Three Little Moments



Part Five

It was the night of the wrap night. Nikki was with mingling and knew that Jenny don't really like these people. So Jenny stood in the background and just waved. Nikki went over to her a lot and asked her if she was ready to leave. Jenny told her that this was our night but what Jenny didn't know was that two people would about to make this night very memorable. So memorable…

As Odell did her kissing ass part of her thank you speech it was Jenny who walked in and she made her speech. " I want to thank my girlfriend and maybe the best lover I ever had, Nikki Stevens for making me leave the Marinas of the world never happened…" Jenny said and Nikki smiled then Tina was pissed at that.

"Jenny!" a voice called out and then it said, "Marry me.." Jenny paused because she was trying to figured out who just said that. So she rolled her head up and saw Nikki there with a diamond ring. Jenny paused and walked to her gawking at the ring……."No Jenny you don't love her…You love me, marry me?!" Tina yelled her proposal.