Chapter 1

Highways After High school

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Author's note- The sequel to Seeing Me Smile, I don't see this being as long as the first one but then again I didn't except the first one to be as long as it was.

Kyouya laid in bed, as he had for the last two years. Every night he would wake up at the slightest sound, always hoping it was Tamaki. He hated living in his old house for the memories haunted everything he did. Though, for as much as he hated living there he couldn't leave. What if Tamaki came back or called, would he be given a way to contact him? Antoinette laid besides him sleeping peacefully. She had been a mess for weeks after he left. Kyouya had been the only one to finally get her to eat again, she rarely left his side when he was home.

You gotta be out there

You gotta be somewhere

Wherever you are

I'm waiting

'Cause there are these nights when

I sing myself to sleep

And I'm hoping my dreams

Bring you close to me

Are you listening?

"Tamaki where are you? Why did you leave?" He couldn't forget the day he came back from school and was handed the note from Shima. He had locked himself in Tamaki's room that night. Everything he could touch had been flipped over. Vases shattered on the walls. That night he had fallen asleep on the window sill, too many now painful memories laid on that bed. He made his new bed that window until he could force himself to sit then sleep on the sheets again. He never would have imagined that having a broken heart would hurt this much. It felt like a part of him left, only the empty shell was left. Shortly after the clock hit one his eyes shut for the night, as they had been lately. He needed a few hours of sleep, graduation was tomorrow, he had to look decent for it at the very least.

"Kyouya-senpai, congratulations on graduating today!" Haruhi ran up to him before he went to meet with the rest of his class. "How have you been?"

"Ah Haruhi, have any plans for the summer?"

She noticed his complete dodge of her question and he probably noticed that she knew as well.

"Same as the other summers, going to Mizuzu's. What about you? Do you have any plans?"
"Not as of yet, I may take some summer courses at the University if anything."
"Well good luck with that, I have to go meet Hikaru, he has my ticket to the ceremony. Mitsukuni and Mori-senpai should be there with them as well."
"Until later then." He turned to walk down the remaining hall.
"Kyouya-senpai. Have you heard from him at all?"
Kyouya stopped and kept his back to her, "No he has never contacted me." With that he left her alone in the hall.

Kyouya stood on stage looking over the crowd, fellow graduates sat in the front, watching him, waiting for his speech as senior class president. Haruhi and the other members of the Host Club sat behind them. He thought he saw his sister next to Kaoru but wasn't positive about it. He saw her at least once a month after he had been kicked out. She was so worried he wasn't doing well on his own.

He took a deep breath internally before he spoke to the class for the last time. To them he was speaking strongly about their future, their goals, and their successes, it was hard for anyone to realize he didn't believe any of it. His future was sitting next to his father as they closed the transition between head and successor, and his other future was somewhere in America, possible graduating himself. He had no goals other then to find a job other then a shop clerk at minimum wage and he hadn't succeed at anything. He was disowned from his family, and lost the only person that made his pathetic life worth anything.

After the ceremony everyone went to the Hitachiin manor for dinner. The twins had insisted on throwing something for Kyouya whether he wanted it or not. He hadn't planned on doing anything but to go back to his place, he was finally content on being alone since it seemed like the fates had set it up that way for him. Unfortunately for him Fuyumi had been invited as well practically forcing him to go as well. He didn't say much, didn't have or want to.

But it gets so lonely

Being on my own

No one to talk to

And no one to hold me

I'm not always strong

Oh, I need you here

Are you listening?

"Kyouya since you have no plans this summer you should join Hiroshi."
"Fuyumi how many times must I tell you, I'm not tagging along on his trips."
"I know it's just that since you have no idea what you want your field of study to be, this could help you. Hiroshi is going to the States on business and he asked me to tell you in hopes you would accompany him."

"Fuyumi-san, Hiroshi-san is the CEO of the top car company here in Japan correct?" Haruhi was still trying to keep up with the whos who since everyone was always mentioning a big name anymore.
"Yes he is, he has to go to the major car show that is taking place and while there he plans to close the deal for a manufacturing plant in New York."
"New York? Isn't that where Tama-chan's family is set to open the new school?" Mitsukuni looked at Mori who nodded his head slightly, "Yea it is."
Kyouya choked on the food he placed in his mouth. New York, that was where the new school had been set to open. Even though he hadn't found Tamaki on any records he still believed he was in New York somewhere. For two years he searched and debated going after him. Summer would come and go yet he wouldn't go. What if he did find him? What would he say? What could possibly be said? Did he really need to hear Tamaki tell him to let him go? That it was over, that past, all they went through was to be forgotten. Deep down as much as he didn't want to think it could be over he had to believe it. Tamaki had ended all communcations between them, left without talking to him about it. As much as he was scared to see him if he found him he knew he had to. He needed to say what had been on his mind for two years. Why?

I need you to understand

Can you hear me?

I'm lost in my thoughts

I need you to see

I'm screaming for you to please

Hear Me

Hear Me

"Think about it Kyouya and let me know, he isn't leaving until next week. Hiroshi really wants to help you make something great out of your life, your a smart boy and I hate to see you waste it."
The others all agreed with her. They had all been affected by Tamaki's sudden decision to leave but none had been affected as badly as Kyouya, whether he wanted to admit it or not.

After dinner everyone sat and talked for awhile until Haruhi had to get going so she could leave for Karuizawa on time tomorrow. Kyouya used this time to leave as well.
"I'll take you home Haruhi, my car can be here in ten minutes if you don't mind the wait."
"That's fine, it beats walking or mass transit."
With Mori and Mitsukuni back from school for the summer they decided to stay with the twins for a few days and catch up making it a stupid choice for their driver to take them home. Even with the laughter echoing the room it still felt quiet, empty. The owner of the loudest laughter wasn't here like he should be.

That night Kyouya sat in front of his laptop, checking the new sites for anything, just like any other night. After a few clicks he switched pages for the nearby airline.
"Antoinette, I think it's time to get that idiot."


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