"Completely useless" The Count grumbled going off in a huff.

"One day I'll show you" Ingrid muttered slamming her bedroom door shut.

"Just once, why can't we be a normal family?!" Vlad questioned hearing Ingrid's door and his father's coffin shut.

"Because, your selfish, blood sucking, evil, vicious-"

"Ok Zoltan!" Vlad said.

"-Manipulative, devil like, cruel, slayer bashing, creepy, scary-"

"Zoltan!" Vlad shouted.

"You did ask Master Vlad" Zoltan replied.

"Yeah I know, sorry" Vlad apologised falling on his bed. "One day Ingrid's going to snap and I have a feeling I might not be here to stop her"

"Mistress Ingrid is all talk, she's just insecure, and your going nowhere soon your father plans to keep you here until, well, forever" Zoltan's attempt to reassure Vlad were really not helping at all!

Vlad sighed and shut his eyes.

Forever was a long time, many moons will pass and Robin won't be here forever. Vlad thought about life when he turned sixteen what horrors would await him. Sometimes he wondered if Ingrid ever got scared of what would happen in the future.

His door swung open and in stormed Ingrid.

"How nice of you to knock!" Vlad said sarcastically.

"I don't do 'nice'" Ingrid snarled walking over to his wardrobe. She opened the doors and began rummaging around.

Vlad sat up. "What are you doing?" He asked.

Ingrid didn't answer.

Vlad rolled his eyes, typical of her to do something like this.

She pulled out a picture in a golden frame; Vlad stood up at that point and went over to her.

"I want this!" She said bluntly.

"Why?" Vlad was confused. Ingrid was holding a portrait that was painted when they lived in Transylvania, he wouldn't have minded if it was a whole family portrait but it was just a portrait of the two of them.

"Because I want it!" She shouted.

"Well it's mine you told mom and dad you didn't want it!" Vlad whined.

"Look one day you'll understand" She gave him a quick small then left.

Vlad knew she was up to something but he didn't want to know because in a way he already knew.

She was going to destroy this family.

And she wasn't going to let Vlad stand in her way.

Vlad saw the anguish in her eyes.

The dust, the tears and the throne and his father.

But he wasn't there.

Countess Dracula?

"There is only one true Dracula Master Vlad" Zoltan said out of nowhere.

"What?" Vlad asked.

But Zoltan never got to explain.

"Vladimir!" He father's voice boomed.

Vlad sighed and never entertained the notion again until the day when everything came crashing down around him, and he made that fateful choice of destiny.