Legend of the Stone of Gelel

Chapter Eight: The End?

(Temujin's Pov)

"Gelel! You can't die!" Though I knew she couldn't stop herself from dying, I was pleading with her as if she had a choice. "You can't leave me!" I couldn't bring myself to say it. I couldn't tell her I loved her back. It would be too painful in the end once everything was done with.

A voice sighed, "Temujin, Temujin." I froze. It was Master Haido. I sat Gelel on the floor and spun around to face him. I didn't get a chance to because he grabbed hold of my neck just as he had Gelel.


"Die, you good for nothing mongrel!"

"No!" I heard Naruto cry just as the power split through me as well and then he pulled the stone out, crushing it to pieces. "Now the world will fall to its knees before me!" He threw me aside as well and as I sat there, not sure whether Death was there or not, I looked over the Gelel, who I could already tell was dead. "Stop right there!"

(Third Person's Pov)

Naruto stood in front of the key that unlocked the Mines of Gelel, in front of him, Master Haido, the man who wanted to control everything with Gelel's power. "You won't take another step!"

"Is that right?"

"Yeah! Shadow Clone Jutsu!" As Naruto attacked Master Haido, Temujin lay over a little ways off, his eyes looking at nothing, but his fallen comrade, Gelel, the one he had secretly loved. She had as well and told him just as she died, though he hadn't been able to say he loved her back. What have I done? No one answered him. Why have I done this to everyone? "Shadow clone-"

"Too slow!" Master Haido said, almost excitedly, grabbing Naruto's hands and throwing him into a wall. Slowly, he pushed himself up on his knees and hands, coughing.

"Temujin," he gasped out, "What are you doing there? Wasn't it your dream to make some kind of Utopia... Of this world!" He went at Master Haido again as Temujin slowly came back into reality. "Rasengan!" Temujin's eyes widened and he watched as Naruto flung Master Haido into the ceiling, breaking the stone down and having it land on top of Master Haido. "Heh, gotcha." Temujin pushed himself up slightly. Where does he get his strength? Though, slowly the pride on Naruto's face faded as Master Haido, all twisted around, got out of the rubble. That's when both boys saw the power coming from the ceiling.

"Yes!!! This is more power than I could've ever imagined! My wounds are healing!" Slowly his arms and legs turned back to how they should've been and he grabbed hold of his head, twisting it around so it was normal again.

"Temujin, get up," Naruto ordered.

"Are you actually planning to go up against him?" Temujin asked.

"I am, but I can't do it alone. Now get up and help me!" Temujin slowly got to his feet and as Naruto started running for Master Haido, he ran, very slowly at first. Pushing himself, Temujin let out a cry that was neither pain nor joy, grabbed a shard of the Gelel that had been in Nerugui's mouth and ran after Naruto, easily catching up and keeping pace. A Shadow Clone came out of Naruto, holding his hand beside Naruto outstretched one and Fire Rasengan appeared. Temujin did the same, bringing out a Rasengan Naruto could only do once in his lifetime.

"DIE!!!" Master Haido called out, shooting a stream of the Gelel power. Temujin ran in front of Naruto, holding the stone out in front of him and keeping the Gelel away from harming them.

"Temujin?" Naruto questioned.

It's just as you said, Naruto, dreams are nothing without your friends. I lost mine, but I'll make sure I return her favor. Gelel...! The name cried out in Temujin's head as he was flung back by the Gelel. Naruto continued on and jumped into the air once he'd cleared the Gelel.

"You can't touch me with that thing!" Master Haido cried out as he threw his stone boulder things at Naruto. Naruto used the Gelel Rasengan to destroy those. "Would you just die already?!"

"Go to hell!" Naruto replied back, breaking Master Haido's Stone of Gelel and hit his chest. At first, Master Haido grinned thinking Naruto's Rasengan couldn't touch him, but he was sorely wrong and was hit, flying into the key that opened the mines and shattering it, though no one noticed at the time. Master Haido stood up, one fist above his head before he collapsed and died. The mines began their spiraling out of control.

"Oh no!" Kahiko cried.

"What's happening?" Temujin asked him.

"The Mines are spiraling out of control!"

"How do we stop it?" Naruto asked, standing next to both of them as well.

"There's no way you can now."

"What were you doing over there?" Temujin asked, pointing over to the Summoning Circle where Gelel still laid.

"There's no way to bring the mines under control, but there is a way to destroy it. The person of royal blood must place his hand in the center of the circle. That will summon a vast amount of power, taking all of the Gelel with it, but the person who does the summoning will also be taken since the power summoned will come forth from where the summoning was casted." Temujin stood up.

"I understand."

"No, you're not going to do it! I'm not-" Naruto was cut off as Temujin hit him from behind and knocked Naruto unconscious. He turned to Kahiko.

"I'm going to do this. Take care of everyone!" Temujin turned around and started for the circle, only keeping his eyes on his dead friend. The Gelel started falling from the ceiling and as Temujin stepped onto the first stone part of his path, the Gelel covered him from Kahiko's view. On Temujin's side, he held that stone of Gelel above his head, slowly making his way through planning on getting to the other side. When he broke the Gelel curtain, he looked about on the structure for a moment until his gaze fell on Gelel. He stumbled over to her side, picking her up in his arms. "Gelel, I'm coming to you," he murmured, "I'll die beside you as you died for me." He laid her back down and then kneeled down, placing his hand in the middle of the Summoning Circle.

