Chapter 31

The media had a field day, apparently someone in school let slip about their relationship on the first day. The gossip spread like wildfire through text and it wasn't long until people were talking about it online. After that it was only a matter of hours until the press had the full story. The TV vans and new reporters camping outside the school lead to Seto and Joey making a daring escape, a dash to the limo around the back entrance, snatching Mokuba from school and barricading themselves in the mansion as the press banged and shouted by the front gates. Seto called for a formal press conference as soon as possible and later that day he and an extremely embarrassed Joey were standing in front of the rabid reporters as they shouted out rather personal questions. Seto was just getting more and more annoyed but the blonde was beat read in humiliation. Eventually Joey couldn't take it anymore and ended up screaming at the reporters. Seto, seeing that another threat of 'no sex' was forth coming butted in with all the anger of a raging dragon.

"LOOK YOU BLOODY VALTURES, ME AND JOEY ARE TOGETHER! WE ARE GOING TO STAY TOGETHER AND THAT'S ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW! Now that that is cleared up you can piss off and any other suitors out there can piss off as well!" After that he had grabbed the younger teen by the waist, pulled his head back by his golden hair and snogged him silly. All the while the flashes of more than a dozen cameras were going off and the fan girls were screaming in rage in the background as they were held back by security.

The picture, accompanied by a rather lewd article was in every newspaper the next day.

Safe to say, Joey was so embarrassed that Seto still ended up with no puppy lovings for a while…

"Puppy?" Joey looked up from the maths homework he had been troubling over for the last fifteen minutes. The hype about their relationship had calmed down a lot in the last two weeks, though Joey was still receiving death threats from fan girls at school but it had become such a normal appearance that Joey didn't really take any notice of it anymore. What Yugi said about all of their friends knowing they would get together turned out to be true; Bakura and Marik even had a bet going on how long it would take.

Bakura won.

Marik hadn't been happy.

Malik had sorted out the problem by jumping his boyfriend in the corridor.

Everything was back to normal…or as normal as they get when half of your friends are reborn people from ancient Egypt, have shadow powers and hang out with their lovers, two ex-gang members and two CEOs of major companies. Tristan had been a bit put out by the relationship but a few words from Joey and a threat to Seto should he ever hurt the blond and he was happy enough to let his best friend continue dating the brunette. Joey mused that Seto and his relationship had gone from strength to strength in the last few weeks and he had fallen even deeper in love with the brunette. However, back to the matter at hand, said brunette wanted him.

"Yeah Seto"

"It's your birthday soon isn't it?" Joey blinked. Well…he hadn't been expecting that.

"Yeah it is Seto…in a week on Friday." The amber orbs watched as the CEO nodded once and then went back to his laptop. The room was silent apart from the tapping of keys. "…Er Seto?"


"…Why did you want to know?"

"Huh, oh, no reason. Just wanted to see how much time I had to get your present."

"Oh…what is my present?" the blonde was now sitting on the floor in front of the brunette, math homework forgotten and looking up at his boyfriend with the same excitement as a six year old on Christmas. The CEO smirked and placed his laptop onto the side table so he could swoop down and give his puppy a kiss, Joey was to adorable for his own good. Ending the kiss Seto looked into the slightly glazed eyes of his lover.

"You'll just have to wait and see…now finish your math homework, the more time you spend in detention the less time I get to ravish my puppy." The laptop was back in his hands and the CEO was typing once again. Joey pouted. Then seeing that Seto wasn't paying any attention to him turned back to the dreaded math homework.

Joey's birthday, late evening…

"Thanks for the party Seto" whispered the blonde after the last of his friends shut the door to go home. Wrapping his arms around the taller teen's neck he leaned up to give him a very thorough thank you kiss.

"Mmmmm, you're welcome puppy. I have to say it wasn't as…terrible…as I thought it would be."

"See! I said you would like the guys…now on to more important things…where the hell is my present? Don't think I hadn't noticed you hadn't given me one!"

