The figure silhouetted against the sun grew as he flew straight at the one he was calling. Nausicaä realized that she was familiar with the voice. She squinted into the light to see if she could recognize the body, but he had already landed, hard, on the balcony. The boy struggled to his feet, gripping the arm he had landed on, and headed for Nausicaä.

She could now make out his features, "A-Aiyren?"

He smiled, "Yes. It's me," he raised his face, "Never give up hope."

Aiyren had black hair mostly cut short. His fringe was cut off just above his eyebrows, and his sideburns dropped to his jaw. The top of his hair was of roughly the same length as his fringe, and spiked backwards. Down his back dropped a long ponytail that ended near his knees. He had a handsome face with a scar on the left side of his jaw. His eyes were hazel, and sparkling with an emotion Nausicaä knew could only be love.

She staggered to him, and he to her, and they wrapped their arms around each other. A tear trickled down Nausicaä's face, "I thought you died."

She felt his facial muscles move into a smile, "I know. But I'm still here."

Mito chose this moment to emerge onto the balcony. He stared in disbelief at the new presence, "Aiyren?! You're alive! I thought the bugs had gotten to you for sure!"

Aiyren unwrapped his left arm from around Nausicaä, but kept the other where it was, he held it out, and wrapped it around Mito's shoulders, "It's good to see you again, old chum."

Nobody had noticed, but Chikuku had seen the whole thing, "What is going on? Nausicaa, who is this man?"

Nausicaä, still with tears in her eyes, looked over at Chikuku, "Chikuku, this is Aiyren. He lived in the same Valley I came from. We were…" her voice trailed off.

Aiyren hugged her tightly, "There, there. No need for tears. I'm back, we can continue to live where we left off.

Nausicaä's mind drifted to Selm, she had fallen in love with him, but she hadn't realized that Aiyren had been alive the whole time.

He saw the look in her eyes and said, "You're thinking of him, aren't you?'

She looked up at him, quizzically, "Who?"

"The boy you fell in love with after my disappearance in the Sea of Corruption."

She gasped, " You were here… you were watching me…"

He nodded, "When I sleep, my mind leaves me to be with you," he wiped off a tear from her eye, " I saw through your eyes," he squeezed her hands, "Felt through your hands," placed a hand on her face, "Heard through your ears, and," He placed a hand over her heart, "I felt your heart, too. But as hard as I tried, I could never tell you that I was here, that you must go on living."

She gasped softly as a thought struck her, "Are you… a ghost?"

He smiled lovingly, "Could a ghost do this?"

He leaned forward and placed his lips on hers. They held that position for a long time, before parting. Nausicaä looked into his eyes, "Oh… I'm sorry for giving up on you," She suddenly broke into loud, mournful sobs.

Aiyren hugged her tightly, "No, Nausicaä. You never did give up hope entirely. I know you didn't."

Tears still streaming down her face, she gazed up at him, "You're right. There was no way you'd…"

Sensing she was going to break into sobs again, Aiyren shut her lips with his own.

He took her hand and tugged it, "Come, show me the Dorok castle in which we now live."

She nodded, We. He really is back.