It has been a year since the vampire twins were born and Carlisle stood outside the door of a good mid size home that is made of of rocks and stone, it is made to look like a minuture version of a castle and inside, is its occupants, Felix, Gianna and their twins, Antonio and Maria.

Carlisle knock on the door one time and the door opens and a small female vampire maid answers and she says, "Yes?" "I'm Doctor Carlise Cullen, I'm here to see Felix and Gianna" "Yes sir, just a minute sir" She leaves and a few minutes later, she comes back at vampire speed and says, "Please, come with me"

They go down a long hall way and then the maid opens a large door and opens it and Carlisle walks in and sees Felix walking around the room and Gianna holding Maria and Felix smiles and says, "Come in Doctor Cullen!" The maid closes the door behind him, and he looks around and sees Antonio crawling around by himself in a corner and Carlisle looks at Felix and he says, "We love him emensely Doctor Cullen but we have realized, there are times when we must leave him alone or his 'gift' comes out" "They have gifts?" Felix shakes his head yes and he looks at Maria and he says, "It is feeding time..." As he is talking, two bottles suddlenly rise up in the air and one comes to her and the other floats to her brother, the bottles are filled with blood.

Felix then says, "Maria has the gift of leviation, I think that is the word that it is called, and her brother...well..." Carlisle watches Felix call his son and he nods his head silently then Antonio looks at a spot on the floor and concentrates and a spark of flame appears and a minute later, it disappears and Carlisle asks, "When did you find that he could do this?" "Last month, this is the extent of what they can do, levitate bottles and a small spark of flame. I suspect that they will be able to do more as they grow" Felix looks at Carlisle then asks, "May I ask, what you are here for Doctor? To check on us?

"More or less, my envolement is limited now. It is up to the scientists" Gianna asks him, "How is Rosalie?" Carlisle thinks on that then says, "She is getting better...slowly. She and Leah are trying to come to terms with the expierment not working on any other female vampires" "Why I was to be the only female vampire to have given birth?" Carlisle shakes his head then says, "I don't know but it has at last bought peace between this oven and Aro's" Felix smiles and he says, "Yes, Demitri is able to flirt openly with our lady scientists" They all laugh then Gianna says, "Where is Esme doctor?" "Up at the main castle, she is helping Katrina with the wedding to Aro, the two have become so close over this pass year" "How can he marry a woman he can touch for only so long?" "As I have heard, the 10 minute pill has become obsolete, she takes a pill now that can let him touch her for 30 minutes" "That is so" "A vampire can do a lot in 30 minutes Felix, especally in..." He looks at Gianna and whispers in a vampire low voice, "Especially in matters of the bed" Felix looks at Gianna and smiles.


A few hours later, the Volturi and all the guards are there. The scientists of Katrina's and members of her guard are there, Felix and Gianna stand out for they hold in their arms the vampire babies. Aro comes out with his brothers then they all stand in awe as Katrina comes down the aisle in a antique off white dress with small ameryst purple diamonds on her dress in a lavish design then they all watch Carlisle perform the wedding and the bride and groom kiss and everybody claps. Felix holds little Antonio and the baby throws out a small flicker of flame as the bride and groom look on.

A/N-This concludes 'Felix', I hope I ended it on a semi good note. I decided to conclude it because I got other stories to work on, other Twilight stories, I am also working on a Mash crossover and others I invite you to check out.

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