Group Therapy.

Chapter Two.

The First Day.

"I still can't believe that woman is so insistent on attending this frivolous affair," Vegeta muttered darkly from his place leaning up against the wall. His fingers were drumming idly on each bicep as he took up his classic pose with both arms crossed over his chest and eyes closed.

"I know how you feel, Chichi says she'd stop cooking for me if I didn't go." Goku whined, standing next to the Saiyan and attempting to strum up conversation with the temperamental Saiyan.

Vegeta snorted distastefully. "Is that all your third-class brain can process : when the next meal is going to be?"

Goku opened his mouth to reply but found Vegeta was already taking long strides away from him. He pouted and then followed the none-too-happy Saiyan Prince.

Chichi smiled softly down at her son, attempting to fix his hair into a less-alien style but just proceeded in making it look a hell-of-a-lot worse. Grimacing, she settled for just patting him on the head but then turned to glare at both him and Trunks together as if a thought had just occurred to her.

"Ok you two, listen up. Infact, this goes for all of you. Goku, Vegeta, over here." Goku was at her side instantly, not wanting to be a victim of the frying pan which Chichi always seemed to have on her person.

"Do not order me around harpy." Vegeta spat but walked over anyways, deciding that he didn't want to put up with Bulma's screeching, today of all days.

"As I was saying. There cannot be any talk of Saiyans, ki, aliens, life or death battles, the dragon balls, Namek and above all Cell … am I making myself clear?"

"So basically you're telling us that we cannot talk about our personal lives or experiences at all - even though these are the main things that have made us so fucked up?" Vegeta asked bluntly.

"We are not fucked up Vegeta." Bulma hissed, her cerulean blue eyes narrowing in warning at her alien husband. "Now, promise me something. That there will be no intimidation, no threatening and for the love of Kami no unexplainable deaths."

Vegeta shrugged. "Woman. I cannot promise that. Injures, maybe. Threats, most likely. Intimidation, obviously."

"Gosh Videl. I sure hope this isn't a bad idea, I mean what if something slips out about what happened in the past battles." Gohan asked worriedly, looking at his father pointedly who was attempting to sneak out the door without Chichi noticing, more than likely to go train.

"Have a little faith in them Gohan. They'll do great."

Suddenly a barking laugh cut through the relative silence of the room, causing all its occupants to whirl round and look at the source of the noise which, remarkably, was actually Vegeta. The small man was leaning against the wall for support, his full frame shaking with laughter as the tears streamed down his face. His full body shaking was causing the walls to shake and the many diplomas' that decorated the walls of the waiting room, to shake dangerously on their hooks or even fall to the ground.

"What is it Vegeta?" Gohan asked, curious to what could possibly have the Saiyan in such an uproar.

"H-h-his name! It's … it's … it's Dr. Hugh Jass!" Vegeta managed to splutter out before exploding into peals of laughter once more.

There was a loud bang as Bulma fell off her chair, squealing with laughter and clutching her sides as she rolled about on the floor in peals of laughter. Videl joined in the laughter, the tears streaming freely down her face as she clutched onto her boyfriend for support. The girls aforementioned boyfriend was attempting to hide his laughter behind his hand but after attending Orange Star high school with teenagers his age who would find such things as this hilarious, he soon succumbed to the laughter, leaning over the chair to hold his abdomen as the laughs kept coming.

Goku, clueless as ever simply stretched one arm around the back of his head, scratching the nape of his neck in a familiar habit that usually indicted how clueless he truly was at that moment in time. Chichi ever the lady, took out a handkerchief from her purse and began to politely giggle not yet noticing Gohan's state of hysteria.

Trunks slid off his seat, bracing himself on the coffee table as the laughs shook his body. Goten remained as innocently clueless as his father. He turned round to his lifelong best friend and cast him a helpless look. Trunks recovered from his stupor long enough to explain to Goten what everybody was laughing at so much, then went onto laugh even more.

Far from being amused, Goten just looked more confused than ever.

