AN: This chapter is rated M because... well because of the stuff Chuck is struggling to write ;)

Chuck had done his homework. He had even visited one of those message boards of Becky's - holy crap, they had been discussing really disturbing stuff on one of them. Rimming anyone? Or fisting? Bloodplay? Some of those women were obviously sick. But Chuck needed help. Seeing was not writing and even he had to admit the one scene in Road to Hell with full frontal Dean... not one of his best works. So he, an established writer, Prophet of the Lord, had lowered himself to posting on 's Winchest chat looking for help.


Stubbleissexy4 wrote on 12/23/2009 22:14:
Need to write hot boy-on-boy action. Never done this before - any tips?

Never2hotboyz wrote on 12/23/2009 22:25:
kinky or vanilla?

Stubbleissexy4 wrote on 12/23/2009 22:28:
No. Not kinky. Just two bys and a few feathers.

Never2hotboyz wrote on 12/23/2009 22:33:
angel p0rn? normally not my ship...

Stubbleissexy4 wrote on 12/23/2009 22:39:
Kinda... I think... You see, I've had this dream and I need to get it out of my brain.

Sammysgirl4eva wrote on 12/23/2009 22:39:

Stubbleissexy4 wrote on 12/23/2009 22:41:
Um... Sorry?

Never2hotboyz wrote on 12/23/2009 22:42:
sammysgirl stop the flames or this time the mods ll ban you for good!

Never2hotboyz wrote on 12/23/2009 22:42:
stubbleissexy meet sammysgirl the troll. just ignore her, it's that time of the month again...

Never2hotboyz wrote on 12/23/2009 22:42:
so... you want to slash castiel with...? sam, dean, uriel, bobby?

Stubbleissexy4 wrote on 12/23/2009 22:42:
Uriel?? That's just plain wrong... Nah, Dean.

Never2hotboyz wrote on 12/23/2009 22:45:
that angel surely knows who's hot 8)

Never2hotboyz wrote on 12/23/2009 22:45:
ever thought about adding sam and writing a steaming 3some?

Stubbleissexy4 wrote on 12/23/2009 22:48:
Wanna start small, just the two of them...

Never2hotboyz wrote on 12/23/2009 22:50:
ok, pm me your email and ll sent you a few links.

Stubbleissexy4 wrote on 12/23/2009 22:52:


Chuck had visited the reference sites and learned more about gay sex, bottoms, tops and throbbing members than he ever wanted to know, thank you very much. But still this whole sex-scene-with-Cas-thingy made him very nervous.

Chuck even thought about begging Becky to write it for him but then he would have to tell her all the details - writing it down instead suddenly sounded much more appealing.

He made sure to have a fresh bottle of booze next to his computer and already enough of a buzz as he finally sat down to write. He had to get Dean/Cas out of his mind before he dreamed again of them heated, sweaty, rubbing against each other... Chuck filled his glass and took a huge gulp.

Their second kiss was nothing like their first. Not awkward and embarrassed because of the audience. Now they were alone in the hunter's little chamber, nobody to witness their longing.

Dean pressed his lips sweetly against Castiel's, feeling as soft and dry as the last time. Gently he run his tongue across the Angel's bottom lip begging for entrance and Castiel almost immediately opened up for the hunter who eagerly but still carefully let his tongue sweep inside. The Angel tasted of Earl Grey - his favorite blend – and something other that was unique and defied each and every description that came into Dean's mind. Not that he was able to form any sophisticated thought much longer because the next moment Castiel was sucking on the hunter's tongue and most of Dean's brain capacity suddenly rushed south.

Chuck grabbed for his glass and took another swig. Now that hadn't been that bad... Apparently it was way more easy than he had thought. But then again this had just been the first kiss of many to follow, each a bit less chaste then the previous... Chuck emptied his drink and poured in another. He glanced at his watch. There still were two hours left... perhaps he would be able to finish this scene?

Dean marveled at Castiel's chest. Smooth pale flesh that not only held so much power contained but made him want to lick each and every inch of it, too. He nibbled at the Angel's collarbone, tasting the silky skin, eliciting a soft gasp and slowly ventured down towards one of the dark nipples already protruding slightly. Slowly the hunter licked around the attracting nub feeling how Castiel shivered underneath. Teasingly he blew across the nipple making the Angel moan softly. The precious sound went straight to Dean's groin, spreading warmth and made his jeans suddenly feel tighter.

