Naruto: Forsaken Wolf Ninja

Note: Inspired by Naruto the Forsaken Clan by Fenrir187

Note: A slight change in the ages of the character is that the Genin Exams take place at 15 instead of 12 like in the canon.

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"Speech in First Tongue"

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'Demon/ Spirit Thought'

"Speech in First Tongue"

"Jutsu or Spirit Gift"

Chapter 1: The First Change and Revelations.

It was a dark night in Konoha as a crescent moon glowed above the rooftops on this starless night. On this night a 14 year old boy was walking home from a day at the academy and an evening of practice with his favorite senseis. The boy was slightly short for his age and skinny, he had bright sun-kissed blonde hair, bright cerulean blue eyes that seemed to glow in the dim light, and three whisker-like markings on each cheek. This boy was none other than one Naruto Uzumaki, Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune and, unknown to him, last of the wolfblooded.

Naruto was in a good mood this night, which was a rarity recently. Normally the blonde was always in a good mood no matter what happened to him, but recently he had been feeling odd. His temper had grown much shorter, he was constantly irritated, and he could swear all his senses were going crazy. When he had tried to ask Iruka-sensei about these changes, he had to sit through the dreaded "birds & bees" talk about *shutter* puberty. This had thrown Naruto for a loop. I mean, does everyone start noticing people more by their scent than looks? And what about those odd shadows he constantly sees out of the corner of his eye? However, Naruto pushed these troublesome thoughts aside until later, he was in a good mood and he would be damned if his hormones were going to get in the way of it. Why was he in a good mood you ask? Because, tomorrow was the Genin exams and he was sure he was going to pass thanks to Iruka-sensei and the others helping tutor him over the last year since he had failed his first attempt last year. Though he still acted like the same knucklehead in class he had grown immensely in the last year. He was glad that he had told the old Hokage about why he hadn't passed last year. When he had been brought to the Hokage's office to talk about his recent failure at the exams and had explained to his surrogate grandfather about how the teachers always refused to answer his questions or sent him out of the room for no reason the old man had been infuriated. He had called for a full investigation into the academy and assigned the boy three private tutors to help the boy catch up after years of being sabotaged. A few moments later two men and a woman entered the office: one was an odd man with a bowl-cut hairdo, giant eyebrows, and a green spandex bodysuit, the woman was wearing a short skirt, and overlarge trench coat and had purple hair, golden eyes and proportions that made the teenage ninja's head feel light, and the last had a pineapple shaped haircut and a large scar across his nose. The last one Naruto recognized as his favorite academy teacher, because the man had actually attempted to help Naruto, Umino Iruka, and the former two was introduced as one Maito Gai, a top jonin in the field of taijutsu, and Anko Mitarashi, a tokubetsu jonin, specializing in ninjutsu, weapons and torture. After Sarutobi had explained the reason why Naruto had failed all three became extremely irritated, Gai began spouting about "extremely unyouthful behavior" and Iruka and Anko developed deep scowls. After the explanation Sarutobi requested all three help tutor the boy. Both men happily agreed, and the woman gave a curt nod. Then Naruto's life became a whole lot more interesting.

Granted all three were difficult trainers but Naruto excelled under both. Under Gai-sensei he learned a great deal about taijutsu and helped increase his physical conditioning. He and the odd man had become quite close over the year, and when Gai had told Naruto that he would be taking on a Genin Squad this year and that he was personally requesting Naruto and his two friends Lee and Tenten for his team Naruto had be ecstatic. He and Lee had become great friends since Gai had introduced the two earlier in the year since both were constantly underestimated. Gai had compared the two saying that they were both "geniuses of hard work," and that statement had cemented the two into a strong friendship/friendly rivalry. Tenten had become friends with him after he had stood up to group of their fellow classmates who were insulting her hair buns. Though he constantly joked with her about them, calling her "Mousy-chan," she always blushed since Naruto had described them as really cute. The three had become close friends over the year and Naruto couldn't wait to graduate with them. Anko-sensei had, at first, scared the living daylights out of the young blonde, but over time the two began to get to know one another and found that they had both been treated as outcasts by the villagers, though Naruto still didn't know why he was treated so poorly. After Anko had told him about how her former sensei had betrayed her and how she was treated because of her sensei betraying the leaf, the two had become as close as could be. Anko's training had greatly improved not only Naruto's weapon use & jutsu skills but also his stealth and tracking skills and he had even learned the basics of sealing. Anko had even found the problem with his Clone technique. Due to his unusually high chakra reserves and relatively low chakra control Naruto simply overpowered his clones so they couldn't work. She had taught him, with the Hokage's permission, the Shadow Clone technique that solved that little problem. She had also tested Naruto's elemental affinities and had been shocked to find that the boy had not one or two but three affinities for lightning, water, and wind. After finding this out she taught the blonde a few basic jutsu from each element. Lastly, Iruka-sensei's training helped increase Naruto's knowledge in everything from History to Science & Chemistry, which surprising Naruto found very useful in his pranking including a new stink bomb recipe, to Ninja Facts and Information. He had also helped Naruto's chakra control which, while still not good enough to match his supply, grew to an acceptable level by teaching him the leaf and kunai balancing techniques. During their time together the already strong bond between the two had grown greater still, into a bond like that between a younger and older brother.

