Chapter 1#

I have been ordered to move North/West into grid:142 near Kilrathi border.
Pirate raids have increased from 20% to 60% just last 89%.
The UPMD Command has sent 5 task force's to meet the pirates.
Reports also say that the Kilrathi have (not confirmed) have paid these pirates to raid this part of the also a fleet of Kilrathi warships have increasd on the border. The U.S.S Delta: (us) U.S.S Denver:U.S.S Falcan and 2 gunships are part of task force 3.

There will be heavy fighting because these pirates are everywhere!

Captain Trueman.
Captain of the U.S.S Delta.

Pirate attack fleet's are moving to grid 149 to most likely to attack a UPMD Command center.
The pirate forces have spread everywhere: So that our ships will not be tight together. Whoever is leading this pirate smart.

Captain Trueman
Captain of the U.S.S Delta.

Captain Antaeus knew that it would be any second that one of his lieutenants would report they had spoted the U.S.S. that very moment the lieutenant walked up stood at attention and made his report "Spotted U.S.S. Delta sir"."Good radio the other Captain that I would like to come aboard".The lieutenant saluted and told one of the men at the controls to send the message.

The U.S.S Delta went though Gird 142 away from the nearby space way.
"Have you seen the U.S.S Falcan yet Mr Roberts?" "Not yet sir."
Walking to the communications center Captain Trueman put his hand on the communications Lt shoulder.
"Any thing from them?" "No sir." The elevator doors opend, out walked the Second in command. "Captain."
"We need to scan the area,Sir." The Captain came back to his seat: Taking a breath he gave the order to send out the Recon Raptor's.* A Raptor is a heavy fighter and a great threat to pirate fighters and ships.
And it is loaded with fire power.* "Sir,We have spoted the Falcan,sir" The Captain got up from the seat and pointed to the communications Lt,and said "Mr Allston, tell the Falcan to come along side."
"Well sir, the Captain of the ship ask's to come aboard,sir" The Captain rasied one eyebrow."Okay, granted."
"Tell them to come aboard."

Captain Antaeus told a sergeant who controlled the engine thrust along with driving the ship to come along side the U.S.S. Delta."Oh and before our driver here parks us along side the Delta would you release a load of missile space mines, just in case.."Captain Antaeus ordered his weapons commanding as the sergeant released the space mines a red light started blinking on the radar two hundred or more enemy ships appeared on the radar!Almost instantly Antaeus leaped into action preparing all weapons rushing men to there gun pods and in those few seconds that passed one soldier didn't get to his pod Antaeus noted and jumped into the pod himself ,but before he could even see the enemy tons of missiles went flying past towards what Antaeus saw an enormous fleet of fighters but just as he and all the other men on his ship started firing the missiles made contact with the WENT RIGHT THROUGH THEM!!!Just great all those fighters where projections now they would have to hunt down the one projecting them was just as the fake fighters disapeared Antaeus found he was wrong that the fake fighters were just a real force was probably behind them assumption was proved as about twenty high powered lasers slamed into the back sheilds knocking them out then a lower power laser struck directly on his pod the explosion slamed him against the wall of his pod Antaeus realized his leg had been slitely burned from where the wall of the gun pod had been heated by the explosionand where was the real gunner of this p..........Antaeus blacked out

"Turn this ship around! Shields on maximum!"The Delta turned swiftly around the Falcan. Suddenly 3 pirate flagships came from Hyperspace.

The flag ships started firing on the Delta and Falcan. The laser's hit the Delta's shields."Sir, the shields on 85%,sir." Trueman looked at the Holographic Table in front of him.3 Flagship's and at least 50 fighters came at them.(by the way. the fighter's are heavy starfighters.)In Trueman's mind he was thinking of what he could do. Quickly he turned around saying to the weapon's controller Sgt.
"Lock torpedo's on those ships! Phasers on those fighters NOW!" He came back to the "Command" seat."Engine room damage report!" suddenly there came a reply."We have been hit on the main engines,sir. It might take a while."Captain Trueman thought. "Sir, we are gitting a signal from the Recon Raptors,sir."Trueman walked quickly to the com center. The Recon Raptors that were sent to scout the area came back to Delta when t they herd that it was under attack. The 4 Raptors came closing to the battle. The Raptor leader called in."Raptor leader 1#,Raptor leader 1# to U.S.S Delta. come in please." "This U.S.S Delta. Where is your position?Over."1# klick to west-side port."Trueman quickly respond."Raptor leader 1#.Are you loaded for battle? Over." "Yes sir. That is why I am asking to attack the Flagship's sir. Over." "You have the green light. Good luck. We will cover your attack with torpedoes." "Aye Captain!" The Recon Raptors went into attack formation."stay tight on me boys!Looks like they got a lot X-31 starfighter's out there. Lock Image Recognition missiles on heaver fighters!"
"Jonesy, you cover the Falcan!" "On it!" Major: Steve Jonesy is an ace from the "Tiger's Claw" Space craft carrier. He has a 25# confirmed kill record.
He is also known for his fast dog fighting. Suddenly an X-31 starfighter came behind the ace. "crap! he's behind me!" The ace pulled X-31 came in for the kill. The X-31 must of been just 106 meter's from Jonesy. However, that is what he ace gave a smirk, as he pushed the PSM button. Suddenly from the back of the Raptor came a Space mine!BOOM! The X-31 blew up. Metal, fire and smoke came from the ship's path. The ace soared the it. As Jonesy flew on the battle field, 2 torpedoes soared past him which sounded like they were screaming. Very quickly he got on another Locked his Neutron gun's on the when he fired his gun's,His shot's missed."Darn." But he would not let him go. He Locked his Image Recognition missile on it. A voice came from the Weapon's Computer."Locked on." Pulling the missile trigger, the rocket sprang from the missile rack. SHOOM! BOOOOM! The back end of the X-31 blew off: Leaving the front helpless. Jonesy swung around the rest of the he opened up with his Gatling Mass Driver Cannon. KA-BOOM!

