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I stared at myself in the mirror before I left the house. My hair was wild and wispy at the top and however much I brushed it, it never could be tamed. I glared at my hair again and readjusted my glasses. My bright green and hazel eyes stared back at me kindly. They were the only things I liked about myself except today they had the most amazing bags under them. My body felt like a constant fat-suit and even though most girls would have paid for boobs my size they were just a constant back-ache for my height. 5" 2 was the kind of height I would have liked to be if I was thin or even slim but my weight just made it hard for any kind of date. I was permanently in everyone's "friend zone."

"Charlie? Shouldn't you be going soon?" My dad's thick Southern American accent came from the hall as he ran to his Toyota Shogun.

"Right, see you later dad!" I call to him as the door slammed. I ran downstairs to find my giant of a brother sprawled on the sofa. "What you still doing here?"

He looked up at me and grinned smugly, "I was out all night, dad said I could have the day off." He had an English twang to his American accent, I was the exact opposite. I scoffed, my dad preferred my brother, it was obvious, but that was ridiculous.

"Bye mum!" I called upstairs. I received no reply, "Hunting?" I asked turning to my brother to find him fast asleep.

The walk to sixth form was quicker with my group of friends but the prospect of History first lesson and Classical Civilisation last could dampen anyone's morning.


I sat in my usual spot, at the front of the class, ready for another lesson of mind-blowing boredom. I used to enjoy Classics, Greek and Roman mysteries in general, before I went to Sixth Form. I pulled out my large file and pencil case waiting to hear Arthur's usual Latin greeting of, "Salve, Charlie." As he sat down. Smart arse. Would be my following thought.

I felt someone walk behind me. It had to be a guy, no girl smelt that good. Whoever it was walked very lightly, which made me reconsider my first thought. "Hi." Said a rough voice with a Welsh twang, I didn't recognise it and looked up to see a large boy built like a rugby player with jet black hair.

He was smiling crookedly. "Is someone sitting here?" I noticed how every girl was staring at him the way I was, but I was the only one with bright red cheeks.

"Um, no? I mean, no, no one sits there." I stared down at my hands and moved my hair behind my ear. He smiled and swung his back-pack onto the table so that he could take out his supplies.

I felt my cheeks light up like a beacon again when he smiled at me and thrust out his hand, "I'm, Foster."

"Um, Charlie." I replied awkwardly shaking his hand and noticing his piercing blue eyes. He chuckled slightly and went back to what he was doing. I was about to ask if it was his first day when I heard the soft thud of Arthur's feet. "Salve, Charlie." He said less enthusiastically than usual.

"Hey, Arthur." I replied staring at the table. He sat down and eyed up the boy next to me. He tried to introduce himself to the new boy but just got a bit of a blank look.

Arthur raised his eyebrows and looked at me, I just shrugged. When my teacher walked in she was even taken aback by Foster's beauty. It happened to be the most awkward and most interesting lessons I had, had.

At the end of the lesson Foster had left quickly and silently. "He was weird." Arthur commented. "Hmm." I replied thinking, he was hot though.

We walked out of the demountables and Foster was stood outside leaning against the wall. Arthur glared at him and turned to me, "I'll see you tomorrow, Charlie." He smiled and walked away from me. Foster smiled crookedly and I walked over to him.

"I don't think he likes me much." He laughed nodding at Arthur.

"Well you didn't speak to him much." I answered quietly. He chucked and cocked his head smiling, "'Suppose."

I stifled a yawn and Foster chuckled. "Sorry." I said as a second one left my lips, "Didn't get a lot of sleep, bad dream." Foster's face turned serious for a second.

"What kind of bad dream?" He asked trying not to seem to serious.

"Um, it's kind of weird…"

"I'm good with weird." Of course you are.

"Hmm, if you must know…" Something in his bright eyes made me want to tell him about the whole dream. "Well it was about were wolves, actually." His face changed slightly into a surprised grin.

I heard a small cough and turned suddenly to find Sarah behind me, one of my friends and one of the people I walked home with. She looked confused and worried. "Oh, I gotta go." I said to Foster wistfully. He smiled smugly and bowed his head, "See you tomorrow." He then turned and walked incredibly gracefully for his size.

"Everything ok?" Sarah asked.


"He was hot." She pointed out.

"Yup." I smiled at her and started to walk away knowing she would follow.

The walk home was quiet, I was too busy with my thoughts to be bothered with my friends twittering or Sarah's stares. When I finally left them to go across the road towards my house each of my friends embraced me except, Paul who just waved slightly. Our relationship was still a little awkward from that Halloween weekend.

Once I opened the door I was confronted with my mother arranging flowers. "Hello darling." She greeted me in her usual sing song voice. Like my father she also had an American accent but she was from the north, very far north I was lead to believe. She winked at me, her eyes bright crimson, the twinkle in her eye that meant she was going to do something she found funny. "Nothing covers up the smell of the dog." She told me in mock annoyance.

"I heard that!" Cried my dad and brother and she cackled in silence.

I never noticed any difference in my family's smell even though there were two types of myth under one roof.

"What you doing home early?" I was pleased that my dad was home early but it sounded more like an accusation than curiosity.

"What's with the third degree?" He asked teasingly.

I shook my head at her and walked into my bedroom.

"Richard?" I heard my mum ask. I was human but for somehow still had brilliant hearing.

"What my little blood-sucker?" My dad replied.

"Will you go and speak to your daughter? I think she might be going through the change."

"Then shouldn't you… Oh the change. Oh come of it Karla, Stu became a werewolf at fourteen and he was much worse than this."

"Richard go talk to your daughter or god so help me-"

"Alright! Alright I'll go." I heard my father climb the steps grumbling to himself and Stu laugh at him. I heard my mother hiss at Stu and he immediately shut up.

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Sixth form college is school for ages 16-18 you do you're a-levels there. I think I'm correct in saying American high schools have this as their last two years and so do English private schools, actually some public too I think.

Classical Civilisation/Classics/Classical Civ- A lesson about Greek and Roman Myths and plays and sometimes epic poetry, oh the fun we have L