Seto smirked and snaked his hands around his puppy waist to hold him close, placing his head on top of the shorter teens mop of blonde hair. "Don't worry Joey; she should be here any minuet."

"…She?" the blonde asked in confusion. He was just beginning to worry if Seto had gotten him a stripper for his birthday when the door was flung open.


The blonde turned around so fast Seto worried that he got whiplash. "Sis?"

"Did you miss me?" the girl replied with a smile while she moved out of the door frame and shut it with another bang.

Suddenly Seto's arms were no longer filled with his puppy as the blonde had somehow teleported all the way across the hall and was now swinging his sister around in delight while hugging her tightly. Both siblings had silly grins plastered across their faces.

"Serenity! What are you doing here? Why are you here? What about mum? How did you get here? What the hell is going on?"

"Ha, ha…come on Joey" replied Serenity as she dragged her still dazed older brother in to the living room and onto the couch. Seto took a seat opposite them and smiled at his puppy's happiness. "Don't you like your present?" Serenity asked sweetly.

"…Present?" Joey seemed a bit dazed.

"Yeah, Seto made it so I could arrive on your birthday and stay for a few weeks. I'm your birthday present!" She screamed in delight but Joey was no longer listening, as soon as the brunettes name had slipped past the girl's lips the blonde's head had immediately turned to him. The intense gaze he was receiving from those wide honey orbs was starting to make the CEO uncomfortable.

"I err...I just wanted t…" the teen had no time to finish his embarrassed explanation as he found his lap full with a very grateful puppy who seemed to have teleported across the room again to straddle him in his chair. The blonde held his lovers head in his hands and brought his lips forcefully down on the others.

Seto felt the tongue enter his mouth and start playing with his own. His puppy seemed at a loss for words and was trying to express all his gratefulness and 'thank yous' in that one kiss. Seto wasn't complaining, in fact he was very sure that he had forgotten how to breathe as the kiss seemed to be going on for a long time. Eventually the kiss ended as the blonde pulled back, but his hands continued to cup Seto's face. The brunette was breathing heavily and was sure his eyes were glazed over in happiness. The blonde seemed to have forgotten entirely that his younger sister was in the room and was gazing at him with a look that just begged the CEO to ravish him.

"I love you" breathed Joey, so overcome with happiness. "I love you…I love you…I love you" each pause was filled with another passionate kiss. The teens were getting ready to continue kissing for the entire night when a small cough from behind interrupted them.

Joey turned round in Seto's lap to find his younger sister looking at them with a blush on her face and turned crimson himself. However, the blonde was far too happy right then to be really embarrassed so the blush soon receded and he started smiling again.

"Hay sis why don't I show you around. Mokuba's probably playing on his games now and I've got a few new ones I want to try out. Fancy coming with me, because let me tell you, you haven't played a video game until you've played it on 150 inch movie screen." Climbing off his boyfriends lap he had his sister's hand in his own and was pulling her out the door while he continued to babble excitedly. The sound of footsteps running up the stairs was soon heard throughout the mansion.

Seto continued to sit in the empty room, his eyes glazed over and staring into space. After a moment his groaned in despair and shifted in his trousers, trying to get rid of, or at least hide, his arousal. His puppy really had no idea what he did to him.

Three years later, Kaiba Mansion…

"Oh come on Joey, Seto will be back in a minute, stop worrying."

"Serenity, I haven't seen my lover in three months or talked to him in the last twenty four hours, I am allowed to worry. You would worry too if Mokuba was gone that long." Serenity and Mokuba blushed; they had received over a month of teasing from their older siblings when they got together. Seto and Joey said it was payback for all the previous years when they had teased them. The blonde didn't notice the younger teen's embarrassment though; he was too busy staring at the door, waiting for his Seto to get back from his three month business trip to America.

