ok so if you've read 'the protectors' (a different fanfic by me) this is kinda a prologue. this is how Julien[oc] meets Sharkboy, Lavagirl, and Sharkgirl. It is definitely written better than 'the protectors' and it helps explain alot of stuff that is never said along with Julien[oc] and Sharkboy's relationship. but it's also a completely different story all the same, so you don't have to read 'the protectors' to understand this. [also considering it comes before that]

well hope you like it

No Longer Home

[Told from Julien's p.o.v]

Everything was dark and the only thing I could remember was my name. I heard what sounding like roaring but not that of which you would hear from an animal. It felt like I was lying on grain but I didn't remember being in a place with food. I opened my eyes to see a black haired boy with blue eyes standing over me.

He smiled and extended his hand toward me. I ignored it, I didn't know if he could be trusted. I sat up and he sat at my side. I looked out to see a body of water as far as the eye could see. It didn't seem to end! How could so much water be collected in one spot. I looked down at my hands the grain I had felt, was really sand. But how, there were no beaches that I knew of, but then again I didn't really remember anything. "Hello!" The boy said waving his hand in front of my face. I blinked from my daze and just stared at him.

"I'm Sharkboy, since you didn't hear me." He rolled his eyes and seemed to be annoyed. "I'm, Julien" I said kina low. "OH, so you do speak!" He said throwing his hands in the air. "Anyway, where are you from; you kina just popped up?" He seemed as confused as I was but I honestly couldn't tell him where I was from. I tried to think but only got a headache as images flashed through my head.

I heard Sharkboy yell and looked up. "What?" I asked, and then I noticed he was just pointing at me with a shaky hand. I looked down at my hands and it seemed as though electricity was dancing around them. I looked at them confused and Sharkboy only seemed scared.

"It's not electricity" I said a little unsure. "Yeah, well, what if you have the power to control electricity. It wouldn't hurt you" He was still standing about two feet away from me and looked terrified. I stood up and stepped toward him but he jumped back. I knew he wasn't gonna listen to what I was about to say so I decided to just trick him. I must have been mischief where ever I came from I thought.

"Hey what's that!?" I pointed into the distance and he turned around. I quickly rushed towards him and placed my index and middle finger on his check. He was shocked and jump and for a second I thought I had made the wrong choice. He then just looked as if I wasn't hurting him after all and I couldn't help but smile at what I had just pulled off. "What's so funny" He asked taking my hand from his face. "What? Oh, nothing." I shook my head slightly and looked down. "Oh, and just so you know I knew that wasn't gonna hurt me, nothing can hurt me!" I looked up to see him taking a hero stance. "I'm king of the ocean!"

"Oh, yeah nothing can hurt you but, ELECTRICITY!" I was surprised at my sudden change in attitude it was weird. Sharkboy seemed surprised too because he had his eyebrow raised. "Didn't see that coming!" He said. I just looked down. "SHARKBOY! SHARKBOY!" I turned to see a girl in a similar outfit as Sharkboy running towards us.

She reached us. "You'll never believe what, wait who's that?" She asked looking at me. "OH, that's Julien; she kina just popped up here." Sharkboy explained "Well, I'm Sharkgirl!" She extended her hand and again I ignored it. She seemed a little offended, but then continued her conversation.

"ANYWAY! Lavagirl said she wants to come over in a day or two she said she's got big news!" She just talked as if I wasn't there, not even bothering to explain who this Lavagirl is! "She's our friend." I turned in surprise at what Sharkboy had just said it was as if he had read my mind! "Can you read minds?" I asked

"No you asked me who she was, didn't you?" I didn't remember opening my mouth I just . . . thought it! Could I really have a super power!OH that would be so cool!I was snapped out my thoughts my Sharkgirl grabbing my arm. I jerked back and tripped, falling into Sharkboy. "WOW!" He said catching me. "She was just going to show you something!" I looked at Sharkgirl and she seemed upset. I quickly stood up straight. "Sorry I wasn't paying attention."

"Obviously!" She said rolling her eyes. She gets upset easily. "What did you want to show me?" She calmed down, or seemed too, before grabbing my hand and heading the way she had came. "Where are we going?" I asked

"Wow, you really weren't paying attention. Your staying with us, till we get some answers." Sharkboy said from behind me. "Oh, ok." What am I saying this isn't ok! I'm not some kind of prisoner! I pushed my thoughts aside as we walked in to a cave.

It was completely dark until a weird blue glow light up the area around us. "What's that light?" I asked. "Your hands!" Sharkboy said and I just knew he had rolled his eyes. Sure enough when I looked down my hands where glowing. We reached the end of the cave and there was a huge burst of sunlight.

"Are you two trying to blind me?!"

"No." Sharkgirl let go of my hand and I opened my eyes to see what looked like a room only mad out of rock. "Nice? Or what?" Sharkboy put his hand on my shoulder and then motioned to the room. "Um, I'll go with 'or what'."

Sharkboy let go of my shoulder and sat down on a 'bed'. Sharkgirl reached into the water and pulled out a fish; and just stuck it in her mouth. "EW!" I screamed. And Sharkgirl just gave me a confused look.

"Anyway, where is the last place, besides the beach you remember being. The land of milk and cookies the dream lair, the-"

"Land of milk and cookies!? Where in the world am I!" I said interrupting Sharkboy. "You're on Planet Drool, of course!" Sharkgirl said. "PLANET DROOL!? NO! I'm FROM EARTH! I KNOW THAT MUCH!" I shrieked.

"But no one from earth, except Max, has been on "Drool" before." Sharkboy said shaking his head. Who in the world is Max, and what, the heck, is Planet Drool! Why am I here?! How'd I get here; and how do I get back!? My head was overwhelmed with questions. And both Sharkgirl and Sharkboy looked confused. I'M DOOMED!