Yes, all in all Naruto was having a great year. He was quickly growing into a proper ninja both physically, thanks in no small parts to Gai's training, dietary adjustments, and "Youth Shakes" which were actually quite tasty to the blonde, and mentally. He would be able to pass the test easily, now that Mizuki-teme couldn't interfere with his test again. He would be on a great team with his strong, though admittedly odd, sensei and his two dearest friends. Sure both his friends were a year older than him but that didn't matter to Naruto. Yup, life was good for the young Uzumaki until….


Naruto found himself thrown across the street into a nearby alley by a tackle. As he regained his footing his body instantly went into an "Iron Fist" stance as Gai-sensei had taught him and faced the three men that attacked him. As Naruto examined his attackers he instantly recognized all three. They were three of the academy teachers that had been removed from their posts half a year ago after the Hokage had uncovered not only their interference with his training but also taking bribes in order to "aid" certain students along. The one in the center Naruto recognized quickest of all; it was none other than Mizuki, his former teacher with Iruka-sensei and one of the most adamant Naruto-haters in the academy. The man had gone so far as to sabotage Naruto's tests in order to ensure his failure. After the information came to light Mizuki and half-a-dozen other teachers had been put on a permanent suspension of duty without pay. "What the hell do you and your little friends want Mizuki-teme?" Naruto snarled at his former instructor.

"Payback monster," spat on of the former teachers, "Payback for losing us our jobs, ruining our careers, and stealing our futures away from us!"

"HA!" barked Naruto. "You threw those away yourselves when you accepted bribes and sabotaged an innocent student's training."

"Innocent? You? Don't be absurd. This village should be thanking us for ensuring that the demon remained weak," spat the other instructor. He then grew a cruel sneer, "and they'll praise us as heroes once we eliminate you once and for all."

"What is with everyone calling me a demon? I just don't get what you pea-brains are thinking." Naruto snorted in an annoyed fashion, a bored tone in his voice. He may not be able to beat three chunin in a fight, he wasn't that good yet, but he could at least hold them off until help arrived.

The two other instructors sneered at Naruto's remark and tone, but Mizuki developed a sinister smirk on his face. "Naruto," his voice filled with mock-sincerity and kindness, "would you like to know why the entire village hates you. Why they insult, degrade, and attack you? Why they will never accept you?"

"What are you yapping about now Mizuki-teme?" Naruto growled at the man, though his eyes widened as he heard Mizuki speak.

"Mizuki are you sure about this?" questioned one of the other chunin instructors. "Telling him could get us all executed."

"Silence fool!! I know just what I'm doing." Snapped Mizuki before returning his attention to Naruto. "You see Naruto, do you remember the story of how the 4th killed the Kyuubi and saved the village?" At Naruto's nod Mizuki continued his voice growing louder and more deranged as he continued. "Well you see that's a lie. The 4th couldn't kill it so he sealed the Kyuubi into a newborn baby and the 3rd made a law so no one could tell the younger generation about it. You are that baby NARUTO! YOU ARE THE NINE-TAILED DEMON FOX!! NOW DIE KYUUBI!!! As Mizuki nearly shrieked the last part as he and the other former instructors leapt at Naruto to kill the boy.

