This just came into my head. Enjoy!

Ianto was having a crap day. Official. He had rendered his beloved coffee machine useless by putting the wrong type of coffee beans in it. Ianto didn't even know that he had more than one type of coffee beans in the hub, but it turned out that he did.

Even though he was very angry, what happened after that got him even more so.

Next he had discovered when going down to archives became impossible, that the stream running down the middle of the hub had become blocked and ha overflowed down the floor into the archives. After much searching in his shirtsleeves in the dank, muddy water he had found the problem. Carp. A carp had conveniently died and backed up the water coming out of the stream, so everything else had overflowed. A bloody carp.

And the last straw, the hair that really broke the camels bloody back was Owen.

He had decided to play football in the Hub and after a lot of showing off to the girls, and some rather unsuccessful keepie uppies, Ianto rather thought, Owen had taken a free kick.

The ball shot off into the darkness of the Hub, and there was a rather dull clunk when it hit some glass, then it ricocheted back into the middle of the hub and struck Gwen's desk. It then flew at an angle, and...And...

Smashed Ianto's coffee machine.

Smashed it into a million tiny pieces.

Bits of metal and glass flew everywhere, and the whole thing flew off the side, smashing onto the floor and bending the stand.

After the noise had died down, Ianto looked at Owen.

Owen looked at Ianto.

Neither said anything

Ianto walked off, very stiffly, into Jack's office

'HOME TIME!' Jack called from his office. It had been a long, but very boring day.

Gwen grabbed her bag and sped for the lift, muttering something about dinner with Rhys.

Toshiko took a little longer getting ready and hunted round for her keys. Once she had found them she waved goodnight to jack and left.

Owen wanted to go home, but he had outstanding paperwork, and he knew that he was going to miss the deadline if he went home, so he decided to stay.

There was no sign of Ianto.

'Owen' Ianto called out from the middle of the Hub, Owen jumped four foot into the air. He hoped that Ianto had forgotten, so he decided to be nice to him. Sweeten him up.

'Yeah Ianto?'

'Can you get me some more paperclips, there in the big stationary cupboard over there.'

Ianto pointed to a huge, silver metal cupboard.

Owen sighed and shrugged. 'Okay Ianto!' he called out cheerfully.

He made for the cupboard

He opened it

He looked for the paperclips, and found that there was a box right at the back

He stepped inside the cupboard

He never heard Ianto come up behind him.

'Oi! Tea boy! Let me out of this cupboard now!' Owens's muffled yells sounded far away when he was locked in the cupboard.

Ianto jangled the keys loud enough so Owen could hear them

'You didn't seriously think I had forgotten, did you? If you did- shame on you!'

'Ianto I am telling you!' Owen cried

'Sorry? I can't hear you! See you in the morning Owen!

'NO NO! TEABOY I'M SORRY!' yelled Owen

But Ianto was walking off

'SEE YOU IN THE MORNING OWEN!' he yelled back at him. Then he turned into the lift and activated it. He went into the Cardiff night amid a soundtrack of Owen yelling, swearing and shouting at him.

Vengeance is sweet.

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