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Sonny with a Chance –Of telling the truth

The Chronicles of Sonny & Chad

Chap.1: News of Annoyance (Everyone)


Tawni, the typical Blondie of So Random was looking at her reflection in the mirror as per usual, on her side of Tawni and Sonny's dressing room. It was a typical day at Condor Studios. "Oh! Who is that gorgeous talented blond haired girl glancing towards my appearance? Oh wait; I'm that blond haired girl!" She exclaimed. She started laughing. Then suddenly, Sonny storms in whilst examining a magazine named 'Tween Weekly' with annoyed expression on her pale face "I cannot believe this!" she said, to herself.

Then Tawni turns around in her seat and sighs, "Look Sonny, I know that you have always wanted to be as pretty as me, but really, it takes time to look this good!" She gloats. "I'm not talking about you, I'm talking about this!" She replies as she turns the magazine round to the front cover, shoving it Tawni's face. On the cover it appears with the whole cast of Mackenzie Falls with the headline, 'Mackenzie's In A Movie?" Then Tawni's face suddenly transforms into amazement. "Oh my god, no way!" She finally says. "Unfortunately, yes way." Sonny said, in a non-satisfied tone.

"Well, do Nico, Grady and Zora know?" Tawni asked. "I don't think so, but I will tell them." She reassured. "Good…" Tawni replied. "Oh yeah, I also think we should go and complain about this to Marshall!" Sonny suddenly yelled, with a little enthusiasm. "Okay, alright… I'll come with." Tawni offered. "Oh, so you want to help?" Sonny said, in a hopeful tone. "Well, not really… I was hoping we could get lunch first." Tawni said truthfully.


Sonny and Tawni knock on Marshall's door. They hear a faint "come in" from Marshall. They supposedly barged through the door, quite eager towards talking and complaining about the typical 'Mackenzie's' cast. "Hi girls, did you want to talk about something?" Marshall asked, in a stressful. "You okay Marshall?" Sonny replied. "Not really, I have had double the pressure this week." Marshall groaned.

"Oh. I see, because me and Tawni wanted to talk to you about something… but seems you're already stressed, we'll go on our way." Sonny said, hoping he would let them go. "Oh no, don't worry about me kiddo. Do tell." Marshall reassured. Sonny had mouthed the words 'damn it' before she turned around.

"Okay…" Sonny began, which then Tawni carried on, "we wanted to know why on earth have the Mackenzie Falls cast are starring in a movie?!" She suddenly was quite angry. "Oh no, I worried you were going to mention that." Marshall sighed. "You see, because Mackenzie Falls are still the no.1 show, Mr Condor thought it would be okay to make a movie for them." He finished, scratching his head, which was when he looked in horror to see another few strands of hair in the palm of his hand.

"But, Chad had already starred in a movie!" Sonny protested. "I know, but… their ratings are still high and I guess Mr Condor thinks they deserve this." Marshall sighed again.

Sonny and Tawni then put on pouty faces and walked closer to Marshall and pleaded, "Pleaseeee can you do something about it Marshall? It's not fair!" Marshall looked at with a stern face and replied, "I'm sorry girls, theirs nothing I can do!" Sonny and Tawni both groaned. "Okay Marshall…" They said, putting their heads down. They walked out and all that was left on Marshall's mind was disappointment and guilt.


* * * * *


Sonny walks towards the set, smiling away. When she sees Chad walk past, which was when her face dropped, yet her heart started beating. The problem with Sonny that she has always had… denial. Everybody in the So Random cast and even the Mackenzie Falls knew she had a thing for him. But she never admitted it. Neither did Chad ever admit he liked her back, which left both of them in 'fake hatred'.

"Hey Sonny" Chad greeted, in his usual charming tone. "Ugh, Hi Chad" Sonny replied with a groan of disgust. "Whatcha doing?" He asked. "Oh not much, about to go on set" She answered.

"In that?" he pointed. As to which Sonny was wearing a whole outfit made of fake money. "Yes, it's for out latest sketch." Sonny replied. "Haha, what do you do? Guess how many dollars is on your body?" Chad chuckled, thinking his joke was terribly funny.

"You know what Chad, you can make fun… but at least I will be having fun, unlike the boring dramatic lines of Mackenzie Falls." She said, quite nastily. "Yeah well, at least we can act…" Chad said, bouncing back the insult.

"What? Act like jerks?" She replied, crossing her arms. Chad then made a fierce expression… but we all knew he was impressed inside. "Oh yeah, by the way… did you hear the news about Mackenzie Falls?" He sneered. "What the news about your movie? Oh yeah, totally lame" Sonny sneered back.

"Yeah well, at least we ARE making a film." Chad boasted. "Yeah, yeah, couldn't care less Chad Dylan Cooper." She replied. (Even though she did) "Well, I'm going now, back to my No.1 show Sonny Monroe." Chad shouted.

- Fine!

- Fine!

- Good!

- Good!

"So are we good?" Sonny asked. "Oh, we are so good!" Chad replied.