"Momma. Why does that man have a name that says he's got a big bum?"

Chichi stopped laughing instantly, turning to appraise her son with wide eyes. "WAAAAHHH! My innocent baby boy's corrupted!" She wailed, tears springing from her eyes like a waterfall.

Dr. Hugh Jass straightened his tie and adjusted his spectacles on his nose. Gripping the black briefcase in his left hand in an almost death grip, he cleared his throat a few times before pushing open the private door that lead to own office.

After discarding his blazer on the coat rack conveniently located in the corner of the finely furbished office, he flopped down on his seat, placing his briefcase upon the deck and popping it open moments later. After rummaging around in his briefcase for a few moments, the physiatrist finally located what he was searching for: the notes for his new case.

A strangled sort of sound escaped his throat as the name on the top of the paper he was reaching finally reached his brain.


In his haste, he knocked the briefcase flying off of the table, sending its contents in all directions. Scrambling across the desk, Dr. Hugh Jass frantically pressed the button on his intercom.

"GINA! GINA!" He all but screamed down the small machine.

Instantly her face appeared in a hologram above the silver, circular machine. She was a pretty girl in her own right, with large, bright green eyes that seemed to miss nothing and long hair which fell down to her mid back. It was a navy blue hue, so dark that it could be mistaken for black. The teenage girl had a sort of childhood innocence that still lingered about her, of course that was based only on looks. When one started to speak to the girl they would find to their horror that the girl had a past time which gotten her referred to Dr. Jass in the first place (along with a few incidents involving West City's police force).

'Good morning Doctor. What can I help you with?'

"Gina, is it today that the Briefs are here?" He asked, almost dreading the answer.

'Yes sir, I left the details in your briefcase did you not get them? Oh, and they're already here, have been for about twenty minutes now.'

"Yes Gina I got th- WHAT? They're already here?" He gasped.

'Ye-,' The Doctor cut the connection, instead focussing on attempting to gather up all of the papers that were scattered around his office.

It was not a good thing to keep such a wealthy woman as Bulma Briefs waiting. That woman was the most wealthiest in the world, even wealthier than Hercule Satan - and that was saying something! Added to the fact that she was terrifyingly intelligent and mind-blowingly beautiful, she did no make a good woman keep waiting. Heck, he was lucky that she had decided to grace him with her presence at all. After all, the Briefs were a pretty illusive family, only being seen at one or two social events a year at best.

Invites to her private parties were practically impossible to get a hold of and were reserved solely for her closest friends -the members of the Earth's Special Forces- and those who had more money than they knew what to do with -Hercule Satan and other snotty diplomats.

"Oh man, oh man, oh man!" The good doctor mumbled, finally gathering up his case notes and placing them in a neat pile on his desk. Cursing his own idiocy, he cleared his throat, straightened his tie and took a step into his waiting room to appraise his newest patients.

Instead of the normal type of awkward silence that was usually associated with the waiting room of a psychiatrist, the room's foundations were literally shaking as the cluster of strange looking people guffawed loudly.

The poor doctor stood with his mouth almost reaching the floor, hardly believing the sight he was taking in. At least three quarters of his prized diploma's had fell off of their reverend places on the wall and had crashed to the floor. The cause of this was clear - there was a small, yet rather muscled looking man leaning against the wall, literally vibrating with laughter. Two teenagers were grasping each other for support as they too howled with laughter and just next to them a young, lavender-haired boy was banging his head repeatedly off of a table. Oddly enough it looked like the coffee table had suffered more damage than the hysterical boy.

Close to the exit, a black haired woman was grasping a rather tall looking mans' ear with one hand and had the other arm wrapped firmly around a miniature carbon copy of the aforementioned man. She was weeping rather loudly about how her baby had become a 'delinquent' and it was all that 'devil Trunks' fault!'

Her two victims merely looked around uncomfortably, although the older one was shooting a particularly hungry looking look toward his fish tank.

