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Chapter 30 Cynder's Recovery

Cynder started to dream, and in her dream she could see a pure white dragoness standing in a white open field. She took a step, and found out that it was easy to walk in this world. She walked to the field, and as she looked at the dragoness, the dragoness turned to her and smiled.

"Who are you?" Cynder asked, as she stepped further into the meadow.

"My name is Kami Tatsu. I'm the ruler of the holy realm," Kami said with a smile on her face.

"Holy realm? WAIT! Am I DEAD!"

"No my child," Kami said in a soothing voice, "You aren't done in this world. Spyro needs you."

"Spyro? What's happened to him?" Cynder asked with a concern in her voice.

"Just watch," Kami said, as she put her snout into the water. The water swirled and Cynder could see Warfang.

"Did you do what I asked?" Inu said to June.

"Yes. Spyro is right beside me," and with saying that June stepped aside, and Spyro walked up.

"No. What's going on?" Cynder asked.

Kami broke the magic, and looked at Cynder, she then said, "Spyro has gone to the dark side, just so he could save you. You need to save him from this dark power. Only you know what he's facing."

"I do. I was like that when I was taking over by Malefor."

Kami nooded her head and asked, "You ready to return to the living?"

"I am, but wait. How am I going to free Spyro?"

"I must let you figure that one out yourself. For I can not help you with the question you seek."

"Thank you," Cynder said, as she bowed to Kami.

"You're quite welcome. Here take this with you. It could come in handy for saving Spyro's life," Kami said as she threw a white gem over to Cynder. She picked it up in her mouth, and could feel the life energy go into her choker. The gem disappeared, and the power was flowing through her.

"What did you give me?" Cynder asked.

"The Light mode. This will battle the dark power of Spyro, and should help you get him back."

"Thank you," Cynder said as she bowed again.

Kami walked over to Cynder and touched her forehead with her snout. Suddenly a bright light engulfed Cynder, and Cynder could feel the magic taking her back down to Avalon.

Cynder awoke in the medical room, and she looked around. She noticed that she was in a bed, but didn't see anyone around. Cynder rolled out of bed, and landed on the ground. Leaving the room, she started making her way to Rebecca's room, when all of a sudden she saw Elder and Rebecca asleep in the hallway.

"Elder. Rebecca," Cynder said as she nudged them.

"What's going on?" Rebecca said still half asleep.

"You are asleep in the hallway," Cynder said.

Rebecca looked up, and her eyes filled with tears. She then said," Cynder?"

"Yep. It's me," Cynder said with a smile.

Rebecca jumped up, and hugged her. She then said, "Cynder. I can't believe it. I thought you were going to die."

"So did I; however, I had someone watching out for me," Cynder said with a smile as she thought about Kami.

Rebecca broke the hug and said, "Spyro did it. He saved you with that gem; however, it corrupted him, and he went over to Inu's side.

"I know," Cynder said, "It's my fault. I shouldn't have let that shadow dragon get the better of me."

"No it's not your fault Cynder. Spyro did this on his own accord. He said something about getting vengeance on the shadow dragon that did it, but to do that he had to go into his dark mode."

"I know. His dark mode is stronger than mine, and it will take over his mind if he allows it."

"How are we going to stop him then?" Rebecca asked Cynder.

"Don't worry. I have a plan. Now what happen to Elder?"

Rebecca looked down at him and then said, "He was attacked by Spyro, and then June used some sort of magic on him. He feel into a deep sleep, and I've been unable to wake him."

"Hm.. Stand back. I think I know what to do," and with saying that Cynder walked up to Elder and put her snout on his forehead. She transferred some of her power into him, and when she did she could see Elder waking up.

"What happened?" Elder asked still a little dazed.

"Oh my love. I can't believe you're okay," Rebecca said as she hugged Elder.

"Love? How do you know Elder?" Cynder asked.

"Oh well you see. I um," but as she spoke Cynder could see her scales turning white.

