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Without further ado, I present, The Heiress.

Bella Swan awoke Sunday morning (okay, Sunday afternoon) to an upside-down view of her bedroom. Groaning, she looked around, surveying the destruction like a tornado might view the path it just ripped through.

Her Hermes bag was precariously hanging onto the wingback chair in the corner, and her clothes had been peeled off one by one and dropped in the exact spot they had been removed, leaving a trail of cloth crumbs from the door to the bed.

She could see one red sole of whatever pair of Louboutin heels she wore last night peeking out from behind her closet door, and God only knew where the other was.

She glanced down at her body, only to see her bottom half clad in lace and silk. Well at least she wore underwear last night. No bra, but that was because the shirt she had worn hadn't required one.

Must. Get. Up. Bella forced herself to sit up, flinching when her vision started swimming and her stomach lurched. Well, that's a problem.

She held still for a moment, allowing the churning feelings to pass and her vision to return to normal. Standing up, she stumbled to the bathroom, making sure to hold onto any inanimate object that might support her weight on the way. After a few mis-steps, she finally made it through the doorway.

Reaching to flick the light switch, she quickly shut it back off when she was momentarily blinded.

"Agh, fuck!" Her hand flew up to her face to cover her eyes, in the classic delayed reaction, seeing as how the lights were off already. "Jesus Christ, this is gonna be a long day."

Bella reached into the shower and spun the knobs, allowing a fresh waterfall to pour down. She slid under the water, tilting her face up into the spray. Moaning at the wonderful way the hot water soothed her muscles, she took her time with bathing, just reveling in the feeling.

Bella realized that she had been standing motionless in the water, for who knew how long, and extended her arm to turn the knobs off. She grabbed a fluffy, white towel and carefully patted down her body to ensure the water soaked into her skin. Her eyes rolled when her sister's voice echoed through her head: Proper moisturizing is important to keeping skin looking young!

Wrapping a long, cashmere robe around her, Bella set out to her living room--one of the perks of owning a hotel chain is living in one. She had an entire suite to herself, and even had a waitstaff to cater to her every whim. Believe you me, she took entire advantage of that specific perk.

Michael, her personal butler, stepped forward to present the morning paper and her breakfast--black coffee and frosted strawberry Pop-tarts. Ah, such simple tastes. One would never guess that was what she liked, if one were to judge solely on the reports and stories about her in the media. Perez Hilton and TMZ would have her eating Beluga caviar on toasted, gourmet bagels baked fresh every morning.

Bella sat her tray on the couch next to her, and opened the paper instead. Michael didn't bother waiting for the thanks that he knew would never come, stepping back into the kitchen to continue preparing the menu and grocery lists for the week. Mrs. Stanley, Bella's chef, saw him re-enter and knowingly stated, "One day, she'll appreciate what she's got." Michael just pursed his lips, raised an eyebrow, and shrugged, as if to say, 'Highly unlikely'.

Back in the living area, Bella tossed aside the sections of the paper that she wasn't interested in, and went straight for the gossip columns. Weekends usually had her starring in no fewer than three articles, most times with an accompanying photo in at least one. She loved to get a laugh at what they said, because it was either complete speculation, or one hundred percent, spot-on. Which was which, she never cleared up. It was more fun to keep them guessing.

She found what she was looking for, and scanned the headlines, looking for her nickname--The Heiress. It was fitting, as she was exactly that--the heiress to the Swan hotel chain fortune. Charles Swan, her father--known to friends and family as 'The Chief'--had been left the inheritance when her grandfather passed away recently. As the oldest child, she was now in line to inherit.

Her eyes lit up when she spotted the first headline--right smack dab in the middle of the page, with a collage of pictures that looked to be from the night before. Bella had gone to one of the swanky, en vogue clubs that was sure to have paparazzi stalking nearby. Why else would she go? If you weren't seen and noticed, it was a wasted night. Well...according to some.

She scrutinized the pictures on the page, recognizing herself, Alice, Rosalie, and Jasper. There was another man that she didn't know, but it looked like she was talking with him...wait, no...she seemed to be arguing with him. Her eyes quickly skimmed over the headline: The Heiress Gets Schooled. Bella cocked her head to one side and thought, What in the hell went on last night? And who was this man in the pictures?

Reading the article seemed like the best option, so at least she would know how things looked to the public...she'd have to call Rosalie or Alice when she was done to find out what really happened. Should have stopped after the fifth cosmo.

Bella turned her attention back to the article, and read.


Seattle, WA

--If you weren't at SEE Sound Lounge last night, you missed a rare event. Isabella Swan, better known as 'The Heiress', had her Louboutins handed to her when a man turned her down after she asked him to buy her a drink. According to an eyewitness, Heiress was holding court in the VIP area when the young man passed by. She leaned out of the doorway and stopped him, asking him to go get her a drink. He laughed before saying, "I don't think so." Heiress was taken aback, shocked that someone would deny her request. She seemed to question the man again, and he only laughed at her before responding and walking away. This reporter sure wishes he had been there to see that, because occurrences like that resemble unicorns: magical and rare!

By the time Bella was done reading, her blood was boiling. Obviously, the pictures showed that something had happened between her and the man, but she had no idea if that was really what transpired.

Angrily slamming the paper down on the table, Bella stood up and started pacing. She didn't normally care all that much about the articles, besides being entertaining. But this one...that man...there was something nagging at her. She decided to call Alice in hopes she could tell her more.


Alice picked up on the first ring, expecting Bella's call. "Yes, it's true."

Bella was bewildered for a moment, as she hadn't even said a word yet. "I know what you're calling about. Last night. Yes, the article is true."

