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Ianto was late for work, and that was very unusual for him.

But, to be fair, he did have some rather important errands to run before he went into the hub, and he was sure at the end of the day, Jack would understand.

It was now a week after the 'cake' incident, and Ianto was still fuming. He had actually had to bin his new, very expensive Armani suit after just one use, and he knew that Owen wasn't going to get away with it.

The first thing he did was stop off at the pharmacy, mooching around until he spotted what he wanted, and a big, plastic syringe. Perfect.

He then trooped down to the local shop and bought pepper, mustard and hot sauce, as well as some other odds and ends. He smiled as he packed them away.

His last stop before work was to the bakery where he bought a selection of cream cakes, doughnuts and sandwiches.

'Going for a picnic?' the lady behind the counter asked him.

Ianto shook his head, 'no, just buying a couple of treats for my colleagues at work, that's all'.

The woman beamed at him, 'oh you sound like a really nice friend!' she smiled, giving Ianto his change.

Ianto nodded in thanks and before he left he said, 'oh, I'm sure they're going to think so!'

The lady waved at him as he left, and Ianto made the short walk to the Hub.

'Morning all!' he yelled as he crossed to the kitchen, putting his bags on the table.

'Hey Ianto!' came a chorus from Gwen and Tosh. They walked into the kitchen and squealed at the sight of the cakes. 'Oh Ianto, this is really nice of you!' Gwen said, tucking into a cream cake.

Ianto smiled at her, and then went to prepare the coffee in his new coffee machine.

After the girls had gone, Ianto sneaked back and chose a few cakes for Owen, and separated them from the rest. He then mixed the pepper with some water, and then used the plastic syringe he had brought earlier to inject it into all of Owens's cakes and buns.

He wafted the plate around a bit, and then put them in the fridge to dry off.

Ianto chuckled evilly as he turned away, waiting for the moment when he got his payback.

After a while Owen sauntered in, eyeing the cream cakes on the table, licking his lips.

He took a couple of steps into the room, and was just reaching out to grab one of the delicious looking cakes when Ianto came into the room.

Owen stopped dead and looked at the tea boy.

What was his game, then? Cream cakes...this surely had to be a trick.

Ianto seemed to read his thoughts. 'Owen, calm down, it's ok! Listen, I don't want to drag this out, okay? I brought these cakes as a truce, so if you want them, yours are in the fridge.'

He then walked out.

Owen looked at Ianto's retreating back, and gave a small shrug. He then went to the fridge and got out his cakes. He then walked to his station and sat down, picking out a large cream filled pastry. He then took a big bite, and sat in a moment of blissful silence, enjoying his cake.

After a few bites however, he began to taste something...different.

He couldn't put his finger on it, but it just tasted weird. Another bite later, he had to put it down.

'Woo, that cake must be past it's sell by date!' he muttered to himself, before taking a doughnut and sinking his teeth in it.

Again, after a few chews, the same disgusting taste enveloped his senses, causing him to spit it out.

The same thing happened with the next cake. And the next.

In the end he threw the last cake down in disgust, and then turned back to his work, feeling rather sad that his treat from Ianto was just ruined by lazy bakery staff.

As Owen got to work, Ianto stepped out from the shadows and walked to the kitchen, having just watched Owens evident confusion with the cakes.

He then went and got the lunch ready, preparing Owens sandwich just a little differently than the others (this time with hot sauce).

'guys-lunch!' he yelled a few minutes later.

Everyone rushed to the kitchen and took their sandwiches.

Owen was the last to arrive, as per usual.

'I think there was something wrong with the cakes Ianto!' he stated, walking forwards and grabbing his lunch.

He took his sandwich and bit into it.

However, as soon as he started to chew, his eyes bulged and he had to spit it out.

'Oh my god!' he yelped, wafting his hands over his mouth, trying to get cold air into it.

'What the frigging hell!' he wailed, jumping around gasping.

It felt like his whole mouth was on fire.

Ianto cracked up laughing, bending double to allow more air in.

'Owen! Your face!' he said, getting out his camera phone and taking a few snaps.

'What the hell have you done?' Owen growled, trying to grab the camera phone, but missing.

'Oh, nothing...just put a whole syringe of hot sauce in your sandwich filling!' said Ianto, cracking up again.

'You bastard!' he yelled, and then ran to the sink to get some water.

'You shouldn't mess with the master Owen...you'll always lose!' Ianto retorted, walking away to the archives.

After Owen had calmed his mouth down, he sat and thought furiously for a comeback. A few minutes later he had the solution.

No way was he going to let Ianto get away with this...

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