As Mizuki finished his rant Naruto's eyes widened. It all made sense now. The attacks, the constant whispered insults of "Fox Brat," "Demon Child," and "Monster;" the attempts to hurt or hinder him in every way, shape, or form; they all made sense now. As the information sank in, a number of different emotions sank into the young boy's heart. First came sadness, then despair, then anger and finally cumulating into a fierce rage. 'It's not fair' Naruto mentally screamed. 'I never asked for this to happen to me. I never asked to contain the Kyuubi. I never wanted to hold it. I never deserved the glares and insults and attacks. It's not fair!!' IT'S NOT FAIR!!" the final part came as a part scream part roar that caused the chunin to stop before they even reached the boy.

After his release Naruto started to feel pain coursing through his body, not like that of the previous beatings he'd endured, but something new. It felt like his body was melting from the inside and reshaping itself. He also started to feel something besides the pain; power and excitement, as if a lifetime's worth of adrenaline had been pumped into his body. His senses also changed, the increases he'd been feeling come and go for nearly a year now had finally settled in and then intensified. His vision began to flash between normal and a bizarre twisted version of the area surrounding him filled with strange being which seemed to glance toward the boy in confusion before returning to their business. Naruto finally collapsed to his knees as the shock and strain of this change became too much for him to handle and he howled like a wolf to the heavens above.

During this the three chunin stood in shock of the boy's outburst they watched as the boy's body started to shift and change. His hair grew longer and thicker across his body one second only to recede another, or cover one area only to recede and cover another, until at last his body was covered in light brown fur with dark golden blond streaks throughout the head and back. The boy's nails changed into fierce claws and his teeth sharpened into knife-like fangs, and his face lengthened into a wolfish snout. His muscles expanded and he grew until the former 5'3" blond stood 7'9." Lastly were his eyes they retained their bright cerulean color, but an equally bright yellow sheen seemed to overcast them. Mizuki screamed, "The demon has taken control! Kill it now!"

As the two other chunin leapt at him; Naruto's clawed hands shot out. One pierced one of the foolish chunin in the shoulder and the other ripped through the other man's gut, killing him as he watched his own insides spill onto the pavement below. The, now wounded, other chunin attempted to slash the former blonde's chest with a kunai and struck home. A shout of victory died in his throat as the wound healed in an instant, fur and skin replacing the formerly deep cut. The man didn't even have time to scream as the newly changed werewolf grabbed the man's head in both clawed hands and with a sharp jerk, a twist, and a sharp crack broke the man's spine and killed the man in an instant. Mizuki seeing both of his "comrades" die in an instant after attacking the former blonde did the first smart thing in his life. HE RAN AWAY AS FAST AS HIS LEGS COULD CARRY HIM! In the distance as he fled the only thing Mizuki could hear outside his own heartbeat was a howl that seemed to fill the night. If Mizuki had looked up he would have sworn that the moon shimmered for a second, like it was laughing.

After releasing a final howl of victory Naruto slowly reverted to his normal form and collapsed, his clothes shredded after the transformation, to the street below. Mere moments later the 3rd Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, arrived on the scene, a squad of Anbu at his side. After hearing the howl he and all the nearby Anbu ninja had come to find out what had happened. After he saw the remains of the two former chunin instructors, his eyes fell on Naruto and his shredded appearance. "Cat. Dog. Bear." He shouted instantly three Anbu in the respective animal masks appeared in front of the old kage. "Get Naruto to the hospital immediately. Make sure whatever did this didn't hurt the boy." As the three Anbu bowed and Bear picked up the young blonde the Hokage had only one thought in his mind. 'What the hell happened here?'



Naruto was lying on his stomach, body aching over every single inch.


Naruto began to stir awake.


'Damn it, I'm going to have to fix that damn faucet again.' Naruto's still addled mind thought with a grimace.


'Wait a minute. How did I get home? Last thing I remember I was attacked by Mizuki-teme and those other prick teachers. Then Mizuki-teme told me I was the Kyuubi. Then I got angry...Angrier than I ever thought I could be. Then….Fangs….Claws.....Fur?' Naruto thought confused. As the memories of last night came flooding back to him he remembered: his transformation, his vision of the strange world, the power he had felt as his body had reshaped himself, and the way he had killed those other two teachers. 'What the hell happened to me?!?' was Naruto's mental scream as his eyes shot open.

As Naruto hastily got up off his stomach and began to look around his first thought was, 'How did I get in a sewer?' The place Naruto now found himself could only be described as a giant sewer if not for a few oddities. First, was the sheer size of the place, the Hokage tower couldn't even reach the roof of it, and it seemed to stretch on for miles. Second, were the pipes that covered the sides of the tunnel. Normally this wouldn't be that odd, but these pipes glowed in a number of different colors; nearly half in a bright incandescent blue, a few less in a ghostly silver, and the remaining few a bright, vicious red. Lastly was the fact that the entire place was filled with a weird red light, the color mimicking the pipes only a few shades darker, with no visual source for it at all.

