Jasper looked at the floor and walked straight into the house. "What is with everybody?!" I exclaimed.

"You're confusing to us." Edward explained coming towards me slowly.

"Why is Foster in such a bad mood?" I asked angrily seeing Foster move away from the window and look at me sadly.

Edward laughed, "It started because you asked me to give you your clothes at the stream."

"That's just stupid."

"He wants to spend as much time as possible with you before he has to go. I think the reason he found it so annoying is because he doesn't want anyone looking at your body but him." I couldn't help it, I started to laugh and the next thing I knew I was laughing so hard I almost fell over.

"Firstly," I was still giggling, "you are happily married and secondly, he's never expressed any desire to "look at my body."" I started laughing hysterically again, I didn't notice Foster come out of the house and walk towards me. Neither didn't I notice Edward leave.

"You quite finished?" Asked Foster slightly agitated.

I led my laughter die down to a stop. "Sorry."

"Charlie, I'm going to have to leave soon. My mission is complete." He sighed and looked at the floor.

"Oh." I thought I would be able to say an essay's worth of things to him but it was the most pathetic sound I could have made instead.

"Yeah the leaders will call for me soon. So I guess this is goodbye."

"You're leaving, now? They haven't even called you back yet." There was a desperation in my voice that I wasn't expecting.

"Yeah, well." Foster turned to me. His nonchalance annoyed me.

"Well obviously there's no reason to stay is there." Please stay.

"Well then it's settled. I'll leave tonight."

"Fine." No!

Foster turned towards the house but didn't walk towards it. "Foster…" I sighed and closed my eyes. I wanted to apologise, tell him how I felt, beg him not to go but before I could I felt lips on mine. I could smell it was the fairy. I opened my mouth slightly and felt his tongue on mine. Foster pressed his hands on my back and pulled me closer and I placed my hands in his hair. It was amazing, every sense was tingling. When Foster finally let go we were both breathing heavily, it turned out that I did need to breath every now and then.

"Shit." I heard him whisper.

"Excuse me?" I was so shocked I wasn't even angry.

"No. That was fantastic." He blushed, "But I'm afraid, I might not be able to leave." He was staring into my eyes.

"That's a bad thing?" I half laughed.

"If I don't go on the next mission, then I could be killed." He said seriously but softly.

"You probably should go then." I smiled sympathetically.

"I don't have to go yet." Foster smiled brightly. "They don't want me."

I turned to look at the house and laughed as I realised everyone was staring. I turned back to my once fake boyfriend and he kissed me again.


My birthday was a few days later. It involved a huge party with both the packs, the coven and my family, including Foster. The party went on for two days, I had never thought of vampires partying before, and finished when my mother was so hungry that she said she could "eat a werewolf."


The next few weeks passed quickly, when I wasn't running around with the packs or spending time with the Cullens and my family, I was with Foster. I was getting used to my new life. For example I had to sleep every third night otherwise I was unbearably cranky, I had to eat one human meal a day and I only had to drink blood once a week.

The first time I walked past a mirror I jumped at my own reflection. I was broad shouldered and had large muscles but my stomach was flat and my hair was no longer mousy brown but a rich chestnut colour. My eyes were bright red and my skin was so pale it looked like snow. I hadn't even realised I wasn't wearing my glasses anymore, my eyesight was perfect.

Foster smiled at me as I stared at my reflection. "I know, right?" He laughed.

"I don't look like me. I look… beautiful."

"You always did."


These eccentricities weren't met with approval from Rosalie but were accepted by everyone else, of course.

This dream had to end sometime. One very lazy day Foster started acting strangely. When I asked him what the matter was he said he was fine and I was just being paranoid. I didn't want to fight, I knew he wouldn't be around for much longer, so I let it go.

Me and Foster were watching the TV alone, we had the house to ourselves, my parents were having dinner with Carlisle and Esme and Stu was on a date with Leah. It was the day I had realised something was wrong with Foster. He had allowed me to put one of my favourite films on. He thought my favourite films were too depressing. That night he asked if we could watch the Peter Pan film I liked.