The two weeks after his birthday when Serenity had visited had been some of the best of his life. Joey had shown Seto just how grateful he was by allowing the brunette to dress him in whatever he wanted and order him around in the bed room. He had been dying of embarrassment to begin with but by the end of it, even with the new soundproofing, everyone could hear Joey moaning and howling loudly in pleasure. Without the blonde knowing Serenity had approached his lover to tell him that she would much rather live with Joey as her guardian instead of her mother now that Joey was eighteen.

The court hadn't been eager to give guardianship of a little girl to a teenager but a little push from Seto and the revealing that her mother was in the habit of abandoning her in the house and ignoring her when she went parting or out with her new boyfriends (she had a new one every month) had lead to serenity moving in permanently into the Kaiba mansion.

Seto's and Joey's relationship had been battered by all sides from the press, Seto's work colleagues and scores of fan girls, and had come out all the stronger for it. It was fully accepted by everyone by now that Seto and Joey was a couple and anyone who thought they could mess with them should just BACK OFF!

With Joey's influence and help Seto had also started taking regular breaks and cutting down on his work hours to spend more time with his family. The blonde had raided his company and found him the most trust worthy and competent of his employees to head the departments and take care of all the annoying little things that used to be given to Seto. With his work load delegated to trustworthy people Seto had found himself with a lot more free time to enjoy and had started inventing and making games once again. Kaiba Corp. had expanded and was doing better than ever. One of the first things it had done had invested in a chain of bookshops across the Japan called 'Somnium Books', with Michiko heading the company chain the stores were doing well and gaining popularity quickly.

The CEO had graduated high school at the top of his class and Joey did surprisingly well too thanks to the brunette. Seto had then gone to Tokyo University and got a degree in business in less than a year. Joey himself was a collage studying literature and art, trying to realise his dream of writing and illustrating his own books for all ages. He was doing very well and had almost finished his course.

Serenity and Mokuba had grown closer together and eventually discovered that their feelings for each other were different from sister and brother and had got together a few months ago. They did appear to be splitting up anytime soon. Both were at the top of their classes.

All of Joey's friends were still in their relationships, Bakura and Ryou had gone to England as Ryou wanted to study ancient history there. Yugi and Yami were still at the shop and Yugi was in collage himself studying physics while Yami was still doing well as the king of games. Duke was running his company full time and Tristan was well on his way to becoming a star motorcycle and car designer. Marik and Malik had gone back to Egypt and were doing what they do best, causing chaos and excavating (raiding) tombs…and Joey was currently waiting by the door for his lover of three years to get home so he could show him just how much he had missed him.

"Joey, I know you miss Seto but that's no reason to stand in the way of the do…" began Mokuba, trying once again to convince the blonde to move. Unfortunately it fell on deaf ears as at that moment the door opened to reveal his older brother. At twenty one Seto didn't look much different than he had before, he still wore trench coats, though they were a little less gravity defying and his hair was still neat if slightly longer. Joey however had grown his hair out in an attempt to tame it which had evidently failed as it was still as messy as always, but he had liked it better that way and often wore it tied up at the back in lose ponytail. He had grown a bit but still wasn't as tall as the brunette and the blonde's sense of fashion had improved greatly with the introduction of his sister into his life. Three meals a day and regular working out had given him a trim, but well toned body that his clothes clung too. Seto was currently drinking in the sight of his puppy after so long and was almost itching to take the clingy shirt off and feel that skin beneath his hands after so long.

"Hello puppy, did you miss me?" said Seto with an easy smile. Raising his eyes to see two honey orbs staring at him on complete happiness and with a kind of building excitement within them, almost like…oh!

The brunette put his suitcase down and opened his arms wide for the blonde. "Come here puppy"

"Seto!" shouted Joey as he jumped into his lovers arms, wrapping his legs around his lover's waist and giving him a long, thorough welcome back kiss. Seto wrapped his arms around his puppy to hold him up and immediately kissed back with enthusiasm.