It was then that his eyes fell on the last and most recognizable member of the small party. Of course any woman with cerulean blue eyes and hair would stand out on planet Earth, but it was for her great genius and mechanical skills that Bulma Briefs was known best. Of course nobody had seen her in this condition before - rolling on the floor squealing and clutching her sides as if she would fall apart if she let go.

The doctor cleared his throat uncomfortably, hoping to catch everybody's attention but to no avail. There wasn't even a pause in Mrs. Briefs laughing.

"Excuse me, Ms. Briefs?" The doctor tried unsuccessfully. "EXCUSE ME?"

This time it seemed to have an effect because the black haired woman scolding the man and child in the corner of the room looked up and let out a quiet gasp upon seeing him. No doubt just realizing he was here.

"EVERYBODY QUIET!" She yelled and suddenly there was no more laughter from the small party, well apart from the shaking man leaning against the wall who was still trying unsuccessfully to quell his giggles.

Doctor Hugh made a mental note to ask what was so dang funny later on in the private interviews.

"Err yes." Dr. Jass cleared his throat uncomfortably. "I'm Dr. Hugh Jass and I'll be your psychiatrist for the foreseeable future. I feel obliged to tell you that anything you tell me in confidence is exactly that, private. I give you my word that it will not go any further than this."

After composing herself, Bulma leapt up to shake the man's hand, although her cheeks were still a bright pink from laughing. Upon shaking the heiress's hand, the doctor couldn't help but squeeze a little tighter. After all, it wasn't everyday you got to shake hands with one of the most beautiful women on the planet, was it? However, he immediately released the wealthy woman's hand when he heard a low growling sound coming from somewhere in the room.

"Oh." He blinked. "I apologize for that, I'll have to go tell Gina to quieten down her dog. However, please have a seat while I go collect my notepad. As this is such a big group, we'll have to do the group evaluation out here, then I'll take smaller groups into my office and began working on smaller issues."

"Oh, and here I thought we got to lie on couches and spill our guts out from the very beginning." Vegeta said snidely.

"Eh no. That's not what therapy's about, be back in a minute." Dr. Jass mumbled, excusing himself and heading toward his room.

"Vegeta!" Bulma hissed lowly, knowing her husbands alien hearing would be able to pick up her low tone.

Aforementioned husband turned to his wife and shrugged lazily. "Yes?"

"What do you mean, yes!" Bulma exploded. "You just growled at that poor man! Was there any need? Really?"

"Yes woman, I believe you'll find there was. No cretin should touch the hand of the mate of the Prince Of All Saiyans."

"Oh can it Princey! You've been playing your almighty, I am the Prince of All Saiyans card for years now. It didn't work then, and it sure as hell wont work now! So sit your royal ass down and behave or I'm telling my mother to take a break from cooking for the next three weeks …"

"You don't mean?"

"Yes Vegeta, I'll be doing the cooking."

"You can't blackmail me … I - grr" It was at this point that the arguing couple realized that they had an audience. Said audience wasn't the Son family, who were so used to their arguments that they considered it odd if the couple weren't arguing.

It was Dr. Hugh Jass.

"Oh sorry." Bulma apologized.

"No don't apologize, this is fascinating, finding out what the dynamics of the family are, is defiantly a good help in sorting out the problems." Dr. Hugh said rather excitedly.

He went to sit down on the plush seats, but no sooner had his butt touched the seat than he leapt back up again, squealing and clutching his bottom.

"Trunks, Goten!" Bulma hissed toward the two sniggering children who were so obviously the culprits of the prank that it was laughable.

After a few awkward minutes, the doctor leaned down and picked up the offending pin. "Oh, how did that get there."

Bulma coughed awkwardly, turning toward the doctor with an extended hand. She smiled with genuine gratitude. "Thank you for doing this Doctor."

"It's no problem Mrs. Briefs. Why don't we get to know everybody a bit better?"

It was at that point that Goku managed to escape from his wife's grip and rushed over to the doctor's side with an extended hand. He grasped Dr. Jass's hand in an iron grip and began shaking it repeatedly.