Still not having uttered a syllable, Bella pulled the phone away from her ear to stare at it for a moment. Placing it back, she said, "Are your magical powers getting stronger? I mean, we already know you are eerily clairvoyant, but can you read my thoughts now, too?"

Alice laughed teasingly, replying, "No, Heiress, I just know your routine. You read the paper already, and don't remember what happened last night. Figured I'd put it out there before you could beat around the bush."

"Who was the guy?"

"No clue. Just someone walking by."

"And he actually told me 'no'?"

Alice laughed again, "Suuuuuuure did."

"Did you get a good look at him?"

"Why? You gonna give him a piece of your mind if you ever happen to run across him again?"

"Ugh, no, I just...was he at least hot?"

"Uh, yeah, I think so. It was dark. But I'm pretty sure he was nice-looking. Had a good head of hair from what I can remember." Bella heard her front door open, and suddenly Alice's voice was in stereo.

"Nice hair, huh?"

"Yep, the kind you want to run your fingers through." Alice finished speaking and pressed a button on her phone, hanging up the call. She floated across the room and gracefully eased herself into an over-stuffed chair. Alice also lived in the hotel, though she didn't find it necessary to have a full-time waitstaff on-hand. She had the suite on the floor below Bella, and utilized the same hotel staff that the other guests did.

Bella glared at her sister for a beat longer before huffing and plopping back down onto the couch. "Alice, I've never been turned down before. Guys are usually more than happy to do things for me. How could this happen?"

Alice laughed, a high, musical sound, before answering, "Sweet-pea, you act like the guy took your new puppy out back and shot him. It was just a guy. Just a rejection. Honestly, I'm shocked it hasn't happened before now."

Bella made a 'what the fuck' face at Alice, and Alice stuck her tongue out in return. "What? I'm just saying, it's not like you are all that nice to them. You just expect them to be your lapdogs or something. Maybe it's about time you met your match. Too bad you didn't get a name...I could have used the entertainment when he turned you down again."

"Oh my God, you are looking to get slapped this morning! Or afternoon...whatever!" Bella scrunched up her face and rolled her eyes at Alice, who had picked up the Business section of the paper to check over the stock quotes and figures.

Alice had a special knack for choosing the right stocks at the right times, and therefore had a good-sized padding to round out her trust fund. She also helped out the family by providing advice to their stockbroker, but if you asked him, he was just great at his job.

"Whatever, I'm over it. You want something to eat?" Alice shook her head no, and also let Bella know that she could get her own refreshments if she so desired.

"Why don't you give Michael and Mrs. Stanley the afternoon off? It's Sunday, after all."

"The day off? What if I need something?"

Alice stared at Bella briefly, trying to discern if sarcasm was laced in her statement. Deciding it wasn't, she answered, "Are you out of your mind? You're a big girl. You can handle yourself for an afternoon. I'm going to tell them to take off. Jesus." She rolled her eyes and stood up, making her way into the kitchen. Bella could hear her chiming voice speaking with the other two people, and their thanks professed. She snatched up her Pop-tart and bit into it, grumbling under her breath while chewing.

Alice came back into the living room and let Bella know that her assistants had left for the day, and would return in the morning.

"Oh, and Michael told me that you should be having some packages brought up sometime this afternoon. The new fall wardrobe you ordered? He already cleared out the spring collection to make room, so you'll just need to sign for the boxes when they come."

"Ugh, I was wondering when that stuff would show up! I swear, if I had to look at those out-of-season clothes for one more day, I was going to give them to Mrs. Stanley to use for dust rags. Blech."

"You truly are something else." Alice shook her head at her sister before throwing a smirk her way. Bella was never able to stay annoyed with Alice for long, and before she knew it, she was crossing her eyes and sticking out her tongue, causing both girls to dissolve into a fit of laughter.

The sisters passed the next hour by flipping through channels on Bella's flatscreen and perusing gossip magazines. It was interesting to them to see how wrong the rags got certain stories, and on the flip side, how close to home others were. What was even more interesting was that the stories that were true were always the ones no-one believed, and vice versa.

Bella was mid-channel change when her buzzer sounded, alerting her to a presence at the door. She flicked her eyes toward Alice, who merely raised an eyebrow in response.

"You were the one that sent Michael home."

"Oh. My. God. Get over yourself." Alice tossed the magazine she was reading onto the chair she had been lounging in and stood up to answer the door.

Opening it, she greeted the person standing on the other side, "Hi, you here to drop off Her Royal Highness' packages?" She raised her voice to enunciate the 'Her Royal Highness' part deliberately so Bella could hear her.

Bella merely raised an arm and extended the middle finger in Alice's direction. Alice smirked and turned back to the delivery man, patiently waiting for him to hand her the signature capture device. As he handed it over, he straightened up slightly, revealing a tall, slightly built frame with strong forearms peeking out from under his rolled-up shirtsleeves.

Alice's eyes followed his arms up to his broad shoulders and to his face, doing a double-take at his strikingly green eyes before winding up at his hair...a nice head of hair...that you would want to run your fingers through...Alice gasped loudly, startling the deliveryman and getting a reaction out of Bella as well.

"Alice, for fuck's sake, what are you doing, chiseling your name in stone? How can it take so long for someone to sign for packages?" She still hadn't turned around from her position on the couch, opting instead to just yell the words over her shoulder.

Alice made a split-second decision to have the deliveryman to help bring in the boxes, and politely asked him.

"Would you mind terribly putting these inside the doorway for me?" She gave a stunning smile that no one could turn down.

The deliveryman didn't disappoint.

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