"It's good to be home." He smiled after the kiss had ended. Joey decided that he didn't want to let go of his lover any time soon so remained in his arms.

"Hi big bro, I hope you don't expect me to kiss you too." Mokuba called out cheekily. Joey started placing butterfly kissed down Seto's neck.

"I don't think your girlfriend would like it if you did. Hello Mokie', hello Serenity it's good to see you two again."

Serenity, who had been glaring at her boyfriend turned her attention back to both of her big brothers. "Thanks Seto, did the trip go well?"

"…Humm, oh yes. It went well. They liked the inventions and games and there was nothing wrong with the business plan that we proposed. They were impressed by the person I chose to run the company over there and if all goes well Kaiba Corp. should be set up in the US in just over a year." Seto was slightly distracted with what his puppy was now doing with his tongue on his pulse point to answer straight away. He treacherous hands were trying to subtly find a way under his puppy's shirt without dropping the blonde.

Mokuba, who knew his brother all too well, realised what was happening and decided it was time to leave the two lovers alone. They could always ask about the trip later, when Seto wasn't about the jump Joey's bones. Taking his girlfriends hand he started pulling her towards the lounge to watch a movie and do some kissing.

"Come on Serenity. If we don't go soon they're going to start going at it in front of us and I really don't need to see that again." Said Mokuba, referring to the time he had come down for a glass of water during the night and found Joey and Seto going at it in the kitchen. Of course the work surfaces were were his eyes.

Joey barely noticed their absence as he continued to kiss his lover, sucking on Seto's neck in the way he knew the CEO liked it, and enjoyed the feelings of those large hands finally getting under his shirt and touching his skin.

"Oh, puppy..." Seto's voice was husky and sent shivers down Joey's spine, straight to his cock. "I missed you so bad puppy."

"" Joey replied while nibbling on Seto's pulse point. Pulling back and seeing the mark he had left on the CEOs pale skin Joey grinned in satisfaction before removing his legs from the brunette's waist and getting down.

"Puppy..." Seto whined as his hands were removed from Joey's back. The blonde was sure he saw a pout forming on those pale lips.

"Come to the bedroom Seto...I don't think the others would appreciate it if we did it here in the hall."

Seto growled in frustration, "I don't care what the others think; I haven't made love to my puppy in three months!" The brunette reached out to pull the other man close to him but Joey moved out of the way. Seto growled again.

"Patience Seto...if we don't go up to the bedroom I won't be able to change first." The blonde smiled seductively before turning on his heel and fling up the stairs while Seto was still puzzling out what he had said in his lust muddled brain.

'Change? Why would my puppy needed to change? His puppy shouldn't have any clothes on...mummm, naked puppy...' thought Seto, still feeling the effects of having his puppy around his waist a moment ago. 'Humm, what would he be changing into?...Oh!...He's not going to he? Oh, please say he is!'

Seto flew up the stairs after his puppy.

Mokuba opened the door and poked his head out of the lounge. Seeing that his brother and adopted brother weren't doing it in the hall he breathed a sigh of relief and went to get some popcorn from the kitchen.

Seto was sitting on his bed and staring at the bathroom door. His puppy was in there...more importantly his puppy was either naked in there or wearing...

The bathroom door opened.

'Oh god! He did wear it!' thought Seto as he stared at his lover for the last three years and felt his pants become uncomfortably tight. If he wanted to jump his puppy before that was nothing to what he wanted to do to his puppy now.

Joey was standing in the door way, gazing heatedly at the CEO with a shy smile on his face. Over his chest he had leather shirt that was cut like a waist coat and clung to him like a second skin. His nipples were stimulated by the close fitting fabric and Seto could see how aroused they were beneath the leather. Three clips kept the leather together in the middle of his chest but allowed the tight fabric to part at the top and the bottom revealing the blondes collar bone and tanned stomach with its tempting treasure trail of hair leading into his trousers…

The trousers were even worse than the shirt when it came to exciting the CEO. They were made out of the same light tan coloured leather and looked like they had been painted on to Joey's legs. They had no zip and a single clip to hold them up. Seto could barely wait to unclip them and releases the cock that was confined within and begging to be released, judging by the tightness of the leather.

