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Author's Note: Okay. So, there's one more update left for this story. Thank you to all who read and enjoyed this one! I hope you enjoy what I'm posting now (and after) just as much! After much deliberation and planning with a couple awesome people, there's this. I'm excited for this story, I hope you all will be too. So, enjoy the "trailer" for the "Sixty Seconds" sequel!

A black screen

Maria: (voiceover): "It's been over a year. I can finally close my eyes without worrying about what I'm going to see..."

Nine superstars overcame impossible odds to return to the place they call home...

Shows a sequence of shots:

A hotel blowing up

Maria Kanellis reaching for the door of her hotel room but collapsing before she reaches it

A smiling Maria holding a baby girl in her arms, showing her off to other divas

Phil Brooks grabbing Shane McMahon, shocked when he's shot in the side

Phil walking out from backstage and kneeling on the ramp, surrounded by cheering fans

Adam Copeland collapsing to the floor after tossing a knife over the balcony

Adam throwing his hands in the air on the ramp, fans cheering as sparks set off behind him

Jay Reso struggling to help a barely conscious Adam out of the collapsed hotel

Jay scanning the screaming crowd as he steps out onto the ramp

Matt Hardy helping a limping Jeff Hardy out of the collapsed building

Matt smiling as he talks to Vince McMahon before shaking his hand

Jeff Hardy wrapping a gash on his arm

Jeff smiling broadly as he claps, watching the show from backstage

John Hennigan crying out with pain as large pieces of rubble land on his back and trap him to the ground

John coming out onto the ramp in slow motion, hair blowing back as sparks fly behind him, fans screaming around him

Drew Galloway growling angrily as he punches Shane McMahon repeatedly

Drew walking out onto the ramp, smiling at the cheering fans

Taryn Terrell sobbing, wrapped in Drew's arms

Taryn skipping out onto the ramp, grinning as fans scream around her before fading to a black screen

Jeff (voiceover): "Looks like we all had the same idea."

Shows a shot of Phil, Adam, Jay, Matt, Jeff, John, Drew, and Taryn standing on the hill where the hotel had once been, staring at the ruins as the sun sets over the lake

John: "This is where it all happened..."

Phil: "It's over now."

But some hatred never dies.

Shows a shot of an empty prison cell before fading into a shot of Shane McMahon sitting behind the wheel of a car, glancing in the rear-view mirror

Shane: (voiceover): "Matt... Jay..."

Shows a shot of Matt looking at Jeff, but Jeff walks away

Shane: (voiceover): "... you will regret turning your backs on me..."

Shows a shot of Jay smiling and hugging Adam

Shane (voiceover): "... when I take away the one thing you care about most."

Cuts sharply to a black screen

Jay (voiceover): "Adam!"

Fades into a shot of Matt confronting Jeff, tending to a cut on his cheek

Matt: "Why didn't you call me when you were in trouble?"

Jeff: "Now you care again?"

Matt: "You don't know what he has planned, Jeff."

Jeff: "Like you do?"

Cuts to a shot of an out-of-breath Adam sitting in the parking lot, surrounded by Jay, Phil, and John

Adam: "It's Shane..."

Shows a shot of Shane, smirking cruelly as he pulls Adam forcefully up by his hair

Shane: "Tell him, Adam. Tell him it's all his fault you're here."

Adam: "No."

Cuts sharply to a black screen

It's a fight for survival...

Show's a quick sequence of shots:

A burning building

Jeff trying to control his car as he's run off the road

A cloth being placed over Adam's mouth and nose from behind

Taryn screaming as she covers her mouth with horror

Maria holding a baby girl close to her chest as she backs away from the door of her hotel room fearfully

Drew and John running down the sidewalk after a dark figure

Jay speeding down the road with Jeff in the passenger seat

Phil talking anxiously into his cell phone

Matt pounding on the wall in frustration

Shane holding a crying baby girl

... and time is running out.

Shows a couple of shots in slow motion:

Jay being restrained by John and Jeff, trying to fight out of their hold

Taryn being held by Drew, tears falling from her eyes

Matt exchanging a defeated look with Phil

Maria putting her head into her hands and sobbing

Adam running his hand through his hair before crying out with frustration

Phil running down a hallway in the hotel, coming to a stop in front of one of the rooms and forcing the door open

Phil: (voiceover): "Stay away from my family!"

Cuts sharply to a black screen

Thirty Minutes

Shane: (voiceover): "That's all the time you have. Good luck."

Coming soon!