As Naruto considered his strange new surroundings he heard a strange a sibilant whisper, "Come. Come young Uratha. We have much to speak of. You, I, and another have much to discuss," As Naruto heard the voice and he felt compelled to follow it as his mind began to swim with the memories of his transformation. It had felt weird but, at the exact same time, felt so very right. It was like he had been living in a shell his entire life and, in the moment of the transformation, he had finally been set free. It was exhilarating and terrifying at the same tame. His mind then went to the two chunin he had killed. At first he suddenly felt sickened and saddened that he had taken not one but two lives, but these emotions soon passed as he remembered the sneers on both of the men's faces as they had attacked and attempted to kill him. It was like Iruka-sensei had taught him, "A ninja's life is one of danger and strife. You must be ready to kill in order to survive. Just remember, killing doesn't make you a monster. Only when you enjoy murder are you truly a monster." Naruto remembered the speech with a smile; maybe Iruka had told him that for a day like today. He didn't enjoy the fact that he had killed those two, bastards though they were, but he did not regret it for saving his life.

As Naruto's thoughts ended he found himself outside a giant gate that seemed to reach high into the tunnel, beyond the shadows that blocked the roof from sight. The gate was wrapped in chains that all seemed to connect to a single paper seal. As Naruto leaned in to study the seal above his head a pair of blood red eyes, as big as the young man stood tall, suddenly snapped open and stared at blonde. Naruto instinctively jumped back as he heard the same whispery voice now greatly magnified into a tremendous roar spoke, "Greetings young Uratha. Do you know who I am?" As the words were spoken a giant fox head with blood red fur appeared out of the shadows of the gate.

Naruto's eyes widened in fear and recognition before narrowing in rage. "Yeah I do!" he shouted. "You're the reason I've been hated my whole life! You're the Kyuubi!"

The Kyuubi's eyes widened in shock 'Pup isn't nearly as dense as most think.' Kyuubi thought before its eyes softened into a tearful look as it remembered the abuse the child has suffered because of it. The voice had softened as the fox spoke again, "You are correct. For what it is worth I'm deeply sorry for the pain that my imprisonment ment has caused you. I truly am." The fox finished with soft sob nearly hidden in its voice.

Naruto's eyes widened at the sorrow he felt and saw in the, so called, King of Demons voice and eyes. An idea suddenly hit Naruto. "You never wanted to attack Konoha did you?" It was more a statement than a question.

"No" the Kyuubi stated, "I was placed under a powerful genjutsu that threw me into a deep rage by a man with unusual red eyes and a man who smelled of snakes." The Kyubbi sobbed out, and then looked at Naruto with a curious look in its large, sad eyes then asked, "How did you know?"

Naruto shrugged, "I just could feel it. Must be because we're linked through the seal. By the way where are we Kyuubi? I thought Mizuki-teme said you were sealed inside me?"

"We're inside your mind young Uratha." the Kyuubi stated.

"Great, just what I need. My mind is literally a sewer." Naruto stated with an exaggerated sigh and slump of his shoulders causing the Kyuubi to snicker. A thought suddenly hit the young blonde. "Hey why do keep calling me that weird word? What the hell is an Uratha?" Naruto questioned.

"I believe I should explain this question young Kitsune." stated a new voice. The new voice was strong and matronly like a stern grandmother or the mistress of a powerful estate.

"As you wish" Kyubbi said with a bow of its head.

"Good, but first I need to introduce myself." The voice stated as a new figure appeared out of the shadow. She was a tall, matronly woman with pale but weathered skin. Her hair glowed like liquid moonlight as she looked down on the boy with silver. She wore robes that seemed to be woven out of pure silver and white gold with images of the moon in its different stages woven across it in a darker shade of silver. She then spoke to the young blonde, "Greetings young Uratha. I have gone by many names in my time. This nation's people have called me Tsukiyomi but I prefer the names your people gave me many years ago Luna or Mother Moon."

"You're a goddess?" Naruto asked, awestruck by the appearance of the powerful figure.

