Ice Queen Cometh

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[[all communication is English, a neutral language.]]

She was worried.

Ranma was missing

He had been missing for weeks now.

Three weeks, four days.

What really worried her was that he was 'missing' as in taken, Who could take Ranma Saotome?

Then one of her underlings that was out of contact for the last 3 weeks called. she had a clue as to who had a hand in the capture of Ranma. A tranq-dart; yellow with butter fly wings. Also found were shurikens; white eight point flowers with tiger stripes. Both items had a phone number for the USA imprinted on them.

Nabiki had called the number, and now was walking to meet a contact. As she walked, the air around her was swirling. She was 'Embracing the Cold', a variant of Ranma's 'Soul of Ice'. Frost was trailing her heeled boots, her white, knee high boots. She also wore a white school uniform, with frosted sapphire trim.

Ice Queen Cometh

She avoided the market, not wanting to damage the fruit displays. She avoided the Neko Hatten and Ukyo's not wanting to be dragged into the daily 'Where is Ranma'. She entered the jade dragon. A small bar near the border of the ward. A small, family owned place that had survived from before the Edo period. On the wall just inside the door was a six foot tall plaque listing the terms of the Accords that named this place Neutral Ground.

The room was filled with blacked suited men in trench coats. Strangers.

"Ah, Miss Tendo, so nice of you to come on such short notice." the one guy not dressed in a trench coat stood from the small table he was sitting at. His deep Italian accent, pressing and rolling the English speech in a sweet, candied tone.

"Why has the 'Guild' violated our agreement?" Nabiki returned in clipped Queen's English.

"What 'violated'?" the confusion clear on his face.

Nabiki tossed the shuriken and dart onto the table between them, "these Items were left when one of My Own was 'taken'. We had an agreement. The Guild stays out of our way, we stay out of Guild business. "

the room temp dropped a few degrees. "It was no Rouge Arch that did it either, because the repair work was 'Guild Perfect.'"

"What are you taking about?" he snapped his fingers, and a flunky rushed a lap-top to him, so he could pull up data...

"Three times, I have held my Own in check while a listed, and cleared Arch took victory here in my territory. I had to 'Press' him to allow your guild member assault, rob, and/or kidnap a so-called innocent." she drew a card from her pocket. "Here are the dates and names of the so-called victories. "

Looking the card over he checked the info against the computer. "Yes, these dates, our members have recorded as victories, but none of them are in this side of the world right now."

"Three weeks ago, three weeks and four days back, Someone in your Guild assaulted me and mine. That night, your people repaired the damage. I should know. The Person taken would not go down easily, it is easier to take out an OSI agent then it to take out this target. And the repair work included a three block radius of Warehouses, including 'art work' that changed overnight." two photos landed on the table. the kanji depicted were alike, but different.

typing as fast as he could, the suit asked, "Who was taken?"

"Latest title is 'God-Slayer'."

"No one listed by that title."

"try 'Wild Horse' of Nemira."

The agent froze. "Is he not your main enforcer?"

"Yes. He also keeps the others in line. Six months ago, one of your third tier Villains tried to tap the mystic energy here in Tokyo to overthrow his nemesis It would have also sunk half the city into the sea. He was thwarted not by his nemesis, but one of our second tier fighters. Ranma prevented his death, and told him that until further notice, Tokyo was off limits to the Guild for World Domination. it was ratified by the end of the week, the Sovereign signed it himself."

"You know a lot about Guild Law, Miss Tendo."

"The name is Ice Queen" the room chilled further, frost climbed his drink glass. "I am also listed as one of 'Wild Horse's' fiancés. I am the cool, logic minded one. I know, I filed all of us down, so as to limit stupidity like this from happening."

"One of?" he tapped away at his keyboard. "Why so many listed?"

"Ranma considers all of us under his protection. The last time someone grabbed one of us, he leveled a mountain and heavily damaged over one hundred miles in China." Nabiki smiled as the suit read further down the file. It was not a warm smile.