On top of the blondes head perched a pair of bright, perky dog ears and around his waist sat a matching fluffy tail. A chocker around Joey's neck with 'Property of Seto Kaiba' stoned onto it finished off the outfit.

"You know, this is really kinky" Joey stated, just as he had every time he had worn the outfit for his lover.

Seto was sure he was drooling.

"God, puppy..." the brunettes voice was week from restraining himself.

"...Dragon..." Joey moved towards his lover, swinging his hips purposefully and watching as the brunettes eyes fallowed the movement. Wearing the leather outfit always made him feel embarrassed but he didn't mind doing it for Seto, as long as his lover continued to look at him like that. "...dragon..." the blonde repeated as he stopped in front of the brunette. Seto looked up from staring at the bulge of leather the was only centimetres from his face, and stared into lust filled amber orbs. "...dragon...please..." the blonde lifted one of the brunette's hands and ran it down his chest, over his nipple and shivered at the feeling, "...touch me..."

Seto lost it.

Standing up suddenly the brunette secured his hands around his puppy and pulled the other man until he was pressed against him while his tongue plundered Joey's mouth. The blonde whimpered as his mouth was ravished, using his tongue to kiss the CEO back just as passionately. Joey could feel his knees going week at the hunger shown by his lover and the pleasure coming from their erections rubbing together through the fabric of their pants. His already aroused nipples were being tortured as his chest was pressed against the brunettes and the leather over them was pulled even tighter.

"Oh, just had to go and wear the outfit didn't you puppy." said Seto, releasing Joey's mouth so he could grind their erections together properly and grab his lover's ass. "I haven't been able to touch you for three months and then you go and wear something like this!"

The blonde whimpered again as his trousers grew even tighter as his cock hardened with pleasure. Seto's hands decided it was time to see if that ass was just as firm as they remembered and started to squeeze the two globes tightly.

The CEO growled, making the blonde look up from where he had been whimpering into his lover's chest. Looking at the flushed face of the blonde after so long Seto did the impossible and got even more aroused. Turning around and pulling the blonde by his ass, Seto threw the other man down onto the bed and covered him immediately with his own body. Seto's head was resting by his puppy's head as Joey's hands came up to pull on the CEOs shirt, trying to get the offending material off and touch the chest of his lover. "I'm not letting you out of this bed for days. You won't be able to even sit down without feeling my cock in you." Whispered the brunette, his voice deep and husky with desire.

"Ohhhhhhhh...Seto, dragon...please...puppy wants to feel his dragon..." panted the blonde "puppy wants his dragons big fat cock in him...puppy's been naughty, puppy needs to be punished."

Seto moaned as his arousal got even more painful, "God I love it when you talk dirty." Joey whimpered and started pulling on the CEOs shirt even more. Seto growled, "Don't worry puppy, dragon will claim you properly in just a moment. Dragon will have his cock in you soon enough."

The brunette pulled back to plunder the blondes mouth once again. With more space between their bodies Joey slipped his hands in between them and started on the buttons of the brunette's shirt. Seto let go of Joey's mouth and started to kiss down his puppy's neck and leave bright marks on the blondes exposed collar bone. Joey started moaning in pleasure and working at the shirt buttons more feverishly, almost ripping the shirt open to get to his lovers chest.

Seto slipped out of the opened shirt and chucked it to the side without caring where it ended up and moaned when the blonde's small hands started moving over his nipples, pinching and rolling them into hardness.

Seto decided that as nice as the leather was on his puppy he wanted to see the blonde's nipples as well. Unclipping the leather shirt quickly and revealing the tanned skin underneath the brunette took a moment to saver the sight of his puppy's chest and hard perky nipples after so long before attacking the nubs with his mouth.