Luna smiled down on the young blonde, "You are both correct and incorrect at the same time. While I am actually referred to as a goddess by many cultures, I am, like the Kyuubi here, actually a spirit. Admittedly, I am one of the most powerful ones, but a spirit none the less. The same is true for the Shinigami and a good deal of other 'gods' in your myths. However I believe we are losing focus here. You wished to know what an Uratha is correct?"

"Oh right, sorry" Naruto apologized while rubbing the back of his head, embarrassed by his loss of focus.

"It's quite alright." Luna stated before clearing her throat. "The name Uratha is linked to an ancient story. Once eons ago the world was united into a single state called Pangaea. The physical world and the Shadow Realm stood united without any barriers between."

"Um, sorry to interrupt but what is this Shadow Realm you just talked about?" Naruto asked.

"The Shadow Realm is the world of spirits and their kind. It is a reflection of this world both physically and metaphysically, and before you ask," Kyuubi explained, "that means that the Shadow Realm is shaped by both a place's physical features and the emotions that surround and fill that region. In other word an ugly place filled with positive emotions and memories will seem brighter and more cheerful, and a beautiful place filled with negative emotions and memories will seem darker and more dangerous or sad. Now please do not interrupt Luna-sama again."

"Thank you Kyuubi, now as I was saying. Pangaea was a paradise protected and policed by one of the mightiest of all the spirits. Father Wolf. As time passed on and father wolf aged he brought forth children from himself to keep the world in balance. These children were part spirit and part mortal. They were the first Uratha." Naruto's eyes widened at this statement but he kept quiet until the end. As Luna continued, "These children aided Father Wolf for centuries but as the ancient spirit grew old and began to feel the pain of his countless battles the young Uratha took it upon themselves to end their ancestral father's pain. In a single action they ended their father's life in a final moment of glory, but their actions had dire consequences. In his final moment Father Wolf let loose a single howl that shattered the bonds of the world and split it into the current physical world and the Shadow Realm. In their guilt over the consequences of their actions swore an oath to protect the balance of the world. I, being one of Father Wolf's oldest lovers and friends, took pity on the young Uratha and took them under my protection."

After many millennia of acting as stewards of the world and Shadow an event occurred that wiped out all the Uratha, or so I believed, in a manner of years. This event, known as the Great Human-Demon War, shattered the barrier between the worlds almost completely, and now spirits may pass into the world without much effort. It also unlocked an ability long dormant in humanity, the ability to use, as your people call it, chakra. This has allowed humanity to defend itself against the dangers of the Shadow, and has allowed a new balance to take the place of the old." As Luna finished, she turned her gaze to Naruto and spoke in a calm manner. "Now you, young Uratha have a choice. I have decided to grant you the powers of your ancestors now that you have experienced the First Change, and even turn it into what your people now call a kekkai genkai, or bloodline. However, there is a cost you and all your descendents must do as your ancestors did and swear the ancient Oath of the Moon to me as your ancestors did many years ago."

Naruto's eyes were the size of dinner plates as Luna finished her story. As all that she had said sank in he asked her a question. "What does the Oath of the Moon entail, if I may ask Luna-dono?"

Luna looked at him and smiled, "The oath is very simple." She stated calmly. "All you must do is vow on your name and spirit that you will follow seven oaths. First, Urum Da Takus, 'The Wolf Must Hunt.' This means that you and your descendents must do all that they are able to crush any of the ancient evils that infest the physical world and the shadow, this doesn't mean all your clan must be warriors, but merely cannot aid these evils and do what they can to stop them. Second, Imru Nu Fir Imru 'The People Do Not Murder the People.' This means that your clan must never slay a member of its own without just cause. Third, Sih Sehe Mak; Mak Ne Sih 'The Low Honor the High, The High Respect the Low.' This means you must show respect and honor to those that have earned it, and must return respect that is given to you by those below you. Basically, you can't develop a superiority complex like some other bloodlines. (AN: *coughUchihacoughHyuugacough*). Fourth, Ni Daha 'Respect Your Prey.' This rule means as long as you hunt you will show your prey the respect all creatures deserve after death. Fifth, Uratha Safal Thil Lu'u, 'The Uratha Shall Cleave to the Human.' Basically this means you will not mate with other Uratha or wolves; though spirits in human form are allowed." Luna added the last part while sending a wink to Kyuubi, who blushed.

Kyuubi's sudden blush caused a reaction with Naruto and he shouted, "Kyuubi you're a girl!? Why didn't you mention that earlier?"

