Sixty Seconds

Summary: That was all it took. After a bomb goes off in their hotel, a celebration turns into a fight for survival as the superstars trapped inside must escape from not only the remains, but the psychopaths still around. Who will survive?

Characters: John Morrison, Jeff Hardy, Edge, Drew McIntyre, Tiffany, Maria Kanellis, Beth Phoenix, Shane Helms, CM Punk, Shane McMahon, Matt Hardy, Christian, Evan Bourne

Rating: T

Author's Note: Hey! This was meant to be kind of a quick story, but it's stretching out to be a little more than that, lol! I'm not quite sure what made me want to do a story like this since this is something new for me, but I'm definitely going to give it a try! Much thanks to Expect_the_Unexpected75 for all of her help developing the plot! This wouldn't be here without you! Um, there's not really much else to say but enjoy!

Chapter 1

Adam Copeland felt as though he was on top of the world. After many months of being out due to a torn Achilles tendon, he had finally been able to step back into the ring and perform on the grandest stage as the devious Edge once again. It had been an amazing feeling, especially since the welcome for the Rated-R Superstar had been a generous one. It was that kind of feeling and energy that he thrived for.

To celebrate, he was sitting in the bar of the casino boat that was serving as their hotel. It was a nice two-story building over the lake, creating a beautiful scenic view. Adam smiled as he watched other members of the Smackdown and ECW rosters who were staying there wtih him, laughing a little as he watched divas Maria Kanellis and Beth Carolan, better known as Beth Phoenix, playing a couple slot machines along with Shane "Hurricane" Helms. He shook his head, not planning on wasting his time on games that night.

Then, Adam looked up when someone set a glass of beer in front of him, and he smiled at his good friend and former tag team partner, Jason Reso, ECW's own Christian. "Hey, Man," he said when he sat across from him. "What a night, huh?"

"Yeah," Jason agreed with a smile of his own. "You got quite a reception tonight."

Adam laughed a little. "I was surprised by that myself," he told him. "But it's just so great to be back, Jay, I can't explain it..."

Jay nodded. "I know. I loved coming back home too," he replied. Then, he raised his glass in the air, and Adam did the same as they clinked them together. "To many successes."

"To many sucesses."

"I win, Kanellis," Beth said with a confident grin, taking the coins from the machine as bright lights flashed.

Maria frowned slightly, knowing that it had been her idea to bet on the lucky sevens, which was what had won. But, she also knew better than to argue with the Glamazon.

"What do you think? Another round?" Beth asked, her eyes gleaming with a competitive spark.

"No, I don't think so..." Maria answered quietly.

"Well, then," Shane said, wrapping an arm around both of their shoulders. "How about I buy you both a drink after a great show tonight? Drew's got the right idea."

The three of them watched as Drew Galloway, Smackdown's recent champion Drew McIntyre, went through the sliding door that led out to the deck with two drinks in his hands.

"Hmm, wonder who he's going to go see?" Beth muttered with a smirk.

"I think that's obvious," Shane told her. "Just sayin'. But, those drinks are calling, ladies!"

Maria smiled politely as she slid out from under his arm. "Sounds great, Shane, but not tonight," she said.

Shane looked at her with concern. "Are you okay, Ria?" he wondered.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Maria replied, brushing some of her red hair out of her face. "I'm just kinda' tired after the show tonight. I think I'm gonna crash early."

"If you're sure..."

Maria nodded. "Talk to you guys later," she told them. With one last smile, she turned and left the bar, walking past Adam and Jay as she headed for the stairs that would bring her to her room.

Drew Galloway smiled when he stepped out onto the wooden deck, seeing his beautiful fiance leaning on the railing as she looked out at the sun setting over the lake. He came up behind her, setting the drinks down on the railing before wrapping his arms around her and kissing her cheek.

"I thought I'd find you out here, Taryn," he muttered.

Taryn Terrell, better known as Tiffany, the general manager of ECW, turned to look at him, a smile spreading across her face. "Of course, it's beautiful out here," she told him. "Just look at that gorgeous sunset!"

