Alternate Ending

Author's Note-This takes place from Chapter 3 on. I was thinking about making this the official ending but changed my mind. I know many of you will be glad I did.

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Kyouya laid back on the bed, it felt nice to be on the ground again. He didn't hate flying nor was he scared of it but he always felt better once he was where he needed to go. He wasn't sure if he had much time to relax or if he had to go with Hiroshi anywhere. He was in the adjacent room, giving both men space and privacy and the closeness to say they were here for business. Kyouya got up slowly when he heard him knocking.
"We can't do anything until tomorrow so feel free to do as you please until then. How good is your English?"
"I should be okay on my own." He had learned enough while he was still living at home. His father had made sure all his sons could speak English so he wouldn't have to worry about them screwing him over, because of misunderstanding between languages.
"Good to hear, then I'll see you tomorrow around 9."
"Tomorrow at 9. Okay."

He stood by the door for a moment before walking back to the bed with his laptop in tow. He had no idea how Hiroshi was allowed to marry Fuyumi. He was relaxed, easy going. When he was first introduced to him he seemed so strict, and hardworking, not like he was now. He must really love his sister to go through the act. Well whatever the cause was it didn't really matter, this just made it easier for him to look around for signs of Tamaki. He flipped on the flat screen, searching for something to just be background noise. Local news was starting, that was perfect. They were talking about some scandal with a local politician. He stared back at his monitor for a moment, unsure where to start. He had no real leads to follow. He had looked into all private and public schools in the area around where the new school was being built with no mention of his name. Was he searching the wrong thing? He did a search in the local news databases on the new school.


The net was filled with articles about it, must didn't look good.
"Stories in the next half hour. Top trends at half the cost, sports with Scott Clark, and after the break continuing coverage about the protests surrounding the new private school set to open next fall on the Upper East Side." His head shot to the T.V. Just missing the little clip. He had only been in New York for a few hours and he may have already found what he couldn't back in Japan. The guilt of waiting so long crept back up. His lame excuses for not coming sooner. He had been stupid for letting the fear of rejection hold him back.

He scanned a few articles while the commercials rolled. They all said about the same thing. Yuzuru Suoh, head of the Suoh line in Japan is causing a stir in New York. Protests started after talk of a new school became slated to open in the Upper East Side. The area will have to be zoned to handle a traffic increase. Local residents aren't happy with the new building for the land had been promised as a local playground. One resident who wished to stay unknown stated, "We already have three public school which are over crowded, and two private schools in the area we don't need another private school, we need more public so our children can get the proper education."

Kyouya had stopped reading as the news came back on. So far he wasn't happy with what he was learning. Not surprised that even in America people were being angered. He knew the decision to spread Ouran out of Japan wasn't Yuzuru's. He had mentioned a few times that he traveled enough with hotel management and never planned on branching out unless Tamaki requested such a thing. No matter where she went people hated her, whether they knew it or not. "That woman is the devil in human form."

Kyouya kept one eye on the TV as he searched the web, digging deeper he knew he was close to finding what he wanted. Yuzuru was standing in the center of a podium in front of the closed school. He talked about not allowing the protests to set back the schools plans. Also that this school would help prepare others for life unlike the others that were designed for a specific field or around religion. Kyouya wasn't paying too much attention to what he said, for it didn't affect him much. Once he got Tamaki back to Japan with him this whole school thing could be pushed behind them.

There he was again thinking about when. When Tamaki came back, when he found out, when, when, when. He had no right to think when, only if. If Tamaki was found, if he wanted to go back. He had no right to assume Tamaki would go back.

As he tried to focus on the speech Yuzuru gave he noticed Tamaki wasn't there. He found it strange that he wouldn't be there. Could he really not be in New York? The note he was given said he left with his father. Maybe he was out West more. Kyouya had to talk to Yuzuru, he hadn't seen him in two years really. He was hardly at Ouran and when he was Kyouya was engaged in something. Last week he attended the graduation but left as soon as it ended. Kyouya could only guess it was to come here. He had to find out where the school was exactly. He finished browsing the article he was reading, nothing. Searching for a few more he kept coming up short. He was running out of time, giving up he wrote down where Yuzuru was and ran out of the room, happy Hiroshi hired a car for them to use while they were here.