"Heheheh. Must have slipped my mind." The Kyuubi stated with a snicker and in a sudden flash of red she was gone. In the Kyuubi's place stood a beautiful young woman in her late teens, with fiery red hair and blood red eyes. She was dressed in only a crimson kimono decorated with fox images in deep black and gold. She had a heart shaped face, at least C maybe D cup breasts, and legs that didn't stop. Atop her head stood a pair of fox ears and nine long crimson tails flowed behind her. To put it simply, she was drop-dead gorgeous. She winked at Naruto and said, "So, how do you like my human form Naruto-kun?"

As Naruto blushed and mumbled "pretty", Luna grinned before saying sternly, "Now that your flirtatious moment is over do you mind if I continue my explanation Kyuubi."

"Of course, forgive our interruption Luna-sama." said Kyuubi with a "Sorry Luna-sama" from Naruto.

Luna nodded and continued, "The sixth oath states: Nu Hu Uzu Eren 'Do Not Eat the Flesh of Man or Wolf.' This rule is pretty self-explanatory. The last rule formerly forced you to keep you power hidden from normal mortals to prevent an effect called 'Lunacy' that affected those who see you in your altered state, but with humans developing chakra they have become immune to it. Given the fact I shall create a new oath. Sehe Tume Nata Iduth 'Honor your word and the vows you swear on the moon.' This means you must always do your best to keep your promises and honor you vows made under my name. This can be overruled if you are deceived when you make the vow. Each broken oath will bring a severe punishment upon the oath-breaker" As Luna finished her speech she looked at Naruto and waited for his answer.

Naruto appeared to think for a moment and decided that most of the rules were common sense stuff for him. He then said, "I, Naruto Uzumaki, take upon the Oath of the Moon and swear upon my name and spirit to honor it for all of my days." He stated while bowing to Luna who nodded sagely.

"Very good Naruto-kun." Stated the ancient moon spirit with a small smile on her face. "Now I will explain to you about the power you have now inherited. The basic powers include increased senses, the ability to communicate with wolves and other canines, and increased regeneration but you should be warned these gifts come at a price. Silver now burns your skin like fire and poison and cancels your regeneration. The more advanced powers are your auspice, forms, and the ability to wield essence to fuel spirit charms. The first power is the power of the auspice. This power varies depending on the phase of the moon during your first change. First are the children of the full moon, the Rahu and their auspice is called the Warrior's Eye. They are warriors first and foremost, and their auspice allows them to take the measure of a foe, gaining knowledge on their strength and abilities. By merely looking at a foe they can tell if the person is stronger or weaker than them and the difference in their abilities. Next are the children of the gibbous moon the Cahalith, and their auspice is called Prophetic Dreams. They are the planners and strategists of the Uratha and their power allows them to gain brief insight into the future. All they must do is meditate upon a problem and fall into a deep sleep and they can gain a prophetic dream that will give them new insight into whatever problem they were meditating upon. Sometimes, if a great threat is coming they will receive visions even without the meditations. The third auspice is the children of the half moon, the Elodoth, and their auspice Spirit Envoy. They are diplomats and negotiators before being warriors, and their auspice increases their natural ability to negotiate with spirits. Next are the children of the new moon, the Irraka; and their gift is the Pathfinder's Sense. They were the scouts, spies and assassins of the Uratha, and their auspice allowed them to sense when spirit influence was involved in matters better than most Uratha. Lastly is your auspice young Uratha. The children of the crescent moon's, the Ithaeur, auspice was called Ritual Master. All Uratha are allowed to perform powerful rituals that grant them numerous abilities, but the Ithaeur were true masters of that craft using and learning them with greater ease. This auspice probably also increased your intellect a little after awakening.

Naruto nodded as he thought of his own auspice and, though he would have preferred being born under Rahu or Irraka, the ability of the Ithaeur sounded extremely interesting. He'd have to ask about these rituals later, but first he had to let Luna finish her explanation.