Just then this girl made out of lava walked in the room from the other side. "Hey, Sharkboy." She said with a big grin on her face. Sharkboy looked at her then back at me.

"Who's your friend?" she asked. "This is Julien." Sharkboy responded and her smile faded. Oh she's so jealous. "I'm not jealous!"

"No one said you were, LG." Sharkboy said. "Yeah, she did." She pointed at me and everyone faced me. "I didn't say anything, I, thought it." I responded rather mean. "That's what you said when I told you who Lavagirl was." Sharkboy looked like he was deep in thought. "You probably have Telepathy!" Sharkgirl interrupted. Yeah, I have telepathy, what ever that is. "You can read minds" Sharkgirl said again.

"I think, I do, because you just answered the question I thought up." I sat down on the 'bed' thinking. "Great, so she can read our thoughts." Lavagirl's hair became brighter with what she said. "I think I can only let people hear my thoughts." She calmed down once I said that. Good now she won't find out how much I like Sharkboy.

"I can read your mind though." I said raising my eyebrow at Lavagirl. Her face when pink and I knew she was embarrassed. "Hey Sharkboy!" I glanced over at Lavagirl to see a fire ball heading me way. I quickly raised my arms and a huge blue shield surrounded me.

The fire ball hit and fell straight to the ground. "Cool! I do have super powers!" I said doing a twirl. "Yeah, terrific." Lavagirl said with an attitude. "Well, Lavagirl, didn't you have to tell us something." Sharkgirl said changing the subject. "Um, yeah, Max is coming for a visit."

"You, guys don't care that I have powers!?" I said, "Max has made a lot of people with powers lately, they never last long." Lavagirl said with a smirk on her face. "What if I'm the exception?"

"That's what the last three said, although the last one stayed 3 days, longer then all the others." She said it like it was a challenge to see how long I would last and I was determined to prove her wrong. "We'll just see how long I'll stay." We both narrowed our eyes until Sharkgirl broke the tension. "Well, after a long journey I don't remember taking, I'm always hungry. So let's eat!" I was about to mention something about her hidden comment, but then decided it was better I didn't. "Ok, what do you guys have to eat?"

"Sushi!" I turned to Sharkboy as he reached into the small pond and pulled out a fish. I snared my nose at it and Sharkboy just let it go into the pond. I looked around the room for anything else, but found nothing. "So, who's Max?"

"Well, he's basically like our creator," Sharkboy explained "If he hadn't dreamt us up we wouldn't be here." I nodded and he continued. "He made planet drool, and he saved it when Mr. Electric went psycho."

"Who's Mr. Electric?"

"It's kinda a very long story."

"Well, I don't have anything better to do."

"OK! If Sharkboy is gonna tell his tale I'm going out." Sharkgirl turned and run out through the cave we had come through. "I have to take care of some stuff." Lavagirl gave me a mean glare before running out of the room, or cave. "So you ready to hear it?"

"Uh, I changed my mind if both Lavagirl and Sharkgirl left. It might not be worth telling." Sharkboy rolled his eyes, and then it got real quiet. We both just sat there. He sat on the rock bed and I sat on floor. I glanced up at him and he was just staring at me. We both quickly looked away. I could fell that my body had gotten hotter. Aw crap, I'm probably blushing like a freak.

I let out a fake cough tried to break the silence and Sharkboy laughed. "What was that?"

"It was my attempt to break the awkwardness." I looked up to find Sharkboy looking at my as if I was an idiot. Oh great! Did I honestly answer a rhetorical question! He must think I'm a complete idiot! "What, too many fish make your brain go raw?" Clever cover. His face completely changed but it changed again so fast I couldn't tell if he was embarrassed or upset. "Maybe you should go and find Sharkgirl." Oh man! He IS angry!

"Yeah, sure guess I could." I slowly stood up watching him to see any slight change that he might want me to stay. He stayed the same and I cautiously made my way through the cave. I got to the end and was back at the beach. I toke in a deep breath feeling the sun warm my face, the breeze rustling my hair.

Something about all of it seemed so familiar. I toke in another breath before turning to the ocean. I looked down at my outfit, a white jumper with a purple long sleeve shirt and purple boots. Not the best outfit to where on the beach. I quickly shed my clothes and set them into a pile on the sand. I was now in black shorts and a black, tank top like, belly shirt. I walked over to where the tide was coming in and slowly stepped in. The water was warmer then I expected, and I stepped in further. There was a big difference in levels so I fell into the water up to my chest making my hair damp. I stepped back so that I was no longer completely submerged. Then I heard a very loud snarling noise, and my body instantly froze. I slowly turned my head to see a gigantic ugly creature just a few feet away. Of course I panic!

I get out of the water as fast as I can and jet through the cave. I ran as fast as I can with the snarling closely following. As soon as I saw the light I prayed that Sharkboy hadn't left. I burst into the room to find Sharkboy still there. "Sharkboy! Help!" He turned around and I tripped right into his bare chest. Oh my god! HE'S SHIRTLESS!

I had tripped right into him. And now we stood there completely awkward. I looked up and his eyes nearly cut through my soul, I quickly looked away. And then I remembered why I had run. Actually we had both discovered it when we heard the snarling behind us. I turned just as the thing jumped at us; I closed my eyes not wanting to see anything that was to happen. To my surprise nothing happen when I looked we where surrounded by a blue shield the same one that had protected me from Lavagirl earlier.

It ran right into shield making me stumble backwards, it backed up and I thought we were in the clear before it charged and jumped on top of the shield. It scratched and snapped at the shield making it harder for me to keep it up. I fell on one knee as it persisted to attack.

"Do something!" I yelled at Sharkboy

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