When the car pulled up Yuzuru was still talking. Kyouya quickly got out and walked to the side, the press was in the way but he could still watch him. As Yuzuru finished speaking he moved closer.
"Chairman!" Yuzuru looked up and saw Kyouya walking to him. He was surprised to see him here, of all places.
"Kyouya, what brings you here? How have you been?" He led the way to his waiting car.
"I'm here on business, I thought that since I was in the area I would see how things were going here. I see people still haven't accepted the idea."
"Soon, I think the idea of the school will change, and that will change the idea of many." They got into the car, Yuzuru sat across from Kyouya. "I don't think Tamaki would mind if I changed the idea, no, I think he would have approved."
"Sir?" Yuzuru looked at Kyouya, realizing what words escaped his lips.
"Forgive me, it has been a while. I will take you to him. I'm done hiding everyone from the truth. You need to know that has happened."
He told the driver something as he reached for his briefcase.

When they stopped driving so had Kyouya's heart.
"I would have contacted you sooner but I felt I should respect my sons wishes. Please note, that I am very sorry." He handed Kyouya a piece of paper, forcing him to tear his eyes away from the car window.


Please don't don't be sad for me, I know you may be upset but it's better this way. For you see, I can't go back but I can no longer stand the pain of moving forward. All I ask of you is to tell no one. I would tell not even you but I know you would find out some way. Mother can never know, for even thinking of the pain and sorrow it would cause, it too much to bear. I want you both to know I love you. I am sorry, good-bye father.


Slowly Kyouya handed the paper back to him. He couldn't speak, his breathing had to be forced. Yuzuru stuck it in his pocket as he got out of the car. Kyouya slowly moved himself to leave the vehicle and follow Yuzuru. "I ask that you don't tell Annie-Sophie, for I must agree with my son, this would overwhelm her, and in state her body may not handle it."

He was already shaking when they stopped.
"When...How?" He forced himself to speak, forcing himself to not believe what was right in front of him.
"Last year, in the fall. He was found by the housekeeper. Slit his throat while watching the sunset. According to her it was where he always stood at night." He stopped, he couldn't continue, the memory to painful. He turned away, facing the car. "I'll be in the car, take your time." Kyouya could say nothing, do nothing, it seemed as everything had gone dark.

His knees buckled under him, unable to support his weight. He pressed his forehead against the cold granite, letting his sorrow spill over as he allowed the truth to settle in. From his position he saw in engraved picture in the corner, slowly he moved his hand over it, as if he was caressing he face. He couldn't understand why. Why did it have to come to this? Why didn't he go back? He would have been welcomed back.

"Tamaki, I don't understand this, why? What happened to make you think that this was the best solution? I'm sorry I couldn't help you, I'm sorry I wasn't here, I'm sorry I waited so long to follow because if I hadn't then maybe you would still be here. I hope you can forgive me. I hope you aren't in pain anymore. I hope wherever you are, you are smiling." his voice was barely above an audible whisper.

He couldn't get the tears to stop, the pain his chest wouldn't decrease. The pain of knowing he was gone forever was for worse then any rejection could have been. The pain of never saying good-bye, of saying how sorry he truly was, over whelmed him. His hands let go of the stone and fell to the earth supporting his head. He closed his eyes, trying to picture Tamaki below him. He could see every detail in his face, see his hair as perfect as ever. His smile, it was small but, peaceful.
"Tamaki, I'm sorry, I love you, now and forever." He sat up on his knees for a moment before standing up. He made his way to the car.

Before he headed to his flight to go back to Japan he stood one last time at his nightmare. He pulled out his wallet to take out a picture he always carried with him. One Tamaki had made them take together on their first day of starting High school. The words he had spoken then echoed his mind.
"Let's take one when we graduate, one with all the members of our family." Back then he didn't get what he was saying, but now those words made perfect sense, he smiled as slightly as ever.
"So you never forget the family you left behind." He placed the picture that he had laminated to last forever at the base. He placed a weighted stone on top so it wouldn't move. Before he left for the car he placed two silk roses on top. A red and blue, tied at the steams so they could never be separated. He headed to the car, stopping half way to get one last look.

Suoh, Tamaki

Beloved Son and Friend

April 8,1990-September 22, 2006

You will be forever missed.

"Good-bye Tamaki."


This again was one ending I planned but for many reasons didn't follow through with it. The years and days are odd I know. In the manga I didn't see a day or year of Tamaki's birth so I used the fact that he is an Aries and then just picked a day that sounded good with 1990...[my b-day year :)] The second year is the year he died if he was 16 so it would be 2007 for Kyouya. Just in case any of you are confused by any of it. Okay so I'm officially done with this story. And this chapter made me cry, once while writing, then twice while I was typing. Sooo sad.. the pictures in my mind were making it really hard to write. ANYWAY Time for it as a novel. :)