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Chapter One—The Encounter

300 Hours

Data sighed, drumming his fingers on the desk. It was a human gesture he had picked up from his best friend, Geordi LaForge.

Next to Data on the desk were several large piles of books that Commander Riker had lent him. 101 Funny Jokes, one read. Dirty Humor, another read. Some of the other titles included Jokes to Make a Vulcan Laugh, Knock-Knock Jokes, and The Greatest Riddles of the Centuries. Data just didn't get it. The riddles were…interesting, to be sure. But Data did not understand any of the jokes. Why a person's rear end could be funny was beyond him. Humans. Data just did not understand them. He petted his cat, Spot. "What should I do now?" he asked it. The cat purred, rubbing against him.

Data decided to go to the Holodeck. As it was 300 hours, there were very few people walking the corridors. Data did not expect there to be. After all, most of the ship was asleep at this hour. Data entered the turbolift, heading for Deck Nine.

"All senior officers, please report to the bridge immediately," Data's comm chirped.

"Affirmative, Captain," Data replied. "Computer, alter course to the bridge."

While in the turbolift, Data wondered what this was about. What could merit all of the crew reporting to the bridge at 300 hours? Right now, the Enterprise-D was on a course for Starbase 22 to trade some replicators for parts for engineering. Surely something must have come up. Or maybe it was something else…

"What is going on, Captain?" Data asked, taking his usual seat on the bridge. No one else had arrived yet.

Captain Picard sighed. "Ensign Koby woke me up to tell me that that ship just got out of warp," he said, pointing at the viewscreen.

Indeed, there was a ship on the viewscreen. It was quite small, compared to the Enterprise-D. It looked to be about the size of a Federation freighter ship. It was a silverish-grey color, and shaped like a disk. There were two parts at the front that veered inward. Data presumed that was where the command centers were on the ship. The ship was unlike any Data had ever seen before.

"That ship looks unfamiliar, Captain," Data said. "It is unlike anything I have ever seen."

"I know," Captain Picard replied. "They could be hostile. This is a very serious matter."

"Indeed, Captain," Data agreed.

The rest of the crew began to slowly file into the bridge. They all looked very tired. Commander Riker yawned, sitting down next to the captain. "So, what's the problem, Captain?" Riker said tiredly.

Captain Picard stood up. "I apologize for getting you all out of bed, but an unknown ship just came out of warp," he said, pointing at the viewscreen.

"There are no Federation markings on this ship. It seems to be an unmarked vessel," Data noted.

"What should we do, Captain?" Counselor Troi asked. "It doesn't seem to be a hostile ship. In fact, the occupants seem to be almost…afraid of us."

"Let's get our intentions cleared up," Captain Picard said. "Hail that ship, Worf."

"Hailing, sir," Worf said, pressing a few buttons. After a long pause, Worf said, "Sir, they've opened up a link."


The screen instantly showed the inside of the possible hostile ship. The center of the screen showed a human male wearing a strange type of uniform. To the right of him was a rather hairy-looking alien that looked to be twice the size of the human. The crew of the Enterprise could see other figures moving in the background.

"This is Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the starship U.S.S. Enterprise," Captain Picard said like he always did. "Please state your reasons for warping into Federation space."

A look of utter confusion stole over the man's face for a second and his eyes widened. The hairy alien roared. "I know, I know!" the man snapped at the alien. The alien made an unintelligible response. Regaining his composure, the man said, "This is Captain Han Solo of the Millennium Falcon. Can we explain our situation?"

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