Picking up the dart and shuriken, the suit entered the id code imprinted on them both. "While the dart was originally issued to the Monarch, it was returned to guild warehouses when his wife updated his arsenal. it was given to a new villain by the name of...Mistress Butterfly, until her own darts can be issued in her colour pattern, the shuriken is listed as belonging to one Tiger-lotus. Both have filed and been cleared by head of 'Personal' to join together as a tri-ad and to aggressively recruit the third member, one..." he chuckled, "Jaded Dragon. A.k.a. one Tendo Lanko."

Nabiki blinked.

"repeat that last bit, please."

"Jaded Dragon, a.k.a. Tendo, Lanko." he looked up at the now pale Nabiki.

Pulling out the chair across from him, Nabiki sat down. Grabbing his drink glass, she tossed it down.

"It should read as Tendo, Ranko, you know how we blur our 'R's into 'L's. " at his nod, "Check file Saotome, Ranma. look under 'special occurrences; mystical."

"Water based curse; aqua-transsexual..." he looked back to Nabiki, "Are you joking?" as she shook her head, he took a hit from the bottle of scotch on the table. "so this Ranko Tendo is really Ranma's other form?" at her nod, "well that gives you three choices."

"No, it gives me one choice. Any legal citizen, not listed as a non-active, can be recruited. guild law. As the A.R. was approved, only the Council of 13 or the Sovereign can revoke it. I have twisted the Law enough that they can not/ will not help me or mine without heavy reason." Nabiki leaned back in her chair. "If Personal had done a full read of Tendo, Ranko's file, they would have noticed the notation that reads; see Saotome, Ranma. As I was trying to protect Ranma as Ranko, I filed the paperwork to get her legalized. but I failed to list Ranko, when I listed Ranma. " turning to look at the suit, "Has this new triad been assigned an arch-nemesis yet?'

a few taps of the keys. "Not yet, not to be assigned until after next week."

"Due to guild law, the tri-ad has just been declared targeted by a listed Member of the Accords. The Ice Queen has declared that they have drawn the first strike, and the Ice Queens Ire."

"You know what this means."

"Yes. The Ice Queen is now active, and as such, nor longer under the protection of the Sovereign. I will be filing a RFA-1321, and will have my enforcers on the hunt by the end of the week. As opposing members of the Guild of Calamitous Intent, be warned, " Nabiki stood slowly, and drew deep on the 'Cold', "The Ice Queen Comiths!!" as every goggle and glass surface frosted over, Nabiki made her exit.

[now the speech is Japanese.]

Ranma awoke.

Ranma awoke naked.

Ranma awoke naked, and female.

Ranma awoke naked, female, and pissed!!!

She was in a caged cell, cold iron floor, bars and locked gate.

"I see she is awake, good." a guy in a form fitted latex body suit entered the Cage holding Ranma-chan. "Mistress won't mind if I indulge in a bit of fun. just lay back and enjoy what 'Number 1' is bringing you to play with." a part of the Latex ripped off

"Number 1, huh" Ranma-chan tittered. "They numbering from the smallest to the largest?"

The henchman's eyes flared in anger and rage...just before Ranma slammed her dainty foot first into his groin, then into his face.

exiting the cage she locked it behind her, and ghosted off in search of clothing, and information as to her where about. in a room not far from the cage she found a pair of black silk pants, a dull faded green leather vest, and a wash room with cold water. A notice explained that hot water was out due to a boiler leak. Quickly cleaning up, she dressed in the clothing that, for some reason, fit her almost perfectly. a pair of gold and green embroidered slippers, hugged her feet, while allowing her perfect traction. She left the robe with dragon motif hanging where it was.

now that she was dressed, she needed to find out where she was...

five minutes later found her at the window, looking down at the ocean, as the airship floated into the sunrise.

