A/N---I am writing this story to get it out of my head! I have other stories that I am working on but I want to get this one out. It's according if I get any reviews on this one if I continue.

Felix lay there on the bed, looking around the room which was more like a prison except for the large bed which he didn't really need, except for his 'needs'. There was a large, round mirror with a stand beneath it and on it lays his cell phone and wallet. He silently laughed, he had no need for money. He looked at his closet which held his clothes which he didn't need either but to fool the humans. There was no window in the room because this room that he was in was far, far below the earth but there was a small 'window' if you could call it at the top with bars across it, Aro liked it there in everybody's room so sun could shine on you a bit and remind you of what you where, like we could ever forget? Sunshine to make us sparkle like jewels on a crown. That's all we where, jewels on Aro's crown.

Slowly, Felix turned his head to look at the figure in his bed, covered by the sheets and you could not see the person's face. Felix smiled remembering the passion of the night before, when she hesitantly said yes to spending the night with him, when he felt the blood of her coming out when he entered and he knew. He knew he could not let her die, Aro decided she must die so he said that Felix could take her like this before....it happened. He was not a psychic like that Cullen girl but there was one thing he saw when he was turned over 450 years ago...this one's face. Her tender face, it was all he saw and he knew he had to protect it. He got up, so carefully as to not to disturb the sleeping form. He was a vampire so it was silly to move so carefully but he wanted to be sure she still slept.

He moved the bed with no effort to the side and it revealed a large hole in the floor, he smiled, he had for 400 years been making this hole since he came to the Voultri, he knew this day would come and it had. Every night he would come in here, since it was at nighttime that Aro and the others had no need of the guard...why did they even need guards anyway? He bent down and took off the steel lid he had put there, he put it on the ground like a feather as to not disturb Jane. He shuddered at the thought of her. Little girl....much pain from her.

He then stood up and went over to the sleeping form, he sighed and gently picked her up, she moaned but she still slept, he walked over, took a unnecessary breath and dropped himself and her in it. He then poked his head back up and reached over and put the bed back over the hole and disappeared again.

A while later, Jane opened the door, looked around the almost empty room and she saw the bed stripped of covers and sheets. She turns around and angrily heads for the court where her Masters are. Demetri sees her, he has a sharp business suit and a dark grey cloak which shows that he is head of the guards but he sees the anger in Jane's eyes and he carefully asks:

"What is it Jane?"

She looks at him with her red eyes almost blazing and she hisses out:

"He's gone"

He looks around then asks:


She snarls back:

"Felix and that….human"

Demetri almost smiles but he wipes it off his face rather quickly then says:

"What is it to you? Why are you so angry?"

She stops at the doors leading to the court and as her hands go on the elaborate handles, she turns and says:

"Why should he escape if we cannot?"

She opens the doors and Aro, Marcus and Cauis are on their thrones and Aro sees that his little pain princess is very, very upset and he asks:

"What is it? Where's Felix and…."

She interrupts which is a rarity but she is upset at the turn of events:

"He is gone! Escaped! Somehow!"

Jane and Demetri stand there and look around the room and Alec comes cautiously in

The room as he senses the mood without being a empathy. And without saying words, all 3 Masters get up and run quickly to Felix's room, Aro pushes open the door and silently looks around the room and in follow Marcus and Cauis, Jane and others stay carefully outside. Just then, Aro falls to the floor and looks underneath the bed and he smiles and says:


His brothers join him and they see the hole surrounded by bricks and Aro stands up and easily pushes the bed to one side and snaps his finger and summons:


No hesitation, he goes forward and asks:

"Yes Master?"

He points to the hole and almost screams:

"Go down there!"

Demetri looks at everyone and they all look at him and he goes over, takes off his cloak, throws it to Jane and falls down the hole to wherever.

Felix was no fool. He knew they would send Demetri, his 'best friend' in the Voultri guard. The best tracker in all the world, No one had ever trained Demetri, not even Aro could understand his gift but Felix knew of one way he could get by the tracker and even Demetri himself knew and wouldn't admit to anybody.

Felix had made the tunnel hundreds of miles long, it went to the tip of Italy and stopped. He opened up the lid to that end and looked out, he could see nothing but water and a small beach on one side…he could hear birds, and he looked to the other side and 50 yards from where he was a old house, he could see lights on so he quickly got out, put the heavy lid ( heavy to humans ) back and he ran 20 meters southwest then he stopped, he looked around with the sleeping form in his arms, he looked at what was in his arms so tenderly then he reached down, flicked a rock away and there was a handle, he opened the ground, camouflaged to look like the ground, and he went in, slowly at first and he closed the ground lid. He then carefully pulled back the sheets and saw the lovely face of Gianna…he thought about her dying and he could not stand that thought, so he pushed it out of his mind. Gianna was still sleeping, the night wore her out, no? he smiled devilishly then walked over to the wall and pulled out a bed that was made it the wall. He had been busy. He would steal moments, fractions of time to make all of this especially when she came to work for them 2 years ago. He knew this time would come, if he was patient and did all he was asked, Aro had not even touched him in SO long because he had none everything without question.

He laid Gianna down on his makeshift bed and he pulled back the sheets and said:

"I'm sorry my beauty, I'm sorry but it must be done"

He bent over and searched her long neck until he found the spot and he put his teeth in her and bit. Her eyes opened in terror and a screamed came from her.

Demetri came out of that long tunnel and looked around and only saw what Felix saw, Nothing but water and a old Italian house. He smiled.

A few minutes later, he came back to Aro, Marcus and Cauis. Jane was waiting very impatiently and was tapping her foot. Alec figured out what was going on with no one telling him but he still kept his mouth shut. Demetri came out and Aro grasped his hand and when Demetri came out, he went to Jane and put on his cloak and Aro asked:


Demetri answers:

"I saw nothing, no Felix, no Gianna, nothing but a old house"

Cauis asks:

"Why didn't you go to the house?"

Demetri finishes clasping the cloak on then says:

"Because humans were there, I saw a old fisherman, Felix and the woman would not go there and everything be so calm"

Cauis continues to glare at him and Jane exclaims:

"Let's go after them!"

Aro looks at her and says:

"If our best tracker couldn't find them, what chance do we have dear Jane?"

She just frets and fumes then Marcus finally says:

"Leave them be"

Everybody turns to look at him in shock and Marcus says:

"He loves her, down to his core and he will do anything and everything to hide her"

Aro realizes his brother's words and he asks him:

"You saw this?"

Marcus smirks then says:

"Of coarse"

Aro then smiles himself and says:

"Then let's leave our dear Felix alone"

Jane is outraged, she screams:

"What? He broke the law!"

Aro just smiles and says:

"What law? Gianna already knew about us, she had been working for us for so long…I am sad that we were going to kill her today but it had been too long in coming but now…"

He just floats his hand to Felix's escape route then continues to say:

"Felix isn't bound to us but he has never, ever changed a human and chances are Gianna won't be the first then…when she is no more, Felix will come back to us"

Smoke finally disappears from Jane's ears and Marcus, Cauis and Aro just walk out of the room while Demetri looks at his old friend's room.