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"YOU TURD! Why did you lock me out of the cave; do you know how long it toke me to walk all the way around!" Sharkgirl came running up fist flying and voiced raised. I stepped out of the way as her and Taylor fought until a voice came from down the beach.

"Hey!" I looked over to see a blonde haired boy walking towards us.

"What's up, Max?" Taylor said casually dodging an attack, "I thought you wouldn't be here `til later." Max shrugged as he passed me, "Things get changed."

"Enough with the pleasantries get to the point Max." Lavagirl came down from one of the volcanoes and they all stood huddled up in their little group. Why did he have to bring HER? I looked over to see Lavagirl glaring at me. I gave a small smile but it didn't work and I retreated down the beach. What they were talking about didn't involve me anyway.

I slumped down relaxing against a rock. Every few minutes looking at my wrist only to remember I didn't own a watch.

Then I saw something, it was too far down to see but it looked big. It was hunched over and hiding behind the cluster of rocks. "H-hey guys." I looked over at them and then back at the strange figure; it was getting closer. "Guuys!" Still no response, whatever they were talking about it was taking all of their attention.

"Guess it's up to me," I mumbled rising to my feet, "Let's see if I can pull off this "superhero" thing." I looked down at my hands but nothing happen, no electricity no glow, tingle nothing. I closed my eyes and tried concentrating after a few second I felt my hands tingle. Something started to form between them, a ball of energy.

I looked up and did my best to aim at the figure, the energy shot from my hands and down the beach. It hit and a cloud of sand exploded around the area. It seemed to have worked. That's how you get it done! I thought quietly congratulating myself.

However, when the sand cloud died down the creature wasn't gone; it was heading right for us! I turned around stumbling toward the rest of the group; we had to get out of here. "HEEY!"

"What do you want?" Lavagirl barked; I started to answer but tripped bumping into Taylor I looked at him worried and quickly pointed down the beach. "I think I made it angry!"

Everyone's head shot up at the sound snarling and they dove to opposite sides as it charged through us. I side stepped missing it by only a small fraction and turned watching as it prepared to charge again. Everyone started shouting, "Julien, get out of there!" but it was too late it was charging and I was frozen in place.

Then, my instincts kicked in. I jumped at the last second flipping over beast, when I landed we were face to face. A moment past before it charged again; I spun out of the way releasing an energy blast into the beast's side. There was a howl and it fell to the ground. I waited for a second on the defense but when it didn't stand back up I relaxed and the others began to emerge from their hiding places.

"Uh, nice job," Max said jumping over a branch, "by the way;" he glanced over to the others and then nodded toward me, "Who is she?" Sharkgirl vaulted over her cover dusting sand from her boots. "You mean you didn't dream her up?" she looked at Max who simply shook his head. Lavagirl came back into view pointing an accusing finger in my direction, "Then she's the other one!"

"It's more likely a creation of the other one." Sharkgirl added/corrected

"Either way," She said turning to me primed for a fight; I put hands trying to calm her but it did the opposite and put her on the defense. I stepped back a few paces stumbling into someone, looking back I saw it was Taylor.

"Calm down," He said placing a hand on each of my shoulders, "she hasn't even done anything to deserve such accusations."

"She got us attacked by one of those things." Lavagirl said crossing her arms angrily.

"Two actually;" Sharkgirl interjected, "within a day."


"Yeah, we ran into one back at the cave."

"Not my fault." I added, "And I tried to stop that one just now."

"More like lead it toward us." Lavagirl said stepping forward, "No, no that's not what I was doing at all!"

"Girls!" Max said stepping between Lavagirl and me as a barrier, "Calm down, everything is confusing right now so we shouldn't blame people so hastily."

"When did you get so level headed?" Taylor jokingly ruffled Max's hair who causally shooed him off. "Well apparently I have to be, everyone's gone crazy." There was a guilty look between Lavagirl and Sharkgirl before that both sighed "Fiiine." they said crossing their arms. "I guess we shouldn'tjump to conclusions."

