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Her heart beat pounded fiercely as she ran through the hallways. She gasped in relief as she saw her mother's room. Although, Janine hesitated knocking on the door as she willed her legs to stop sprinting. What lies has she spun? thought Janine. Shaking her head to rid herself of said thoughts, Janine pounded on the door. She held her breath as the door creaked opened, only to sigh in relief as a maid's figure was shown through the crack in the door. Although, her relief soon turned into despair. Queen Andreanna wasn't in her quarters. Oh no, where is she? thought Janine. Is she confessing to people what I have done to her? The maid must have seen the distress in Janine's facial expression and body expressions for she fully opened the door and asked in a nervous, almost scared voice, "Is something wrong, King Janine?"

Quickly regaining her posture and putting an impassive expression, Janine replied, "Yes, nothing to worry over." Faking a smile, Janine peered around the maid's shoulder and looked around the room once more. Looking back at her, Janine questioned, "Do you know where my mother may have gone."

"Yes," replied the maid. Sighing, she continued, "Are you curious about the coronation? Is that why you seem so distressed?" Nodding at her question, Janine listened silently as she started talking again. "Oh, well, she must have thought that you would come to ask about it, for she went looking for you." Janine said muttered a thank you, and started walking away. That means that she could be anywhere in the castle, thought Janine glumly. However, her moping was cut short for the maid called out to her saying that she had seen her walking towards the west wing. What business does she have in the west wing? Janine questioned. Taking in a deep breath, Janine started another sprint, this time, back to the room she wanted to stay away from.

Today just isn't my day, thought Janine sadly after she tripped down the stairs once more. Letting out a soft groan, she shakily stood up, leaning against the stoned wall. Squinting her eyes in the darkened, Janine started walking through the darkened hallway once more. Just like before, once the light was too dim to see, Janine used the wall as a support. However, once Janine neared the end of the seemingly endless hallway, pale light was shown. As Janine neared the source of the light, she saw that the door to the room was halfway opened. Janine slided through the door and closed it. As she turned around she slightly yelped.

"What is this?" questioned Queen Andreanna as she glared at her daughter. Janine's attention was then stolen by the goblet in Queen Andreanna's hand. Is that the same goblet that I accidently mixed? However, as Janine opened her mouth to respond, Andreanna cut her off. "Don't answer it, sheep girl." Slightly pouting at the nickname, Janine crossed her arms and sighed. "What do you want?" she asked.

Tossing back her head, Queen Andreanna strutted over to where Janine stood and practically shoved the goblet at her. "Dispose of this." Shoving Janine out of her way, Queen Andreanna walked out of the room, slamming the door shut. Glancing at the contents of the goblet, Janine confirmed her fears; it was the same goblet that had the mixed potions in it. Well, at least it'll be gone, thougnt Janine as she walked out of the room.

Thankfully, despite her normal clumsiness, Janine did not spill the contents of the goblet as she walked through the darkened hall. Janine walked into the Great Hall, and whipped her head around for Sir Demming. Figuring he'd might have an idea of a place to dispose of the waste, Janine was bent on finding him. However, after an hour of searching, her determination was soon destroyed. Sighing, Janine sat down on one of the seats. Setting the glass down on the table, Janine mused over the day's events.

"Having a good time?" Startled by the voice, Janine jumped out of the seat. She whipped her head in the direction the sound originated from, and gasped.

"H-hello Xenos," stuttered Janine, backing away slowly. Xenos growled, but his attention was caught by the goblet. He smirked and grabbed it before Janine could stop him. He turned his back to her, and Janine struggled to look over his shoulder. She heard him muttering some words in an odd language, and, before she knew it, the goblet was shoved towards her once more.

"Drink," he said, his smirk growing larger. Janine took a sniff of the goblet and almost gagged from its fowl stench. "I'll pass," she said laying the goblet down on the table. Growling, Xenos strutted towards her, only to make Janine walk backwards. Suddenly, they heard a-

"Hey! What it!" They both turned to face the voice. Wulgar was holding a tray full of goblets and glasses of wine and mead. A waiter stood next to him, apologizing, only to have Wulgar wave off his statements. He stole a goblet from the tray, and handed the rest of them to the waiter. However, all of this was oblivious to Xenos and Janine, for their attention was caught by a more important matter.

The goblet was gone! Did the waiter pick it up? Janine thought. Rushing at the waiter, she glanced at all the goblets and sighed in despair. None of them contained the potion and enchantment placed on it by Xenos. "Where is the goblet that was on the table?" she quickly asked the waiter.

"It should be on here, King Janine," replied the waiter. Janine whipped her head in Xenos' direction and shook her violently shook her head at him. He said something, however, whatever it was could not be heard over loud cough.

Looking around the waiter, Janine saw Wulgar glaring at the goblet. "This is the worst mead I have ever tasted," he stated. "Oh no…" she heard Xenos mutter.

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