"HEY DOC! I'm Son Goku, but you can call me Goku, everybody else does, except Vegeta, he calls me Kakarot. It's nice to meet you! I don't know what this psyco-trist things supposed to do, but a don't have a choice, Chichi said she wouldn't cook for me if I didn't."

No boundaries or idea of personal space what so ever. Seems too cheery, is he hiding things?

"GOKU BEHAVE!" The black-haired woman from across the room yelled, causing the grown man to stop vibrating where he stood.

Anger issues. Dominant personality.

Chichi approached the Doctor and extended her hand in polite greeting. "I'm Son Chichi and this is my husband Goku and our two sons, Gohan and Goten and … - GOTEN STOP THAT THIS INSTANT!"

With that she stormed away to chase the young, black haired boy, who was attempting to start a fire with his purple haired accomplice to the chair his older brother was sitting on.

Control issues - doesn't let older, adult son introduce himself. Issues with letting go? Also, possibility of bi-polar personality.

"I'm Son Gohan." A polite voice spoke up from the other end of the room, by the seats. Dr. Jass looked up and met the eyes of the older boy who had spoke. Immediately the boy looked away. The doctor frowned.

Self confidence issues - brought on by an overbearing mother?

He shifted his body slightly, letting Dr. Hugh Jass see just who he was sitting beside and gripping their hand in a death grip. It was Videl Satan? The doctor gulped rather loudly. Who didn't know who Videl was? Her father was the man who saved the world from Cell and more recently Buu! Oh man, this was possibly the most high profile case he'd ever undertook. Yes, he was screwed.

"Videl Satan." She introduced with a smile, then turned to glare at the littlest Son.

Very protective over boyfriend.

Dr. Hugh Jass then noticed how tightly Gohan was gripping Videl's hand, he frowned slightly, scribbling down more notes.

Refuses to let go of girlfriends hand, tight grip to stop her from moving. Issues with people leaving him?

He then turned to the last person in the room and lifted an eyebrow expectantly. However, he wasn't expecting a sneer in return and for the flame-haired man to turn his back completely to him.

Narcissistic tendencies.

"Vegeta!" Growled Bulma.

"Quiet woman!"

Odd relationship, no respect toward wife?

"Em, I have to know your name, sir. I have to have it for the records."

"The Prince Of All Saiyans does not associate himself with such lowly humans."

Chichi, who was still scolding her youngest son, whirled round upon hearing the taboo word being spoken in the presence of the doctor. They had only been introduced to the doctor and already Vegeta had broken one of the rules. Damn, tailless ape.

"The Prince Of All Saiyans?" The good doctor echoed, clearly confused.

"Did I stutter?" Vegeta asked darkly.

Bulma's eyes flashed dangerously in Vegeta's direction, but far from being intimidated, the saiyan prince simply sniggered in response.

"This is my husband Vegeta. Please excuse him, he likes to think of himself as royalty." Bulma smiled, though the smile didn't quite meet her eyes.

Lives in a world of make believe. Shows no clear distinction between the real world and his imagination.

The doctor decided to move on.

"Ok, now where should we start?" A fairly innocent question for the doctor to ask. However, it was safe to say he was not expecting it when every finger in the room turned to point toward the flame-haired man leaning against the wall.

The flame-haired mans' finger of accusation was pointing toward Chichi, who was growing angrier by the second.

"You dirty Saiyan!" Chichi screeched, suddenly very aware that about half a dozen pairs of eyes were now glaring into her. She blushed crimson, attempting to bury herself in her young sons clothes.

"Excuse me, what's a Saiyan?" Dr. Hugh Jass questioned, feeling like he was the only one left out of a joke. That was the second time that strange word had been mentioned in the space of five minutes, there had to be something he was missing out on.

"Eh … well … you see, it's a pet name .. yeah a pet name! It's what I call Vegeta." Chichi recovered, looking pretty proud of herself.

"You give your friends husband a pet name? Hmmm, interesting."