"Why would I look at that when I can look at you?" Drew asked with a hint of a smile forming at the corner of his mouth.

Laughing, Taryn kissed his nose quickly. "You're funny."

"Am I?" Drew carefully spun her around so he could meet her gaze. "It'll be dark in a few minutes, and the beauty of the sunset will be gone. But, you'll still be here, even after that sun goes down."

"Wouldn't that be a reason to watch the sunset?" Taryn wondered with a slight laugh.

Drew smiled. "No, Taryn," he told her. "I'd much rather be looking at a beauty that will last, regardless of the time of day."

Taryn couldn't help but smile up at the man she was going to marry before she met his lips in a kiss. She often wondered what their wedding was going to be like, and the only thing she knew for sure was that she wanted it near some body of water. But regardless of what happened, she knew it would be perfect.

They broke the kiss when they heard sudden laughter from inside, seeing that Jeff Hardy, though no longer in the WWE, had joined his older brother, Matt, and friend John Hennigan, better known as John Morrison, at the bar. Drew's attention was then turned back to Taryn when she wrapped her finger in his ponytail.


"Where were we?" Taryn asked with a smile.

Drew returned it, leaning down to kiss her again as the sun set on the horizon.

"Great show tonight, Man," Matt Hardy said as the bartender placed two beers in front of him and John Hennigan.

"Yeah, it was definitely a good one," John agreed with a smile. "And then with Adam coming back... definitely a great night. That crowd was electric..."

"Mm-hmm." Matt took a sip of his beer, not having time to say anything else before they were joined by a third man.

"Hey, great show tonight, Man!" Jeff Hardy, Matt's younger brother, said as he sat on Matt's other side. Even though no longer a part of the WWE, he would sometimes go with Matt to see the show, along to visit with old friends.

"Thank you," Matt replied with a loud laugh, giving him a one-armed hug. "I'm glad to have my little bro coming out and supporting me!"

"Of course, Man."

Matt smirked as he turned his attention to the bartender. "Hey, get this man a beer!" he told him.

John smiled and laughed a little as he took a sip of his own drink. Both of the Hardy brothers were good friends of his, and it was fun to celebrate such a successful night with them.

Then, their attention was switched to the door of the casino when two people walked in. One was Shane McMahon, the son of the WWE Chairman who had just lost his job, and the other was Matthew Karklan, a man who was on the RAW roster but was making some appearances on ECW's show.

"Hey, Evan!" Matt called, ushing his ring name. "Come and join us, kid!"

The wrestler known as Evan Bourne looked over in their direction and smiled, saying goodbye to Shane before walking toward them. The other man looked around before heading toward where Adam and Jay were sitting.

"Wonder what he's doing here," Jeff muttered, watching as Shane sat down next to Adam.

John, the one who had heard him since Matt had stood to meet Evan, looked over his shoulder. "Shane? He still comes to some of the shows," he told him. "Though not working anymore, he helps out a bit backstage, making sure things run smoothly. Overall, he's there to give support. Kinda' like what you're doing for us."

Jeff smiled as he took a sip of his beer. "Yeah, that sounds like Shane."

Phil Brooks, better known to the WWE Universe as CM Punk, left his hotel room to head downstairs to the weight room. Unlike everyone else who was staying there, he was going to avoid the casino and bar. Those kinds of leisurely activities just didn't suit him.

He rounded the corner, surprised when someone with red hair bumped into him. "Oh, geeze, sorry, Ria," he muttered, taking her arms to steady her. "You okay?"

"Yeah, sorry about that, Phil," Maria said with a laugh, giving him a quick hug. "I just wasn't watching where I was going."

"I wasn't either," Phil said with a slight smile. "But I was expecting to be the only one up here since everyone's down at the bar."

Maria nodded. "Yeah, I'm on my way to my room," she told him. "Gonna' crash early..."

Phil looked at her with concern. "You do look really tired," he commented.