Lavagirl mumbled something else before heading back toward her volcano but pauseing briefly she leaned toward my ear and whispered, "I'm still watching you." A shiver ran down my spine as she brushed by me and continued on her way. A quick glance around the group showed me that no one else had heard or seen any of that.

Hey, Julien. You picking this up? You alright?I looked over at Taylor who was giving me a concerned look-those must have been his thoughts- I smiled and nodded; I had caused enough problems for one day.

Therewere a few more exchanges an after that Taylor decided to toke me back to the cave. It was quiet the whole way there, which only made the distance seem even longer. I lagged back, my mind to distracted to keep up with him. I think Taylor caught on cause he kept looking back and after a while he slowed his pace a bit.

"A lot on your mind?" I stopped at the entrance shrugging slightly, "Hard not to think about the amount of people that hate you for no reason." Taylor leaned forward slipping his hand into mine. "I don't hate you." he smiled.

"Thanks." I stood on my tip toes leaning to give him a kiss on the cheek.

"Get away from him!" I was suddenly shoved hard and stumbled back before falling to the ground. "I'm not taking any chances with you!" I propped up on my elbow to see Sharkgirl scowling over me.

"Sharkgirl,"Taylor said grabbing her arm, "what is wrong with you!"

"I know were not supposed to jump to conclusions or whatever but that doesn't mean we should trust her completely either. We still don't know who she is!"

"You're over reacting Sharkgirl, Julien is not dangerous!

"You can't see it because for some reason you're all hypnotized. Seriously, where is the brother that was always focused on the mission!" She glared at me one last time and stormed out.

There was an awkward pause before Taylor grabbed my arm helping me up, "you okay?" I nodded slightly; he leaned closer and I shifted my head so his kiss landed on my cheek. "I-" I paused turning away from him, "What if I am like they say; what if I am this other persons creation and an-" my voice cracked taking away my words as the tears started pouring down my face.

"Hey, hey, hey." Taylor said side stepping back into my view, "don't say that." He cupped my face forcing me to make eye contact. "You're not any of those things."

"H-how can you know?"

"Call it, instinct." He said wiping a stray tear away with his thumb, "You're a good person." He leaned in pressing our lips together; it was a short kiss just to reassure me but I didn't' let him pull away.

Our lips separated for a moment and I put a hand on his neck pulling him back towards me. He let out a moan pulling me in closer his tongue sneaking past my lips on into my mouth. It felt like electricity.

There was a gush of noise before a wave of ice cold water washed over us. I gasped jumping back a step from surprise; Taylor let out a growl next to me and I followed his eye line to Sharkgirl who was standing by the pond of water. "Jeez, I leave for a minutes an-" she was interrupted by a string of water to the face, courtesy of Taylor.

"What was that for!"

"Payback: You can't just come barging in and splash people."

"ba- barging in! I live here! Just cause you decided to get all hot and bothered doe-"

"Whaat! You don't even know what you're talking about."

"ooooh I'm sorry! I must've seen it wrong! What were you doing then! Helping her swallow your face!"

You can't see it, but there's a huge question mark hovering above my head. The argument quickly blurred into words I couldn't understand and then escalated into a full blown fist fight. Something had set them off, watching them they didn't even seem human anymore. They were in some kind of frenzy.

I stood there frozen and confused I didn't know if I should interject or even if I could stop them if I did. But I had to do something; I made fake guns with my fingers pointing one at each of them. Here goes nothing. I concentrated hard and pulled the "trigger": they both jumped.

"You zapped me!" They both shouted, anger now intently directed toward me, "I- I it's just y-you guys where fighting an-"

"You want in!" Sharkgirl said pulling a large amount of water of the pond, "I'll let you in."

"Calm down," Taylor said rolling his eyes "You have such an exploding temper."

"Oh, and you don't." They glared at each other for a moment before Sharkgirl dropped the water and pushed pass me "I'm leaving," she said bumping my shoulder hard enough to turn me around. "Do whatever you want."

Lavagirl and Sharkgirl do NOT like Julien very much do they! Which is such a contrast between their relationship with her in the later stories. I gotta say though, writting them being mean to her, why challenging, is quite ..dare i saw FUN :)