"Achh, no! It's my husbands pet name!"

"So you give your husband, and your friends husband the same pet name. Very interesting."

"I .. em … can we just move on!"

Blinking, the doctor nodded and flipped over to a new page of notes. That made five by now. Balancing his pen on his notebook, he turned toward Vegeta who had yet to move from his space at the wall.

"When I asked where to begin, why did everybody point to you Vegeta?"

"Because they hate me." Vegeta said simply, voice void of all emotion.

"Oh hush up Vegeta, we don't hate you! You just have some issues." Bulma added.

"Speak for yourself." Chichi snorted.

The doctor cleared his throat uncomfortably, carrying on like he hadn't heard the Son matron speak. "So Bulma, since Vegeta is your husband, you will have spent more time with him than most. What would you say his problems are."

"Well …" Bulma began.

"Oh here we go." Vegeta muttered, settling himself against the wall.

Doctor Hugh Jass would be the first to admit that he had heard quite a few stories about the illustrious Bulma Briefs and her elite group of family and friends - more importantly her intimidating husband. Or more affectionately dubbed by the media, the Capsule Corp. Maniac. This was due to his recent escapades over the last several years in which, journalists especially, had found themselves on the receiving end of a kick, punch, or in some cases a deadly beam of light -those reports had yet to confirmed- and had wound up in hospital for the best part of a year afterwards and then therapy for three years after that.

Also on the Capsule Corp. Maniacs list of previous victims included: numerous pizza delivery boys, marketing salesmen, paper boys and even the odd Girl Scout. According to rumours, the poor girl scout had failed to deliver the cookies on the day she had promised, instead delivering the sugary goods a day late.

Biiiiiiiiiig mistake.

Did he make a mistake in accepting such an illustrious case as the Briefs? He was certainly beginning to think so as he stared around the room, taking in everybody individually and waiting for Bulma to explain more about her rather dangerous looking husband.

Bulma Briefs cleared her throat in a manner like she would do as if she were addressing the press. "Well my husband is a nice man when he wants to be. He is intelligent, dedicated and loyal."

Dr. Jass heard a snort from the other end of the room. He glanced up in time to see Chichi role her eyes.

Quirking a brow in response, he scribbled down a few notes. 'Son Chichi: possible animosity toward Vegeta?

"Sorry Mrs. Briefs, please continue."

"As I was saying, however my husband is also the most stubborn, rude, bad-tempered, egotistical, arrogant, cocky, insensitive, power-hungry man out there. He's a total jerk! Always out training to become the strongest and never as time for me or even his son! He never as much as changed Trunks diaper when he was younger! And then at the World Martial Arts Tournament he …"

Upon seeing where Bulma's rant was going, Gohan wisely chose to step in. "BULMA! That's enough don't you think?"

The blue-haired genius blinked suddenly, upon realizing where she was and whom she was talking to decided to quieten down. She cast the physiatrist a rather sheepish look before offering an apologetic smile. Although, Bulma's eyes did bulge a little as she saw the good doctors page worth of notes.

"So Vegeta, by training to be the strongest, I assume that you are a martial artist. Is that correct?


The doctor quirked an eyebrow. 'Communication issues? Emotionally withdrawn, possible depression?'

"What got you in to martial arts to begin with?"

Gohan's eyes widened and a surge of panic spread through his body. He could see where this was going, Vegeta would reveal it all; that they were aliens, they had defeated Cell, Buu and every other threat the planet had faced in the last three and a half decades and they would all end up on a cold dissection table, being prodded at by scientists in white suits. Then to top it all off, he'd never get into university.

Unconsciously his grip had been getting tighter and tighter on his poor girlfriends hand. He hadn't noticed it until Videl was practically pounding on his chest for him to realise her. The oldest demi-saiyan did so with a sheepish grin whilst rubbing his chest.

Sometimes Videl reminded him of his mother.

"Stupid Saiyan." He heard his girlfriend mutter.

Oh yes, just like his mother.

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