Near the end, when Peter and Wendy kiss, Foster turned to me and kissed me deeply, hungrily. I didn't stop him. I don't quite know how but we ended up in my bed. My only regret was that I hadn't had sex before I became this mutant being. "Can you keep your mind on the subject at hand?" He teased kissing my neck.

"Stop looking into my mind." I replied laughing.


He had chosen the perfect day. The day I needed to sleep. When I woke up I was naked under my sheets with a stupid grin on my face. I sighed and turned over to hug Foster, he wasn't there. At first I just thought he had gone into the spare room but I put my hand on his pillow. "Oh god no." I muttered as I came to realise the cliché, I hadn't even looked at the piece of paper in my hand but somehow I knew he was gone for good.

I sighed and looked at the paper,

I'm so sorry, I've been called back. Don't try and follow me, I know you too well. You are the only human, now vampire/werewolf, I ever loved but don't be upset we both knew this day would come. I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye if I had woken you up I never would have left.

Yours always, Foster.

""Don't be upset?" How could I when I can't cry?" I muttered, I scrunched up the paper angrily. No, he can't leave like this. I turned into a werewolf and ran out of the front door. I could still smell him, he wasn't hard to follow.

I jumped when I heard a voice in my head, She's running again. It was Paul.

I'm not running. I went through reading the letter in my head and Paul sighed.

Do what you gotta do, I'll tell everyone else what you're doing.

Thank you.

Before long I heard bounding footsteps as someone followed me. Go back, Embry.

I'm not letting you go alone.


I'm coming too. I heard Jacob and Quil.

Oh joy of joys.

Hey no complaining, we're here to help. Quil rebuked.

Of course you are. Thanks. I sounded sarcastic but to tell the truth I was thankful for the company.

The guys all went back into my memory a little and I heard a, Well done Foster. From Quil who was obviously looking into the night before. I noticed how Embry didn't say a lot and Jacob wasn't sure what to make of the whole thing.

It sounds like he doesn't want you to find him. Jacob told me bashfully.

What do you mean?

Well we've just gone round in a large circle for one thing. Quil interjected.

He said he didn't want you to follow him. Embry added.

No! I knew you'd do this, go home! All of you! Leave me alone. If I could cry that would have been the start of the waterworks. I carried on a bit furthur until I saw the Cullens house with all of the vampires standing looking at me sympathetically. He can't just leave me. No. He can't! He can't leave me like this. A letter? That's it, a letter? He can't leave me with a letter. It was the weirdest sensation of crying without tears that followed with a lot of "he just can't" and a hell of a lot of cussing.

Jacob put his head against mine. I'm sorry. And I couldn't hold in anything. I let out a long and painful howl. I then ran home whimpering, leaving the boys stood hoping I wouldn't do anything stupid, knowing that even if I saw the fairy I loved again I wouldn't recognise him.


After months of moping and generally depressing people I decided there were better things to do, better guys to date and now that my eyes had turned their original colour, unlike my full vampire friends whose eyes turned brown, I felt confident that someone would be right for me. Who knew they would be closer than I thought?

My mother became a vegetarian making her and my dad's relationship more stable, my dad stopped freaking out about my appearance and rejoiced in the fact that I wasn't killing people. Leah and Stu went on to get married and so did I. I knew one day that Embry, now my husband, might imprint on someone else but until then I was going to be happy.


After 50 years of marriage Embry did in fact imprint on a woman we met who lived in England. I didn't stop him from leaving me, I obviously wasn't the right woman for him. As hard as it was, I let him go. A few weeks after he left a young woman came to my house. "Hello. Are you lost?" I asked her kindly.

The girl shook her head, there were tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry." Was all she said and she turned away from me. There was something familiar about her, I couldn't make out what it was...

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