Joey could feel his breathing speeding up in pleasure and his hand movements getting sloppy as his lover swirled his nipple with his tongue. Moaning loudly the blonde arched his back to his lover and tossed his head to the side. He could feel his cock aching in his overly tight leather trousers and started begging for release.

"Drag...dragon hurts...I want…I want...please, haven't been touched in so long...haven't felt you for so long!"

Seto moaned throatily and felt the pain of his own erection getting to him. "I know puppy, I haven't felt you in so long either. I can't do any teasing now." Spinning around so Seto was the one lying on his back in the bed Joey looked down at him hungrily while whimpering and rubbing his leather clad cock against his lovers.

"Oh, Jooooeyyyy...we need to take the rest of our clothes off." Using his hands to gently turn hi puppy till he was facing away from him and positioned so his erection was in front of the brunette, Seto licked his lips at the leather bulge in front of him and moved the furry golden retriever tail out of the way. "Take off my trousers puppy, I'll take off yours"

Instead of doing what the brunette expected and using his hands his puppy bent his head down and started working at the trouser zip with his teeth. Seeing and feeling his wonderful puppy nuzzling around his manhood after so long almost sent Seto over the edge but he held on and turned his attention back to the bulge over him, trying to ignore the feelings coming from his cock as his puppy finally got the zip and button undone and worked on getting the fabric over his erection and off his legs.

Unclipping the leather in front of him quickly Seto set to the task of peeling the leather off his puppy's tanned legs, groaning at what he saw.

"Shit even wore the thong!"

Under the trousers was a tight thong, the leather went between the blondes ass cheeks and confined his erection at the front. Taking the thin leather at his puppy's back Seto moved the thong strap slowly between Joey's firm cheeks.

"Ahhhh!" the blonde threw his head back as he felt the leather of his thong moving against his entrance and pulling on his erection. His breaths coming in short gasps of pleasure and his body shivering almost uncontrollably in arousal Joey ripped the boxers of his lover and allowed the brunettes erection to spring forth. The cock bobbed in front of the blonde almost teasingly as Seto automatically thrust his hips up in pleasure as the cool air of the bedroom hit his heated skin.

"Mnuuummm, puppy..." Joey breathed gently onto the engorged cock and gently licked the bead of pre-cum forming off the tip, more pre-cum had already been smeared across the flaming head in the confines of Seto's trousers and made the red velvety skin glisten. Seto released the thong as he felt the air on his cock and thrust his hips erratically. He then felt his puppy's hot breath breathing across his sensitive flesh and shivered. His shivering tuned to a cry of pleasure as a sinful tongue ran across his tip.

Taking his hands and moving to where he knew his lovers head to be he pushed the blonde's mouth towards his cock in an effort to get some release. "Please puppy...we're going to needed some a good puppy and please your dragon...dragon hasn't had his puppy lick him in so long."

"Ok dragon puppy's going to lick you...but dragon has to get puppy's thong off so he's ready for dragon latter...please take it off Seto, my cock hurts so bad."

Looking back up to the prick straining against the leather of the thong Seto could imagine that. Reaching up and pulling it down an inch Seto began to comply.

Joey felt the thong being pulled down and keened and whimpered as his cock was finally freed. Still shaking in pleasure from the feeling of the cool air on his swollen prick Joey lent down and started lapping up and down his lovers engorged cock with little puppy licks, thrusting himself into the fingers he felt entering him.

Seto slowly pulled the leather thong over his puppy's erection and moaned when it sprang free. The head and shaft were glistening with pre-cum, normally Seto would have spent some time stroking it and driving his puppy into madness but Joey's sinful tongue was driving him to madness already so instead he threw the thong across the room and focused on his puppy's entrance. Shuddering at the pleasure coming from his manhood Seto gently ran a finger around the blonde's entrance before slipping it in easily and moaning when he met no resistance.