Suddenly the ace heard something like an engine over moved his camera fix to see what the sound was.
Coming from hyperspace, he saw 2 UPMD Gunships blasting away! Red hot torpedoes soaring past his ship. The Gunship's started blasting fighter's with Phaser's. One by one the fighter's came burning then the ace heard something else. right above he looked at the camera fix.
A massive UPMD Cruiser came from hyperspace. It was the U.S.S Denver,1 third class Cruiser. The Denver quickly locked on the pirate flagship's and opened fire. Torpedoes soared though the battle field.2 Flagship's exploded as the torpedoes hit it. Then from the back of the Denver came a formation of 10 Hornet's closing in the battle.
"All Raptor pilot's. All Raptor pilot's, Head back to the Delta,cap's. The other boy's are covering us. Head back to the Delta. We don't need to leave the ship on her own. Keep close, boy's."
Jonesy saw the 3 other Raptors coming back in formation. As the ace also headed in formation, he thought he saw something coming in behind him. as he switched his fix an X-31 darted past him.
"That son-of-a-gun in heading right for him!"
"Raptor leader 1#! Raptor leader 1#! PULL OUT! PULLOUT! PULLOUT!!!"
But before the X-31 could fire, the Raptor leader quickly swept down,and pulled up behind the X-31, locked "Heat-Seeking" missile, and fired. SHOOM! BOOM! The Raptor leader soared through the fire, metal and smoke; how he flew through it could never make a picture.
"Always check your scanners, boys, they may one day save your life!"
Jonesy gave a smile listening to his Col: Even though he was not originally his Col., he had only been with him for two weeks, though he felt like he was his Col. The battle was just about over. Debris was everywhere. The Hornets were quickly finishing up the fight. One by one the rest of the X-31 fighters were being destroyed by the avenging Hornets. After the time of thirty minutes, the battle was over. The Hornets quickly formed up and headed back for the Denver. As the Hornets were also coming up to the Denver, several Recon Rapiers were heading out to scout the area. However one Hornet did not turn back. The person who drove this was an Ace, who's name was Tie Yo Sung. As he was scouting out the destroyed Flag Ships and crippled X-31 fighters, one suddenly popped out from behind one of the Flag Ships. It immediately caught the attention of the young Ace, who immediately locked his "Dumb-Fire" missiles.
The Ace quickly pulled the missile trigger and watched in cocky pleasure as the missiles took off and destroyed the fighter.
"Private Tie Yo Sung! Head back to the Denver immediately! Quite playin' like a little kid out in the sandbox!"
The Ace pulled out and headed straight for the Denver. He smiled and pulled a cigarette from his mouth.
"Space IS a sandbox...there is much adventure awaiting one, sir."

The Delta quickly pulled alongside the Denver, along with the Falcan.
Captain Trueman came to his command chair; as he sat down he took in a deep breath.
"Com. Lt., link up with the Falcan and check their damage."
"Aye sir."
The second officer stepped up beside Trueman.
"It's a good thing that the Denver 1 came along with her two gunships,"
"Yes indeed...."
Trueman looked at the Holographic Table, remembering the man who saved his life many a time; who was the captain of the Denver 1. Trueman longed to see the captain of the Denver, but then a voice interrupted;
"Sir, we're getting a transmittion from the Falcan. They say they're pretty badly hurt and they're captain is blacked out and his engeries are unconfirmed."
"Ready a shuttle I want to take a look for myself."