Three days after the Assault on the Air-Carrier, a small custom ATV pulled up to an over whelming Vista Villa, South of the California/ Baja border. Its Side hatch popped and hissed open. Out stepped a rumbled and dusted Tiger-Lotus. As she approached the front door, it opened to before the short, thin, sniveling minion of her Partner.

"Mistress bids you welcome." he bowed low, ducking her swipe at his throat. "The third door on the Left is your Suite. A cooling Bath has been drawn, and your new... Prototype uniform is laid out on the Bed. Mistress awaits you on the Southern lower Balcony." He scurried to her ride, entered it, and drove it into the jungle, where she knew he was taking it to the concealed garage, where her Partner kept all the Mission related craft.

leaving the doors open, T-L slinked into her suite, striping the soiled and shredded suit off, leaving her white and black striped fur matted and dirtied as she entered the massive pool style tub, and began the long, enjoyable, ritual of cleansing her fur, body, mind and soul. As the water became too dirty, the pumps kicked in, exchanging the filthy water, wile applying pressure to massage the tension from her muscles, and bones.


Akane grunted, as she smashed through the 4x6, beam. Longwise. A roundhouse kick sheared the 6x10 beam off at chest level. A hammer fist smashed a granite sphere with a diameter of 14 inches.

She turned to the three old men, and bowed. "As you can see Sensei-sama, I have the Focus and drive for Power, but I am lacking in the other aspects of the Art. I repeat; I request Training in control, skill, and speed. Due to my Master's illness, I have been self taught for the last 6 years. What Training I have received in the last 3 years have been from fights, brawls, and the like. Last week, I put a friend through a steel reinforced concrete wall. Thank the Kami, he has hide harder then the wall he hit."

Three old men mumbled.

"Three conditions; 1 you live here during your training. 2 you will do the chores other then cooking. 3 You will do as instructed." the center master intoned.

"Return here in the Morning. You will be skipping school for the day, as you have many chores that need doing to open up the dojo." Coursed the Master on the Left..

"Bring two dozen of your sister's Cookies; peanut butter chip if she has them." declared the Master on the Right. "What? It will give us something to do while she is cleaning the dojo."

the other two thought for a moment, then nodded.

Akane knew that she was dismissed for the day.


"Now draw your left foot forward, until your heels are about a foot apart..." Nodoka stepped around the girl, as she flowed through the forms. "good. now lets try 'Twister!' Shake the knots from your joints while I get the spinner-board."

Inlaid into the floor of the Dojo, were eight columns of eight square 6x6 inch 'dots' with 6 inches in-between. bamboo red, bamboo green, bamboo yellow, and bamboo brown, in a white floor. Tuli was in a twisting knot when her phone rang. Snapping upright, Tuli was two steps towards the phone before Nodoka' command of "Hold!"

"Why is that thing on? I thought I made it clear that there was to be no interruptions during lessons."

"sorry Sensei-sama, but that is Nabiki's ring, the only one that overrides my Silence settings. You remember, she left three days ago to recollect Ranma and Ranko."

"Answer it!" the Command was the same, but the emotion behind it was hope instead of anger,

"Tuli here." she used the speaker-phone.

"Ah Tuli. Please inform your Master that the Mission was a success. While there is a surprise or two in store, inner court and Family are to report to the Winter Palace. The Palace Cooks are to cook a meal for the returning Solders and Queen." the line went dead.

Both females smiled.

that was Ranma on the Phone.

AN: finished arc 1

really enjoyed the idea of this story, but need to finish season 4 of Venture Bros before I start the next arc. in the mean time, i am going to focus on the stories of; Blind Art, Sister's wish, hello big brother, and Ghost in the Shell 1/2.