"Next is the power of your forms. The first form is called Hishu the 'Man.' This is your default form, the one you were born with, although when you awaken you might find that the change has caused some slight improvements. Next is Dalu or the 'Near-Man.' In this form you remain humanoid, but gain a bestial aspect, with your normal and body hair growing thicker and longer, nails and teeth sharpening, and body growing & gaining some extra muscle. This form offers a slight increase in strength, stamina, size, speed, and sensory abilities. It is best for when you want to gain some power while keeping a degree of subtlety. Third is Gauru the 'Beast- or Wolf-Man.' This is the form you assumed when you were attacked earlier. It is a blend of both human and beast, and is best used for raw power. It offers full fangs and claws as weapons, massive increases in strength, stamina, speed, size, and sensory abilities, minor boosts in your agility and reflexes, and a thickening of the skin granting a thin form of armor. Next is the Urshul or the 'War-Beast.' This form is resembles a gargantuan wolf easily twice or triple the size of a normal wolf. It is the fastest form and has exceptional sensory boost, so it is best used for high speed combat, hunting, or for escapes. In addition to a massive increase in speed and perceptive abilities this form also provides a large boost in strength, agility, stamina, and reflexes, and a slight increase in size. The last is the Urhan or 'Beast' form. In this form you appear as a normal wolf. Combat wise it is not an effective form compared to the Urshul form since it reduces your size, but it is very quick and has the best senses of the five so it is best used for tracking. It addition to the sensory and speed boosts it also provides a major increase in agility and reflexes and a minor increase in stamina. To change your form you need to only concentrate on the form you wish to assume and allow the change to occur."

Naruto was extremely excited about this ability, and he couldn't wait to test the abilities of each of his forms to see what they could do.

The final ability is the ability to wield Essence and use spirit charms. First, Essence is the power of the Shadow Realm, and it is similar to the chakra that you ninja use to create your jutsu. The key difference is that while ninja use hand signs to mold chakra into jutsu, spirits focus Essence through imagery to create the effects of charms. Most spirits are linked to charms that comply with their nature, like a fire spirit could only use charms related to fire, but Uratha are different and can use nearly any type of charm if it was taught to them. To learn a charm you will have to complete a task or challenge assigned to you by a spirit. It may be difficult since a great deal of the spirit world views the Uratha as meddlers, but I'm sure you'll find a way. Different charms are rated at levels 1-5 and you won't be able to learn any higher level charms until you grow stronger. Currently the best you could wield would be a lvl 1 or maybe lvl 2 charm. An important note is that you do not regain Essence as quickly as you do chakra. It could take weeks to restore your Essence pool through meditation and rest alone, but there is a way to regain it faster. All you need is a locus, a sort of Essence spring, and meditate nearby and you will regain Essence rapidly and fully restore it within an hour.

Naruto nodded these charms sounded just as amazing as jutsu, and since only he could use them that was even better. Finding one of these loci may be difficult but he was sure he could do it.

"Now I believe that ends our little discussion but before I leave Naruto I have a few things to give you." stated Luna as she examined the boy. "First I'd like to present you with a few charms. They are: Two-World Eyes, Wolf-Blood's Lure, Partial Change, and Soundless Strike[1]. As she finished she touched Naruto's head and, in a flash of silver, the knowledge of the charms was imprinted into his mind. "The first is a power of your auspice domain so only a Ithaeur can use it, the next two are gifts directly from both Father Wolf and myself respectively, and the last is called a lunar front charm, a charm derived from one of the moon's aspects, in this case the stalker aspect." Luna explained. "The next gift will be waiting in your home after you awaken. Lastly, I have some advice for you, the five wolf brothers will seek you out. Respect them and offer all five the honor of your clan in the future and you will gain strong allies and teachers. That is all I have to teach you. Farewell young Uratha, but worry not. I have forgotten my adopter children for too long and I will not do so again." Luna stated cryptically as she prepared to leave.

"Before you leave Luna-sama, I have a request for Naruto-kun, and would like Luna-sama to oversee it." Kyubbi stated quickly before the moon spirit could leave.

"What is it Kyuubi-chan?" Naruto asked her curiously. Luna merely looked at the fox spirit with a slightly raised eyebrow.

"I would like to become Naruto-kun's personal totem spirit." stated the Kyuubi. Luna nodded and Naruto looked confused.

"What's a totem spirit?" questioned the young blonde.

"A totem spirit Naruto is a spirit who, in exchange for a price, grants an Uratha certain powers and abilities." Luna answered the blonde.

"My benefits for you Naruto-kun would be granting you a few of the spirit charms I know, acting as your advisor throughout your career and life, and granting you access to my chakra. As for my price, I have two conditions. First, I am allowed to experience your senses as long as we're joined. Second, if you find a way to free me, without killing or harming either of us, I request that you do." explained the Kyuubi looking at the blonde with hope filled eyes.

