Author: SilentG
Title: Hang-ups
Fandom: LO:CI
Pairing: B/A
Rating: M, very
Spoilers: Definitely, see individual chapter A/Ns.
Archive: Anywhere – no need to ask – just attribute, and let me know if possible
Disclaimer: Not mine
Summary: They finally took a risk, took the plunge, and they're very happy… sort of.

A/N 1: This is a dark fic with very adult situations. Please don't read unless you feel comfortable with frank discussions and descriptions of sexuality. It's a bit angsty, a bit rough around the edges (literally and figuratively), but it will have a happy ending. Please, please take the warning seriously. Chapter spoilers for: "Lady's Man" (Season 8)



"…and now you're totally nude, and I'm standing over you on the bed, stroking myself through my bra and panties. I shake my head and shoulders, making my hair sway and my chest bounce, then slowly slip my bra straps down and unclasp the front, and you get your first glimpse of my firm breasts and hard nipples. I stand on one leg and caress your chest and you cock and balls with my foot – I'm wearing coral toenail polish – and then I slowly slide down my panties. You can see how wet and swollen I am, and you're tired of being teased. You grab my underwear and yank it the rest of the way down, then you take me by the hips and pull me down on top of you, then you roll me over and start fucking me hard into the mattress. You're pounding me so hard I think you'll break the bed, and all the while you're whispering filthy things into my ear, how hot I make you, how you want to fuck me so hard I split in two, how you want to cum in my mouth. Then when I'm gasping with pleasure, almost crying, you pull out and sit on top of me, and you hold my head and fuck my mouth until you cum."

Robert Goren gasped and grunted softly as he ejaculated into the Kleenex he held in his hand. He was lying in bed, phone propped against one shoulder, so he could cup and squeeze his balls while he stroked himself.

"You still there, Robert?"

"Yeah, sorry, should I hang up?" He felt incredibly relaxed and a bit self-conscious.

"No, but most guys do, once they finish."

"I can go if you like?"

She laughed. "No, it's really fine. I don't mind talking, or whatever, for a bit."

Silence held sway for a few long seconds.

"That was…really hot."

She laughed again, a gentle, distant sound. "Thank you. I'm glad it worked out. Next time you call, tell the girl what you want and it'll be more personal."

"Can I ask for you?"

"If you like. I'm on most nights from 6pm Central."


"Hi Sweetie, what would you like tonight?"

"Um hi, it's me again… um, Robert."

"Hello Robert. Did I miss you last night?"

"No, I didn't call. I was busy."




"Aaahhhh…" With his head buried between her legs, Bobby felt Alex's almost silent orgasm with a mixture of shame and triumph. Triumph because she came so easily – he always got her there – and she'd never once faked it. Shame because he couldn't get around feeling like he was using her.

He kept licking her and pumping her with his fingers, but her "No Bobby, please no more…" halted him instantly, and he allowed her to pull him up for a kiss. He carefully rolled them over so she was on top of him, but when she started sliding down his body and caressing his erection while she trailed kisses down his torso, he grunted "No," and pulled her up to straddle him. In the almost pitch-black of his bedroom, he grasped her by her tiny waist and gently lowered her, slowly entering her wet heat as she gasped and arched her back, whispering "Bobby, Bobby, Bobby!" They held hands, fingers interlaced, until – sensing that he was close – Alex bent over him to caress his shoulders and chest as she kissed him deeply. Bobby's hands trailed from her knees to her waist, then up her back and down her arms, then he clutched her hips to guide her pace through his climax.

After cleaning up and dressing in his pyjamas – the top half for her, bottoms for him – they held each other close in his cosy bed. " I love you, Alex," was the last thing he said to her, and " I love you too," were her last words to him.


The next morning, Bobby woke up happy but uneasy, as he had done every morning since they'd become intimate. Become intimate – what a ridiculous notion. They'd been intimate for years. But they'd only been sharing a bed since the Mulrooney case, and been making love for two months.

His need to have a frank conversation with her was becoming more, rather than less bearable, but he was terrified of what would result. How many ways did she own him? He couldn't even count, but he couldn't afford to lose her in any of them, and the tension that arose from his inner conflict was tearing him apart. He couldn't even imagine bringing it up with her… although he thought she already suspected. He'd hoped that his cravings would just disappear as his unrequited passion for her was fulfilled, but he'd found them unabated; whetted, in fact. There was something about having her tiny, willing body there next to him, so supple and strong and fragile and his, that brought out this monstrous… Aaah, he couldn't even think about it, it was too depressing.


A/N 2: EEEEEEK! Anyone still with me? I know it's pretty outrageous, but it's going somewhere really, it's NOT just PWP. And it does seem pretty grim, but I see the way to a happy ending for these two if you can hang on for the ride. And BTW, between you, me and the entire universe, the phone-sex parts of this fic are entirely realistic, I can avow, aver, and affirm, and that's the beginning and end of what I'll say on the subject.

And yeah, I know that I'm on a crazy WIP binge, but I'm unemployed right now and need something to distract me from my grinding poverty of pocketbook and human contact. In my defence, "The Sensual World" is mostly written, and "Will they or won't they" is intended to be a 'whenever I feel like writing some' fic. And this one isn't going to be very long.