Title: And Sometimes We Make Up
Summary: The best part of making up, is the making (make up) LoVe.
Word Count: 445
Disclaimer: Nothing's changed.

When Logan got back from picking up his tux, he expected to find Veronica lounging on the couch in her pajamas. She wasn't. He opened the doors to his room to find Veronica wiggling into a green, satin dress.

"What are you doing?" a tux-clad Logan asked as he entered the room.

Veronica zipped up the side of her dress and crossed to the mirror to make sure she hadn't messed up her hair while she was getting dressed. "What does it look like I'm doing?" she asked and continued to ignore him.

"Um, putting on the most expensive pajamas ever?" he guessed.

She shot him a look and then turned back to put her earrings in. "I'm getting ready for the stupid party," she informed him.

Logan frowned. "If you don't want-," he started.

"I'd rather be somewhere with you, even if I'm angry at you, than here, by myself. It's Christmas Eve, Logan. I'm not spending it without you. Even if it means being in a room with all the people I hate, plus all the people that I don't hate, but don't actually know." She turned to face him. "Do I look okay?"

Logan's eyes filled with tears. He was so caught up in the fact that she was, once again, snubbing his friends, that he had forgotten what the stupid party was about. He had been going to leave her here by herself on Christmas Eve. What the hell was wrong with him? He crossed the space between them in a few strides and pulled her to him.

"Logan? Logan, what's wrong?"

He was crying and she could probably tell, but he didn't care. Why was he so stupid sometimes. Here he had the most beautiful, smart, brave, funny girlfriend in the whole world and he was willing to lose her over a stupid party that he wasn't really that excited about himself. "Why do you put up with me?" he murmered into her hair.

Veronica put her arms around his waist and squeezed as tight as she could.. "Because I love you, Logan. Now, what's wrong?"

Logan pulled back and smiled at her. "Nothing. You wanna go watch South Park? I can order us some room service. I hear they're having some sort of New Year's special; fillet mignon or something like that," he offered.

"But the party-"

"Really isn't that important," he told her.

Veronica smiled, one of her full-blown, sparkly-eyed ones and kissed him. "That sounds nice," she whispered. "Or, we could have incredibly fun make-up sex right here." She pulled him toward the bed.

Logan laughed and wondered what he had done to deserve someone so special.