"God, you even prepared yourself!" Joey whimpered and pushed himself back onto the finger within him. Seto added two more and stared scissoring them, searching for his puppy's sweet spot.

Joey stopped lapping at the CEOs prick and shuddered as he felt the fingers moving within him. His head was thrown back in pleasure as he felt Seto's fingers brush against his prostate. The blonde knew he couldn't take much more of this. He needed his lover in him and soon. Getting control of himself for a moment the blonde deep throated the brunette swiftly, causing the man beneath him to jerk upwards and groan in pleasure. Bobbing up and down quickly and making sure his lover was properly slick and lubricated Joey released the brunette's prick and moved away from the fingers so he could turn around until he was again face to face with his lover. Both men were breathing heavily in pleasure and were flushed. Knowing it was only going to get better Joey shuddered.

Seto reached up with one hand to pull the blondes head towards him for a lust filled kiss while the other went to the small of his back, sliding over the golden tail that was still tied around the blonde's hips and guiding his puppy so his entrance was positioned over his throbbing cock.

Joey moaned into the kiss and let himself to be pushed down onto his lover. The blonde arched backwards and howled in pleasure as his lover was finally seated within him. Seto threw his own head back and groaned as the heat surrounded his most sensitive part.

"Ahhh, I missed you so much puppy, missed feeling your lovely tight heat around me."

"Mummmm, I m-mist y-you too dragon, missed you in me" the blonde rolled his hips causing himself to start shaking in pleasure and Seto to groan again and thrust up with his hips. The brunette couldn't wait anymore and grabbed his puppy's hips, forcefully lifting the blonde up and thrusting him back down quickly.

The pace was fast and hard, both men releasing three months worth of frustration. Their pleasure built quickly and it wasn't long until Seto could feel the tightening of his balls. He could feel Joey's walls clamping around his cock as the blonde drew closer to his own release and stared crying out to be touched.

Seto decided to fill his puppy's wishes and reached down to grabbed his puppy's aching shaft. Pumping it up and down harshly in rhythm with their erratic thrusts.

"Ahh...ahhh, dra-dragon...i'm...i'm cum-cuming...ahhhhh!" howled Joey as he released over both of their chests. The blonde was shaking as the streams of white liquid continued to spurt out of him. Seto let out an animalistic cry and thrust himself up hard into his puppy before releasing himself into the blonde, himself shaking in pleasure as he filled up his lover.

Seto went slack as his release came to an end and Joey slumped over him. Both men were breathing erratically in great gasping breaths and still shaking in pleasure.

Seto moaned as he felt the blonde's walls twitching around his softening prick and slipped out of his lover, rolling to the side so he and Joey were both lying on the bed facing each other. He could feel the blondes cum drying on him and becoming a sticky mess but was to boneless to do anything but stare at his lover. Joey stared back at the brunette and smiled in happiness.

"Welcome home Seto."

"It's good to be home puppy." Replied the CEO as he brought his hand up to play with his puppy's hair. Both men stayed like that for a while as they got their breath back before starting to feel uncomfortable and sticky.

"Time for a bath puppy" said Seto as he got off the bed and moved to the bathroom, picking up his trousers and taking something out of them on the way. Starting the bath running he got a wash cloth and whiped the worst of the mess off and did the same to Joey when he entered the bathroom. Turning the taps off Seto eased himself into the large bath tub and sighed in pleasure. Joey joined him, leaning backwards so Seto's chest was pressed against his back. He too sighed in pleasure as the brunette's arms came around to encircle him from behind,

"I love you Seto"

"I love you too Joey" the CEO breathed into the blondes ear. Joey relaxed back even more and closed his eyes.

Seto had a quick debate with himself and decided that it was the perfect time. Reaching over to the side he removed an object from under a towel where he had placed it so his puppy wouldn't see and popped the lid open. Moving it in front of the blonde he gently called his puppy's name.