Elder just watched wide-eyed and said, "Layt? No it can't be.. You're dead."

Layt looked down at him and said, "No my love. That was a decoy. I knew that the purple egg was taking, so I left a decoy for you. I then went out and tried to find the egg my self. When I came up upon the water kingdom. I changed my scales to blue, and used my water magic to impress them. They told me how they lost their leader, and I was appointed their new leader."

"But... WHY?" Elder said with tears streaming down his cheek.

"I couldn't tell you yet. I needed the right time," Layt said as she too started to cry.

Elder and Layt hugged each other, as Elder said in between tears, "I thought I lost you forever. I can't believe that you are still alive."

"I know Liteany. These years being away from you were hard. I wish I could have told you, but then my cover would have been blown. The darkness would have found me, and really killed me."

"I'm just happy we are back together," Elder said.

"So am I."

Cynder sniffled a little bit, but then said, "I'm sorry to break up the reunion, but I need a plan to get Spyro back. If he's under Inu's control, then he will be hard to get back.

Layt and Elder broke their hug and Elder said, "We will have to go after him. Assembly Shade, Night, and all the kids. We are going to need their help."

Elder, Cynder, and Layt ran to the bedrooms, and knocked on each door. They briefly explained why they were doing that, and then ran to the next room. It took about twenty minutes before they rounded everyone up in the main hall.

"Good evening everyone. I bet you're wondering why you are here," Elder said.

"Is it something to do with our parents?" Kichey asked.

"Yes. It happens to deal with you father Spyro," Elder said.

"What happened?" Yin asked with a concern in her voice.

"I'll let Cynder explain. Cynder if you don't mind," Elder said as he stepped aside.

Cynder cleared her throat and said, "Spyro has been corrupted by an evil power. This evil power came from one dragon, and is name is Inu. We need to save him, and I'm going to need all of you to help me."

"What are we going to be doing?" Shade asked.

"We are heading to Warfang it's self, and confronting Spyro. Then I should be able to turn him back good."

"Why did daddy do this?" Kichey asked.

"I was hurt in the realm. He did this to get revenge on the person who hurt me," Cynder said.

"Why?" Crystal asked.

"He loves me that's why. He would do anything for me."

"I see," Yang said, as he started to think about Ki. Maybe this will be a good chance to see her again.

"Who is with me?" Cynder asked.

Shade, Night, the kids, as well as Elder, and Layt walked foward. Felicia and Ren remind back.

"Don't you want to come?" Layt asked.

"Someone needs to stay here and watch the kingdom. We will stay here," Ren said.

"All right. I guess we have everybody," Layt asked.

"WAIT. I'm going to," Layt heard, as she saw a dragoness running up. It was Hydres, and Layt couldn't believe that she was here.

"Why are you coming? I thought you didn't like Cynder." Layt asked.

"I didn't, but she's on a quest to save her mate. I respect that," Hydres said.

"Okay. Are we all ready?" Cynder asked.

"Yes. Everyone said in unison."

Cynder lead the group out of the castle and onto the main grounds. She then jumped into the air and started flying towards Warfang. The group behind her flew in behind, as they headed towards Warfang.

Meanwhile in an Unknown Location

A old dragoness watched the group out of a crystal ball. She had a evil smile on her face, as she stared into it.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha. The plan is going perfectly." She said out loud to her self, "Now I need to tell Inu about this."

She looked into another crystal ball, and called Inu. It took a little while, but his face appeared as he said, "What is it?"

"I have some news for you my lord. Cynder is leading a party to come and take Spyro back."

"Great news. I'll make sure I have someone waiting for them when they get here. Good work."

"Thank you sir," and with saying that the dragoness broke the magic, and Inu's face vanished.

"Just come. I have something planned for you," She said as she kept looking into the crystal ball. She started laughing, as lightning crackled outside. She then blew out a candle she had beside her desk, and vanished into the darkness.

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