up before I climbed into the shower. Five minutes later, I got out and got in my usual armor before I heard Master Haido. "Oh, good morning Master Haido," I addressed, bowing.

"Gelel, you're up unusually early."

"I had a dream about that day is all." He smiled at me.

"It's all in the past now. Remember, this world will be changed because of what you and Temujin have and will do for me."

"I know." I had a weird feeling about him, but I didn't bring it up. "I just get upset when I dream about it."

"I understand, but sleep is important."

"Yes." He left me and I went to get some breakfast when I heard someone and turned around. "Good morning, Temujin," I greeted with a warm and cheerful smile. He returned the smile.

"Good morning Gelel. I heard you get up. Why so early?" Usually he had to wake me up and it took a lot to wake me.

"I had a bad dream."

"About that?" I nodded.

"Then Master Haido came and..." I sighed. "It felt safer then, but still." We agreed in silence and continued walking. "Did you have a peaceful dream last night at least?"

"Yes, sort of." We got our breakfast and ate in silence before he said he had to leave early to get ready. I was about to leave the breakfast area when Master Haido appeared again.

"Gelel, where is Temujin? I saw him with you."

"He went to get ready for the day."

"Ah... well when you find him again, I want both of you to come to my room."

"Alright, Master Haido." I watched him leave and walked around the rooms until I found Temujin again. "Temujin, Master Haido wants us."

"For what?""He didn't say. He only said he wanted us."

"Let's go then." I followed after Temujin and then I stopped. "Gelel?"

"I'm afraid."

"Of what?" He walked in front of me and I shook my head.

"Something's going to happen and soon. I know it."

"Let's talk to Master Haido about it."

"No, it's probably nothing and I don't want to be a burden to him anymore than I already have."

"You're not a burden. You've been very helpful." I smiled and we started walking again. I walked in after Temujin and bowed.

"Ah, Gelel and Temujin." I looked up first and saw the book in his hand. It seemed familiar. "I have a job for you two today. Can you scout the forest eight miles from here?"

"Yes, Master Haido," we said in unison.

"Take a few soldiers with you. Go as soon as possible."

"Of course, Master Haido." We left as soon as we gathered three soldiers.

"What side do you want to scout?" I asked.

"I'll take the left side. You check the right and come back," Temujin answered.

"Alright." We separated when we got to the spot and I soon saw the two. I followed them to where Temujin was and then they were ambushed. I watched the pink haired girl called Sakura first. She threw Kunai Knifes at the soldier, but it didn't faze him. He continued his charge.

"You wanna play?" she growled and threw another with a tag on it. The soldier blew up. "Oh yeah!"

I turned my attention to the blond guy called Naruto. He did a hand sign. "Shadow clone jutsu!" Clones appeared. How'd he do that? I asked amazed as he went after the soldier. "Na-ru-to Uzumaki barrage!" The soldier was crushed into the ground and I knew he was dead. Then I felt Temujin around and went to where he was.

"Gelel, stay out of this," he told me in a tight voice before the layer of dust disappeared. I saw all the clones look at us. Temujin raised his hand and showed a thumb down.

"Why you-" The clones came at us and I dodged the attacks, hitting one clone behind the head and another in the stomach. I heard him under ground and jumped just as his fist came up to hit me, but I knew I got hit. I landed on one foot and then sat the other down, wiping blood from my mouth. I saw Naruto get out of a pile of destroyed rocks and then saw the shuriken.

"Get out of here." I turned to Temujin's voice and then nodded once.

"Fine." I jumped into a tree close by and watched as Naruto went at him, throwing the shuriken. He brought up his left arm and the shuriken bounced off his shield. The clash of sword to kunai went through the air as he blocked Naruto's attack again. Naruto stabs at Temujin as he continually blocks it and then Naruto jumps in the air. The Sakura girl screams and Naruto looked down at her. Temujin gets down beside her and the soldier.

"You jerk! Let her go, just you and me, you got it!" he yells and Temujin smirks. "I mean it! I won't ask again!"

"Watch out!" I called as the soldier turned against him and then I saw the shadow intertwined with soldiers. What are these guys?

"Naruto, you leave him to me." I saw the guy with a ponytail by the Sakura character in a tree.

"Right." He turned to us. "I don't care who you guys are. I'm taking you all out at once." Naruto does the same hand sign. "Multi shadow clone." More clones than before appeared and I jumped down beside Temujin.

"I told you to get out of here." I drew my sword. "I mean it. Go."

"I'm not leaving you; just like you didn't leave me that day."

"Back me up then if I need it."

"Got it." He swirled his sword in front of his chest and then it grew, green power blasting on the blade. Rising Thunder! I smiled as the clones came at us and Temujin destroyed them all… until the guy jumped out of the smoke.


"Rising Thunder!" The two collided and I watched as Naruto's spiraling sphere matched Temujin's Gelel power. That was until the place blew up and I fell down, letting out a shriek as I plunged into the river by Temujin and Naruto, positive death would have me.