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A Magical New Year

The dark night sky contrasted the bright shine of the fireworks over Jump City's many buildings, homes, and skyscrapers. All the buildings had sparkling lights that made the contrast even more apparent, but not so for the young adult couple sitting on the roof of one of the city's most special buildings.

They, like all others inside the building, were Teen Titans. Beast Boy had the idea of inviting all Titans, even the honorary members, to Titans Tower to ring in the New Year, and the bicentennial, too.

Robin and Starfire, had preferred to retreat to the rooftop to spend time with each other, but would go back downstairs a few minutes before midnight. Their only reason to leave the joyous celebration going on below them was so they could spend time together without being bothered or teased.

They were oblivious to all the noise, and the bright lights around them. All they noticed was their significant other, and every move they made. All Star saw was how Robin looked, and how he still wore his mask today, even though all the Titans had seen the real him by now. What Robin saw was how Star swayed slightly with the wind, how she was still an innocent beauty, and how her beauty only increased with each day that passed.

Each hero's musings were interrupted as Wally West, aka Kid Flash, jumped up in front of them, having run up the Tower wall with his super speed.

"Hi, guys! What's up? I'm super pumped because BB gave me some candy or something of the sort. Anyway, did you guys see the time? It's almost midnight! Come on!" After saying all that without taking a breath, he pulled them to the rooftop door, and dragged them to the lounge where everyone else was celebrating.

Robin pulled Wally aside, and asked him, "Do you have it?" As soon as Wally handed him a small box, he pocketed it, and went back to Star.

"What was that all about?" She inquired, but Robin only shrugged and said he'd tell her later.

He pulled Star to the center of the room, and a space was instantly made for them. Robin quickly kissed Star, then let go of her and stepped back.

"Star?" He asked.

"Yes, Robin?" She breathed.

"Koriand'r, you are the most important person in my world, and you always will be." He went down on one knee, and took out the small velvet box.

Star gasped, and everyone else began to count down to midnight.
















"And be…"


"Mrs. Richard Grayson?"


She squealed, and tackled him with a hug, making them both fly up into the air.

"Happy New Year!!!"

"I suppose that's a yes?" He teased.

Star answered by kissing him passionately, floating in the air, above all their friends.

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