Title: Sometimes We Fight
Summary: LoVe isn't always easy.
Word Count: 330 words
Disclaimer: Not mine, duh.

"Don't hold back, Veronica! Tell me how you really feel!" Logan yelled sarcastically.

Veronica rolled her eyes. "I thought that was why you were yelling, because I already did. Keep up, Logan."

"Oh, so now I'm stupid?"

"Yeah, actually, you are!"

"Well then, if I'm so stupid and my friends all suck and my parties are all so frivolous, why are you even still here!?"

Veronica's face crumpled a bit and Logan felt like a real jackass. But then Veronica schooled her features back to angry and bitter, and Logan quickly hardened his resolve.

"I can show myself out," she told him and turned on her heel to do just that.

"I'm sure you can, you always know the way out. So just run away again, Veronica!" Logan yelled, following her toward the door.

"Fine!" she yelled, throwing the door open and stomping out.

"Fine!" he yelled back, slamming the door behind her.

Veronica promptly turned and faced the door with tears in her eyes. She could hear Logan breathing heavily on the other side.

Logan could tell she was still standing out there; she was shuffling back and forth in that way she had.

"Isn't this the part where you storm away self-righteously?" he spat.

Veronica quickly stifled a choked sob.

But not quick enough. Logan had to grab onto his upper arms, fingers digging painfully into his biceps, to keep himself from ripping the door open and hugging her to him. He hardened his resolve again, waiting for her scathing reply. When none was forthcoming after 30 seconds, Logan called out tentatively, "Veronica?"

There was no answer. Logan tore the door open and burst into the hallway, just in time to see the light above the elevator indicating that it'd reached the ground floor. As loud as Veronica normally was, she could be quite sneaky when she wanted to be.

Logan, head hung, shuffled back inside the suite to sulk and drink a bottle or two of jack.