"Yeah, I'm thinking it's from the show," Maria muttered. "Nothing a little rest won't take care of. I'll see you later, okay, Phil?"

"Yeah, sure." Phil watched as Maria left and went down the hallway, waiting until she went into her room before continuing toward the weight room.

"Good to see you here tonight, Man," Adam said as Shane sat next to him.

Shane smiled at him. "Thanks," he replied. "I had to see the return of Edge, right?" Adam only laughed.

Jay nodded in agreement. "That was a sight to see," he muttered with a smile at his friend before turning his attention to Shane. "You picked a good night to be here."

The younger McMahon laughed a little. "Well, it's always good to be home."

Once the WWE stars had made their way up to their rooms, two men stood in the dark, empty casino, talking in hushed tones.

"Now?" the first man asked expectantly.

Looking around for a moment, the second man nodded with a smirk. "Now."

00:60... 00:59...

Jeff watched as Matt climbed into the bed next to the one he was using before switching off the lamp.

"Good night, Jeffro. Thanks for coming out tonight."

"Night, Matt. Anytime."

00:50... 00:49...

Drew pulled Taryn close to him when she climbed into bed, kissing her softly.

"I love you, Taryn."

Taryn smiled, kissing him again before snuggling against him. "Love you too, sweetheart."

00:40... 00:39...

Adam lay stretched out on the bed, looking up at the dark ceiling. A grin spread across his face, still able to hear his theme music playing, to see all of the flashing cameras, to feel the energy from the crowd as he made his way to the ring...

00:30... 00:29...

Jay sat down on the bed, elbows on his knees as he stared thoughtfully at the wall. After a moment, he sighed tiredly before switching off the light and crawling under the covers, his eyes closing as soon as his head hit the pillow.

00:20... 00:19...

Phil set his phone down with a sigh when Maria didn't answer her phone. She had tried to call him while he was on the way back from the weight room, but he had missed the call and she hadn't left a message. But now, when he tried to return her call, she didn't answer...

Wondering what she had wanted and not being able to shake the feeling that something was off, Phil got off the bed and left the room, going to Maria's a couple doors away.

00:10... 00:09...

Shane Helms tied his hair back behind his head before he climbed into bed and switched off the light. It had been a great show, though he had only made a quick appearance. But the fact that Jeff, one of his best friends, had been there to watch and give support was the best part to him.

00:08... 00:07...

John climbed into the bed that was next to the one Evan was using, seeing that his back was to him. "Night," he said, turning the light off.

Though not looking back at him, Evan yawned as he replied, "Night, John."

00:06... 00:05...

Beth sighed as she marked her spot in her book and set it on the small table beside the bed before turning off the lamp and laying down, ready for a good night's sleep.

00:04... 00:03

Shane McMahon sat on the bed, watching the end of a late-night movie that happened to be on before turning the television off and laying in bed, relieved to be home.

00:02... 00:01...

Something had been in the can, though she didn't know exactly what it was. But whatever it happened to be was poisoning her, she could feel it.

Maria crawled along the floor away from a can of hair spray toward the door, hoping to reach it. She had tried to call Phil since he would have been her best chance for help, but he hadn't answered. Now, her only chance was to get out of the room.

But as Maria inched along, coughing forcefully, she knew she wasn't going to make it. She could hardly breathe, every part of her body felt like lead... She reached a shaking hand out, feeling her fingers brush against the door before collapsing to the ground.

Phil stood on the other side of the door, about to knock when he heard coughing and another noise from inside.

"Ria?" he called, frantically pushing on the door handle. "Ria!"

Realizing that he wasn't going to get in that way, Phil rammed his shoulder into the door, feeling and hearing it crash open.



Suddenly, there was a loud sound that caused the entire building to shake. Dust and rubble flew everywhere and a burst of intense heat spread throughout the area as an explosion rocked the hotel.

Author's Note: That's it for chapter one. Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading! Your reviews are much appreciated. Thank you!