Holy crap! He was writing porn! Chuck emptied another glass as he tried to control his rapid breathing. He was doing it!

Discarding the tie wasn't as easy as it seemed. The damn knot was not willing to open and Dean's fingers were too clumsy with need. Instead he helped Castiel to finally shrug off his dressing shirt and marveled at the obvious tent in the Angel's pants. With skillful fingers he slowly unbuckled the black leather belt and opened Castiel's trousers, caught the first glimpse of the Angel's dark green underpants, the outline of his already hard cock clearly visible. Dean had to remind himself that Castiel was a virgin, had never been touched by anybody so the hunter took his time, discarded the black slacks with the Angel's help and slowly caressed the exposed thighs. Gently Dean's hand moved up, touching every inch of Castiel's skin but never touching the green fabric. A soft moan escaped the Angel's lips, sounding suspiciously like a long-drawn-out 'Dean' that sent shivers up and down the hunter's spine. Meticulously Dean placed kiss after kiss on the dark happy trail, noticing how Castiel's dick jerked each time they touched. The soft green fabric was already stained by a wet spot of pre-cum as the hunter finally arrived at the waistband.

Chuck let his fingers run through his greasy hear trying his best not to freak out. The images of Castiel wishing the hunter's clothes away, of Dean opening the Angel slowly up, inserting finger after finger came to his mind with new force, as vividly as the first time he had had the vision. The Prophet of the Lord had a really hard time to deny any arousal that witnessing those intimate moments had caused. He had nearly emptied the bottle as he found the courage to continue writing. One and a half hours left. He could do it. He would finish that chapter and afterwards burn the pages to ashes!

Dean could not remember the last time he had felt so good. The Angel was hot and tight, each and every movement threatening to push him over the edge. The hunter wanted it to be something special for Castiel - it was his Angel's first time! Castiel moved slowly above him, his pelvis dancing over the hunter's hips while Dean's fingers were alternately clutching the sharp hipbones and working on the Angel's dick. He felt fire pooling somewhere behind his navel, arousal slowly morphing to pure bliss as his eyes caught Castiel's face. The Angel's cheeks were flushed, his mouth open and panting, the lips slick and swollen from countless kisses and bites, the eyes wide open, unseeing, pupils blown with only a thin ring of dark blue visible. That sight was nearly too much, Dean had to concentrate hard not to cum here and now. "Cas...," he murmured instead. "Show me your wings, please." A soft rustle of feathers then the huge shadows of a pair of august wings painted the opposite wall dark. Dean came with a loud groan of the Angel's name, filling him up, loosing himself in the orgasmic bliss that rushed through him and stripped him of every brain function, pumping thick streaks of cum into the body around his dick, still shivering with need.

The hunter didn't struggle as Castiel placed the sleep mask over Dean's eyes, blindfolding him and preventing the hunter from witnessing the Angel's first orgasm – and perhaps loosing his eyesight in the process.

Chuck heard the door opening, hastily closed the document and turned away to hide his flushed face.

"Chuck, baby, dinner's ready...," Becky fluted in honeyed tones right behind his left ear.

"Yeah... yeah, I'm cu... coming, Becky. Just... let me print something out. I'll join you in a minute, ok?"

Thankfully she wiggled out of the writer's room again before noticing Chuck's flushed cheeks or his accelerated breathing. It took the Prophet a few minutes to regain his composure before leaving his computer.


It was already an hour later as he returned to his working place. Chuck searched the piles of paper, trash and stuff on his desk for the snippet he had found the other day in a newspaper. As he finally spotted the crinkled piece he placed it on his keyboard and dialed Bobby's number.

"Who's there?" the gruff voice demanded to know.

"It's me, Chuck."

"Chuck..." the old hunter signed in... disapproval?

"Yeah... Hi, Bobby..." Chuck was nervous. How do you talk about windows that had been orgasmed to smithereens by an Angel of the Lord? "I might have something... you know... for your... breakage of glass?"

"Boy, what are you talking..."

Suddenly there was a high pitched scream that made Chuck's eardrums die in a soft 'Plop' and then there was just silence while the Prophet wondered what had gone wrong. He had seen the windows explode while the vision had provided him with a perfect view of the old clock in Bobby's room showing 8 pm. and now it was more than half an hour later. Obviously you couldn't even trust Godsend prophecies anymore.