Three little moments



Part One

As Jenny had come back from the shack where she had visited all the people who had fallen to breast cancer. Nikki had a moment as well and she had these beads that you would see someone sell on the side of the road. She was holding them and Jenny walked to her…

"You know the press likes to make me out to be this party girl. I wasn't always like that, I mean I like to party but I had friend and she had a mother. Her mother died of breast cancer and it was hard on my friend. She hasn't been the same since. I mean I would talk to her and she would tell me this bullshit about how I'm going to hell…Yet she was… She wasn't telling me how I was going to hell when she was my girlfriend. I don't like getting close." Nikki said.

Jenny may love Nikki but was always wondering was there substance. "It wasn't the fact we would girlfriends, it was the fact that she was my friend first." Nikki said and added, "I know she pities me that I'm going to burn in hell." "My mother went to church and in her bible it would say, Judge ye the world unless ye wants to be judge. Your friend is a hypocrite. Your not going to hell. Besides if you go, I'll come with you." Jenny said and she hugged her close.

After they had that moment and before the campfire. Jenny walked out and saw Shane. She walked up to her and gave her a big hug then walked away…