" your eyes puppy."

"Hummm, Seto..." honey eyes opened lazily and stared at what was in front of him hazily. When the blonde's brain caught up with what he was seeing they bulged out of their sockets comically in surprise. Held in front of him by the brunette was a blue velvet box, within the box was a platinum and gold ring with a two single sapphire and topaz stones embedded within it. The platinum and gold were twined around each other in a never ending spiral and mesmerising pattern around the two stones. It was both elegant and beautiful in its simplicity.

"Seto?" asked Joey, his voice shaky in disbelief and hope. Turning around, not caring if he spilt the water, the blonde gazed wide eyed at his lover. "Seto, what is this? Is it...?"

The brunette smiled softly at his shocked puppy before answering his question. "Yes, puppy it is. Will you marry me?"

The brunette suddenly felt a strong wave of nerves wash over him. Now that he asked the question he couldn't help thinking about what he would do if his puppy said 'no'.

The blonde seemed to be at a loss for words. First he stared at his lover in disbelief, then the ring, then his lover, then the ring and then back to Seto again. Joey tried to get his voice working but it wasn't going to well, he was too surprised, shocked and overjoyed to do anything properly. He opened and closed his moth a couple of times but still no sound came out.

Getting more and more nervous with the wait Seto took Joey's silence the wrong way.

"It's ok Joey...I can understand if you..."

"Yes" Joey crocked out weekly.

"...don't want t...what did you say?"

"I said yes...I-I will marry you Seto." Joey felt completely stupid as tears gathered in the corner of his eyes but couldn't do anything to stop it. Seto was now the one at a loss for words; mutely he lifted his puppy's hand, took the ring and slipped it on his finger. Both men just stared at it for a moment as they let the fact they were now engaged to be married sink in before looking up at each other. Joey took one look at the love shinning in the brunette's deep blue eyes and launched himself at the CEO. Their mouths met once again and the kissing continued, neither man caring about the mess they were making on the bathroom floor.

"I love you Seto."

"I love you to puppy" replied the brunette before he grinned lecherously. Moving slightly he pressed his renewed erection between his puppy's ass cheeks. "Now, my fiancé, why don't we celebrate?"

The blonde whimpered.

After once in the bath, twice more in the bed and one last time in the shower both adults collapsed into sleep. Three months of frustrated separation and celebratory happiness worked out of them.

Waking up the next morning Joey was surprised to see that his lover was still asleep and snoring slightly. The blonde guessed he had jet lag and spent a moment thinking Seto looked rather cute with his hair ruffled like that and his mouth slightly open before the events of last night came back to him.

Looking at his hand Joey saw the simple ring sitting there and grinned in delight, overjoyed it hadn't all been a wonderful dream. His grin just got bigger when he thought about how excited his sister would be about planning the wedding and the hounding Seto was going to get from his friends after they found out. Strong arms sneaked around him and a hot breath blew across his neck.

"What are you grinning about?"

"Oh nothing, just the fact I can see my sister every day, I don't have to worry about my no good dad, I'm engaged to the most magnificent man in the whole of Japan and said man is going to get weeks upon weeks of lectures from my wonderful friends when they find out we are engaged while me and serenity plan the wedding."

"...Oh God, I forgot about that! Do we really have to tell them? It could just be a surprise." said Seto desperately.

"If I don't tell them who is going to give me away, or be my best man?" laughed Joey. The brunette looked at his fiancé and saw the mirth dancing in his eyes.

"You think this is funny don't you?" the blonde shrugged while grinning. Sapphire blue eyes narrowed and a smirk graced the brunette lips. "...well, if I'm the one telling our friends and getting chewed out you can have the honour of telling my fan girls."

The colour drained from the blondes face in record time.

Looking at the mirth filled eyes of his lover and imagining the raging hoards of make up clad fan girls Joey could do nothing but whimper and hide behind his laughing fiancée.

"Seto, save meeeee..."

The End