"Ah, I see that you found everything. Good, Good." A voice behind Ranma caused her to turn slowly to face...a Female in a tight black Leather body-suit, with zippers and buckles. thigh high, four inch heeled boots, a wide belt at the waist, and a tight hood completed the look.

Purring caused Ranma-chan to spin the other way to see a woman dressed in a tiger print 'cat-suit', tighter then the black leather.

Ranma frowned, "Not really a c-c-cat, are you?"

"No." the feline felon purred. "But I have been gene-spliced" then Ranma noticed that not all of the cat-suit was as tight as it looked...some of it was her fur...

"Ok, just warning you, I have an issue with all things cat. Do not crowd me, do not surprise me, and do not, no matter what, attack me or mine. The results will not be pretty."

"We know, Love. You spent the last three weeks as a human-cat, attacking everybody that opened the cage door." the lady in leather drawled. "I am Mistress Butterfly, and our sister is Tiger-Lotus. Now that you have regained your mind, Jaded Dragon, We can get down to business." She strode past Ranma towards to the cat lady. "Just before you awoke, we received a Guild encoded message. Lets go see what the Guild has to say."

Ranma shrugged, and followed, being sure to keep M, Butterfly between her and kitty...

As they stepped on to the bridge, Ranma saw a big screen showing Nabiki chatting with someone off to the side. "...and how do I know that Ranko is okay? I am her legal advisor, and no one has seen her in almost four weeks. Her prime fiancé is in a bit of a snit and the only thing keeping him from going ballistic is that 'Wild Horse' real close to her, and will bring her home, if and when she chooses. "

"Hey Nabs!"

all activity stopped.

"Ah, Ranko. good to see you. Have you been informed of the latest Guild Announcement?"

"Ahh, Guild? What Guild?" she looked about. everybody, other then M. Butterfly and miss kitty, on the bridge was wearing leather or latex bodysuits. "Ah do you mean like those guys that You wont let me get involved with?"

"Yeah, those guys. It seems that two lower tier females have decided to form a tri-ad, and make a run at the big time. They included you, it seems, to act as their Armed Conflict Commander. Either they did not know that 'Wild Horse' considers you Protected, or they did not care. Either way, taking you has forced, first 'Wild Horse' , and then myself into action."

"Who are you, to be calling us, and debriefing Jaded Dragon?" Mistress Butterfly asked.

Nabiki smiled. It was not a warm smile. "One, I am the Ice Queen. Two, I am informing a former subject of mine; why she was taken from my side. As to why I am calling your floating air base; Have you read and understood your latest Guild memo?"

"It says here, that do to an oversight by Personal and the Recognized leadership of the Tragic Tri-ad, the aggressive recruitment of one Tendo Ranko, is recognized as both legal, and inflammatory." Tiger-Lotus read from the print out in her hand. "As a direct result, Jaded Dragon is registered as a full member in good standing with the Guild, and the Tragic Tri-ad. Personal thanks Tragic Tri-ad for their bold move, and congratulates them on their successful choice of Primary Arch."

"We have yet to file for an Arch!" M. Butterfly spat. "Who would declare us..." her rant trailed off as she turned to look first at Ranko, then Nabiki on the screen. "You can not do anything, you are an Accorded neutral."

"Was!" Nabiki's smile grew colder, "But your undeclared actions in my territory, have, along the lines of aggressive recruitment, pushed my group into play, enraged my underlings, and forced my hand. You now face the Reign of the Ice Queen for the first of many slights; stealing her Hand-maidian. You will be hunted down. you will be crushed, you will be humbled. My first Champion is already in route to your location. 'Wild Horse' has infiltrated your very command chain. At my command, he will strike; disabling your air base, crushing your henchmen, and reclaiming my hand-maidian." Nabiki drew herself up. "Prepare, for the Cold is upon thee! The Ice Queen Cometh!!"

and the screen winked out.