The moment the Gelel started getting sucked in, Naruto awoke.

As Temujin sat in the middle of all the destruction around him, he held Gelel to him, his eyes closed as he went through their past together. "Gelel, I'm sorry I didn't believe you. I should've believed you that Master Haido was evil, but I guess I'd always been blind to everything about Master Haido. Please forgive me." As the last of the words died off his mouth, the stone started crumbling under him and he made sure he had his grip on Gelel as he fell, seeing Master Haido's face below him.

"Come to me, my boy," he said, holding out a hand.

"No, Gelel and I have had enough," he murmured, pulling Gelel closer to him in the one arm he had around her. He closed his eyes again and as he was sure he was gone, he felt something grab onto his arm. Looking up, he found Naruto. "Let go of me! You're going to get sucked in!"

"Just shut up and don't let go."

"No! You're going to die." "I said shut up and don't let go of me or Gelel! Do you understand? I've lost enough friends and I'm not going to lose you or her too!" Temujin looked up at him for a moment before he grabbed hold of Naruto's wrist and made sure to keep hold of Gelel.

(Sometime Later)(Temujin's Pov)

When I first woke up, all I saw was the stone around me. Blinking, I slowly sat up until I felt a grip on my wrist. Looking over, I found Naruto unconscious next to me, still a hold of my arm. I looked away from him to the cracking and found that picture of Despair breaking. Inside of it, was a brightly painted picture. "So the picture wasn't of despair," I murmured and smiled as I looked at Naruto again until I felt someone next to me. The smile faded the moment I saw Gelel and I slowly removed my other hand from Naruto's grip, tears falling down my face as realization hit me. "Gelel," I sobbed, pulling her closer to me and as I continued to cry, I felt something warm breathing down my neck. That's when I heard the very weak voice.

"Temujin? Is that you?"

(Gelel's Pov)

"Temujin? Is that you?" The moment I spoke, the person holding me pulled me out of the grip they had me in. The first thing I saw was his green yes. "Temujin!" I threw my arms around him and felt his tighten around me.

"Gelel, you were dead." We both looked over at Naruto.

"Naruto! Oh, thank you!" I hugged him as well, though I didn't hold onto him as long as I had Temujin. Temujin pulled me back into his arms, his fingers brushing a few strands of my messed up hair out of my face.

"Gelel, we need to talk later." "About what?" He sighed.

"I'll tell you later. Okay?"

"Okay! Come on, let's find the others!"

(The Next Day)

"One minute, Temujin!" I jumped off the boat, running over to where Kahiko, Sakura, and Shikamaru were at.

"Ah, Gelel."

"Kahiko, thank you," I said, "And I'm sorry for what happened. Especially to Nerugui."

"It's fine."

"Sakura, Shikamaru, thank you too. I wish we could've gotten to know each other better though. Can you tell Naruto I'm grateful for him again? About five more times?"

"Sure can," Shikamaru answered, "Better hurry back to your ship."

"Yeah. Bye!" I waved once before I jumped on the stuff that would be loaded on the boat next. When Temujin had his back turned (he didn't know I had gotten on the stuff), I jumped him and landed on his back.

"Gelel! Get off."

"Come on! I want a ride!"

"Get off." I put on a pouty face before shrugging and getting off.

"Oh, what were you going to talk to me about?"

"Why don't we talk real quick?" Before either of us could answer, I found Nerugui on Temujin's shoulder, licking his face. I giggled, but not before he came and started licking my face.

"Come on, Nerugui, go back to Kahiko." He frowned at me. "Gramps needs you though." He shook his head. "Alright," I sighed, " Come on Temujin, let's talk!" Temujin smiled, pulling me away from the huge crowd. When we were alone, he pulled me to a stop.

"Gelel, do you remember what you said to me before you died?"

"No, to be truthfully honest, it's kind of blurry there."

"I'll remind you then, but not before I give you this." I cocked my head to one side as he pulled something out of his pocket. My eyes widened.

"Where'd you get that?"

"Do you like it?"

"How did you get a piece of that Gelel?"

"I had it since I held you in my arms as I was about to die. I had some Blacksmith make it into a necklace for you." I looked at the necklace, not sure what to say.

"Can I wear it?" He laughed.

"Of course. Turn around and when you turn back, close your eyes." I did as I was told and when I turned back around, I had my eyes closed. For a moment, nothing happened and then my eyes opened as Temujin's lips met mine. At first I was surprised, but then everything came back to me. "Do you remember?" he murmured and I nodded before kissing him. He wrapped his arms around me and I put my arms around his neck, my fingers going through his soft blond hair. When we pulled away, all I could see was his green eyes. "I love you too, Gelel." I nuzzled up against him and closed my eyes.

"Temujin, make sure to take care of Gelel!" We both looked over at Naruto and I waved.

"Naruto, thanks again!" I called and he nodded.

"Bye!" Temujin turned to me.

"Good Bye Naruto! Come on Gelel." I let Temujin walk me back in and he gave me a kiss on the forehead right before we walked into the big crowd.