Hey guys!!! I'm back with a new story!!! One of the readers of my last story asked me if I thought about a little sequel to that story and since I expected that there would be more people who would ask me about it I started to write a little sequel. This is the first chapter and I don't know how many chapters I'll write.

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and of course: I only borrowed the characters from CSI:NY. I OWN NOTHING! (except for the plot of this story).

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Stella had finished her work and was about to go to the locker room to grab her things and leave to get ready for her dinner with Mac. Even before he admitted it to Lindsay and the others that it was a date and not only a birthday dinner with her she had guessed that there was more about his present. She still wore the neckerchief that she got from Mac. She really liked it. He had a good taste for those little accessories, at least from that what she knew of him. He went shopping with her one day, when he had this romance with Peyton and he wanted to buy a little birthday present for her. He was looking for something nice and special but not too expensive and when he chose a small necklace and asked for Stella's opinion he passed the test successfully. But that was another story. She knew that something was behind this when he gave her the rose. It was a single red rose and she knew what that meant especially because she had told him something about that earlier. She was happy that he had asked her out that way and that he didn't made a secret of that but she was also a bit nervous. She hadn't expected that for today but she knew that sometime he was a big surprise. Sometimes she wasn't able to read what he was planning when he didn't want her to know it. That was the only time when he was a good actor to her. Every other time when there was something wrong and he acted like everything was okay she quickly got behind it and tried to get something out of him. Sometimes it worked and sometimes he retreat into his shell and didn't say a word. But that was another story, too.

She looked at her watch. It was 5 pm and she would at leas need half an hour to get home. So she had one and a half our left before Mac would pick her up. On the way to the locker room she met Mac. He was also on the way to his locker.

"Hey birthday girl!" He greeted her with a smile.

"Hey Mac. I thought you would be at home before me." Stella replied.

"No way. I had to do quite a lot of paperwork and I had to plan the next vacation for the team and so on… and Sinclair called and told me that you worked to may times last month and that you'll have to go on vacation during this month."

"What? He ordered to put me on vacation this month?"

"Yep. But I told him that I wanted to do that anyways. You need some time off, I know it."

"Seems that I can't do anything. But you're the boss. I'll be a nice employee and go on vacation when you want me to." She said and smiled.

"I know, Stell. You're always a nice employee."

"Always? Are you sure 'bout that?"

"Okay… mostly. I just wanted to be nice."

"You're always nice, Mac."

Now it was his turn to ask her if she was sure about that and it was the same answer he gave her to that question when she asked him. They both smiled.

They had reached the locker room and they both went to their locker and grabbed the thinks they needed and left the things they didn't want to take with them. On their way out of the room they met again at the door, both smiling.

"Perfect timing, hu?" Stella asked him.

"So it seems. Um… shall I take you home?" He asked a bit shy. It was the first time this day that he really was shy. He was quite cool when he said that he asked her out on a date and now that he asked her if he could take her home he was shy? That was something that surprised Stella but she didn't say anything.

"Yeah, would be nice." She said and gave him a smile. And so they made their way out of the building and first to Stella's place where he dropped her off and then Mac drove home to get ready.

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