Then that was the end of the whole polluted argument. But that was one thing Chad loved doing… actually talking to Sonny, with her chocolate brown eyes and her shining brunette hair. Chad was crazy about her, but he could never find the right moment to tell the truth. Okay, so they argued, but it was better than nothing. "Stupid Chad" Sonny thought to herself, whilst she performed her act. He was so annoying and obnoxious, yet so charming and dreamy. Wait WHAT?! Ugh, why deny it. There were so many reasons as to why she hated Chad. But yet, there were the other things about him which made her smitten. And that was what annoyed her the most.

Evening: 6:32pm

Ugh, there's nothing on TV Sonny thought. "I am so bored and so sick of Chad lately. He has been acting more cocky and obnoxious and I have no idea why." I heard my phone suddenly ring.

"Moo…Moo! Moo… Moo!"

"I'm coming" She thought. "I just couldn't find my phone. I suddenly found it. Oh and guess who was ringing? Chad, stupid, obnoxious… cute, sensitive Chad." Sonny finally answered the call. "Yes, what is it Chad?" She said, menacingly. "What you up to Sunshine?" He answered in a mysterious tone. "I'm just watching TV, now goodbye." She replied, in a gruff voice. "Wait! I want to talk to you!" He exclaimed. She sighed, "Go on…"

"Are you going to Tawni's party?" He asked. She frowned, "Yeah… why?"

"Cool, I will see you there then, won't I?" He said, in a strange kind of way. "Is that all you wanted to say?" She mumbled. "Oh yeah… I also wanted to tell you have a date. With guess who?" She groaned, "Who?"

"I'm going with Selena Gomez ha-ha!" He replied, chuckling away. "You asked her to come? But… why did she say yes?" She said, in curiosity. "Hello… Chad Dylan Cooper here?" He said, seeming like it was obvious. "Ugh, fine… you can have fun. But I have a date anyway." She lied. "Really… Who are you going with then?" He asked. "Oh, just with one of the Teen Gladiators," She sneered, "the toughest one."

"Good for you, I'm sure he'll have fun." He replied, in his obnoxious voice again… even though he felt weird when she told him she already had a date. "I will too you know!" She yelled and hung up.

The Next Day – 9:28am

"Yes! I am so glad you finally accepted to go out with Ryan!" Tawni screamed with excitement. "Yeah well, I have no one else… and he does seem pretty cute." Sonny said, not excited… much.

"What's wrong Sonny?" Tawni asked, frowning.

"I don't know, I guess I only said yes to Ryan so I wouldn't be left alone." She sighed.

"You still want to go with Chad don't you?" Tawni asked.

"Yes." Sonny groaned.

Sonny didn't even know why she wanted to go with him. He didn't even treat her that nicely. Maybe the occasional, but… obviously he didn't want to go with her, since he was going with Selena. "She's much prettier than me anyway" Sonny thought. "Look Sonny, I don't know what you see in him but oddly, he does like you a lot…." Tawni said. "Yeah right" Sonny thought. "Okay, if he does like me, then why didn't he ask me to go to your party instead?" She asked Tawni, in a desperate kind of tone. "To be honest, that's one thing that confuses me. Maybe I could find out for you?" She offered.

"Really, will you?" Sonny said, brightening up a little. "Sure, anything I can do for the two love birds!" Tawni exclaimed. "Don't say that again." She answered, feeling quite disgusted by the saying of "love birds." So, she walked out of the dressing room. Sonny wondered what he would say.


It was now lunch time. Tawni had gone down to the cafeteria already. Sonny walked in. And straight away, right in front of her eyes she saw Chad. But he wasn't alone, he had Selena Gomez wrapped on his arm. Sonny felt my heart beating fast, feeling the subconscious jealousy eat at her. That was it, she thought. She was going to make Chad jealous.

He went up to her, "Hey Sonny" he said, in a devious way. "Oh, hello Chad" She said, crossing my arms and looking away. "Hey Sonny" Selena greeted me, with a smile. "Hi Selena" Sonny gave her a little smile back. Sonny didn't hate her, but she hated Chad. Well, that's what she keeps saying. "Well, I and Selena are going to our table… See you later Sonny." Chad said, looking up and down of my presence before he turned away, which indeed Sonny found kind of creepy. "I wish I was Selena right now" she thought.

Sonny then went to get her lunch. As usual, she was given 'scarf & barf' as she called it. She sighed and stared at it. "I'm sick of this. We are no.2 on the top 10 list and for some reason we don't get treated as well as no.1?" Then Nico replied, appearing out of nowhere,"I know, I am so sick of Chad and his royalty. No matter what we do, we always get sickly dinners. Including we don't get all the cool things in our dressing room like they do either."

"I know! The other day, I went past the set of Mackenzie Falls and had a quick peek of Chad's dressing room, until he caught me and he had an Xbox, tons of food and a HD TV!" Grady said, complaining. "We have to mess with them somehow…" Nico said, whilst thinking. "Yeah… like, blow up their whole set and run!" Zora suggested. Yet, that was a bit mad. "No, no! Perhaps, some little pranks…" Nico said, cunningly. "Oh yeah… like, what?" Grady asked him, intrigued by his idea. "Well, we could get a round of toilet roll and spread it around there whole lounge area!" Nico suggested.

