The room was dark and cold. Three people trembled in between a stack of boxes. A thin blanket covered their bodies. The larger and older of the three held the two younger kids close to him.

"Ar-are you ok Joey.' Said one black haired boy whilst he clung to the elders' chest.

'Yeah, they didn't hurt me t' bad."

"Brother?" The other child, a girl with flowing red heir, whimpered.

"Don't cry Serenity. Don't cry. I'll get ya ou' of this" Joey could tell his words felt hollow to the two kids "...I promise."

The girl didn't respond, but simply clung to her brother more tightly. The blonde youth brought up his hand, the one that wasn't broken, to stroke her head lightly.

"Th-this is all my fault. If I hadn't called for help you would have never come to me and you and serenity would be safe.' The ebony haired boy cried.

'No. No. Don't say that Mokuba. It wasn't ya fault for callin' for help."

"Seto will find us. He'll be worried about me and come find us." Mokuba persisted. He repeated the words over and over in a hushed whisper. Clinging desperately to the hope that his brother would come.

"Yeah, Kaiba will find us." Joey soothed, rocking the boy back and forth. 'But it might be too late. There's no way for him to track us, and we don't know what these guys will do.' The blonde's mind was racing. Despite popular belief Joey was not stupid, his mind was going a mile a minute as he searched for a way to get his sister and Mokuba out. Joey Wheeler did not break his promises.