Naruto merely smiled at the fox spirit. "Kyu-chan," he grinned at her, "I would have done those things for you even if you didn't offer this totem thing. I know you weren't in control when you attacked Konoha so you don't deserve punishment for it." Naruto stated simply.

"Thank you Naru-kun." sniffed the Kyuubi with a warm and happy look in her eyes.

"So how do we do this?" asked our blonde wereninja.

"Remove a corner of the seal and I'll do the rest." stated the Kyuubi. As Naruto complied, red chakra suddenly surged around them both and she felt the link between them grow stronger. After he was done the fox placed one of her tails on the blonde's forehead and gave him the Call Element, Feet of Mist, and Speak with Beasts [1] spirit gifts. After that she let the young ninja drift off and leave his mindscape with a whispered, "I look forward to working with you Naru-kun."


As Naruto began to awaken yet again, he took in his surroundings before even opening his eyes. With his newly enhanced senses he could smell the familiar stink of disinfectant, medicine, and death, and he could hear the soft beeping of different machines surrounding him. 'Great, just great. I'm in the hospital. I hate the hospital.' The blonde mentally groaned. Then the blonde noticed a familiar scent by his bed and he released a small growl. 'Just the person I need to have a long talk with.' the blonde thought angrily. "Hello Ojiji," stated the blonde as he opened his eyes and looked at the old kage, "we have some stuff we need to talk about."

The Hokage's head jerked up suddenly, startled by the blonde's sudden awakening as well as the boy's cold tone. As Sarutobi looked at his surrogate grandson and noticed the cold look the blonde was giving him he stated, "That we do Naruto. That we most certainly do."


[1] Normally I'd explain each gift after it is given but since there are so many bunched together I decided to wait to the end to give an explanation of each. So here are the gifts

Two-World Eye: Level 1 Gift of the Crescent Moon Gift Tree. (Gift Trees will be explained in either chapter 2 or 3). Through focusing the mind and concentrating on images of both worlds overlapping the wielder of the wielder can see through the Gauntlet that separates the two worlds and look either into the Gauntlet's corresponding location in the Shadow Realm, if used in the physical world, or physical world, if used in the Shadow. Usually only takes concentration to use but grants only sight. If Essence is channeled along with it the user can send his sense of either hearing or smell across the gauntlet as well.

Wolf Blood's Lure: Level 1 Gift of the Father Wolf Gift Tree. Constant Effect. Usually dogs and other canines, except wolves, are afraid of the Uratha but this charm alters the werewolf's pheromones and character to make him appear as one of the pack. This causes most canines to become extremely friendly toward the Uratha. Also affects other animals to a lesser extent.

Partial Change: Level 1 Gift of the Mother Luna Gift Tree. Allows the wielder to change only certain parts of his anatomy into another form while keeping the remainder in Hishu. Examples include: Uhran's nose to track without being noticed as a wolf, Gauru's claws for an instant weapon without revealing true power, or Urshul's legs for a major speed boost. Usually takes a moment of concentration and envisioning the required limb without Essence, but by channeling Essence can cause the change to be instantaneous.

Soundless Strike: Level 1 of the Stalker's Moon Gift Tree. By focusing his will and channeling his Essence throughout his body while envisioning a starless and moonless night, the werewolf can silence all sound that takes place in a 100 yard radius of him for 30 seconds.

Call Element: Level 1 of the Elemental Gift Tree. Through calming the mind and focusing on a certain element the werewolf can create a small quantity of the given element in the palm of his hands. He could create a few cups of water, a small amount of fire, a small breeze of fresh clean air, a few handfuls of dirt, of a small charge of electricity. While the amounts are not enough to be highly useful in combat at this level they provide useful utilitarian purposes: water to quench thirst, fire to start larger flames, air to provide oxygen in a confined space, dirt to fill in areas, and electricity to charge a small machine.

Speak with Beasts: Level 1 of the Nature Gift Tree. Constant Effect. Though normally a werewolf can only understand the language of wolves and canines, this gift allows the Uratha to comprehend the languages of all living creatures. The Uratha can both understand them and speak to them; though understanding the meaning of the communication can be quite different in the cases of drastically different creatures like insects or fish.

Feet of Mist: Level 1 of the Stealth Gift Tree. By channeling Essence through his body and using images of mist or fog, the user wipes away any scent that his body gives off making tracking him by scent virtually impossible.

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