"That's not a bad idea." I said. It really wasn't, but Sonny didn't think she could bring herself towards doing something bad. "Ooh! Sonny, you could be the most important part of it." Nico continued. "Whoa, wait… I'm not going to be part of this." She replied. They all groan. "Come on Sonny! You could help us a lot!" Zora moaned. "Yeah, and you keep saying you hate Chad, but do you really?" Tawni asked, with an un-convincing look on her face. "Ugh, fine! I'll help." She said, giving in. They all cheered and gave high-fives. Sonny smiled a little, this could be fun.


Tawni and Sonny were back in our dressing room. "Okay, so I spoke to Chad earlier and well…" Tawni began to shrug, pausing on her sentence. "He hates me and you were wrong?" Sonny suggested, trying to complete it. "No. He said something that I swore I wouldn't tell you." Tawni finished. "Tawni, that was the whole point of going down there!" Sonny complained. "Oh, come on, he's no good for you anyway… move on." Tawni said, mysteriously.

(Reader's note: That little sentence was to make Sonny be more confident and do something about Chad so she can make admit that she likes him. Tawni is under a plan of helping Chad and Sonny. This is a big clue, if you understand the whole thing Chad asking Selena instead. He-he)

"I can't. He's... so, charming." She admitted, feeling quite shameful for saying it out loud. "Oh Sonny, you should just go talk to him about it or… make him jealous." She suggested. "Oh… thank you very much Tawni." Sonny smiled cunningly. "No problem." Tawni giggled. Sonny walked out of the dressing room when Nico went up to her. "Hey Sonny… remember the plan we all agreed earlier?" He spoke, quietly. "Yeah…" She replied. "Well, this is where I need you for this bit…" He said.

Then he explained to me that I needed to go and talk to Chad and distract him, which can help me with mine too she thought. But he was going to cover the whole of Mackenzie Fall's lounge room with toilet paper, whilst they were filming or getting ready to shoot. This then made more sense, because while they were filming, the lounge room would be empty. Nico had turned out to be a proper genius. He also said that once the whole cast were filming, he would go and mess up each of their dressing rooms, making everything a mess. Sonny suddenly wanted to hug Nico, in which she did. He said thanks and then she hurried over to find Chad.

Luckily, she bumped into him. Suddenly his face dropped deliberately, "Sonny" and I replied with a "Chad" crossing my hands again. "Is there something you want?" He asked. "Yes, actually…" Sonny said. "What is it?" He replied. "Can we talk about this outside?" She said, pointing towards the front door. "I would say yes, but I have to go and get ready for filming in 15 minutes Monroe." He said, with a confident smile and straightening his blazer. "Please?" She pleaded. "Oh fine, I guess I can make an exception towards you."

"Yes, I got him" she thought. Well, in mine plan… but Nico's too.

So they walked outside. Whilst Sonny took a deep breath, she suddenly looked down and said, "Chad, how do you honestly feel about me?" He gave her a strange look and straightening his shoulders, scratching his head. "Erm well I… wait, why do you ask that? Are you hiding something Monroe?" He suddenly asked back. "Erm well… I asked Tawni to ask you something, but she won't tell me what." She admitted. He smiled, "Oh what? Whether I liked you or not? Well, I can't tell you that." She looked at him menacingly, "And why not?" He replied, scratching his head again, "Because, I don't know what you think of me."

Sonny froze. "Well, why don't we both tell each other the same time?" I asked. "Erm, okay…" He agreed. But that's when Zora suddenly came out. "Sonny, come on… now!" She said, giving Sonny a signal to come towards her. Great, just ruined the moment.

"I got to go Sonny…" Chad suddenly then ran off. And once again, Sonny's feelings were hidden. Then Sonny heard screams towards the Mackenzie Falls studio. Nico and Grady came out running and laughing to what I had guessed they did. Sonny exclaimed, "Nico and Grady get back to the studio!" Grady answered, "Oh Sonny! That was so fun." Nico agreed, "Yeah… but we almost got caught. But they have no idea who did it!" He started laughing again. Oh boy I hope so.

Tawni, Nico, Grady, Zora and Sonny all went into our lounge area of the prop house and sat down. That's when Marshall came in, which began to worry Nico and Grady. "Hey guys, did you hear about the incident at Mackenzie Falls?" He asked us. "What incident?" Nico asked, trying to not look suspicious. "Well, someone had put toilet paper all over their lounge area and messed up each one of the cast's dressing rooms." He replied, with a curious expression. "Well, do you know who did?" Grady asked him. "Well, whoever did it has not made Mr Condor very happy." Marshall answered.

"Oh well, whoever it was, is probably kicking themselves right now," Grady said, feeling really worried. "Hmm, well if they didn't do it, I would have. I cannot stand Mackenzie Fall's director." Marshall said, in his usual stressful tone. Nico and Grady looked at each other smiling; obviously pleased they weren't alone on that situation.

End of Chapter 1

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